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X-Trial is much more than just a sport. X-Trial is a new concept show that brings the riders the chance to feel the edge.

X-Trial is a young, attractive and dynamic sport, ideally suited to be lived as a great Live experience as well as is one of the most suitable sports for TV broadcast as it includes all ingredients to make a thrilling and fast-paced live TV show.

The events are staged in arenas and the spectator can enjoy a full view of the entire competition. Spectacular tracks full of challenging obstacles combined with the skills of the best riders in the world make for a discipline with huge potential.

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Round 1:   20th January -  X-Trial Budapest - Hungary - Budapest Aréna
Round 2:   3rd February -  X-Trial Barcelona - Spain - Palau Sant Jordi
Round 3:   16th February -  X-Trial Bilbao - Spain - Bizkaia Arena
Round 4:   23rd February -  X-Trial Granada - Spain - Palacio Municipal de Deportes
Round 5:   9th March -  X-Trial Marseille - France - Palais des Sports
Round 6:   6th April -  X-Trial Costa Rica - Costa Rica - Anfiteatro Coca-Cola
Round 7:   13th April -  X-Trial FIM des Nations - France - Vendéspace
Round 8:   27th April -  X-Trial Andorra la Vella - Andorra - Poliesportiu d'Andorra

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