Tvati Oil Reviewed

Author: David Hogan


If you ride Moto, or even just lead an active life, chances are you’ve been injured or had a broken bone. It’s the side effect of being physically active in a sport that can leave you on the ground at any moment.

Management of these moments from a health and treatment end can be a long and drawn-out process. It can lead to extended time away from work and normal family activities. Ultimately costing you money and invaluable memories.

Everyone wants to be able to recover as fast as possible and for many, that means doing whatever it takes. From odd diets, hypobaric chambers, electrical stimulation machines, and even meditation. Not many of these non-traditional options have any evidence to support their use, nor that they are effective in causing any physical improvement in the injury or bone fracture. Until now. Enter Tvati.

Tvati is the result of extensive research and development into Te Vairakau Ati, plants used in the treatment of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue injuries in traditional Cook Island medicine. A natural product with traditional research backing its effectiveness and reduce healing times.

The research conducted at the University of New South Wales has confirmed that the topical application of Tvati can assist with bone repair, cartilage, and other soft tissue injury recovery. The research has shown Tvati to improve bone and cartilage growth in just one week. It has also shown Tvati to improve bone graft strength. Showing that use can improve bone graft strength at 8 weeks to be equivalent to bone grafts with no use of Tvati at 12 weeks. That’s a month of reduced recovery.

The Tvati product is still gaining brand awareness but has already a long list of very happy clients, including Australian Moto royalty Robbie Maddison and Toby Price. Both of whom have used and recommend Tvati. Both guys are well versed in injuries and recovery. So would know when a treatment method is useful for them or not and both are standing behind the Tvati brand. Tvati is also being widely used by Premier League Soccer teams in the UK and teams in the Major League Soccer in the USA.

AlwaysMoto was lucky enough to be provided with some Tvati to inspect first hand. Now full disclosure. The product is designed for use with bone fractures, cartilage, and other soft tissue injuries. Now I thankfully had none of these when we commenced use.

I am carrying a chronic wrist injury that was the focus of our inspection but was not ideally the intended use of the product. I was given the Tavati Traditional product. This is an over-the-counter product available for all general public use. There is also a Tvati Professional that is only available via a health care professional. This version is independently batch tested and is clear of any banned substances from WADA and ASADA protocols. The Tvati Professional is used in more acute fracture-type injuries where health care practitioners are involved in care.

The Tvati Traditional product is designed for use over a 6-12 week period. Depending on the acuteness of the injury there are different daily/weekly application rates. We completed a morning and night application for 6 weeks. Across two sites. Directly to the wrist area and over the cervical spine.

Why over the spine? Tvati is a topical application and is absorbed by the body. So does not necessarily need to be applied directly over the injured area. Making it perfect for immediate use in fractures where the direct application is prevented from a cast or brace being in place.

On application, you will notice it’s just like using coconut oil. Why? Well because the active ingredient is carried for application within coconut oil. Making it extremely easy to apply to a large area with a small amount from the pump action bottle. A little went a surprisingly long way.

Over the 6 weeks of use. I noticed minor improvements in my start-up pain first thing in the morning. This along with increased freedom of movement generally at the wrist no matter what activities were done the previous day or that day. This is something I normally struggle with. My wrist injury will swell and become stiff and painful after a full day of riding or heavy gym work. But with the Tvati use, this normal swelling and stiffness I’ve become used to over the past 15 years were just a bit easier to deal with daily.

Now as mentioned earlier I wasn’t the perfect candidate for use of the product. But the short-term use was seen to still benefit my situation. That knowledge coupled with the research evidence makes me confident to reach for Tvati if I ever face another broken bone. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. But I’m going to continue to ride and race dirtbikes so you never know.

Tvati Professional is available through health care providers. To use through your health care provider you will need to contact Tvati at tvati@info.com for your local provider.

The Tvati Traditional that I used is available for purchase via the Tvati website. The website also has links to the full research article and loads more in depth information. To purchase head to www.tvati.com

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