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Author: Aaryn Minerds


For 2014 Fullnoise.com.au wants to give the Privateers and the riders of the smaller teams a place to receive some much deserved coverage.

With that in mind we have started PRIVATEER CORNER, a place to post press releases from both the privateer riders and the smaller teams that have finished out-side the top 10-15 in the results at any of the big National Off-Road series including the MX Nationals and AORC.

For any privateer riders or teams wanting to give us a run down on their weekend and thank their sponsors, simply email Fullnoise.com.au at PR@Fullnoise.com.au, with a brief overview of your weekend, a one or two paragraph quote on you personal reflections on the weekend and a list of people and sponsors you would like to thank.

While we will edit the reports a little to suit our site, for the most part we will try to leave them how they have been sent through. This page will be continually updated as information comes though, so continue to check back throughout the week.

Privateer Corner - Monster Energy MX Nationals Round 1: Broadford Victoria

BBF KTM: Dylan Long MX2, 14th Overall
Dylan Long improved his result in every race to finish 14th overall at the opening round of the 2014 MX Nationals - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Race 1 - Dylan got off to a great start into the first corner, he was about 6th into the second corner when he was pushed wide and somebody crashed and he was unable to avoid hitting him and landed heavily on his wrist. He got up in last position and ended up getting to 20th by the end of the race.

Race 2 - Dylan did a bit of a mono off the start gate then hit handlebars with the rider beside him causing him to come around the first lap in about 30th , but he rode hard and pulled his way to 14th by the end of the race

Race 3 - Dylan got boxed in hard in the first corner and came out mid pack, he battled hard with a few riders to get to 10th and rode strong until the finish.

"Overall I wasn‰Ûªt very happy with my weekend, knowing my speed was there but I wasn‰Ûªt able to get to the front. Things will be different next round! Thanks to all my sponsors for backing me." Long commented.

Dylan Long is supported in 2014 by: BBF, KTM, MX1 Australia, Pro Circuit, Oakley, JetPilot, The Collective, Fox, SDI, ZipFix Suspention, Shift, AFAM, Vortex Ignitions, PTR, Kenda, Brett Trigg Visual, K&N Air Filters, EK Chains, Rock Oil, FIST, Nisin.

Wilson MX: Luke Wilson MX2, 33rd Overall - Jake Emanuelli MX2, 25th Overall
The Wilson MX Team will look to bounce back at round two of the MX Nationals on the 13th of April after a tough season opener - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
The Queensland based Wilson MX Team supported by Jetpilot and Thor, have finished out the first round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals with both riders Luke Wilson and Jake Emanuelli felling firmly focused on round two.

With the track at Broadford forming up to be one of the most challenging and difficult conditions riders have faced in years, both riders had a job to do from the minute their tyres hit the track.

For many riders, practice and qualifying served as some quality time to get a feel for the track and prepare for what the day had in store for them. Both Wilson and Emanuelli attacked the first part of the day with a bright attitude despite the dark weather.

Wilson, who works night-shift as well as racing full time, unfortunately came to a DNF in the first moto, then came together with another bike and was stuck in second gear which meant pulling out of moto 2 forcing him to a DNF.

The final moto was where everything came together, with Wilson finishing in 26th position in conditions that were the toughest of the day, leaving him in 33rd place overall at the end of round one.

‰ÛÏIt felt like nothing went my way on the weekend. My nerves sort of got the better of me, and I had some bad luck in my races." Wilson stated. ‰ÛÏI pumped up a lot during my races in my arms and I felt that I couldn‰Ûªt ride to the best of my ability.

‰ÛÏIn the second moto I came together with another bike and it broke my gear shifter, so I was stuck in second gear and had to pull out which was frustrating. ‰ÛÏIn the final moto I stuck it out, and managed to get through the race ok. My arms just kept pumping up though, which made it really difficult to hold on.

‰ÛÏThe track was just crazy, it was probably one of the roughest, square edge tracks I have ever rode on. I kind of expected it to be pretty rough, but some of it definitely caught me by surprise.

For teammate Emanuelli, lack of preparation and the small amount of time spent with the team prior to round one affected his results slightly. Finishing moto one in 25th, moto two in 20th and rounding out moto three in 25th, Emanuelli was left encouraged with a 25th overall for the day.

‰ÛÏI didn‰Ûªt get the starts that I wanted, and didn‰Ûªt really get the results I wanted, but I got some points on the board so that‰Ûªs the most important thing." Emanuelli commented. ‰ÛÏI realised on the weekend that starts are so important. I got pushed around a lot at the start of the first couple of races, but I guess I just need to be a little bit pushier in the MX2 class.

‰ÛÏBroadford was a little bit wetter than what I thought it was going to be, but other than that the track was awesome.

‰ÛÏMy fitness was pretty good, and the bike was awesome, I just haven‰Ûªt had a lot of bike time because I only found out I had the ride three weeks ago, so I just have some work to do before round two.

Wilson MX is proudly sponsored by Jetpilot, Honda, Thor, Michelin, Rival ink, Powered by Naveen, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Moto Concepts, Ash's Spoked Wheels, JCR Motorcycles and Dyno, Hinson, Costanzo Racing Tuned, Mydrade, EBC Brakes, Akrapovic, VP Racing Fuels, and Renthal.

Michael Grassick #65: MX1
Michael Grassick in action at Broadford - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Moto 1 ‰ÛÒ Qualified 26th had outside gate and got an awesome jump and swept around the outside, ended up running inside the top ten for 2 laps before clipping another rider in a corner and crashing, bike was twisted in the crash and had to pull off to straighten it the best I could, just rode the rest of the race out to have more track time and ended up 25th

Moto 2 ‰ÛÒ Terrible jump out of the gates and got boxed in, used the outsides and around the first few corners to make a few passes back while everyone bottled up, being towards the back was super dusty and hard to see, I went to double, double up the very top of the track on the first lap but couldn't see the up ramp, the front wheel deflected off something and I crashed pretty hard onto my arm and just avoided being landed on by other riders, bike was bent up pretty bad but I passed a few guys back to 24th

Moto 3 ‰ÛÒ Ok start, took advantage of a bit of a jam up in the second turn but hitting the outside, took a few laps to get into a rhythm and find lines, track was gnarly but I was a lot more relaxed and just clicked off laps making a few passes and staying up right to finish 20th

"I am Pretty happy to get through the day that was my first ever national, and I haven‰Ûªt raced since 2010." Crassick commented. "I broke 2 bones in my foot 2 weeks before Broadford, so my preparation wasn't the best in the lead up.

"I have been back riding since October last year. Was an awesome experience and I‰Ûªm look forward to working harder and gaining more experience and progressing as a rider as the series moves on.

"Huge thanks to DMR Racing, Top Two Motorcycles, Motorex, Kustom MX, EK, Supersprox ,Ash Spoked Wheelz, Troy Lee Designs, Mechanic Bruce, Girl Friend Zoe, Parents."

Luke Arbon #54 - SD3 Husqvarna: MX2
Luke Arbon started to get a feel for his new bike by the final moto and raced to a fine 7th place finish - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Luke Arbon was a last minute inclusion at the opening round of the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals as he struck a deal to race the series at the last minute with continued support from the team he rode for in South Australia in 2013.

Arbon joined the SD3 Husqvarna team and recived his Husqvarna TC250 two stroke on the Tuesday night in the lead up to round 1 at Broadford. He rode and ran in the bikes for the first time on Wednesday evening, snuck in another ride on Thursday and headed to Victoria with his race bike receiving nothing more than a Graphics kit from Rapid MX, a set of tires and the sag set!

Running as a full privateer with only the help of his girlfriend Samantha on race day, Arbon spent the muddy practice and qualifying time getting to know his bike.

After qualifying 20th Arbon struggled with average starts and some bad luck finishing 19th in the opening two motos. In the third and final moto and feeling more at home on his bike, Arbon got off to a great start and raced to a very fine 7th place finish on his bone stock Husqvarna and in the process finished second in the South Cup standings for round one.

"I was happy to finish all the laps and make it through the weekend injury free."Arbon commented. "It was great bike time and I learnt a lot about the new husky 250.

"I'm looking forward to the next few rounds and getting more comfortable with my set up. Massive thank you to SD3 Husqvarna for getting me out there!"

Daniel Banks #34 - KTM: MX2
Daniel Banks won the South Cup in the MX2 class at the opening round and posted a top 9 MX2 moto result in the final moto of the day - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
The first round of the 2014 Australian Motocross championships kicked off at Broadford, Victoria on the weekend, 30th March 2014.

Privateer racer Dan Banks was set for the first round of the Australian Motocross championships aboard his KTM 250SX 2stroke in the MX2 class, where he placed 13th overall for the day.

‰ÛÏMy pre-season was great for 2014 and I was able to get my training done early unlike the past couple seasons where I have had injuries and setbacks which put a damper on my season results." Banks explained. "I won a couple of local race meetings early in the year in South Australia which gave me some good confidence leading into round 1.‰Û
Tom Jones is looking for some top 15-20 overall results in 2014 and got close at round one at Broadford - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Moto 1: Took off to a bad start, but made a few smart moves in the first couple of corners to get inside the top 20 within the first lap, feeling the nerves coming in from the packed class, ended up 21st. Pretty happy with that result being the first race of the year..

Moto 2: Bad start once again, got around the 20th position washed the front in the corner, winded myself around the half way mark, ended up 28th. annoyed with that result but feeling positive for race 3

Moto 3: bad start crossing lap 1 in 30th. Worked my way through the pack, on the roughest track I have ever race on, to finish 19th. Super stoked with the final moto, fitness was good and feeling great on the bike in the rough conditions.

"My goal for the weekend was to finish top 20 overall, we came close, but a very happy weekend for me and my family" Jones commented "So many positives to take away and keep building on.

"We will be ready to get a top 20 overall at round 2 at Appin, even some top 15 results would be perfect!"

Tom Jones is supported in 2014 by: Boss MX Racing, Suzuki Australia, Ken Lift Mobile Crane Hire, Cycleworld Tasmania, Rapid Signs, One Industries, Motul, Dunlop

Snapes Logistics Suzuki: Lewis Woods #15 - MX1 15th Overall
Round Results - Qualifying: 16th - Moto Results: 15th,13th,14th

"The Weekend overall was a good one for me I had clutch problems all day and that made getting a good start very hard." Woods explained. "My clutch was either on or off kind of like a light switch.

"Starting behind every race was just making it hard on myself. Also in the last race I got caught with another rider in the 2nd corner and we both went down, leaving me to start from dead last.

"It was a big day for us, the bikes were heavy and needed to be washed and prepped four times through the day. My boy Timmy did a good job helping me with the bike made my day a heap easier.

"My wrist still isn't 100% but it's getting better every week so that's something positive for the next rounds to come.

"I Can't thank the hard working people around me enough: The Goulett Family at Snapes Logistics, My dad for getting my race bike ready during the week and all our teams sponsors Alpinestars, Bell, Spy, Maxima oils, Zeta, DRC, Pirelli, Kickstart ind, SSS, Pro Circuit, Raptor pegs, RHK, Talon.

"Looking forward to Appin and ripping some better starts." Woods concluded. MAD/FREESTYLE HONDA: Matt Van Slooten #25 - MX2 17th Overall
Matt Van Slooten in action at Broadford - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Qualifying ‰ÛÒ Matt had a stack field of 52 riders and had to make sure that he qualified inside the top 40 to make the main events. He did so quite comfortably by qualifying 13th

Moto 1 ‰ÛÒ Matt didn‰Ûªt get the best start however good line choices early got him up to 15th place early. He battled with the Jay Wilson (Serco Yamaha) and Dylan Long (KTM) for track position, not only to pass both riders through the moto for 13th and pull a 12 second gap on both. Matt finished the moto in 13th.

Moto 2 ‰ÛÒ Matt got pushed again on the start to cross the line on the first lap 28th. He worked his way up to 18th before the harsh Broadford track took him as a casualty. Matt would remount to finish the race in 22nd position.

Moto 3 ‰ÛÒ Much like the 2nd race matt was battling for a position inside top 15 when he dropped the bike. This time matt charged hard through the pack being as far back as 25th to finish a respectable 18th.

"Over the weekend the first round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals were held at Broadford in Victoria. We had a mixed bag of results on the day and have a few things to work on come round two in 2 weeks time.

"We arrived at the track early Saturday morning to set up in which we got a good position so all could see. Come Sunday we had your products displayed on a table next to a bike which our five promotional girls drew the crowd in.

"It was a great success with plenty of photos taken and promotional advertisement given away."

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