Todd Waters continues winning ways at Murray Bridge MX National round

Luke Clout claims maiden MX2 round win

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Todd Waters has continued on his winning way at round two of the 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals held in front of a large crowd at Murray Bridge today, Sunday the 28th of April.

The Motorex KTM Pilot started the day off in fine form, topping the qualifying times ahead of CDR Yamaha's Lawson Bopping, Motul Pirelli Suzuki's Matt Moss, Campbell Mining's Jake Moss and Carlton Dry Honda's Ford Dale.

Waters once again laid down a perfect lap to come out on top of the GO Pro Superpole, claiming another five points towards his championship total, further extending his points lead before racing got under-way.

Motul Pirelli's Cody Cooper rocketed to the opening MX1 holeshot of the day when racing got under-way, but was shortly passed for the lead by Jake Moss, with Waters starting the race just inside the top ten. Meanwhile, local favourite Kirk Gibbs crashed in the first turn along with Dale leaving the two riders to battle their way from the back of the field.

A few corners later in to the race a crash spelt disaster for the Monster Energy Kawasaki team as both riders were forced from the race. Marmont came off second best looked to be sore for the remainder of the day.

Back up front J.Moss continued to lead the way, but was quickly coming under pressure from a hard charging Waters and CDR Yamaha's Billy Mackenzie who had also worked his way forward.
Jake Moss raced to an impressive opening moto win - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Waters momentarily claimed the race lead, however a crash shortly after left the KTM racer back just inside the top ten, giving Moss some breathing room from Mackenzie with Cooper a little way back in third.

With the opening moto coming to a close things once again started to get tight up the front, with very little separating J.Moss, Mackenzie and Waters who had once again made is way through to challenge for the win.

Waters bad luck continued however, this time in the way of a stall, leaving J.Moss clear to race to the opening moto win, followed home by Mackenzie in 2nd and Cooper in 3rd. M.Moss came home in fourth followed by Waters who still managed to salvage a top five race finish.

Cody Cooper looked as though he was going to take another hole shot in moto two until Waters came in to the first turn hot, with the two riders coming together heavily. The impact set of a chain reaction that seen a lot of riders hit the deck in the first turn, including Dale for the second time for the day.

The big winner out of the first turn was local lad, Gibbs who had the crowed cheering him on as he lead his Motorex team mate, Waters around for the first lap.
The MX1 Moto 2 start got hot and heavy - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Waters moved in to the lead shortly after and was never challenged for the race lead going on to take the race win. Behind Waters, Mackenzie worked his way past Monster Energy Kawasaki's Adam Monea and Gibbs to move in to second place, while Bopping did like wise a little later in the race, giving the CDR team a 2-3 result in the second moto.

Gibbs has his best result to date in the MX1 class holding on for a fine fourth place finish in just his second race in the big bike class, finishing in front of Privateer Jacob Wright in 5th place, who put in an amazing second moto.

Not only was Wright able to hold off much more fancied factory riders, he actually moved forward the whole way through the moto to finish just behind Gibbs.
Waters was fastest on track all day and will maintain that red plate heading to Wonthaggi - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
With Mackenzie's 2-2 result trumping Waters 5-1 result by three points, Waters had to rely on the five points he earned during Superpole to get him over the line to claim the days overall number one plate, and further extending his points lead in the 2013 Championship race.

"The Superpole was the decider here today and I am thankful I got the number one on that." Waters stated at the end of the days racing.

"The first moto was interesting, it was good for me, I made a few mistakes. I went out there and got a little keen and just a little bit cocky I guess," the Queenslander added. "It bought me back down and I said to myself that I just need to ride my own race and that is what I done in that last one.

"I have to give it up to Mossy and Mackenzie, they have been riding, great all day and I am looking forward to racing against them over the next eight rounds.

"I am looking forward to Wonthaggi next week, I am going to spend this week with Kirk Gibbs down here in S.A, I'm looking forward to that and going to ride some dunes and have some fun and then show up to Wonthaggi," Waters continued.

"I have to thank KTM and Robby T, he is backing me and I am thankful for that, thanks to mum and dad and my mechanic Ryan, my suspension guy Danny Apro, Mydrade, Von Zipper, Lusty Industries and everyone who is backing me this year," he concluded.
Mackenzie has had three great moto's now in 2013, three second place finishes in the past three motos - - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
For Mackenzie it was a bitter sweet result. At round one just two weeks ago, the points he secured from Superpole were the deciding factor on him making the podium at the end of the round.

This weekend at Murray Bridge the Superpole format kept him from the top step of the box, though the Scotsman was happy to be on the Podium for the first time since 2011.

"It is frustrating not getting the win, I feel that we are doing all the work during the week, the bike is great, the team is working really hard and we have a good feeling during the week, but I am riding a little bit tight on race days," explained Mackenzie.

"I just need to work that out and keep pushing," he added.

"I does feel great to be back on the podium, I don't think I got on the podium at all last year. It is great to have the first two rounds over with a solid points base to build with.

"I feel like I am riding good and there is still room for improvement, so I will just keep working at it. I have to thank the CDR boys, my mechanic Brad and everyone who is supporting me," he concluded.
Jacob Wright put in a great ride in MX1 moto 2 with a fine 5th place moto finish - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Rounding out the podium was Campbell Mining's Jake Moss with his 1-9 result, finishing the day just a single point ahead of Bopping.

"I had the start in that second moto." Jake Moss stated, "Todd come in there hot and bumped Matt who then bumped me and next minute I was back in 20th place.

"I then got stuck in to Coopers pace pretty bad and could not shake it. In the last few laps I started feeling pretty good, I just wish the race went for another 10 to 15 minutes.

"Today was a big step forward in the right direction, we will go ahead next weekend and put it up top," he added.

Matt Moss rounded out the top five, finishing ahead of Berry Sweet, Lucas Oils Yamaha rider Tye Simmonds, with Tattoo Racing Privateer Jacob Wright in 7th.

Cooper who struggled with a damaged bike from the first corner impact, struggled to a 16th place in moto two, leaving him in 8th place for the round, with Dale 9th and Troy Lee, Zero Seven Motorsports Kawasaki rider Cody Mackie rounding out the top ten thanks to his two 10th place moto finishes.

Clout claimed his maiden MX2 overall win - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Luke Styke laid down the challenge during qualifying in the MX2 class, topping the time sheets by the slimmest of margins of his Serco Yamaha team mate Luke Clout, with KTM 250SX two stroke racer Kale Makeham third fastest.

When the gates dropped on moto one it was, Josh Cachia who lead the way from Clout, while Styke crashed early in the opening lap and remounted near the rear of the field.

Clout quickly tucked in behind Cachia and made the move for the lead early one, with Cachia looking comfortable in second, ahead of Choice Motorsport KTM's Kayne Lamont, Privateer KTM 2 stroke racer Brock Winston and Zero Seven Motorsports Kade Mosig.

Disaster then struck for two of the favourites heading in to this years MX2 championship, with Carlton Dry Honda's Cachia blowing a rear tyre forcing him out of the race, while Mosig's bike came to a stop with the Victorian also forced to watch the remainder of the opening moto from the sidelines.

Back out front Clout extended his lead to over 18 seconds to Winston, who then had near the same gap back to Makeham who had moved his way in to third place.

The top two places would remain unchanged for the remainder of the race, with the big movement coming behind the top two in the form of Styke, who put in the ride of the day to work his way all the way back to third place, making his way past Makeham near the end of the moto, with Raceline Pirelli Suzuki's Ryan Marmont rounding out the top five for the moto.
Luke Styke has given all and then some in the opening two rounds of the 2013 championship - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Styke got off to a much better start in Moto two, grabbing the lead out of the first corner, with Cachia and Clout in tow along with the Raceline Suzuki pairing of Ryan Marmont and Geran Stapleton.

Clout closed down the gap on Cachia and moved in to second place early in the race and set his sights on his team mate, Styke. The two rode the entire 30 minute plus one lap moto flat out with Clout closing right on to Styke's back wheel with only a few laps remaining.

Styke held strong however to take the race win, but with Clout going 1-2 compared to Stykes 3-1, Clout claimed the overall win for the day. Behind the Serco pairing in moto two, Cachia held on for a third place finish gaining valuable championship points after his race one DNF.

Long showed he has what it takes to make it in the MX2 class with a fine 4th place moto finish, while Makeham continued his impressive form with a solid fifth place finish.

Behind Makeham, Brock Winston who had spent the moto working his way forward, made a last minute pass on Marmont for 6th place, which was enough to see him secure his first ever Australian national podium in the pro ranks.

The day however belonged to the rider who secured his first ever overall round win in the MX2 class, 18 year old Luke Clout.

"This result is definitely rewarding." Clout commented. "During the off season, I trained my butt off with my personal trainer Dan Reardon.

"I have been doing all the training at home and I really learned a lot at Raymond Tce and I am glad I was able to come and repeat it here and ride consistent.

"It is what I have to do, I am sitting inside the top three in the championship now and I want to stay there for the whole year. I have shown that I can run the pace with Styke and all the boys, so I think that is where I belong," he continued.

"I knew I had the pace, but I did not want to come in and expect to win, I guess now that I have one under my belt I might have to start expecting to win now," he laughed.
Clout was fastest on track in Moto 1 and again by the end of moto 2 - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
For Styke it was another rock solid effort, with the rider from New South Wales giving his all and them some for his 3-1 result and finished they day barley able to stand on his own two feet.

"I was a little unfortunate with that little crash in that first race," Styke stated. "I think I over exerted myself in the first race and I caught my leg pretty bad and I could not really stand up through the corners.

"I was kind of riding lazy and spent to much time sitting down and my conditioning just went out the window. Hopefully we can rebuild and learn from the mistake and rebuild for next weekend.

"I can't thank the Serco Yamaha team enough, Etnies, Endura, Upshoots Earth moving and my mechanic Rabs, everyone who has got me here, thanks." Styke concluded.

Brock Winston is a privateer doing the hard yards in 2013, coming off the back of a second place finish in the New Zealand championships, the Queensland rider has two podium moto results to his name and now his first ever overall podium finish two his name.

After making the trek by himself from Queensland to South Australia this week, Winston left Murray Bridge with a smile that is going to be hard to remove from his face over the coming week.

"I have been working hard for a lot of years and I had a year off not long ago after loosing a bit of motivation." Winston explained. "I have it all back now and I am loving riding.

"I am really enjoying it and having more fun. I have some guys helping me out this year," the privateer continued. "Jason Daniels from LKI helped me out all day to day and KTM are getting behind me.

"I also have some good sponsors in Alias, 100%, M2R who are all helping me a lot this year at the last minute and it is all a big help," he concluded.
There was no wiping the smile off Winston's face with his podium result - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Kale Makeham may have just missed the podium at Murray Bridge, but his fourth place finish was enough to see him retain his third place in this years MX2 championship standings.

Ryan Marmont bounced back from a difficult opening round to round out the top five, one single point ahead of Dylan Long in sixth. Geran Stapleton continued to show improvement in the MX ranks with a solid 7th place finish, just ahead of Kiwi Rhys Carter in 8th.

Another New Zealander in Kayne Lamont finished the day in ninth place, while Scrivens Honda Privateer, Matt Ryan rounded out the top ten in what at this point in time will be his last national round in 2013 due to funding.

Round 3 of the 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals heads to Wonthaggi in Victoria next Sunday the 5th of May.

2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals Results Round 2

MX1 Round Results
1.Todd Waters 66 Pts
2. Billy Mackenzie 64 Pts
3. Jake Moss 60 Pts
4. Lawson Bopping 59 Pts
5. Matt Moss 54 Pts
6. Tye Simmonds 46 Pts
7. Jacob Wright 45 Pts
8. Cody Cooper 45 Pts
9. Ford Dale 42 Pts
10. Cody Mackie 42 Pts
11. Daniel McCoy 41 Pts
12. Cheyne Boyd 40 Pts
13. Kirk Gibbs 39 Pts
14. Robbie Marshall 31 Pts
15. James Booth Elliot 30 Pts
16. Mitch Norris 26 Pts
17. Sam Martin 26 Pts
18. Riley Graham 25 Pts
19. Adam Monea 25 Pts
19. Alex Morris 24 Pts

MX1 Championship Standings after Round 2 of 10
1. Todd Waters 141 Pts
2. Billy Mackenzie 122 Pts
3. Lawson Bopping 109 Pts
4. Jake Moss 107 Pts
5. Matt Moss 107 Pts
6. Cody Cooper 105 Pts
7. Tye Simmonds 98 Pts
8. Ford Dale 85 Pts
9. Cody Mackie 83 Pts
10. Jacob Wright 80 Pts
11. Daniel McCoy 78 Pts
12. Kirk Gibbs 76 Pts
13. Jay Marmont 72 Pts
14. Adam Monea 71 Pts
15. Robbie Marshall 67 Pts
16. Sam Martin 58 Pts
17. James Booth Elliot 56 Pts
18. Cheyne Boyd 40 Pts
19. Matt Clarke 33 Pts
20. Mitch Norris 26 Pts

MX2 Round Results
1. Luke Clout 67 Pts
2. Luke Styke 65 Pts
3. Brock Winston 57 Pts
4. Kale Makeham 54 Pts
5. Ryan Marmont 50 Pts
6. Dylan Long 49 Pts
7. Geran Stapleton 47 Pts
8. Rhys Carter 45 Pts
9. Kayne Lamont 44 Pts
10. Matt Ryan 43 Pts
11. Takeshi Katsuya 38 Pts
12. Kyle Webster 36 Pts
13. Matt Van Slooten 33 Pts
14. Josh Adams 31 Pts
15. Tristen Cachia 31 Pts
16. Josh Cachia 30 Pts
17. Wade Hunter 27 Pts
18. Jedidiah Cornthwaite 23 Pts
19. Kade Mosig 20 Pts
20. Aaron Hart 20 Pts

MX2 Championship Standings after Round 2 of 10
1. Luke Styke 135 Pts
2. Luke Clout 122 Pts
3. Kale Makeham 112 Pts
4. Brock Winston 109 Pts
5. Geran Stepleton 90 Pts
6. Kayne Lamont 90 Pts
7. Matt Ryan 90 Pts
8. Josh Cachia 88 Pts
9. Takeshi Katsuya 82 Pts
10. Kade Mosig 73 Pts
11. Tristen Cachia 69 Pts
12. Dylan Long 66 Pts
13. Rhys Carter 65 Pts
14. Ryan Marmont 58 Pts
15. Wade Hunter 53 Pts
16. Kyle Webster 36 Pts
17. Jedidiah Cornthwaite 35 Pts
18. John Prutti 34 Pts
19. Matt Van Slooten 33 Pts
20. Nathan Brochtrup 32 Pts

Top Image: Todd Waters was fastest on track all day at Murray Bridge with his outright speed in qualifying helping him to the top step of the podium
Credit: Aaryn Minerds

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