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The Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) first came about in 2007 after being previously run in 2005 and 2006 as the National Off-Road Series. The Australian Off-Road community was pushing for a nationally recognised Championship after only meeting once a year at the Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE), otherwise only being able to compete at the State Championship level. This then prompted the National Off-Road Series and what is now known as ‘the AORC’. From 2007 until 2009 the championship was promoted privately. In 2010, Motorcycling Australia (MA) took over management of the AORC, MA continues to do so to this day.

The Australian Off-Road Championship is the official Enduro championship of Motorcycling Australia. The AORC is both nationally and internationally recognised as producing top-level Off-Road riders and is a platform where the country’s best competitors and Official’s combine to put on Australia’s biggest Off-Road show. The AORC is an international stepping stone for Australian Off-Road racing talent, producing many champions who have gone on to ride at International level. Many have even gone on to win world championships and have represented Australia in the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE).

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Round 1:   9th March -  Toowoomba - Queensland
Round 2:   10th March -  Toowoomba - Queensland
Round 3:   6th April -  Dungog - New South Wales
Round 4:   7th April -  Dungog - New South Wales
Round 5:   20th July -  Dungog - New South Wales
Round 6:   21st July -  Dungog - New South Wales
Round 7:   10th August -  Broken Hill - New South Wales
Round 8:   31st August -  TBC - South Australia
Round 9:   1st September -  TBC - South Australia
Round 10:   14th September -  Penshurst - Victoria
Round 11:   15th September -  Penshurst - Victoria

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