Snodgrass takes first GNCC win while Australians once again make their mark

Author: Garry Morrow


Lyndon Snodgrass got his first GNCC win on the board with victory in the XC2 class at the 4th Annual Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon GNCC

Lyndon Snodgrass has taken his first-ever XC2 GNCC win in Pennsylvania at the 4th Annual Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon GNCC.

The Australian got a good jump off the line to make make a pass for the lead very early in the opening lap. Snodgrass continued to lead the way throughout the entire three-hour race, taking the chequered flag 13 seconds ahead of Ruy Barbosa and Craig DeLong.

After taking the win last round Josh Strang just missed the podium in the XC1 Pro class. After a mid-pack start to the day, Stang had to battle through the XC1 Open Pro competition for the first part of the race. he then went back-and-forth with Jordan Ashburn for the last couple of laps, but he would be unable to make a pass back for the podium spot. Stang sits fourth in the championship on equal points with Grant Baylor in third,

“Gave it my best shot today. I just didn’t have it so a 4th place is what it was,” Strang said.

Mackenzie Tricker made her way back to the WXC podium with a second place finish behind Becca Sheet. Tricker started out the day in third, but she would push her way into second and battle with Rachael Archer for the duration of the two-hour race. Archer would round out the top three WXC finishers at the Mason-Dixon.

“The first time getting second place has ever felt like a win for me, so good to be back up on the podium!” Tricker said. “It’s been a year since I’ve stood on a podium at a GNCC so Thanks to everyone for the help!”

Tayla Jones just missed the WXC podium with 4th place.

“Fourth on the board but the results dont show the epic battles had all day,” Jones said. “Swapping back and forth for the whole 2 hours was intense! I am happy with my riding and feeling better every race!” Jones concluded.

GNCC Racing will continue on June 26 and 27 at Snowshoe Mountain Resort for the Yamaha Racing Snowshoe GNCC event.

Mackenzie Tricker was happy to be back on the box with second in the WXC class.

Mason-Dixon Results and Points Standings – Mount Morris, Pennsylvania
Round 8 of 13 – Sunday, June 6, 2021

XC1 Pro Event Results:
1 Steward Baylor (YAM)
2 Benjamin Kelley (KTM)
3 Jordan Ashburn (HQV)
4 Josh Strang (KAW)
5 Josh Toth (KTM)
6 Grant Baylor (GAS)
7 Trevor Bollinger (HQV)
8 Benjamin Herrera (SHR)
9 Thad Duvall (HQV)
10 Ricky Russell (GAS)

Overall National Championship Standings:
1 Benjamin Kelley (182)
2 Steward Baylor (178)
3 Grant Baylor (140)
4 Josh Strang (140)
5 Jordan Ashburn (137)
6 Josh Toth (110)
7 Ricky Russell (106)
8 Jonathan Girroir (101)
9Craig DeLong (91)
10 Lyndon Snodgrass (65)

XC2 250 Pro Event Results:
1 Lyndon Snodgrass (KAW)
2 Ruy Barbosa (HON)
3 Craig DeLong (HQV)
4 Liam Draper (KTM)
5 Jonathan Girroir (GAS)
6 Evan Smith (HQV)
7 Cody Barnes (HON)
8 Thorn Devlin (BET)
9 Benjamin Nelko (HQV)
10 Simon Johnson (KTM)

XC2 250 Pro Series Standings:
1 Jonathan Girroir (202)
2 Craig DeLong (183)
3 Cody Barnes (132)
4 Lyndon Snodgrass (131)
5 Michael Witkowski (127)
6 Ruy Barbosa (119)
7bLiam Draper (115)
8 Thorn Devlin (105)
9 Evan Smith (102)
10 Jesse Ansley (77)

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