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Recover Better With Endurance Recovery Boots

Author: David Hogan


Use the Force of Pressure to recover for your next efforts!

In Moto, as in all physical activities. Recovery is key. Rarely is there a time that a single effort is all you need? For most, to perform a physical task well. A day of Moto or a session in the gym is led with and in many cases followed by more physical efforts the next day to continue progressing your performance.

But how can you continually perform at your best in short spaces of time when you need to recover all those sore muscles?

You need a massage, right? Or do you stretch? Maybe you drink some weird green sludgy leafy extract to enhance you’re vitality and recovery? For one. That needs assistance from someone else. Two, stretching is hit-and-miss as not everyone understands the purpose and intensity required for effective stretching for recovery. And Three. That just sounds disgusting. 

AlwaysMoto has been able to inspect the Endurance recovery boots. You may have seen these or similar products in use by many professional athletes in their homes and after training sessions for the purpose of improving their recovery. Whilst keeping them in charge of the process and not relying on anyone else to assist.

Let’s lay out the benefits of Pressure therapy for recovery and then we will jump to our interactions with the Endurance Recovery Boots.

Pressure therapy’s primary aim is to increase blood flow. By increasing blood flow you are improving the removal of toxins from the muscles that remain post-physical effort. It also increases fresh blood to the region which brings nutrients and fresh red blood cells that help restore and rebuild the tissue that is naturally broken down during the physical effort.

The compression factor also acts like a massage. Everyone knows how good a massage feels and how free you feel post-massage right? Well, the variable pressure available from these units does exactly that.

Lymphatic drainage is also a key feature. Much like the increases in blood flow. Lympathic movement helps with the removal of toxins and the delivery of fresh nutrients for the recovery of muscles and other tissues.

So how did we use the product?

In life, there is a suggested way. Then there is the time available way. So I did it when I could in both manners. Ideally, post-exercise session within 30-60mins is the best time to use these to prevent the onset of Delayed Muscle Soreness or DOMS. But if you exercise before work. That might not be possible to find an extra 20mins before work. To sit and use the pressure system in that window is probably not possible. Or if you are at the track. There isn’t always a power outlet available. Or extra time to delay your travel home.

The next best suggested time for use is prior to bed. Usually accompanied by some TV/Couch time. Maybe if you’re a nightly Insta Scroller. This would work with this time also.

The nightly use before bed had a greatly relaxing effect on me. It helped me wind down and loosen up the legs that can be a bit tight after a long day on the Moto or MTB.

Now using this product is a great way to recover. I do agree with that. But here are some tips when using this product to ensure you have a good experience using the pressure boots.

  • Find a cool room as the pressure in the boots selves can get warm and I did sweat a bit in the boots at times.
  • Don’t have clothing such as shorts inside the boots. You will end up with crease marks in your legs from the fabric being compressed into your legs. The best suggestion is just to strip down to your undies while in the boots.
  • The “B” setting is the nicest and in my opinion best fluid movement program. It’s a winner.
  • Don’t go too high on the pressure dial. It has ALOT of pressure and it can be quite uncomfortable which is not the intended purpose. Go mid-range or lower when starting out to get an understanding of what works for you.
  • Pay attention to the tube connections when setting up to ensure you have the right delivery order of compression for the compartments. Shortest hose length to the bottom compartment.
  • Use this method of recovery in conjunction with other modalities. Such as stretching, appropriate sleep time, supplements and periodized training loads. This will ensure you are managing the load in a well-rounded method.

There are many options for these boots including different leg length boots. Pant versions, Pro Versions etc. etc. This is where you need to check out to see which option for you fits best.

If you check out the AlwaysMoto Podcast you will hear a discount code to help you save at the time of purchase.

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Recover Better With Endurance Recovery Boots

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