Team France Win Dramatic 2016 MXoN With Final Lap Pass

Author: Aaryn Minerds


France have won a highly dramatic 2016 Motocross of Nations held in Maggiora Italy overnight after Romain Febvre made a final lap pass to seal a one point win over The Netherlands.

Febvre himself set up the chance for France to win their third straight Chamberlin trophy after he won the opening moto of the day, however it was team Belgium who took the lead after the opening MXGP - MX2 race on the back of a third place finish from MXGP rider Kevin Strijbos and a 5th place finish from their MX2 rider Jeremy Van Horebeek.

Jason Anderson then handed team U.S.A the points lead at the conclusion of race two after a start to finish victory in the MX2 and MX-Open race, holding off a fast charging Jeffery Herlings.

However after crossing the finish line, Anderson rolled the final table top and was landed on by a lapped rider as they themselves finished the race.

The impact knocked Anderson from his bike, leaving him unconscious and despite reports from the track that the American rider was ok, he was taken to a local Italian hospital for further observation leaving Team American with just one rider to contest the final MXGP - MX Open race.

With teams able to drop their worst result team America's hopes were all pinned on Cooper Webb, with both team France and The Netherlands both in striking distance of taking it to the U.S
Jason Anderson won the MX2 - MX Open race before getting landed on while celebrating his win - Credit: Acevedo J.P.
Herlings put The Netherland into a great position to claim their first ever MXoN title when he grabbed the final moto holeshot and cleared away from the field. With Herlings team-mate Glenn Coldenhoff sitting in 4th, The Netherlands were looking like the team to beat in the early stages.

If things were not hectic enough, Italian Antonio Cairoli held down second position and was staying in touch of leader Herlings, bringing the home crowd to their feet in an eruption of emotion after he closed in and challenged for the lead in the closing stages of the race.

Behind the leading duo the battle heated up with Belgium's Kevin Strijobs catching and passing Webb for 5th then moving his way into fourth ahead of Coldenhoff to make the points chase even tighter at the top. Meanwhile a slow starting Romain Febvre had moved his way forward and had latched onto the back of the Webb brining France in to the picture for the overall win.

Webb then moved the U.S back into the lead by a single point after making his way past Coldenhoff to re-claim 5th position in the moto.

Febvre quickly followed the American through as the top three teams all moved to with in two points of each other.

With just three laps remaining in the final race of the day, Webb all but put an end to America‰Ûªs hopes, crashing on a tricky up hill corner and in the process handed the points lead back to The Netherlands who were now tied on points with France but were in a position to win via countback.

Heading into the final lap The Netherlands looked as though may just hold on for the win and when Herlings crossed the finish line to seal the moto victory it looked as though he may have lead his team to the 2016 trophy.

However, Febvre had one more trick left in his book and with a final lap pass on Team GB's Tommy Searle, he crossed the line in fourth place and was shortly followed over the line by team-mate Gauiter Paulin in 11th, to give the French team who also consisted of Benoit Patrol in the MX2 class the win by a single point ahead of Team Netherlands.

Webb ended up crossing the line in 10th position in the final race to give Team U.S.A the final spot on the podium with 33 points.

Team Belgium finished in 4th position, ahead of host nation Italy who were awarded 5th on count back over Switzerland in 6th.
Dean Ferris helped Australia to 8th overall with a 5th in his opening race, before coming from the back of the field to finish 15th in the MXGp - MX Open race
It was a great performance by team Australian with both Dean Ferris and Todd Waters putting in a top ten performance in at least one moto to guide the team to 8th position overall just behind team Great Britain in 7th.

Waters finished his opening race with a seventh place finish after running as high as 4th before a small crash set him back. Ferris then scored a fine 5th place finish in his opening moto. The two riders then raced together in the final MXGP - MX Open race where both riders struggled with starts outside the top 20.

Both were able to move forward in the race with Waters crossing the line in 14th followed by Ferris in 15th and when combined with MX2 rider Mitch Evans best result of 35th, gave team Australia an overall finish of 8th on 76 points.

Team New Zealand after looking promising after yesterday's qualifying finished Sunday's event in 17th position on 140 points.

In the individual class standings, it was Antonio Cairoli who took the win in the MXGP class one point ahead of Romain Febvre in second with Kevin Strijbos in third. Australian Todd Waters finished in 8th.

Jeffrey Herlings took class honours in the MX-Open class on three points followed by Arnaud Tonus and Gautier Paulin. Aussie Dean Ferris finished one spot of the podium in 4th.

In the MX2 class it was Jermey Van Horebeek who made the most of the move back to the MX2 class for the weekend calming a four point win ahead of American Alex Martin with Jermey Seewer rounding out the top three.

Read below for a more detailed run down of the opening two races.
Todd Waters was also impressive with a 7th in his opening moto after a small crash and like Ferris worked his way through the field in his second race to finish 14th

It was The Netherlands Glenn Coldenhoff who grabbed the opening holeshot of the 2016 Motocross of Nations in Italy, edging out crowd favourite, Italian Antonio Cairoli as the two KTM rider set about checking out from the field.

Behind them, Canada's Kaven Benoit in third was followed by Australia's Todd Waters with French rider Romain Fevbre the rider on a mission early as he moved his way from 5th place, past Waters then after spending a few laps working the back end of Benoit, made his way into third.

Shortly after the French rider reeled in the leading duo, firstly passing Coldenhoff with an epic outside pass as the riders headed towards the start straight then repeated the move a lap later to take the lead away from Cairoli.

Behind the leaders, Belgium's Kevin Stijbos was on the move, making his way from 10th all the way to third moving by Waters, Benoit and Coldenhoff.

Waters himself was holding strong and after making a move past the Canadian Benoit for 5th position, was quickly gaining on Coldenhoff for 4th before a small mistake had the Aussie on the ground and scrambling to recover.

Waters misfortune was America's fortune as Cooper Webb who was as far back as 15th early in the race moved by waters who was on the ground before reeling in and passing Coldenhoff shortly after.

Belgium's Jeremy Van Horebeek who stepped back to the MX2 class for this weekends event also took advantage of Waters crash moving his way in 5th.

With the racing winding down most positions were settled however Waters was able to make up one position in the closing stages making his way around Benoit for a second time, while America's MX2 rider Alex Martin made a later race pass on New Zealand's Cody Cooper to move into 9th.

At the line it was Febvre who took the win from Cairoli and Strijobs, with team Belgium walking away with the early points lead, with eight points thanks to Stijbos 3rd position combined with Van Horebeeks 5th.

Team U.S.A recovered to hold down second on 13 points just two points ahead of France on 15, with the home team Italy 4th a further 3 points back.

Team Australia sat in 10th with Waters finishing race one in 7th, and Mitch Evans in 35th.
Romain Febvre's win in the opening MXGP - MX Open race lead France to their thrid straight MXoN title
MX2 - MX Open Race:

Jason Anderson has lead Team U.S.A into the points lead after the second of three races after one of the most dramatic races in the recent history of the MXoN

Anderson shot out to the lead through the first turn and quickly built a comfortable early race lead ahead of Russian Evgeny Bobryshev, with Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus, French riders Gauiter Paulin and Australia's Dean Ferris in tow.

Just behind the ground Jeffrey Herlings was working his way forward and quickly moved his way past the group and into second position before chasing down race leader Anderson.

For the next 12 minutes the American and the rider from Belgium duked it out in a classic MXoN fight and with just over eight minutes to go in the race, Herlings pushed the envelope to far while pushing for the lead, crashing and leaving Anderson a comfortable gap up front.

Herlings recovered just in time to hold second, but had a fast charging Tonus, Paulin and Ferris all looking to steal his position.

Herlings once gaining his composure was able to once again gap the chasing pack, however behind him a six rider freight train of riders locked in for a final chance to score the final podium spot for the moto.

Ferris was the first to make his move, moving from 5th to 4th as he past Paulin, however it was short lived as Paulin quickly made the move back, then shortly after moved his way into third past Tonus. Behind Ferris who was now in 5th, Van Horebeek moved in to challenge the Aussie and was shortly joined by Great Britain's Shaun Simpson

Back out front Anderson cruised across the finish line jump to take the victory, but drama followed shortly. As Anderson rolled the across the finish line table top celebrating with his hands in the air, a lapped rider crossed the line, landing on top of the American, with Anderson taking the brunt of the impact to his helmet and left shoulder.

Anderson was attended to quickly and early reports are that he is ok and may somehow be able to line up for the final moto.

Behind Anderson Herlings crossed the line in second followed by Paulin with Tonus in 4th. Ferris held on for a fine 5th place finish while Simpson made a last lap pass on Van Horebeek for 6th.

In the team Standings after two races, team U.S.A has moved into first on 23 points, with France now second 5 points back. Switzerland rounds out the top three with 36 points.

Team Australia remained in 10th with 84 points.

With all teams able to drop their worst performance at the conclusion of the final moto, this years MXoN is wide open heading in to the all important MXGP - MX-Open race.
Antonio Cairoli had the Italian fans on their feet on his way to winning the MXGP class
Final Team Standings:
1. France 29 Pts
2. The Netherlands 30 Pts
3. USA 33 Pts
4. Belgium 36 Pts
5. Italy 44 Pts
6. Switzerland 44 Pts
7. Great Britain 73 Pts
8. Australia 76 Pts
9. Estonia 93 Pts
10. Canada 95 Pts

MXGP - MX2 Race results:
1. Romain Febvre FRA
2. Antonio Cairoli ITA
3. Kevin Strijbos BEL
4. Cooper Webb USA
5. Jeremy Van Horebeek BEL
6. Glenn Coldenhoff NED
7. Todd Waters AUS
8. Kaven Benoit CAN
9. Alex Martin USA
10. Cody Cooper NZL
11. Jeremy Seewer SUI
12. Jose Burton ESP
13. Valentin Guillod SUI
14. Benoit Paturel FRA
15. Thomas Olsen DEN
16. Samuele Bernardini ITA
17. Nikolaj Larsen DEN
18. Max Anstie GBR
19. Tanel Leok EST
20. Brian Boger NED
35. Mitchell Evans AUS
37. Josiah Natzke NZL
Herlings rebounded from a crash in his first race to finish second to Anderson before racing to a win in the MXGP -MX Open race to give The Netherlands second position overall.
MX2 - MX Open Results:
1. Jason Anderson USA
2. Jeffrey Herlings NED
3. Gautier Paulin FRA
4. Arnaud Tonus SUI
5. Dean Ferris AUS
6. Shaun Simpson GBR
7. Jeremy Van Horebeek BEL
8. Jeremy Seewer SUI
9. Alex Martin USA
10. Benoit Paturel FRA
11. Fredrik Noren SWE
12. Michele Cervellin ITA
13. Tanel Leok EST
14. Brian Bogers NED
15. Samuele Bernardini ITA
16. Harri Kullas EST
17. Evgeny Bobryshev RUS
18. Tyler Medaglia CAN
19. Vsevolod Brylykov RUS
20. Jorge Zaragoza ESP
34 23 Natzke, Josiah Natzke NZL
37 20 Evans, Mitch Evans AUS
38 24 Harwood, Hamish Harwood NZL

MXGP - MX Open Race Results:
1. Jeffrey Herlings NED
2. Antonio Cairoli ITA
3. Kevin Strijbos BEL
4. Romain Febvre FRA
5. Tommy Searle GBR
6. Evgeny Bobryshev RUS
7. Glenn Coldenhoff NED
8. Arnaud Tonus SUI
9. Jose Butron ESP
10. Cooper Webb USA
11. Gautier Paulin FRA
12. Kaven Benoit CAN
13. Michele Cervellin ITA
14. Todd Waters AUS
15. Dean Ferris AUS
16. Valentin Guillod SUI
17. Nikolaj Larsen DEN
18. Brent Van Donick BEL
19. Pascal Rauchenecker AUT
20. Fredrik Noren SWE

MXGP Class Top Three:
1. Antonio Cairoli - 4 Pts
2. Romain Febvre - 5 Pts
3. Kevin Strijbos - 6 Pts
8. Todd Waters - 21 Pts

MX Open Class Top Three:
1. Jeffrey Herlings - 3 Pts
2. Arnaud Tonus - 12 Pts
3. Gautier Paulin - 14 Pts
4. Dean Ferris - 20 Pts

MX2 Class Top Three:
1. Jeremy Van Horebeek - 12 Pts
2. Alex Martin - 18 Pts
3. Jeremy Seewer - 19 Pts
19. Mitch Evans - 72 Pts

For Detailed Results: CLICK HERE

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