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Daytona International Speedway hosted the first ever Monster Energy Supercross race in 1974 and is the only venue still present since the inception of the championship. It has been a part of all 44 supercross seasons, the only facility to hold that distinction.

Daytona actually predates the supercross championship, hosting its first Trans-AMA race in 1971 before being integrated into the first two seasons of the AMA Motocross Championship in 1972 & 1973.

Daytona is the only stop on the Monster Energy Supercross schedule that does not take place in a stadium. Instead it utilizes the racetrack‰Ûªs massive tri-oval infield to create what riders often consider the most physically demanding track in the championship.

The Daytona Supercross is arguably the showcase spectacle of Daytona Bike Week, taking place alongside the legendary Daytona 200 road race in addition to several other racing and motorcycle celebration events throughout Daytona Beach.

Round 9 winner Eli Tomac
450SX Class Stats: Daytona

2016 Podium:
Eli Tomac
Ryan Dungey
Marvin Musquin

  • The first-ever supercross race in history was at Daytona on March 9, 1974. Pierre Karsmakers won on a Yamaha for his one and only 450SX Class win. He would become the inaugural Monster Energy Supercross Champion.

  • Over the 43 seasons of racing at Daytona there have been 22 different 450SX Class winners. Ricky Carmichael is the winningest rider in Daytona history with five wins.

  • In the four-plus decades that Daytona has hosted supercross there have been just three riders that have managed to take wins in both the 450SX and 250SX Class ‰ÛÒ Carmichael, Chad Reed, and James Stewart.

  • Honda is the winningest brand in Daytona history, capturing 16 wins in the 450SX Class. Although the brand hasn‰Ûªt won since the 2008 season, holds a record-setting run of 11 straight wins from 1982-1992.

  • Kawasaki has been the most dominant brand of the current era at Daytona, winning six of the past 10 seasons, including four wins in five years with Ryan Villopoto from 2010-2014. Eli Tomac will chase back-to-back wins on Saturday.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Daytona (Last Win)
Honda: 16 (2008)
Kawasaki: 13 (2016)
Yamaha: 8 (2012)
Suzuki: 4 (2009)
Can-Am: 1 (1975)
KTM: 1 (2015)

All-Time Wins in Daytona (Wins)
Ricky Carmichael (5)
Jeff Stanton (4)
Ryan Villopoto (4)
Bob Hannah (3)
Mike Kiedrowski (3)
Jeremy McGrath (3)
Chad Reed (3)
Rick Johnson (2)
Darrell Shultz (2)
James Stewart (2)

Brand Sweeps in Daytona (450SX & 250SX)
1986: Honda ‰ÛÒ Rick Johnson & Keith Turpin
1991: Honda ‰ÛÒ Jeff Stanton & Brian Swink
1999: Yamaha ‰ÛÒ Jeremy McGrath & Ernesto Fonseca
2007: Kawasaki ‰ÛÒ James Stewart & Ben Townley
2008: Honda ‰ÛÒ Kevin Windham & Trey Canard
2010: Kawasaki ‰ÛÒ Ryan Villopoto & Christophe Pourcel
2011: Kawasaki ‰ÛÒ Ryan Villopoto & Blake Baggett
2014: Kawasaki ‰ÛÒ Ryan Villopoto & Blake Baggett
2015: KTM ‰ÛÒ Ryan Dungey & Marvin Musquin

Riders to Win in Both Classes in Daytona
Ricky Carmichael
Chad Reed
James Stewart

First-Time Winners in Daytona
1974: Pierre Karsmakers
1976: Tony DiStefano
1980: Rex Staten
1987: Rick Ryan
1993: Mike Kiedrowski
2000: Ricky Carmichael

Past Winners in Daytona
*1971: Gunnar Lindstrom ‰ÛÒ Husqvarna
*1972: Jimmy Weinert ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
*1973: Bob Grossi ‰ÛÒ Husqvarna
1974: Pierre Karsmakers ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1975: Jimmy Ellis ‰ÛÒ Can-Am
1976: Tony DiStefano ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1977: Bob Hannah ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1978: Marty Tripes ‰ÛÒ Honda
1979: Jimmy Weinert ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1980: Rex Staten ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1981: Darrell Shultz ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1982: Darrell Shultz ‰ÛÒ Honda
1983: Bob Hannah ‰ÛÒ Honda
1984: David Bailey ‰ÛÒ Honda
1985: Bob Hannah ‰ÛÒ Honda
1986: Rick Johnson ‰ÛÒ Honda
1987: Rick Ryan ‰ÛÒ Honda
1988: Rick Johnson ‰ÛÒ Honda
1989: Jeff Stanton ‰ÛÒ Honda
1990: Jeff Stanton ‰ÛÒ Honda
1991: Jeff Stanton ‰ÛÒ Honda
1992: Jeff Stanton ‰ÛÒ Honda
1993: Mike Kiedrowski ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1994: Mike Kiedrowski ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1995: Mike Kiedrowski ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1996: Jeremy McGrath ‰ÛÒ Honda
1997: Jeff Emig ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1998: Jeremy McGrath ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1999: Jeremy McGrath ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2000: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2001: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2002: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Honda
2003: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Honda
2004: Chad Reed ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2005: Chad Reed ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2006: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
2007: James Stewart ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2008: Kevin Windham ‰ÛÒ Honda
2009: Chad Reed ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
2010: Ryan Villopoto ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2011: Ryan Villopoto ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2012: James Stewart ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2013: Ryan Villopoto ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2014: Ryan Villopoto ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2015: Ryan Dungey ‰ÛÒ KTM
2016: Eli Tomac ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki

*Daytona Motocross (1971-1973)

250SX Class Stats: Daytona

2016 Podium:
Jeremy Martin
Justin Hill
Martin Davalos

  • The first 250SX Class race held at Daytona was on March 6, 1985. Eddie Warren won aboard a Kawasaki en route to the first ever Eastern Regional title.

  • Parity has defined the 250SX Class at Daytona with 27 different winners in 32 seasons. No rider has ever won more than two races at Daytona, and only three have won over consecutive seasons ‰ÛÒ Travis Pastrana, Christophe Pourcel, and Brian Swink.

  • Winning at Daytona has led to the Eastern Regional title in 22 of 32 seasons (68%). It happened 20 times during the first 25 seasons, but has only occurred twice since 2011.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Daytona (Last Win)
Kawasaki: 10 (2014)
Suzuki: 8 (2001)
Honda: 6 (2012)
Yamaha: 5 (2016)
KTM: 3 (2015)

All-Time Wins in Daytona (Wins)
Blake Baggett (2)
Marvin Musquin (2)
Travis Pastrana (2)
Christophe Pourcel (2)
Brian Swink (2)

First-Time Winners in Daytona
1988: Todd DeHoop
2000: Travis Pastrana
2013: Marvin Musquin

Past Winners in Daytona
1985: Eddie Warren ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1986: Keith Turpin ‰ÛÒ Honda
1987: Ron Tichenor ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1988: Todd DeHoop ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1989: Damon Bradshaw ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1990: Denny Stephenson ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1991: Brian Swink ‰ÛÒ Honda
1992: Brian Swink ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1993: Doug Henry ‰ÛÒ Honda
1994: Jimmy Button ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1995: Tim Ferry ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
1996: Mickael Pichon ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1997: John Dowd ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
1998: Ricky Carmichael ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
1999: Ernesto Fonseca ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2000: Travis Pastrana ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
2001: Travis Pastrana ‰ÛÒ Suzuki
2002: Chad Reed ‰ÛÒ Yamaha
2003: Mike Brown ‰ÛÒ Kawsaki
2004: James Stewart ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2005: Josh Hansen ‰ÛÒ KTM
2006: Davi Millsaps ‰ÛÒ Honda
2007: Ben Townley ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2008: Trey Canard ‰ÛÒ Honda
2009: Christophe Pourcel ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2010: Christophe Pourcel ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2011: Blake Baggett ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2012: Justin Barcia ‰ÛÒ Honda
2013: Marvin Musquin ‰ÛÒ KTM
2014: Blake Baggett ‰ÛÒ Kawasaki
2015: Marvin Musquin ‰ÛÒ KTM
2016: Jeremy Martin ‰ÛÒ Yamaha

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