Todd Waters and Jay Wilson Race to Victory at MX Farm


DPH Motorsports Todd Waters and Yamalube Yamaha's Jay Wilson have claimed victory in at the sixth round of the Pirelli MX Nationals as DPH now head both MX1 and MX2 championships.

Thor MX1

Monster Energy CDR Yamama's Kirk Gibbs snared the holeshot as the gate dropped on the Thor MX1 class with Penrite Honda Racing‰Ûªs Brett Metcalfe and DPH Motosports' Todd Waters in second and third and Red Plate holder Luke Clout in fourth.

Hayden Mellross, second in the championship, had a shocker of a start and was outside the top ten. Waters took the lead from Gibbs before the end of the opening lap as the race settled in. Metcalfe took advantage of a mistake by Gibbs to move into second. Clout also took advantage of Gibbs's mistake to move into third.

Waters controlled the race all the way to the flag, although he did have some attention from Metcalfe; he always looked like he would get the job done. Metcalfe rode his best moto of the season, despite still carrying some substantial injuries, to claim second.

Team-mates Gibbs and Clout maintained station for the duration to finish third and fourth respectively, over twenty seconds back from Metcalfe, while Mellross made a sold climb through the field to finish fifth. Superpole winner Jesse Dobson claimed sixth.

Moto two saw Dylan Long and Lawson Bopping hit turn one first with Todd Waters close by; and soon into the lead. Championship leader Luke Clout crashed on the second corner being unloaded from his YZ450F in a big way, but luckily landing in the soft loam, leaving himself a lot of work to do to bag some decent points.

By lap two Waters settled in out front while Mellross put the pressure on Long for second. Gibbs held fourth ahead of Metcalfe.

It took Gibbs until the twenty-minute mark of the race to get past Mellross and move into second while Metcalfe also started to apply pressure. Clout had made his way back from last to tenth.

With a few laps to go Gibbs made the move past Waters into the lead and then went toe to toe until the before Mellross and Metcalfe closed in to make it a four-way battle for the lead and the round overall win. As close as they got, they would maintain those positions until the flag.

Jesse Dobson came home fifth ahead of Dylan Long. Luke Clout minimised the damage from his crash to climb back to seventh by the chequered flag.

Waters 1-2 was enough to give him the overall round win while Gibbs' 3-1 was good for second while Brett Metcalfe was third overall.

Motul MX2

Moto one fo the two-part MX2 back to back format saw fastest qualifier and current championship leader Wilson Todd get the holeshot from the inside gate and go unchallenged for a dominant win.

Aaron Tanti passed an electric starting Kyle Webster early in the race to claim second while Webster was left to fend of Tanti's Serco Yamaha team-mate Nathan Crawford for third for most of the moto. Crawford crashed on the final lap but was able to hold off Bailey Malkiewicz and Jay Wilson for fourth. Wilson had been battling for the lead in the opening laps before crashing came home sixth.

The second moto of the doubleheader saw a carbon copy of the moto one start with Wilson Todd once again coming out of turn one with Jay Wilson, Crawford, Tanti and Webster in tow. Jay Wilson once again threw away another opportunity with a crash while running second.

Wilson Todd was on his A game though and once again was never headed, despite a challenge from Crawford, Crawford eventually crashing trying a make a pass on the red plate holder and dropped back through the field. Webster inherited second after Tanti dropped his bike to claim second at the conclusion of the ten-minute moto while Crawford rebounded for third ahead of Tanti. Jay Wilson recovered to claim another fifth.

When the gates dropped on the third and final MX2 race of the day it was Husqvarna privateer Joel Evans who drag raced the field to the first turn grabbing a huge holeshot aboard his 250 two stroke, with Luke Reardon in second and WIlson Todd in third.

Unfortunatley for Evans the lead was short lived as he hit the deck a few corners in the race along with championship leader Todd, leaving Reardon to take the race lead.

Former MX2 champion and current Australian SX2 champ, Jay Wilson did not allow Reardon to complete the opening lap in the lead as he pushed through to take the lead and quickly went to work on sperating himself from the field.

Webster, Crawford and Will's also went to work on moving around Reardon, while Todd went into full championship damage control picking off riders one by one and by the half way mark of the moto was already inside the top ten.

By the closing stages of the race, Wilson continued to lead, but had plenty of pressure from a fast finishing Crawford, with Wilson hanging on to win by just over one second.

Crawford's team-mate Tanti crossed the line in 3rd, just ahead of Webster, with Wilson Todd finishing in a fine 5th position to maintain his championship lead.

Jay Wilson as a result of his win in the final moto, claimed the round win, ahead of a hard charging Wilson Todd in second, with Nathan Crawford rounding out the podium.

Pirelli MXD

Noah Ferguson took the holeshot in moto one of the MXD class with Mason Semmens, Championship leader Regan Duffy and Max Purvis hot on his heels.

Semmens demoted Ferguson by lap two as the duo battled closely for the lead as Regan Duffy dropped back to fourth as Purvis moved forward.

Purvis was on a mission though and made his way to the front and went onto a six-second win. Duffy was dropping fastest laps as he clawed his way back from his mistake to take second ahead of Ferguson after taking some smart line choices on the last lap.

Semmens finished fourth with Jai Walker fifth.

Duffy then turned the table in the second moto, taking the race win to claim another round win and increase his championship lead, Maximus Purvis finished the moto in second position with Mason Rowe in third.

Purvis finished the day second overall while Noah Ferguson claimed his maiden MXD podium result finishing in 3rd for the round.
MX1 - Raceline Superpole
1 14 Jesse Dobson - 1:59.656
2 4 Luke Clout +1:59.866
3 5 Kirk Gibbs +2:00.924
4 24 Brett Metcalfe +2:01.014
5 47 Todd Waters +2:21.576

Thor MX1 Moto 1 - Top Ten
1 Todd Waters 14 Laps Race Time: 29:25.020
2 Brett Metcalfe +0.773
3 Kirk Gibbs +23.767
4 Luke Clout +24.851
5 Hayden Mellross +37.623
6 Jesse Dobson +47.614
7 Caleb Ward +51.167
8 Jayden Rykers +1:07.289
9 Richie Evans +1:23.398
10 Connor Tierney +1:29.192
Fastest Lap: Todd Waters - 2:03.970

Thor MX1 Moto 1 - Top Ten
1 Kirk Gibbs 14 Laps - Race Time: 29:55.384
2 Todd Waters +0.679
3 Hayden Mellross +1.855
4 Brett Metcalfe +3.307
5 Jesse Dobson +15.624
6 Dylan Long +19.231
7 Luke Clout +31.941
8 Jayden Rykers +32.080
9 Caleb Ward +45.700
10 Richie Evans +1:02.154

Fastest Lap: Todd Waters - 2:05.823

MX1 Round 6 Overall Top Ten
1. Todd Waters - 67
2. Kirk Gibbs - 65
3. Brett Metcalfe - 60
4. Hayden Mellross - 56
5. Luke Clout - 52
6. Jesse Dobson - 51
7. Jayden Rykers - 46
8. Caleb Ward - 46
9. Richie Evans - 43
10. Dylan Long - 42

MX1 Championship Top Ten After Round 6
1. Todd Waters - 332 Pts
2. Luke Clout - 329 Pts
3. Hayden Mellross - 327 Pts
4. Jayden Rykers - 253 Pts
5. Justin Rodbell - 24 Pts
6. Kirk Gibbs - 245 Pts
7. Brett Metcalfe - 241 Pts
8. Jesse Dobson - 227 Pts
9. Richie Evans - 217 Pts
10. Erki Kahro - 190 Pts
Pirelli MX2 - Timed Qualifying
1 Wilson Todd 1:58.538
2 Nathan Crawford 1:59.300
3 Jay Wilson 1:59.491
4 Aaron Tanti 2:00.394
5 Kyle Webster 2:01.055
6 Bailey Malkiewicz 2:02.047
7 Isaac Ferguson 2:02.539
8 Dylan Wills 2:03.321
9 Tomas Ravenhorst 2:03.336
10 Morgan Fogarty 2:04.256

Pirelli MX2 - Back to Back Race 1 Top Ten
1 Wilson Todd 7 Laps - Race Time: 14:42.760
2 Aaron Tanti +3.244
3 Kyle Webster +8.533
4 Nathan Crawford +16.917
5 Bailey Malkiewicz +21.017
6 Jay Wilson +21.830
7 Dylan Wills +33.230
8 Cooper Pozniak +40.975
9 Joel Evans +42.885
10 Isaac Ferguson +43.419
Fastest Lap: Wilson Todd - 2:03.718

Pirelli MX2 - Back to Back Race 1 Top Ten
1 Wilson Todd 7 Laps - Race Time: 14:49.408
2 Kyle Webster +4.477
3 Nathan Crawford +10.396
4 Aaron Tanti +12.672
5 Jay Wilson +13.589
6 Dylan Wills +26.099
7 Morgan Fogarty +27.054
8 Isaac Ferguson +34.180
9 Bailey Malkiewicz +35.273
10 Cooper Pozniak +51.539
Fastest Lap: Wilson Todd - 2:04.020

Pirelli MX2 - Moto 2 - Top Ten
1 Jay Wilson 9 Laps - Race Time: 19:20.620
2 Nathan Crawford +1.057
3 Aaron Tanti +3.006
4 Kyle Webster +13.190
5 Wilson Todd +33.362
6 Dylan Wills +36.061
7 Bailey Malkiewicz +40.524
8 Morgan Fogarty +50.981
9 Luke Reardon +56.701
10 Ricky Latimer +1:02.519
Fastest Lap: Nathan Crawford - 2:06.677

MX2 Round 6 Overall Top Ten
1. Jay Wilson - 61 Pts
2. Wilson Todd - 61 Pts
3. Nathan Crawford - 60 Pts
4. Aaron Tanti - 60 Pts
5. Kyle Webster - 60 Pts
6. Dylan Wills - 50 Pts
7. Bailey Malkiewicz - 48 Pts
8. Morgan Fogarty - 43 Pts
9. Isaac Ferguson - 39 Pts
10. Tomas Ravenhorst - 38 Pts

MX2 Championship Top Ten After Round 6
1. Wilson Todd - 344 Pts
2. Kyle Webster - 320 Pts
3. Jay Wilson - 319 Pts
4. Nathan Crawford - 272 Pts
5. Aaron Tanti - 272 Pts
6. Dylan Wills - 256 Pts
7. Bailey Malkiewicz - 246 Pts
8. Ricky Latimer - 209 Pts
9. Cooper Pozniak - 206 Pts
10. Riley Dukes - 202 Pts
Motul MXD - Timed Qualifying
1 Regan Duffy - 2:02.150
2 Noah Ferguson - 2:02.454
3 Maximus Purvis - 2:02.454
4 Rhys Budd - 2:02.951
5 Mason Semmens - 2:03.794
6 Brodie Ellis - 2:04.167
7 Liam Walsh - 2:04.763
8 Mason Rowe - 2:05.351
9 Jai Walker - 2:05.455
10 Jack Kukas - 2:05.848

Motul MXD - Moto 1
1 145 Maximus Purvis 9 Laps - Race Time: 19:13.299
2 72 Regan Duffy +6.021
3 42 Noah Ferguson +6.202
4 18 Mason Semmens +7.232
5 545 Jai Walker ++1 Lap
6 754 Jayce Cosford +1 Lap
7 121 Liam Walsh +1 Lap
8 7 Mason Rowe +1 Lap
9 27 Tye Jones +1 Lap
10 43 Mackenzie O'Bree +1 Lap
Motul MXD - Moto 2

MX2 Round 6 Overall Top Ten
1. Regan Duffy - 67 Pts
2. Maximus Purvis - 67 Pts
3. Noah Ferguson - 56 Pts
4. Mason Rowe - 54 Pts
5. Jayce Cosford - 53 Pts
6. Jai Walker - 49 Pts
7. Tye Jones - 46 Pts
8. Brodie Ellis - 45 Pts
9. Liam Walsh - 44 Pts
10. Mackenzie O'Bree - 41 Pts

MX1 Championship Top Ten After Round 6
1. Regan Duffy - 356 Pts
2. Maximus Purvis - 339 Pts
3. Rhys Budd - 293 Pts
4. Brodie Ellis - 263 Pts
5. Mason Rowe - 261 Pts
6. Noah Ferguson - 253 Pts
7. Jack Kukas - 233 Pts
8. Jayce Cosford - 231 Pts
9. Jai Walker - 230 Pts
10. Liam Walsh - 223 Pts

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