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Endura had a strong presence in the MX Nationals and the Australian Supercross Championship in 2013, with MX2 and Supercross Lites Champion, Serco Yamaha's Luke Styke using Endura products throughout the year.

With extreme hot temperatures forecast for this summer, the good people from Endura Sports Nutrition have passed on some helpful information to ensure you stay Hydrated while training and riding this pre-season which you can read below.

Hot climates and large sweat losses can severely impact exercise performance and leave you feeling depleted and drained of energy. To have the stamina to power through sweat-inducing events, it is vital to replenish your electrolyte and energy stores.

The Importance of Hydration
A loss of even 2% of body water can impair physical performance, so boosting your electrolytes is especially important in hotter climates as temperature, heat and humidity may result in higher fluid loss. Fluid loss can reduce blood flow to muscles and oxygen delivery to skeletal muscle tissue, thus reducing your energy output, performance capacity and exhaustion point, all of which may leave you trailing behind the pack.

Loading up with an electrolyte formula prior to an endurance activity can help to offset the fluid and electrolyte losses that occur during the long haul.

Personalise Your Electrolytes
Endura Magnesium Re-hydration Formula allows you to load, maintain and replenish your energy and electrolyte stores, so you can optimise the electrolyte potency for your event.

To maintain peak performance, it helps to mix the right concentration (osmolarity level) of electrolytes in your drink bottle. The dose can vary as different quantities are needed for different functions in the body. Here are three ways to use Endura Magnesium Rehydration Formula to boost energy and hydration.
2013 MX2 Australian motocross and Supercross Champion Luke Styke used Endura products throughout the 2013 season - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
ISOTONIC - During Your Race or Training
The concentration of electrolytes in your drink matches that of the body’s fluids for quick absorption during an event to balance fuel and hydration. Two scoops of Endura Magnesium Rehydration Formula in 700 mL of water will give you an isotonic drink.

If there is more or less than two scoops, the osmolarity changes.

HYPERTONIC - Glycogen Loading and Replenishment
This form has a higher concentration of electrolytes than the body’s fluids. Absorption is slower and is best used for carbohydrate and nutrient loading and replenishment before or after an event.

Prepare a hypertonic solution by combining one scoop of Endura Magnesium Rehydration Formula with 200 mL of water. Load with this mixture if you are taking on an endurance event.

HYPOTONIC - Rapid Rehydration
The electrolyte balance is lower than the body’s fluids. Absorption is rapid as this is a more dilute form containing fewer carbohydrates. Prepare a hypotonic drink by using approximately one scoop of Endura Magnesium Rehydration Formula in 700 mL of water.

Use this method at the end of a race to help rapid rehydration.

Power on This Summer
Adjusting to heat, environmental conditions and exercise intensity is essential for successful summer endurance. Using a comprehensive rehydration formula before, during and after the race my assist your body against the effects of heat, humidity and long sessions that summer has in store.

Team up with Endura Sports Nutrition to assist your hydration, stamina, endurance and muscle recovery.

For more information on Endura Sports Nutrition products head to www.endura.com.au

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