Waters, Todd and Duffy crowned 2019 Australian Motocross Champions


Todd Waters, Wilson Todd and Regan Duffy have been crowned 2019 Australian Motocross Champions in MX1, MX2 and MXD respectively at the final round of the Pirelli MX Nationals at Coolum QLD.

Perfect conditions greeted riders for the final round with riders facing the gnarliest track of the season as the Coolum Pines sandy circuit chopped out through the day. With all three riders having the championship leads going into the round the theme of the day for the trio would be simply to finish ahead of any opposition.

Thor MX1

Championship leader Todd Waters looked to have the holeshot as the MX1 class hit the first turn for their opening salvo of the final round, but it was Dylyn Long and championship challenger Luke Clout that crossed the holeshot line locked together.

Waters got shuffled back in the intense opening half a lap but soon found himself in the lead group of Clout, Long and Brett Metcalfe. By the end of the opening lap, the front pack was established with Clout out front and Waters on his tail. By the start of lap three Waters had the lead and from there would remain unchallenged, going on for a solid win and another step closer to the title. Brett Metcalfe rode a strong race to finish second after demoting Clout mid-race. Dylan Long also had a standout ride to finish third after also passing Clout. Local privateer Jesse Dobson rounded out the top five. Another Championship podium contender Kirk Gibbs sadly crashed out of the race for an opening moto DNF. An inured Hayden Mellross rode to a gutsy sixteenth to try and hold a championship podium place.

The Thor MX1 class blasted off the line for the final moto of the year, and it all came down to this one to crown a champion. Todd Waters went in with a handy lead and was in top form after winning the opening moto. As the gate dropped, it was once again Dylan Long who lead the field away with Waters in tow, Caleb Ward and Kirk Gibbs followed closely, championship threat Luke Clout was way down in the mid-field.

Waters took control of the lead by the conclusion of the opening lap with the only thing in front of him being his maiden Australian Motocross championship. Things remained the same for the first half of the rate with Water, Long and Ward holding onto the top three places. Clout wasn't giving up and had worked his way into fourth, just ahead of Jesse Dobson.

As the season wound down, positions remained the same and Todd Waters was the round winner with a mistake-free 1-1 result and officially the new 2019 MX1 Champion.

"This is a goal; as a kid, I couldn't even set a goal this big," Waters said after the race. "I just used to watch Jay Marmont and next minute I was on their team and winning some race. As a twelve-year-old kid I couldn't have dreamt big enough to achieve this, so it's been a goal of mine for a long time - so this is very special." Waters concluded.

Thor MX1 Qualifying- Top 10
1 Jesse Dobson - 1:41.245
2 Todd Waters - 1:41.378
3 Luke Clout - 1:42.510
4 Dylan Long - 1:42.579
5 Kirk Gibbs - 1:43.211
6 Justin Rodbell - 1:43.420
7 Caleb Ward - 9 1:43.687
8 Richie Evans - 1:44.051
9 Connor Tierney - 1:44.675
10 Brett Metcalfe - 1:44.804

Raceline Superpole
1 Todd Waters - 1:39.813
2 Luke Clout - 1:40.455
3 Dylan Long - 1:41.756
4 Jesse Dobson - 1:42.122
5 Kirk Gibbs - 1:43.830

Thor MX1 Moto 1 Results
1 Todd Waters
2 Brett Metcalfe
3 Dylan Long
4 Luke Clout
5 Jesse Dobson
6 Caleb Ward
7 Connor Tierney
8 Richie Evans
9 Justin Rodbell
10 Charlie Creech

MX1 Moto 2 Results
1 Todd Waters
2 Dylan Long
3 Caleb Ward
4 Luke Clout
5 Jesse Dobson
6 Brett Metcalfe
7 Kirk Gibbs
8 Connor Tierney
9 Justin Rodbell
10 Richie Evans

Thor MX1 Round Overall
1. Todd Waters - 70
2. Dylan Long - 62
3. Brett Metcalfe - 57
4. Luke Clout - 56
5. Caleb Ward - 55
6. Jesse Dobson - 52
7. Connor Tierney - 47
8. Justin Rodbell - 44
9. Richie Evans - 44
10. Charlie Creech - 41

Thor MX1 Championship Standings - Final
1 Todd Waters 568 Points
2 Luke Clout 530 Points
3 Hayden Mellross 462 Points
4 Kirk Gibbs 435 Points
5 Brett Metcalfe 432 Points
6 Justin Rodbell 373 Points
7 Richie Evans 372 Points
8 Jesse Dobson 360 Points
9 Dylan Long 325 Points
10 Jayden Rykers 300 Points
PIRELLI MX2 - Round 10

All the heavy hitters were on hand for the opening moto of the two back-to-back MX2 races with championship leader Wilson Todd taking the holeshot ahead of Penrite CRF Honda Racing's Kyle Webster, Jay Wilson, Bailey Malkiewicz and fastest qualifier Nathan Crawford.

In the early running, Wilson Todd looked like he was going to check out as Webster and Wilson fought over second, but the Webster soon found his rhythm and chased down Wilson Todd and the two title contenders went toe-to-toe. Webster grabbed the lead on a couple of occasions but the DPH Motorport rider prevailed despite the persitance of Webster. Yamalube Yamaha's Jay Wilson held onto third ahead of Serco Yamaha's Natahn Crawford and DPH Motorports' Bailey Malkiewicz.

Aftert the five minute break it was on again and it was a repeat of the previous moto with Wilson Todd once again taking the holeshot with Webster Jay Wilson and Crawford in tow. While Wilson Todd controlled the race in the early laps it was Crawford who was the man on the move. The Serco Yamaha rider passed Jay Wilson, then Webster and then set his sights on the lead. With four laps to go Crawford took the lead and set sail to the flag for the win. Wilson Todd rode smartly for second while Wilson got passed Webster for third.

After the points where tallied up for the both motos it was Wilson Todd who took maximum points ahead of Jay Wilson and Nathan Crwaford.

With ten laps remaining in the season the final moto of the Motul MX2 class blasted out of the gate with Wilson Todd grabbing the holeshot. With Webster the only realistic chance fo taking the title form the DPH Motorsport rider he made sure he was in close attendance as was Crawford and Jay Wilson and Aaron Tanti. After the opening lap, the top five heavy hitters had settled in for the journey. With the track in horrendously rough condition, anything could still happen as riders battled the track as well as the opposition.

Todd and Webster went bar to bar for a few corners before Todd seemed to settle back and let Webster go, knowing he virtually had the title in the bag already with a top ten finish. Jay Wilson also took advantage of Todd's situation to move into second as did Crawford who grabbed third. As the laps wound down on the season and Todd playing more a management role the focus shifted onto the race for the round overall.

Webster did all he could by going on to win the final moto ahead of Jay Wilson and Wilson Todd and as a consolation prize took the round overall but it, in the end, it was all about the title and Wilson Todd's third place was enough to get the job done to become an MX2 back-to-back champion.

"It feels unreal; this year was a tough one. We had that mechanical and it came all the way to down to these last weekend with the boys, and no one was giving up, so it was definitely a tough one," Todd said after he crossed the line. "It was pretty easy to catch you out there, and I had a sore back, but it was all worth it, and we got the win, you couldn't ask for anything more," he added referring to buttoning off in the final moto. Comparing this year's title last years, he said, "We had to work a lot harder for this one, last year it went a lot more smoothly but this year has been pretty rocky, but we really made it happen."

Qualifying- Top 10
1 Nathan Crawford - 1:40.303
2 Wilson Todd - 1:40.578
3 Jay Wilson - 1:40.606
4 Dylan Wills - 1:41.010
5 Kyle Webster - 1:41.097
6 Morgan Fogarty - 1:41.294
7 Bailey Malkiewicz - 1:41.520
8 Aaron Tanti - 1:42.244
9 Ricky Latimer - 1:42.707
10 Tomas Ravenhorst - 1:42.937

Pirelli MX2 Back-to-Back Combined Moto 1 Results
1 Wilson Todd
2 Nathan Crawford
3 Jay Wilson
4 Kyle Webster
5 Aaron Tanti
6 Joel Evans
7 Morgan Fogarty
8 Bailey Malkiewicz
9 Jai Constantinou
10 Ricky Latimer

Pirelli MX2 Moto 2 Results
1 Kyle Webster
2 Jay Wilson
3 Wilson Todd
4 Nathan Crawford
5 Aaron Tanti
6 Morgan Fogarty
7 Bailey Malkiewicz
8 Cooper Pozniak
9 Ricky Latimer
10 Jai Constantinou

Pirelli MX2 Round Overall
1. Wilson Todd - 65
2. Kyle Webster - 63
3. Jay Wilson - 62
4. Nathan Crawford - 60
5. Aaron Tanti - 52
6. Morgan Fogarty - 49
7. Bailey Malkiewicz - 47
8. Joel Evans - 45
9. Ricky Latimer - 43
10. Jai Constantinou - 43

Pirelli MX2 Championship Standings - Final
1 Wilson Todd 562 Points
2 Kyle Webster 536 Points
3 Jay Wilson 523 Points
4 Nathan Crawford 492 Points
5 Aaron Tanti 460 Points
6 Dylan Wills 394 Points
7 Bailey Malkiewicz 387 Points
8 Ricky Latimer 360 Points
9 Cooper Pozniak 345 Points
10 Morgan Fogarty 327 Points

Motul MXD

Liam Walsh was the holeshot winner ahead of Rhys Budd, and Jayce Cosford as the MXD class got underway. Championship contender Max Purvis was back mid-pack while championship leader Regan Duffy had grabbed the lead from seventh by the end of the first lap. Purvis took a few laps to settle in and move into second after demoting Budd and Dylan Walsh on the two-stroke. From there all eyes were on the Duffy and Purvis, but with Duffy way out front, it was a big ask for Purvis. Purvis was on a mission though and took it to the West Australian and in the closing laps threw everything at him, but Duffy managed to hang on for the win by a mere second. Jai Walker was a distant 43 seconds back in third with Noah Ferguson hot on his heels for fourth. Liam Walsh rounded out the top five.

Going into the final moto, all Regan Duffy had to do was finish the moto to be crowned 2019 champion. It was once again Liam Walsh that grabbed the holeshot with Budd in tow, but Duffy was going to win the title from the front and was into the lead by halfway through the opening lap. Purvis was in the mix running in third.

Walsh and Purvis went bar-to-bar for a few laps in an entertaining battle before Purvis got the upper hand and set his sights on Duffy out front. With eight laps of the season left to run the Kiwi tried hard but it was not to be, and Duffy went on for the win and wrapped up the 2019 title. Purvis finished nineteen seconds back, the result confirming second in the championship, with Jayce Cosford topping off a solid season third.

"I just knew I had to get a good start and bring it home," Duffy said straight after the race. "It's pretty cool to win it my first year in seniors," he added. "It's been my dream and to get it done; it's unreal," he concluded.

Motul MXD Qualifying - Top 10
1 Regan Duffy - 1:41.199
2 Liam Walsh - 1:42.245
3 Maximus Purvis - 1:42.465
4 Noah Ferguson - 1:42.615
5 Jayce Cosford - 1:43.968
6 Rhys Budd - 1:44.324
7 Jai Walker - 1:45.102
8 Brodie Ellis - 1:46.531
9 Corben Weinert - 1:46.646
10 Conan Forrester - 1:47.479

Motul MXD Moto 1 Results
1 Regan Duffy
2 Maximus Purvis
3 Jai Walker
4 Noah Ferguson
5 Liam Walsh
6 Rhys Budd
7 Tye Jones
8 Brodie Ellis
9 Mackenzie O'Bree

Motul MXD Moto 2 Results
1 Regan Duffy
2 Maximus Purvis
3 Jayce Cosford
4 Liam Walsh
5 Jai Walker
6 Rhys Budd
7 Tye Jones
8 Mackenzie O'Bree
9 Korey McMahon
10 Ethan Ashmore

Motul MXD Round Overall
1. Regan Duffy - 70
2. Maximus Purvis - 64
3. Jai Walker - 56
4. Jayce Cosford - 55
5. Liam Walsh - 54
6. Rhys Budd - 49
7. Tye Jones - 47
8. Mackenzie O'Bree - 44
9. Noah Ferguson - 43
10. Korey McMahon - 41

Motul MXD Championship Standings - Final
1 Regan Duffy 593 Points
2 Maximus Purvis 561 Points
3 Rhys Budd 472 Points
4 Noah Ferguson 435 Points
5 Brodie Ellis 419 Points
6 Jai Walker 411 Points
7 Liam Walsh 389 Points
8 Jayce Cosford 384 Points
9 Mackenzie O'Bree 346 Points
10 Tye Jones 337 Points

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