Yarrive Konsky

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Yarrive Konsky
We catch up with team owner of the Carlton Dry , Honda Racing , Thor motocross team, Yarrive Konsky to have a chat about the big decision he had to make with letting Ben Townley go, what effect that had on himself and the team and what lays ahead for the season.

Konsky is a man of many talents and interests, along with the Motocross team he runs, he also plays a big part of the running of the Australian Superbike championship and the Honda road racing effort, add to that his keen interest in riding every now and then himself and somehow spreading himself around to make it to the many on road and off road races throughout the year, Konsky can be a hard man to get hold off.

We were lucky enough to catch him for a few minutes and yes we did ask about the possibility of him playing apart in any future Supercross series in Australia.
Yarrive Konsky
Yarrive Konsky during his team's-pre season photo shoot. - Photo Credit: Rice Photography
Fullnoise : You have had a crazy and hectic preseason with three new riders. Were things thrown into turmoil at the last minute with Townley Departing for team Two Two Motorsports? Has it changed anything for final preparations for this weekend's opening round at Conondale?

Konsky: Things weren't thrown into to turmoil. Ben and Chad were honourable in their approach, neither pushed Chad rang me and merely requested. He had no intentions of stealing Ben, he just asked if we would let him go if the opportunity came to fruition. We haven't deviated from our goals. We were behind Ben's stellar performance in NZ and have maintaining our preparation for round 1 as though nothing has changed.

While much of the focus seems to be on Townley prior to round 1, how have Brad Anderson and Ford Dale been progressing in their off season?

The focus is equal. On the outside people may assume because of the attention Ben has been receiving that he takes our primary focus. This couldn't be further from the truth. Ben has had the busiest off season with 6 race events, however this has limited his time in Australia. We have flown their three times and he has been here three times. With Brad and Ford on the mainland the ability to test with them more frequently is achievable as we have more access to them. Brad and Ford have done well preseason in testing and racing and look set for a great season.

Fullnoise : It has been a lean few years for Honda in Australia in terms of national senior championships, how important is winning a championship this year for both your team and Honda Australia?

Konsky: It's as important as any other year. Since my inception in 2008 it's been difficult, we have been plagued by injuries and have had to come to the lively realisation that motocross can inevitably hit hard. In both 2009 and 2010 we lead the Mx championships, in 2009 we finished 2nd in the Supercross Championship and in 2010 we won the Australian Superbike Championship.

In 2011 we finished 2nd in the Supercross Lites championship. Every year we go after wins and championships. This year is no different, however we have signed on three riders who are capable of winning. We invested a team of people that we feel can deliver results and we have changed certain dynamics around.

This year is no different. However we are leaving no stone unturned and making every effort to win for our fans and sponsors.

Fullnoise : With regards to Townley's situation, how much notice did you get and who was it who first approached you about the offer for Townley to ride in the AMA?

Konsky: Chad rang and asked if I would consider letting Ben go to America. He did the admirable thing and contacted Honda Australia first and spoke with us prior to having any discussion with Ben. He had no intention of stealing our rider.

I spoke with Ben days later as I knew it was his dream to pursue the AMA motocross championship. Over the past few months he had commented on how great he was feeling off and on the bike. He referred to the speed he had in 2007 many times. I pushed Ben late last year to pursue his dream and our deal came about because Ben felt the offers in America couldn't do his efforts justice.

This opportunity however is different. There is no better opportunity then the one Chad presented and I would be cheating Ben out of this opportunity if I made him stay. It's important to note also that both Ben and Chad left the decision up to Honda and I. They both respected the contracts and commitments that had been made.

To be honest it was any easy decision to make as I could never hold someone back. Ben is a great asset to our team and we look forward to him racing Supercross later in the year.
Yarrive Konsky
Konsky was a more than handy rider in his day, this photo was taken back in 2004 during a MR Motocross round at Gillman in SA - Photo Credit Garry Morrow (file)
Fullnoise : With minimal time to reflect, what were your initial thoughts when you got the news and now a couple of weeks later how are you feeling about the decision you had to make?

Konsky: Like I said it wasn't hard, it was emotional. I called a team meeting and spoke openly with everyone. I had to call sponsors. I asked Ben honestly if he thought he was ready and when he answered yes I gave him my blessing. I am someone who likes to challenge myself, always looking for ways to improve and chase higher goals.

I would be a hypocrite if I was to tell Ben to stay here, it would be selfish and I would have forever regretted it. I am truly excited for him and am thankful our paths have crossed. We are both young and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Fullnoise : How hard was that decision to make considering you have Brad Anderson on the team ?

Konsky: Brad and Ben were both going to go after the championship and we will get to see them in action come round 1. I had already signed Brad prior to Ben. I know he is capable of winning and will give it everything he can. This sport can be ugly sometimes and we are reliant on a rare few to go after championships.

Brad is capable and knowing that we have him certainly made it easier with the sponsors and me. But either way I wouldn't have held Ben back. To be honest I don't think Ben would have gone had I not had Brad. That is the type of man he is, very loyal and honourable – great morals.

Fullnoise : Did you have to take your sponsors for this season into consideration when making your final decision, were there any sponsors on board that were only there if you signed Townley ?

Konsky: No, all of our sponsors were signed prior to Ben signing. We are contracted to have a two rider team as well as a Josh Sheehan. Ben was something I took on with the help from Honda, I had spoken to Ben earlier but his intentions were to race in America. All of the sponsors were supportive. Ben also made sure they were ok before agreeing to race.

Fullnoise : There was a lot of speculation about who would get the ride with Townley leaving, so far you have decided to not run a second MX1 rider, is that likely to stay that way and if not where will you look for a second rider and who are you possibly looking at?

Konsky: You don't replace Ben Townley, and I don't believe there is anyone better than Brad Anderson. We have supported Tye Simmonds and Jake Moss as well as Michael Phillips. We have a strong contingent of satellite riders that Honda have backed.

Both Tye and Jake have signed their own sponsors and it would be bad for them to walk away from new and existing relationships. We may look at some guest appearances; however we have a focus right now that we don't want to deviate from.

Fullnoise : With the Motocross side of things all sorted, there has also been a lot of speculation with GAS leaving the Supercross championship that you are going to put your hat into the ring to run the championship, is that something we are likely to see ?

Konsky: I have an interest in an events management and media company that run the Australian Superbike Championship. They have the capabilities to run other events and it's in their interest that they build their portfolio. If Supercross becomes an option than they will definitely consider it. I understand there are other interested parties.

Fullnoise : If you do take on the role of running the Supercross championship, what does the series look like for 2012, is it back to basics for this year then look to grow going forward. What type of venues would you be looking at ?

Konsky: It's too early to discuss as its out for tender.

Main Photo: This years Carlton Dry Honda Racing Thor line up.
Photo Credit Rice Photography

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