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Regular Suspects on the Pace at 2019 Yamaha AORC Season Opener in Toowoomba


Reigning E1 Champion Luke Styke got his title defence off to the perfect start. Photo: John Pearson Media
In Queensland fashion, Round 1 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) was a steamy affair with temperatures reaching into the mid-thirties and humidity adding that sweaty cherry on top at Toowoomba.

Dry, dusty conditions combined with a new highly technical WR 450 Track pushed the world-class line-up from start to finish as they fought for podium real estate, with Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) quickest on track.

With the completion of Round 1 and the first day of Sprints, the day was won by Luke Styke (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) for E1, Daniel Milner for E2, Daniel Sanders for E3 and newcomer to the Senior category Kyron Bacon for EJ.

Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha MX Store Ballards Off-Road Team) took home opening round honors in the Women‰Ûªs class, Kirk Hutton took out the Masters, Lee Stephens the Veterans and Adam Giles for the 2 Stroke Cup.

Billy Hargy took out the best time for J2, Campbell O‰ÛªDonnell for J3 and Blake Hollis for J4.

Reigning E1 Champion, Luke Styke, maintained his place at the top of his class, achieving the fastest test times in E1 today. Styke finished ahead of Lyndon Snodgrass and Active8 Yamaha Yamalube's Michael Driscoll to take out the gold, with a time of 1:00:11.804.

‰ÛÏIn today‰Ûªs opening round of racing, it wasn‰Ûªt the heat that made competing difficult. Instead, it was the dust which continued to move with each passing rider, making it increasingly difficult to remain fast and mistake free,‰Û
E2 winner Daniel Milner. Photo: John Pearson Media
2018 treated Daniel Milner very well, and Round 1 was no exception. Milner finished with the fastest time for the day, whilst also maintaining an steady lead over the five tests. Upon the close of test five, Milner clocked in a time of 58:12.545, ahead of Joshua Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) by just under two minutes, and Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha MX Store Ballards Off-Road Team) by just shy of three minutes.

Broc Grabham and Brad Hardaker took out the remaining spots in the top five, with just under 12 seconds separating Hardaker from Grabham‰Ûªs time of 1:05:06.627.

Riding a stellar wave from 2018 into the new season, Milner was thrilled with the day‰Ûªs results, highlighting that ‰ÛÏthe day went really well, regardless of the conditions. I found I maintained strong times throughout the day and although I stumbled in the second last test and suffered some battering, I still managed to come out on top!

‰ÛÏTomorrow the key is to remain consistent and hopefully mistake free, with an end goal of staying at the top of the E2 class as well as taking out the fastest overall time for the second day running,‰Û
Daniel Sanders took out the E3 class. Photo: John Pearson Media
Round 1 saw Daniel Sanders kick off with a difficult start, crashing in the first test. In his typical fashion though, Sanders remain cool and collected, picking himself up and dusting himself off to take out the fastest time for the E3 class. With a time of 58:18.484, Sanders was trailed by Beau Ralston by just over four minutes, followed on by Andrew Wilksch (Motul Pirelli Sherco Racing Team). Finishinig up the top five places in Round 1 was Jesse Lawton and Matt Murry, with respective times of 1:06:09.427 and 1:08:07.233.

‰ÛÏToday didn‰Ûªt start off as well as I had hoped, but I still managed to lead the pack to take out the best time for the E1 class. Coming out of the off season, it‰Ûªs been a great opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with the new bike,‰Û
Kyron Bacon drew first blood in the EJ class. Photo: John Pearson Media
Coming out on top today in EJ was Kyron Bacon, who maintained a consistent form all day regardless of the heat or dust. Bacon retained high speeds and clear focus to remain in the top two of the leader board all day. Bacon finished the day with a time of 1:03:47.489, ahead of Joshua Brierley who finished the day on 1:04:06.772.

Third place was clinched by Harrison Teed, coming in hot on Brierley‰Ûªs heels with a final time of 1:05:20.839. Rounding out the top five was William Price and Korey McMahon, with respective times of 1:06:57.405 and 1:07:55.681.

Reflecting the day‰Ûªs events, Bacon explained that ‰Û÷the heat was a struggle, but the hardest aspect to manage was the dust. The conditions changed throughout the day as each test passed, making it even harder to remain fast and consistent.

‰ÛÏMy plans for tomorrow is to remain as consistent as possible. It‰Ûªs been great having Matt Phillips here with me, giving me that extra confidence boost,‰Û
Jessica Gardiner took out the opening round of the Womens class. Photo: John Pearson Media
2018 reigning Women‰Ûªs Champion, Jessica Gardiner, has commenced the 2019 season in perfect form as she pursues her campaign to smash the Women‰Ûªs title record out of the park. Gardiner finished the day with a time of 1:13:37.414, ahead of Emelie Karlsson by just shy of two minutes. Karlsson finished the day with a time of 1:15:26.672, managing both the high heats, dust and her recovering foot injury to grab second place. Ebony Nielsen trailed Karlsson to take out third place for Round 1 by just under three minutes.

Reflecting on her fantastic efforts today, Gardiner stated ‰ÛÏit‰Ûªs great to be back for the new 2019 AORC season. As soon as we arrived in Queensland this week, the humidity hit me straight away, so today has been targeted at keeping cool and staying hydrated whenever we‰Ûªre off the bike.

‰ÛÏTomorrow‰Ûªs plans are to start out as strong as possible whilst remaining upright. We tackle a new track tomorrow, so as long as I can have some fun and stay cool in what‰Ûªs expected to be high heats, I should remain pretty consistent,‰Û
Blake Hollis took out the J4 class at the opening round for 2019. Photo: John Pearson Media
Already a household name in Australian Enduro racing, Blake Hollis finished Round 1 with the best time of 10:32.818. Hollis sat pretty amid the heat and dust ahead of Mackenzie Johnson by just over a minute, with Johnson finishing today with a time of 54:32.036. Rounding out the J4 podium today was Zac Perry with a time of 55.33.284.

‰ÛÏI had a good day at the first round of the AORC. The track was tough and a bit dusty but I was pretty fortunate to be at the front of the group as we headed into each test. The tests have been super technical this round but I‰Ûªve had a pretty successful day,‰Û
J3 winner Campbell O‰ÛªDonnell. Photo: John Pearson Media
Campbell O‰ÛªDonnell clinched a top time today for the J3 class of 55:19.273, slipping ahead rival Riley McGillivray by just over six seconds! The final podium position was nabbed by Kodi Stephens with a time of 56:49.768.

Round 1 delivered a showstopping performance as the three podium holders exhibited proof of Australia‰Ûªs leading junior talent in Enduro raving, with O‰ÛªDonnell, McGillivray and Stephens each landing a fastest time in one of the five tests.

Taking out the best time for Round 1 in the J2 class was Billy Hargy with a time of 57:11.271. Second place was clinched by Campbell Hall, who came in hot after Hargy with a time of 57:27.053. Hargy and Hall maintained a classic Tango throughout the days tests, as each fought for fastest times across the five tests.

Taking out the final podium place for Round 1 was Jett Yarnold with a time of 58:38.884.

Riders will be back tomorrow, with a new track and another Sprint format to decide who takes out each class for the weekend!
J4 winner Billy Hargy. Photo: John Pearson Media
Yamaha AORC E3 Round 1 Provisional Results
Daniel Sanders 58:18.484
Beau Ralston 1:02:19.321
Andrew Wilksch 1:02:35.440
Jesse Lawton 1:06:09.427
Matt Murry 1:08:07.233
Daniel Welsh 1:10:06.429
Timothy Lonsdale 1:10:45.304

Yamaha AORC E2 Round 1 Provisional Results
Daniel Milner 58:12.545
Joshua Green 1:00:36.815
Jeremy Carpentier 1:01:43.370
Broc Grabham 1:05:06.627
Brad Hardaker 1:05:19.209
Kristian Sprenger 1:06:58.993
Kaleb Treasure 1:07:18.907
Brent Dean 1:08:08.480
Jack Judge 1:08:24:042
Wesley Keeley 1:08:35.773

Yamaha AORC E1 Round 1 Provisional Results
Luke Styke 1:00:11.804
Lyndon Snodgrass 1:00:44.286
Michael Driscoll 1:01:12.331
Fraser Higlett 1:01:27.354
Matthew Phillips 1:03:22.590
Jonte Reynders 1:04:10.772
Seton Broomhall 1:07:58.887
Lachlan Allan 1:09:14.454
Kye Malone 1:11:00.681
Alexander Ruloff 1:12:36.447

Yamaha AORC EJ Round 1 Provisional Results
Kyron Bacon 1:03:47.489
Joshua Brierley 1:04:06.772
Harrison Teed 1:05:20.839
William Price 1:06:57.405
Korey McMahon 1:07:55.681
Cooper Sheidow 1:08:00.325
Matt Waters 1:09:45.791
Riley Nancarrow 1:10:22.995
Nathan Howe 1:11:08.932
Jordan Ryan 1:11:24.177

AORC Women‰Ûªs Round 1 Provisional Results
Jessica Gardiner 1:13:37.414
Emelie Karlsson 1:15:26.672
Ebony Nielsen 1:18:10.896
Emma Milesevic 1:18:41.568
Danielle Foot 1:21:02.977
Zoe Boccari 1:35:23.828
Charlotte Gamble 1:58:19.594
Isabella Hood 2:11:14.505

AORC Masters Round 1 Provisional Results
Kirk Hutton 1:10:43.091
Timothy Martin 1:15:21.955
John Baker 1:17:56.029
Ian Jenner 1:18:18.986
Craig Treasure 1:18:20.476
Peter Rudd 1:18:20.476
Adam O‰ÛªConnor 1:20:46.668
Andrew Dennett 1:21:20.530
Ian McGillivray 1:21:54.783
Kenneth Hicks 1:22:29.499

AORC Veterans Round 1 Provisional Results
Lee Stephens 1:10:18.984
Benjamin D‰ÛªArcy 1:12:16.018
Matthew Keipert 1:12:23.882
Christopher Thomas 1:12:57.099
Jason Pearce 1:15:20.680
Daniel Sawtell 1:16:22.776
Paul Chadwick 1:17:00.579
Luke Ablitt 1:20:20.680
Phillip Chillemi 1:21:57.526
Phil Newman 1:22:35.185

AORC 2 Stroke Cup Round 2 Provisional Results
Adam Giles 1:10:52.544
John Isherwood 1:15:40.846
Todd Charlick 1:18:53.919
Luke Francis 1:23:35.349

AORC J4 Round 1 Provisional Results
Blake Hollis 53:02.256
Mackenzie Johnson 54:32.036
Zac Perry 55:33.284
Oscar Collins 55:58.836
Charlie Milton 56:14.068
Hayden Campbell 59:00.487
Cody Chittick 59:22.145
Kobe Conley 59.25.085
Jay Simister 59:43.729
Lochie Stafford 1:01:05.230

AORC J3 Round 1 Provisional Results
Campbell O‰ÛªDonnell 55:19.273
Riley McGillivray 55:25.586
Kodi Stephens 56:49.768
William Dennett 57:20.674
Tom Park 58:08.907
Jack Bithell 58:58.440
Maxwell Liebekner 59:11.116
William Cooper 1:00:41.351
Kelly Woolston 1:00:53.803
Jake Hayes 1:02:32.856

AORC J2 Round 1 Provisional Results
Billy Hargy 57:11.271
Campbell Hall 57:27.053
Jett Arnold 58:38.884
Max Phillips 59:46.669
Luke Chellas 1:04:36.666
Kyle Sandstrom 1:05:49.553
Jack Shearer 1:06:02.664
William Vella 1:06:18.928
Jack Hendrickson 1:07:35.950
Eli Tripcony 1:08:33.760

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