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XBrand Gox Flat Out – Product Review

Author: David Hogan


Xbrand is a well known Moto goggle company that has origins from the US with its owner and former factory rider Rich Taylor.

But it had disappeared from the Australian market in recent years after changing importers and seemingly no-one picking it up or at least not pushing it well within the Australian Market.

But like any great resurrection. XBrand Goggles is back in Australia. This time with a new distribution company in Rove and Saddle and with the New Lucid goggle dropping right on cue.

Perfect time to commence an #AlwaysMotoInspected series.

Inspected XBrand Gox Flat Out – Clear Lens – Stealth Grey

The XBrand Gox goggles is the stalwart of the lineup for XBrand and is the subject of this Inspection.

The original GOX goggle features ultra-pliable Poly-Flex urethane frame material, now with a matte finish, multi-layer neoprene fleece lined face foam, anti-fog coated lens, high-quality woven strap, double strap buckles, silicone backed strap, the 3-layer face-foam and is lined with a moisture-wicking fleece lining to prevent dripping sweat.

From the moment you put this google on your face. It’s comfortable. The flexible frame really does allow for the goggles to mould to your face. No issues with fitment into the goggle port of the helmet. I am currently running an Arai VX Pro4 and these fit in perfectly.

The double strap buckles allow for a lot of adjustment. But for myself the way they came out of the box was fine so I didn’t really need the available adjustment. But for guys with bigger or smaller heads. They might find use in this feature. Not me with my large sized helmet.

When I first took off onto the track I noticed three things straight away. 1. You simply cannot beat a brand new lens for clarity. After the ride, I went straight back to my regular kit and put a new lens in my regular goggles.

  1. The air flow through the goggle as I picked up speed was like a well placed air conditioning vent on a hot day. They breathe very well.
  2. I felt naked without a nose guard. Unfortunately the one thing I really want in a goggle. Outside of the obvious lens to protect my eyes. A nose guard is critical for me. I have a sensitive nose when it comes to roost, tree branches and anything else you can think of on a Moto track or bush loop. I also wear contacts. Nowadays with the contacts in, if anything bumps my nose my eyes water. Making the contacts and my vision go nuts. So a nose guard was definitely something I would want on the goggle if I was designing the next version.

Now Goggles get a bad rap when guys have fogging issues. I can tell you that the best way to prevent fogging is to not take your goggles on and off when you stop on your rides. I did this and had the goggles on in cooler, humid and wet conditions and had no fogging issues. The venting I mentioned earlier really helps prevent fogging. As soon as I was in 2nd gear there was no way these goggles could fog up.

If i’m honest. Keeping in mind that an honest review is the aim of my #AlwaysMotoInspected series. The goggle is underwhelming to look at in the sense of what I usually use for goggles that have outriggers and a bulker looking frame. Possibly just that the colour way was more of a subdued design and the clear lens also just made it a bit more plain jane styling (I normally have some hot pink or bright red goggles with mirrored Lenses). But they do have more vibrant colours in the range and mirrored lenses available for a little extra cash. But in the function department. It just simply, as simple as simply possible does what it’s supposed to. Which in itself is fantastic!

It only costs $39.95 for the model I was using for this inspection, which is a fair chunk of change less than my usual goggles in the Scott Prospects that are $179.95 plus pending your colour and lens options etc.

So for the price that this goggle retails at. If you’re not a regular racer in need of a nose guard and a large roll off film area for improved vision. Then this would be the goggles I would get based on the current market options. I haven’t used a cheaper goggle option in a number of years. Ever since I had issues with my eyes that lead to wearing contacts I’ve always gone with the top line option with the most visual range and roll off width to ensure I can always keep my goggles on. But it’s nice to know these Gox goggles compete well above their price range.

This Inspection was a massive surprise for myself at how well something so cheap performed. Yes I did not have zip offs on this model. Which would have been just icing on the cheap well performing cake. They are available along with tear offs if you are at an Aussie track that allows them. They are also cheaper than the other goggle brands for these items. They also have available for this Gox model, mirrored lenses, replacement zip off parts and films, zip off visors (to prevent water between zip off film and goggles) and tear off ramps for your goggle strap.

Overall, outside of the nose guard not being available on this Gox Goggle. I have nothing but praise for the Gox Flat out Goggles and would recommend them to any rider in any situation.

Next up for inspection will be the XBrand Lucid range!

(David Hogan – on Instagram)

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