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SCOTT 550 MX Boot Review

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


SCOTT 550  MX Boot Review
We recently got hold of a set of the all-new SCOTT 550 MX Boots.

It has been awhile since Scott has had a top shelf boot on the MX / Off-Road scene and they have re-entered the market with a unique looking boot that has certainly impressed us over the past few months we have been running them.
SCOTT 550  MX Boot Review

The new 550 boot was engineered for high performance. Carefully crafted, important features include the multi-axial pivot, replaceable outsole insert, easy locking buckles and the free open entrance. Made in Italy, this lightweight boot combines durability and protection with mobility, grip and feel, ready to improve the precision of even the best riders.

Easy Locking Buckles - Constructed to simplify the closing and opening of the boot, the Easy Locking Buckles can be fastened/unfastened with minimal effort. With only the use of thumb and forefinger the aluminium buckle easily hooks into the steel ring without the need of any additional force. Once closed, the contouring shape of the buckles increases safety by preventing accidental unfastening.

Flex Calf Joint - the flexibility of the flex calf joint permits the bottom comfortably form to different leg shapes and increases the overall compression of the boot.

Free Open Entrance - The free open entrance allows the boot to open from both the lateral and the medial sides of the leg. This accommodates a broad range of calf sizes and enables exceptionally fast and easy entry or removal. The two piece system permits riders to adjust the tightness and tension around the entire leg without creating unwanted twisting of the boot or pressure points along the buckle closers.

Multi Axial Pivot - Located on the boot to fit directly over the malleolus, the Multi Axial Pivot is designed to automatically align with the anatomy of the rider. This allows the boot to more closely match the natural movement of the ankle, while still providing ample protection against over flexion.

Rubber Grip Guard - The Rubber Grip Guard incorporates a thin layer of soft vulcanized rubber over a large surface area on the inside of the calf. This design increases a rider’s ability to feel and respond to the pressure and movements he or she applies to the bike. The added sensitivity allows for a reduction in the lateral force against the bike, resulting in decrease in muscle fatigue.


The new Scott boot certainly looks the goods, with a nice slim and sleek design.

One of the first things I noticed about the boot when looking over them for the first time was the fact that Scott have chosen to run just three buckle straps, with only the bottom foot buckle running the traditional route over the front of the boot, while the top two buckles run around the back side of the boot, giving the boot a very clean looking front side.


The look of the new buckle system is not the only unique thing about the SCOTT 550 MX boot, after unbuckling them for the first time, you notice that the outer shell opens up completely, to reveal what I would describe a full lower leg inner booty that wraps around your entire lower leg and closes together with Velcro system that ensures a snug, yet comfortable fit.

The inner booty has a super comfortable liner, with the outer material designed to be water proof, making the boot suitable not just for MX but those who like to head out on the trail and cross the occasional water crossing.

Getting your leg into and out of the boot is a breeze due to the open entrance design that allows both sides of the bike to be pulled apart, while the buckle system ensure the outer protection of the boot, closes simply and provides a great firm but comfortable fit.
SCOTT 550  MX Boot Review

It is a little hard for me to honestly say how long it took to adjust to riding in the 550 MX boot as the first time I rode in the boots, I also fitted a set of Steg Pegz to my bike, which I was also trying to adjust to.

From the get go the boots were comfortable, and after a day of riding had shaped to my leg and have felt great ever since.

The low profile toe of the boot makes for easy gear shifts, and there is plenty of feel in the base of the foot to give great feel of the rear brake.

The Multi Axial Pivot allows good movement of the ankle, while continuing to give great protection, that I have tested out on a few occasions now, catching my ankles and feet on a few stay logs and a stray tyre out on track.

I did have some concerns at first with going to a boot with just a three buckle system, but so far so good, with the buckle system not only being one of the best I have come across and keep the boot well and truly snug around your leg..

SCOTT 550  MX Boot Review
After riding in the boots for just over three months now, there is nothing I can fault with the quality, fit and feel of the boots, they have proven to be a great boot worthy of being put up there with the best boots on the market and after spending quite a few hours on track and in the bush still look a treat.

The only small issue I have had, the inner booty material though being super comfortable, can bunch up a little once you have taken your leg out at the end of a full day of riding, and takes a little manipulation when getting your foot back in the next time you ride. Once you wiggle your leg around a little and get the material to slide back into place everything is fine.

It is something that was only an issue early on, riding on this past weekend just gone, both feet slid into the boot easily.

We look forward to spending many more months in the Scott 550 MX Boot.


White / Orange
Black / Green

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