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Welcome to MID WEEK MOTO's weekly look into all aspects in the world of dirt bike racing.

From the weekends racing results, to the more interesting and unusual happenings from the week gone by including some of the rumours and findings on social networks, we will take a look and anything and everything dirt bike related.

There is no doubt who the rider to beat for this years Australia's Supercross Championship is after round one in Darwin - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
AND SO IT BEGINS: The 2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship kicked off in Darwin over the weekend with a big double header, in this weeks Mid Week Moto it will be a big focus, so lets have a look at the positives and a few of the things that need to be looked at from the round.

THE ON TRACK RACING: At the end of the day the most important thing for any motorsport has to be the on track racing action.

The actual racing at Hidden Valley was very good both days, with strong battles with quite a few passes made the whole wa through the field in both classes in both the heats and the finals, well unless Matt Moss got a hole shot, no one was catching him out there!

For a track that was described as one lined and hard to pass on, there sure was a lot of passes made, just ask Jake Moss, who came from ninth to second in Sunday's Pro Open Main! In fact if you have a good look at Sunday's Pro Open main event lap chart, there was at least on position change somewhere in the 16 rider Pro Open field on every lap up until lap 7, then again at least one position change from lap 8 to 13 before things settle for the final two laps!

No doubt that some of the passing was tight and there were a few blocked lines and close takes out, but hey, it is Supercross that is what the fans want to see isn't it.
While his brother Matt won everything on the weekend, Jake was just as impressive, his ride through the field in Sunday's main was nothing short of brilliant - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE STAND-OUT RIDERS STARTING WITH THE TWINS: There were a few standout riders along with a few others that deserve a mention, but none more than Motul Pirelli Suzuki's Matt Moss. There is no doubt he was the fastest man on dirt in Darwin on the weekend and he proved hit by winning both his heats and mains, the guy can do no wrong just at the moment.

Jake Moss was just as solid but just a fraction off the pace of Matt, his 2nd place on Saturday was flawless, though his third place finish on Sunday coming through the field was more impressive.

QUICK AS KIRK: The other stand-out ride for the weekend goes to a rider who did not make the podium! Kirk Gibbs was fast, super fast and to think it is only his first year on the 450.

A couple of small tip overs ruined his overall results, but qualifying second fastest and the only rider on the same second as Matt Moss on Sunday, followed by a hole shot and laps lead in the Main was impressive. You have to wonder what he has in store at his home round in Mount Gambier in just a few weeks time.

PRO OPEN HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Honourable mentions need to go to Jay Marmont, who finished third on Saturday, then worked his way through the field from way back on Sunday.

Weston Peick was also one to watch out for. With only two days of riding a Honda CRF450R before the round, he got quicker and quicker all weekend and finished second in Sunday's main.
These two guys Luke Styke (Right) and Gavin Faith (Left) look to be the riders to beat in the Pro Lites class after the opening weekend - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
STYKE OR FAITH?: In the Lites it really is a toss up between Gavin Faith and Luke Styke for the ride of the weekend. While neither topped the time sheets in qualifying, when the gates dropped and things really counted both were faultless.

With one Main Event win a piece it would be easy to give the nod to Faith considering he did have to catch and pass Styke for his win on Saturday, but then again he was the odds on favourite coming in, so we might just call this one a tie!

LONGY AND DOGGY IMPRESS: Dylan Long and Ryan 'Doggy' Marmont both had impressive weekends in Darwin and very similar results.

In fact their whole 2013 season's to date have gone pretty similar. Both had slow starts in Motocross before coming on as the year progressed finishing along side each other in the points standings in 4th and 5th place with neither rider scoring a MX podium along the way!

Both riders carried their late season MX form over with them into Darwin with Long going 3-5 for the Weekend and Marmont 4-3. If they can continue to travel on the same upward path in the next four rounds things will be looking good come the end of supercross.

TWO STROKE STRUGGLES: The KTM Two stroke brigade of Kale Makeham and Brenden Harrison had the complete opposite weekends to Faith and Styke!

Both were super fast in qualifying and looked as if they would be the riders to beat, but neither of them had any luck in the main events, with bad starts for both of them costing them big time at the end of the weekend.

Don't worry though, both these young guys are champions in the making, one or both of these riders will win a race by the end of the season, I am calling it now!
Nick Sutherland held of some big name riders throughout both Saturday and Sunday despite his freshly plated collarbone Credit: Aaryn Minerds
TOUGHING IT OUT: Nick Sutherland results on paper look good, a 7th and a 8th place finish from the leading privateer in last years series is a good start to the 2013 season.

If you then take into consideration his that he broke his collarbone just 10 days out from the event, and only had it plated seven days before the event, that good result is a fantastic result. Suthlerand did not make it easy on himself either with some bad starts, and using himself and his bike as a pinball through some of the rhythm sections late in both main events as he struggled with with a lack of strength.

PRO LITES HONORABLE MENTIONS: Kayne Lamont's results did not go un-noticed by us. Being live at the track for all three days it gave us a great insight in to how the riders right through the pack were traveling and Lamont was one rider who was a little deeper in the field that rode very well.

Lamont who is currently on his way to Germany to represent New Zealand at the 2013 Motocross of Nations, finished 8th and 7th in his first two supercross races. He looked good out on track and really the only part of his riding that let him down on the weekend was his starts!

Another rider who more than deserves a mention is Luke Arbon. He quietly went about his business on the weekend coming away with a 5-4 result at the conclusion of the two Pro Lites feature races. After being away from the national scene for over 12 months the South Aussie has quickly started to find his groove and was not far away from a podium finish on Sunday.

The racing was tight and provided some great passes along the way - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE RACING - As mentioned above it was quite good with some big passes being made keeping the crowd happy, all in all it was hard to fault the racing from a spectators point of view (Though in saying this I was on the infield) it was a great event.

THE TRACK - There was certainly some mixed opinions regarding the track, mainly due to the way it was breaking down and the lack of moisture it held in. Again it provided some fantastic racing.

A lot of the riders had the same thing to say, which was it was a Motocross type soil and track with Supercross obstacles. A lot of riders softened up their suspension as much as possible for Sunday, reverting back to something that more resembled their Motocross suspension.

THE CROWD - The crowd is an interesting one, if you have checked out any of the images from our Photo Galleries which you can find HERE, you can see that one side of the track had big crowd numbers and the Monster Viewing Platform was packed. Then ton he opposite side of the track along where the first turn was looked pretty light on.

That side of the track was a little deceiving when it came to crowd, there was actually still a few hundred spectators sitting on the hill on the other side of the Road Race circuit watching from a distance.

We also received official figures from the weekend compared to the previous three years when the event was Superbikes only which made for some interesting reading.

Friday this year was on par with Friday in 2012. For Saturday when the Supercross riders hit the track for the first time to race, the attendance from 2012 to 2013 was nearly double, and easily the biggest attendance figures seen in the four years that the Superbikes have been going to Hidden Valley, showing that SX bought in new fans to the event.

Unfortunately we did not receive this years Sunday's figures, but Sunday certainly looked bigger than Saturday. For a first up effort and for an event held in some very warm weather, it was certainly a good start.
The crowd on hand at Hidden Valley was vocal and got behind the racing, the Whoop side of the track and Monster Platform were both crammed with locals getting a view - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE FACILITIES - They were very good. Sure the SX riders and teams did not have their own dedicated pit boxes like the road race guys and they were working out of their trucks like they always do. For the spectators there were plenty of food outlets, bars and toilets available, along with shaded areas to watch the racing or relax under between races. The facilities at the track were a big positive.

The Dirt media were actually a little spoilt on the weekend, with an air-conditioned room, with internet access and lunch and water provided all weekend, it made it easy for myself and the handful of freelance photographers who made up the Dirt bike media for the weekend to get work done and sent straight out from the track, which in turn gave even more instant access to the event. We were able to get Photo Galleries up on both Friday and Saturday from the track!

The Road Bike Media certainly have it good if this is what they get at each event!

THE COVERAGE - The coverage was first rate from many angles. As mentioned above we were able to get content out live from the track which was great for us, but the big positive for the crowds at home had to be the Live timing and instant results via, and the Live Video Feed that was broadcast from the track.

Now I did not get a chance to see the live video due to being out on the track while racing was on, but from all accounts it was great with only a few minor hiccups. It is a great step in the right direction for the sport and we also seen the same thing at the final rounds of the MX Nationals. With this technology only getting better, viewers at home will be the big winners.

And there is more coverage to come, with the Supercross racing also getting coverage on Speedweek in 2013, keep an eye on your Guides to find out when that is being aired.

THE ATMOSPHERE - The atmosphere at the SX track was great on both days, the local crowd who were there certainly got into the racing and seemed to enjoy both the on track and off track action.
The Fourstroke machines certainly had the advantage when it came to putting power to the ground off the start - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE NEGATIVES - There were a lot of positives to take away from the weekend for sure but there were a few negatives, but there is no doubt they will be looked and improved upon for next year. so what were they?

1. The Heat, but honestly the first ever round of SuperX I went to as a spectator back in 2008 at Wayville in South Australia was just as hot as Darwin on the weekend! The heat was a factor but not a huge one.

2. The track needed moisture, a night time event would have helped that, maybe in the future it can head that way.

3. Speed and Style - Great concept it just needed riders, between Rob Aldeberg hurting himself and Blake Williams bike being on a derailed train, things did not go the way it was planned, but still an event that hopefully IEG will persist with, it.

4. Long day for riders! Saturday was not to bad with riders hitting the track around 11am for practice then coming back about four hours and a half hours later for heats and finals.

On Sunday Riders needed to be at the track at 8.30am to hit the track early for Qualifying. They then did not see the track again until nearly 4pm, it was a huge break between rides and with most riders leaving the venue it left the Supercross pits looking like a ghost town for most of the day.

5. Rider Numbers were on the low side. with 16 riders in each class there was just under a full gate on the line for both the Pro Lites and Pro Open Main Events.

Much like the MX Nationals though, the lower rider numbers did not take away from the on track racing up front. Rider numbers on the national stage is a big topic at the moment, it will be interesting to see if the numbers lift when racing returns closer to the East Coast of Australia for the upcoming rounds.

6. The final one I personally don't see as an issue, but then again I did not have to drive to the event is the Distance to Darwin for most teams and riders! The Distance to Darwin sure it is long but to be honest, it is still closer than W.A for most of the teams!

THE OVERALL EVENT AND SHOULD IT HEAD BACK: Overall the weekend was great, Darwin is a beautiful place, the racing was great, Australia's best riders were on track and the crowd on hand seemed to enjoy the event. Even for a big dirt bike fan like myself, seeing the road bike action running round the outside of the SX track was sensational, it really was two events in one.

There is no doubt that the event should return next year. With more time for riders and teams to get organised along with some tweaks to the format and event overall it does have the potential to be massive.

Sure It does need some work, but there is no doubt that IEG would have learned a lot from the weekend just gone and can move forward to make things better for 2014.


2014 MX NATIONALS DETAILS: It looks as though there are some big annoucements about to come out regarding the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals over the course of the next week.

A post on the MX Nationals Facebook page stated that the 2014 scheduale will be out soon, we are looking forward to seeing what the 2014 calander looks like and then start planning for the Website's eleventh straight year of covering the national action!

IT IS A LITTLE QUIET BRING ON MXON ALREADY: It really is pretty quiet on the Motocross front at this time of the year. The one big race we are all looking forward to though is the Motocross of nations that will be held next weekend in Germany.

Australia will be represented by Brett Metcalfe, Dean Ferris and newly signed Husqvarna Factory rider Todd Waters, though he will still be KTM mounted for the event.

European Website MX Large caught up with KTM's Pit Beirer to talk about Waters Signing and how it came about, it is certinaly worth a read, Check it out by CLICKING HERE

Jessica Gardiner was back on top of the podium in France on the weekend - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
GARDINER ON TOP AGAIN: Jessica Gardiner once again has flow the Australian flag high on the international stage. Fresh from her third place Finish in the world enduro championship and second in the Aussie championship, Gardiner has won a round of the French National championship over the course of last weekend, winning both on Saturday and Sunday.

It is a great sign for the Australian who joins Jemma Wilson and Tayla Jones in the Australian Women's Trophy team that will go head to head against the French riders in Italy when the International Six Day Enduro gets underway.

AUSSIES HEAD TO ITALY: All but a handful of Australia's 13 rider line up for this years ISDE being held in Italy are already at this years venue and are about to start walking every special test over and over again to get them memorised.

Australia podium in every class last year and will be aiming to do the same or even better in 2013. It is also great to see Fourohfour will be back covering the event again capturing plenty of shots of the Aussie riders as they do battle, keep an eye on their Facebook Page for some amazing images during the six days of competition.

AUSTRALIAN SAFARI KICKS OFF IN WA: While our best enduro riders head overseas, our best Safari racers will be heading to Western Australia for the 2013 Australian Safari.

It is a gruelling event where riders will have to travel at high speeds while also navigating by themselves along the way. Keep an eye on over the coming days as we follow the events progress.

The One Industries Gamma Helmet in the New Raven Design - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
MXTV IS BACK FOR 2013: MXTV is back for 2013, Brenden Bell and Lee Hogan will once again grace our television screens on Thursday nights on both the Speed TV Australia Channel on the Foxtel Network and on Channel 74 (TV4ME) on free to air.

Keep an eye during the season as make a couple of special appearances along the way.

KALE FOXHEAD MAKEHAME: Foxhead Australia caught up with Fox MX Athlete Kale Makeham in Darwin ahead of the 2013 Terex Australian Supercross series opener and put him through their FOX Top 3.

Check it out HERE

STATES MX WHEELS Link International released wheel sets this week through their own States MX brand. There are a variety of Colours to choose from and retail for $899 a set! For more information on the new wheel sets CLICK HERE

NEW LOOK ONE INDUSTRIES HELMETS: If you follow the One Industries Australia Facebook Page you would have seen some of the great looking new designs for the One Industries Atom and Gamma Helmets. If you do not follow the page Click Here to check it out and give it a like and check out their new helmets while you are there.

TIME TO GET LOOSE KID The guys over at Loose Kid Industries have started to release all of their new season gear and not far behind will be a new Control Glove in some pretty flash colours!

Head over to the LKI Website to see what they have in store.

FULLNOISE FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM: Don't forget to head over to the Facebook page by CLICKING HERE and giving us a like and following us on Instagram at Fullnoise_. We will at every round of the Terex Australian Supercross Championship with live photos along the way and also have a nice little give away via our facebook page in the coming days, so make sure you keep an eye on it!


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Well that is a wrap for Week 37 of the 2013 Race Season.

Make sure you catch our "DIRTY WEEKEND AHEAD" weekly feature on Friday to find out what racing is on this weekend!, then head back Monday for our Monday Motoboard.

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