Waters, Crawford and Duffy come out on top at shortened Moree MX Nationals round


Todd Waters, Nathan Crawford and Regan Duffy have been declared round winners at a shortened round eight of the Pirelli MX Nationals held at Moree, NSW today.

In what proved to be a day of high attrition, racing was for the day was declared at the conclusion of the opening round of races after the local, regional hospital was no longer in a position to take in any more injured riders.

"We are obviously out in a regional area in Moree, the club has done a great job and prepped us a great track, but today we have certainly had a few riders come a gutsa," Series promoter Kevin Williams explained, via the NRGTV live stream.

"We have had a call from the local hospital emergency services, they have had a few other incidents in the region, and they are no longer at capacity to take an injured rider.

"We are not prepared to put any of our guys at risk where they could not be treated if something went wrong. We have already seen a number of crashes today, in the interest of safety and with MX1, MX2 and MXD already having a championship race today, they have all got points, and we can award overall's for the day as we head in to Coolum, so we are going to call it a wrap on the measurement of safety for all the riders and competitors."

The single race results were still enough to see a change up in the series standings with Todd Waters reclaiming the red plate in the MX1 class, and now holds a narrow two point championship lead over Luke Clout heading into the final double header round at Coolum, with Hayden Mellross slipping further behind after riding through a knee injury today.
Waters, Crawford and Duffy come out on top at shortened Moree MX Nationals round
After an early lunch break was called due to the number of medical injuries clogging up the RaceSafe medical truck, moto one of the MX1 class finally got underway a bit later than scheduled.

Superpole winner Kirk Gibbs blasted out of the gate with the holeshot as moto one got underway with the Monster Energy CDR Yamaha rider showing he was in top form and ready to win. KSF Suzuki's Jayden Rykers and Penrite Honda's Brett Metcalfe battled in the opening lap for second and third with Todd Waters paying close attention. The big news was championship leader Luke Clout crashing in turn two and crossing the line after lap one dead last and a whole lot of work to do.

As Gibbs controlled the pace out front Waters moved into second and Metcalfe maintained third, the fast-starting Rykers sadly crashed out and was another guest of the medical crew. Championship contender Hayden Mellross, who was riding with an injured knee after a qualifying crash languished back in tenth.

Positions remained the same at the head of the field until Waters worked his way up to the rear of Gibbs with five laps to go and persistently hounded the number five. With two laps to go and despite a few flapping spokes in his rear wheel Waters made a move into the lead and went on to take the win, with Mellross eleventh and Clout ninth it was also enough to see the Queenslander back into the championship lead. Gibbs was second while Metcalfe finished third a further fourteen seconds back. Dylan Long had a solid ride for fourth while Richie Evans was fifth.
Waters, Crawford and Duffy come out on top at shortened Moree MX Nationals round
Davey Motosports' Dylan Wills took the holeshot in the opening of the two back-to-back sprint motos in MX2 and from there went on for the win. Wills didn't have it easy as he first had to fend off Isaac Ferguson, who has found some extra late-season speed, and Serco Yamaha's Nathan Crawford. By the chequered flag, Wills held off a hard-charging Crawford, who passed Ferguson with two turns to go, for the win while Ferguson held on for third.

While Wills may have tasted the glory, the story was further back in the race as championship contender Jay Wilson went down while trying to take the lead in the opening lap, only to be hit by championship leader Wilson Todd. As a result, both dropped back to the mid-field. Wilson luckily didn't seem to suffer any serious injuries and fought his way back to twelfth, one spot ahead of the other championship contender Kyle Webster. Wilson Todd made his way back to seventh.

Race two was a little less dramatic with all the championship contenders in the front running. Crawford overcame Wilson Todd, who lead half the moto, for the win while Yamalube Yamaha Racing's Jay Wilson was third. Serco Yamaha's Aaron Tanti was fourth to make it two fourths in a row for the Serco Yamaha rider. Race one winner Dylan Wills was fifth while Webster had a better moto finishing sixth. After finishing third in race one, Isaac Ferguson had a massive crash through the supercross section to have an unfortunate DNF.

Overall when the two races were tallied up for the overall result moto result, it was Nathan Crawford first, Dylan Wills second and Wilson Todd third. Jay Wilson salvaged fifth after the dramatic opening race, while Kyle Webster took the biggest hit of the contenders finishing in a disappointing ninth after the two motos were added up.
Waters, Crawford and Duffy come out on top at shortened Moree MX Nationals round
In MXD moto one CRF Penrite Honda ARacing's Rhys Budd and Jayce Cosford battled for the holeshot, but it was Budd who took control early in the lap before throwing it away in a huge crash, reminiscent of Jay Wilson's MX2 crash in the same sandy corner. Cosford then also made a mistake, and by the end of lap one, it was Tye Jones who had the lead over Brodie Ellis and Noah Ferguson.

While battling for top-five positions, Mason Semmens and Jack Kukas kept the huge crash theme of the day going when they came together in a big way in one of the biggest crashes of the year on the fastest part of the track. As a result, Mason Rowe was also flung off the track and into the bushes where he lay seriously hurt for some time.

As the dust settled on the crash championship leader Regan Duffy worked his way through the field to take the win ahead of Ellis while WBR Yamaha's Max Purvis settled for third after trying everything to get past Ellis, even a trip through the bush!. After his big crash Rhys Budd, who remained a long shot for the championship could only salvage tenth.

MX1 Qualifying
1. Todd Waters - 1:58.086
2. Kirk Gibbs - 1:58.221
3. Dylan Long - 1:58.669
4. Luke Clout - 1:58.982
5. Caleb Ward - 1:59.467
6. Jesse Dobson - 1:59.944
7. Brett Metcalfe - 2:00.090
8. Lawson Bopping - 2:00.997
9. Richie Evans - 2:01.679
10. Connor Tierney - 2:01.914

MX1 Superpole
1. Kirk Gibbs - 1:57.466
2. Todd Waters - 1:57.820
3. Luke Clout - 1:58.195
4. Dylan Long - 1:58.566
5. Caleb Ward - 2:00.017

MX1 Moto 1 - Top 10
1 Todd Waters
2 Kirk Gibbs
3 Brett Metcalfe
4 Dylan Long
5 Richie Evans
6 Caleb Ward
7 Connor Tierney
8 Justin Rodbell
9 Luke Clout
10 Lawson Bopping

Championship Standings After Round 8
1. Todd Waters - 422 Pts
2. Luke Clout - 420 Pts
3. Hayden Mellross - 408 Pts
4. Kirk Gibbs - 347 Pts
5. Brett Metcalfe - 323 Pts
6. Justin Rodbell - 310 Pts
7. Jayden Rykers - 300 Pts
8. Richie Evans - 284 Pts
9. Jesse Dobson - 277 Pts
10. Lawson Bopping - 236 Pts

MX2 Qualifying
1. Nathan Crawford - 1:58.517
2. Jay Wilson - 2:01.186
3. Kyle Webster - 2:02.107
4. Dylan Wills - 2:02.165
5. Bailey Malkiewicz - 2:02.473
6. Aaron Tanti - 2:03.060
7. Wilson Todd - 2:03.360
8. Joel Evans - 2:03.943
9. Isaac Ferguson - 2:04.685
10. Cooper Pozniak - 2:04.905

MX2 Back to Back Race 1
1. Dylan Wills
2. Nathan Crawford
3. Isaac Ferguson
4. Aaron Tanti
5. Joel Evans
6. Luke Reardon
7. Wilson Todd
8. Cooper Pozniak
9. Morgan Fogarty
10. Riley Ward

MX2 Back to Back Race 2
1 Nathan Crawford
2 Wilson Todd
3 Jay Wilson
4 Aaron Tanti
5 Dylan Wills
6 Kyle Webster
7 Bailey Malkiewicz
8 Joel Evans
9 Cooper Pozniak
10 Riley Ward

MX2 Back to Back Race Overall Result
1 Nathan Crawford
2 Dylan Wills
3 Wilson Todd
4 Aaron Tanti
5 Jay Wilson
6 Joel Evans
7 Cooper Pozniak
8 Luke Reardon
9 Kyle Webster
10 Riley Ward

Championship Standings After Round 8
1. Wilson Todd - 427 Pts
2. Kyle Webster - 409 Pts
3. Jay Wilson - 403 Pts
4. Nathan Crawford - 374 Pts
5. Aaron Tanti - 356 Pts
6. Dylan Wills - 336 Pts
7. Bailey Malkiewicz - 300 Pts
8. Cooper Pozniak - 273 Pts
9. Ricky Latimer - 269 Pts
10. Morgan Fogarty - 254

MXD Qualifying
1. Rhys Budd - 2:00.798
2. Maximus Purvis - 2:01.354
3. Noah Ferguson - 2:03.143
4. Mason Rowe - 2:03.403
5. Brodie Ellis - 2:04.279
6. Mason Semmens - 2:04.339
7. Jack Kukas - 2:04.689
8. Jai Walker - 2:04.876
9. Regan Duffy - 2:05.031
10. Liam Walsh - 2:05.339

MXD Moto 1 Top Ten
1 Regan Duffy
2 Brodie Ellis
3 Maximus Purvis
4 Tye Jones
5 Jai Walker
6 Jayce Cosford
7 Mackenzie O'Bree
8 Jake Cobbin
9 Liam Walsh
10 Rhys Budd

Championship Standings After Round 8
1. Regan Duffy - 461 Pts
2. Maximus Purvis - 427 Pts
3. Rhys Budd - 370 Pts
4. Brodie Ellis - 331 Pts
5. Noah Ferguson - 330 Pts
6. Mason Rowe - 310 Pts
7. Jai Walker - 303 Pts
8. Liam Walsh - 287 Pts
9. Jack Kukas - 280 Pts
10. Jayce Cosford - 277 Pts



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