Semmens, O‰ÛªHare, Malkiewicz, and Watson crowned 2016 KTM AJMX Champions


The first of this year‰Ûªs KTM Australian Championships were awarded amongst a number of other finals races today, as competitors, teams, and parents got to the business end of this year‰Ûªs KTM AJMX.

After some fantastic racing at the Riverland Junior Motorcycle Club this morning, the action on track continued well in to the afternoon, with Mason Semmens, Tahlia O‰ÛªHare, Bailey Malkiewicz and Zachary Watson all crowned 2016 Australian Champions in their respective classes.

128-150cc/200-250cc 13-U15 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 5 (Championship decider)

For the first time this week, when the 128-150cc/200-150cc 13-U15 Years class riders headed to the line, competitors were armed with the knowledge that when the chequered flag flew that an Australian Champion would be crowned.

From the minute the gate dropped, KTM‰Ûªs Mason Semmens and Rhys Budd showed that they were at Renmark for business, jetting off in to the top two positions ahead of John Bova and Korey McMahon.

Despite every effort from Budd to make a pass on Semmens happen, the KTM mounted leader was just too quick on the rough and rutty surface, and by the time the chequered flag was displayed, Semmens snatched up the very last final win by 36 seconds. Budd wrapped up the moto in second position ahead of McMahon in third. Levi Rogers, and John Bova finished in fourth and fifth places.

But with four final race wins, it was Semmens who‰Ûªs last victory saw him awarded with a 2016 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship. Budd was crowned the runner up in the 128-150cc/200-250cc 13-U15 Years class with his consistent results, while Regan Duffy took third in the overall 2016 championship.

50cc 7-U9 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 2

The youngsters in the 50cc class had one seriously challenging track to contend with when they headed out for their second final at Renmark this afternoon.

But regardless of what they were faced with, the competitors showed that they know exactly what motocross is all about. Kayden Minear managed to assert his authority throughout the seven-minute moto, making the pass on Kayd Kingsford on lap two to eventually cross the line with the race win.

Kingsford wrapped up his second 50cc final in second position ahead of Jett Williams and Jake Cannon who both finished in third and fourth positions. Billy Cameron, Nate Thompson, and Oliver Paterno, all concluded the 50cc race inside the top ten.

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years Female ‰ÛÒ Final 5 (Championship decider)

When the girls in the 85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years class hit the track again this afternoon, much like the 128-150cc/200-250cc 13-U15 Years class, they too knew that this race would decide an Australian Champion.

It was the number 2 machine of Tanesha Harnett who shot off to the early race lead in the last final today, ahead of Ebony Harris and Tahlia O‰ÛªHare. But with a 2016 Championship on her mind, O‰ÛªHare began to apply the pressure on Harris for second ‰ÛÒ a battle that lasted the entire ten minutes.

But when the chequered flag flew for the last time, it was Harnett who collected the last race victory. Harris held off a hard charging O‰ÛªHare for the entire race to finish in second, while O‰ÛªHare concluded her last final in the 85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years class in third. Madison Healey and Kara Cats finished in fourth and fifth places respectively.

But a third place in the final moto was all that was required to reward O‰ÛªHare with a 2016 Australian Championship at the conclusion of today. Harnett collected second overall thanks to her win in the final race, while Harris‰Ûªs consistency paid off ‰ÛÒ the youngster rewarded with a third in the championship for her efforts this week.

65cc 9-U11 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 2

The 65cc 9-U11 Years class had their first chance to hit the track at Renmark late this afternoon, and after finishing in second in his 85cc final this morning, KTM‰Ûªs Noah Smerdon continued with his form in the 65cc race too.

After leading from the minute the gate dropped, Smerdon stayed smart and consistent throughout the seven lap race to keep Ryder Kingsford, and Jett Burgess-Stevens at bay.

And when the chequered flag was waved, Smerdon collected an unchallenged victory. Kingsford crossed the line in second position ahead of Burgess-Stevens, while Seth Burchell wrapped up his second final in fourth place .

85cc/150cc 14-U16 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 5 (Championship decider)

The 85cc/150cc 14-U16 years class headed out for their 2016 KTM AJMX decider this afternoon, and riders were treated to tacky and grippy track conditions for their last final of the championship.

After suffering bike issues throughout the week, Bailey Malkiewicz only had one option in his last race and that was to win. So with a victory on his mind, the Husqvarna rider burst out of his gate and in to the race lead ahead of John Bova and Tyler Darby.

With Malkiewicz out in front, Bova and Darby started their battle for second position, but unfortunately their fight ended prematurely with the pair crashing in the front section of the track, handing second place to Michael Murphy.

But thankfully for Bova, the young rider still had plenty of energy left in the tank, and as the race reached its closing stages, Bova made the pass on Murphy for second where he stayed for the remainder of the moto.

But the man of the moment was Malkiewicz, who not only took the final race victory but collected the 85cc/150cc 14-U16 Years 2016 Australian Junior Championship. Second in the final race was Bova, followed by Murphy in third.

With Malkiewicz crowned champ, Bova walked away from today as the 85cc/150cc 14-U16 Years runner up, while Darby finished in third overall at this year‰Ûªs KTM AJMX.

65cc 11 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 5 (Championship decider)

It was Liam Atkinson‰Ûªs time to shine in the 65cc 11 years KTM AJMX championship decider this afternoon, and despite the temperature dropping and the wind picking up, the young riders showed real maturity throughout their seven-minute race.

After only one lap, Atkinson moved in to the lead position where he remained for the entire race. Angus Riordan put in one of his most impressive rides of the week to cross the line in second position, while Deegan Mancinelli clawed his way back from fifth place to eventually wrap up his last race in third.

But despite not placing in the top three in the final race of the week, fifth this afternoon was all that was required to reward young Zachary Watson with a 65cc 11 years Australian Title. Second place in the overall standings was taken by Mancinelli, while Myles Gilmore‰Ûªs consistent results saw him awarded with third in the championship.

65cc 7-U9 Years ‰ÛÒ Final 2

The younger 65cc competitors were the final class to head out to race at the Riverland Junior Motorcycle Club at Renmark today, and with the track relatively dried out after a full day of racing, riders were treated to deep ruts, and huge breaking bumps.

Kayden Minear was once again impressive throughout the second 65cc final, fighting off the likes of Jet Alsop throughout the final lap to eventually cross the line with the race victory.

Kayd Kingsford finished in second position at the conclusion of the moto, while despite battling for the lead for a period of time, Jet Alsop dropped back to third position.

New Zealand‰Ûªs Cole Davies finished in an impressive fourth while Liam Owens wrapped up the final race of the day in fifth position.

128-150cc/200-250cc 13-U15 Years Championship
1) Mason Semmens ‰ÛÒ 168 points
2) Rhys Budd ‰ÛÒ 163 points
3) Regan Duffy ‰ÛÒ 142 points
4) John Bova ‰ÛÒ 138 points
5) Korey McMahon ‰ÛÒ 125 points

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years Female Championship
1) Tahlia O‰ÛªHare ‰ÛÒ 167 points
2) Tanesha Harnett ‰ÛÒ 158 points
3) Ebony Harris ‰ÛÒ 150 points
4) Madison Healey ‰ÛÒ 148 points
5) Kara Cats ‰ÛÒ 128 points

85cc/150cc 14-U16 Years Championship
1) Bailey Malkiewicz ‰ÛÒ 163 points
2) John Bova ‰ÛÒ 159 points
3) Tyler Darby ‰ÛÒ 154 points
4) Michael Murphy ‰ÛÒ 138 points
5) Ryan Morgan ‰ÛÒ 128 points

65cc 11 Years Championship
1) Zachary Watson ‰ÛÒ 161 points
2) Deegan Mancinelli ‰ÛÒ 146 points
3) Myles Gilmore ‰ÛÒ 144 points
4) Liam Atkinson ‰ÛÒ 140 points
5) Angus Riordan ‰ÛÒ 140 points

Racing for the 2016 KTM Australian Junior Motocross competitors will continue tomorrow morning at the Riverland Junior Motorcycle Club at Renmark in South Australia.

Main Photo: Mason Semmens
Credit: Levi Healey

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