Super quick catch up with privateer Tomas Ravenhorst

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Super quick catch up with privateer Tomas Ravenhorst
Tomas Ravenhorst
We got word that Victorian privateer Tomas Ravenhorst was heading to the United States to race the West Coast rounds of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross so we quickly reached out to him with some quick questions about what he had going on.

By the time we knew Ravenhorst was set to race the West Coast 250 championship, he was all but ready to catch a flight to the U.S. but with a quick email, we was kind enough to get back to us and answer a few questions we had for him.

Hailing from Trafalgar, Victoria, Ravenhorst had a solid 2018 in Australia, finishing just outside the top ten in both the Pirelli MX Nationals MX2 class, and the SX2 class in the Australian Supercross Championship.

One of the quieter riders in the Australian scene, Ravenhorst is always up for a chat at the races, and goes about his business with a no fuss approach and we look forward to following his progress in the U.S at the start of this season.
Super quick catch up with privateer Tomas Ravenhorst
It was a solid year both in motocross and supercross for likeable Victorian
FULLNOISE: You had a solid year in the MX Nationals, finishing every moto for the year bar one in the MX2 class. You finished up the season in 11th position, how did you feel the MX Nationals went for you in 2018?

RAVENHORST: My goal for the 2018 MX Nationals was a top 10 finish overall. We got pretty close to achieving that, but just missed that goal by one position.

FULLNOISE: Your results in Supercross were again quite solid, finishing the season out in 12th overall, but with a couple of top ten round results along the way, how happy were you with your Supercross form

RAVENHORST: I think I had a good supercross season, I had one really tough round at Melbourne, where i hit the ground hard in the first of the triple crown races and couldn’t get going again throughout the remainder of the night.

But the goal was to be top ten every time I was on the track and I pretty much achieved that.

So I think it was a positive series.
Super quick catch up with privateer Tomas Ravenhorst
Ravenhorst in action during the 2016 championship, the privateer putting in the work for many years now with the support from some personal sponsors.
FULLNOISE: What were some of the highlights during the 2018 season

RAVENHORST: For me the Aus-X open was the highlight of 2018. It was good to be one of the only 2 privateers in the main event.

FULLNOISE: You have headed over to the U.S to race the West Coast Supercross Championship, how did that come about and why have you decided to head over?

RAVENHORST: I actually had a deal with a team last year to come over and race the Amsoil Arena-Cross Series, unfortunately it all fell through just 2 days before I was scheduled to fly out.

Ever since then, this is where I wanted to be, so I’ve just made it happen.

FULLNOISE: Who is supporting you over there?

RAVENHORST: I have a couple of personal sponsors which are providing me with some parts and gear.

But in terms of financial support I’m over here completely off of my own back.
Super quick catch up with privateer Tomas Ravenhorst
From local races in Victoria, Ravenhorst will this weekend make his debut in the U.S riding a Husqvarna FC250 running the number 105.
FULLNOISE: What are your expectations while over in the U.S

RAVENHORST: My goal is to make the main events. I feel like that is realistic goal for myself, that alone I feel will be a good achievement.

FULLNOISE: What plans do you have for the 2019 season here in Australia?

RAVENHORST: Not really sure what my plans are just as of yet. Just focused on my time here in the USA at this stage.

FULLNOISE: Thanks for getting back to us Thomas, have some fun in the U.S and we look forward to seeing you on out television sets come A1


- Note: Ravenhorst will be rocking the #105 aboard a Husqvarna FC250, so keep an eye out for him this weekend at A1.

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