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Welcome to MID WEEK MOTO's weekly look into all aspects in the world of dirt bike racing.

From the weekends racing results, to the more interesting and unusual happenings from the week gone by including some of the rumours and findings on social networks, we will take a look and anything and everything dirt bike related.

Murray Bridge looked a treat on Sunday, with the club doing a tremendous amount of work in preparation for the 2013 season - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
MX Nationals Round 2: Murray Bridge

GREAT VENUE: Though Murray Bridge is a track that I usual ride a few times during the year, I had not been down to the track since just before Christmas. It was quite a surprise to see how much more they club has done again in the off season.

The venue looked fantastic and the track was prepared to perfection. Murray Bridge has some of the best riding soil in the country and the club had it spot on for racing.

WE CAN HEAR YOU: Another big improvement at the Murray Bridge was the sound system, everyone at the track could hear all the commentary from any vantage point, there is no doubt about it, having clear commentary at each venue makes a big big difference to the whole viewing experience.

I good sound system and Kam Williams on the bike is always a great combination to stay up to date with what is going on out on the track.

SUPERPOLE: The MX world is still divided on the whole points for Superpole, it has proved at the opening two rounds that it will have a big impact on podium results, with both of the first two rounds podiums being finalised with points earned from Superpole.
Issues with live timing and quick and easily accesible results continues to haunt the 2013 season - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
LIVE TIMING AND RESULTS: It was once again an issue at round two in 2013, and WEM put out an official statement via facebook which you can read over on the MX Nationals Facebook page By Clicking Here

It is something WEM are working hard to fix and are hopefully everything will be hunky dory by round four, and have assured everyone that results will be available shortly after each race at round three.

We will once again head over to the mechanics area and take a photo of the live timing screen at the end of every moto to help get the results out there, keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram account for some quick results during the day at Wonthaggi.

ON TRACK ACTION: The on track action was first rate at Murray Bridge, quite a bit of passing going on in both classes, with riders moving forward or backwards through the field.

The track did loose most of its inside ruts and lines during the day as the Quads pushed all the lush loam to the out side of each corner. It was a bit of a bitter sweet deal. While there were no or very few tigh inside lines for the MX riders to hit, watching the best riders in the country rail soft loamy berms wide open was a great site to see and made for some great photos.

Murray Bridge MX1:
Waters is the man to beat Australian MX right at this point in time - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
WATERS RUN COMES TO AN END: Todd Waters perfect run to start the season came to an end during the first Moto at Murray bridge. After finishing on top of Qualifying, Superpole and both Motos at round one, Waters was on track to do it all again at Murray Bridge.

He topped qualifying by half a second, Waters then topped Superpole and after a top ten start in Moto one, worked his way to the front and looked as if he was about to keep the streak going, before a crash. Even then Waters looked like he was going to re take the lead before things went wrong again for him.

He bounced back to win moto two and claim the round win, so apart from one bad moto, everything has been perfect for him so far. Waters really does look unstoppable at the moment, from memory his fastest lap in moto one before things turned pear shaped was a whopping two seconds quicker than anyone else in the field!

HE'S SCOT CONSISTENCY DOWN PAT: Scotsman Billy Mackenzie has now finished second in the last three moto's, finished second at round two and sits second in the championship.

Apart from the opening race at Raymond Terrace where he looked more focused on seeing how green he could turn his blue plastics by rubbing up against a Kawasaki, Mackenzie has looked great out on track. He has the speed, the fitness and looks very calm off the bike as well as on it.

CAMPBELL MINING'S JAKE MOSS DIGGING IN: Jake Moss's win in moto one at Murray Bridge was impressive, sure it took a little bit of luck with Waters going down then stalling, but as they say to finish first, first you must finish.

Jake looks fit, we all know he has the speed and it was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time at the start of moto two, as he was one of the riders who drew the short straw in the first turn and lost a lot of positions when he was bumped wide.

It then took him some time to find his groove before he started working his way through the field, eventually doing enough to finish on the final step of the podium.
Cooper looks over to see who pushed him wide in the first turn, as the Motorex Team sneak through the inside and all types of mayhem unfolds behind Credit: Aaryn Minerds
COOPER STARTLED?: Cody Cooper was a big favourite heading in to the season after his impressive form at home in New Zealand. He then finished second to Waters at Raymond Tce with two solid third place finishes and I thought he was going to do a runner when he pulled the holeshot at Murray Bridge in moto one on the weekend.

While Cooper grabbed the holeshot, Jake Moss quickly slipped in to the lead, while Cooper ended up sliding behind Mackenzie and Waters eventually finishing third for the third straight moto in 2013.

Cooper looked like he had the holeshot again in moto two, but a hard charging Waters gave him more than a good nudge heading in to the first turn that set off a big chain reaction that seen a lot of riders go down.

The hit looked to have rattled Cooper somewhat, he was still in the top handful of riders out of the first turn, but slid all the way back to 16th by the end of the race, a complete contradiction of his form.

Whether it was set up issues or if the hit just put Cooper out of his rhythm there is one thing for sure, Cooper knows he can run with and beat Waters as he showed in New Zealand, It would not surprise me to see the #10 back up the front and on the top step of the podium this weekend.

THE FAST PRIVATEER: There is no doubt Jacob Wright turned some heads on the Weekend. After finishing 10th in moto one, he then moved his way from just outside the top ten up to 5th and was gaining on 4th at the end of the second moto, to finish the day 6th overall.

It was a great ride by the 18 year old who is certainly on track to be one of the premier MX1 riders in the coming years.

THE LOCAL LAD: Kirk Gibbs bounced back to form in moto two on the weekend. His day started out badly with a first turn crash, followed by a puncture in the opening moto, leaving him in 24th position.

In moto two, Gibbs took full advantage of everyone going wide in the first turn to sneak down the inside and come away out front and in the lead of his home race.

He held on to finish a fine fourth place on his way back to full fitness from a shoulder Injury. Gibbs was not the topped ranked local at the end of the day however.

James Booth-Elliot took that honour by a single point. After running inside the top ten for the first 20 minutes of moto one, the ability to not train full time took its toll on Booth-Elliot with the 19 year old dropping his pace but still being credited with a 11th place finish in a stacked field.

Moto two was a tougher one for him, but at the end of the day he was ranked 13th overall, his best result to date.
It was a tough day for multi time national championship winner Jay Marmont on the weekend, but there is no doubt he will quickly bounce back - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
MONSTER CRASH: Troy Carroll had to witness the one thing every team manager does not want to see, your team riders coming together and both being taken out of a race.

Jay Marmont and Adam Monea came together at the start of the opening moto with Marmont going down hard and Monea suffering damage to his bike. Marmont looked to be in quite a bit of pain at the time and was clearly still sore at the end of the day.

RUBBER SIDE DOWN!: Ford Dale has not had much luck so far this year, or has he, I guess it depends how you look at it. There is no doubt that Dale has speed to burn, but so far in 2013 he has hit the deck for one reason or another in nearly every session.

The good news is he has not been injured, well at least not seriously and was able to rebound to 12th position in both motos on the weekend for 12th overall. Hopefully we see some more luck go his way in Wonthaggi and he gets through the first turn cleanly, would be great to see what he can do with a good start.

Lawson Bopping is another rider who just needs a good start. He was the closest in lap times to Waters in qualifying and Superpole on the weekend and was clearly quick on track, moving forward in both moto's, he just needs to get out of that gate a little quick.

BOYD IS BACK: Cheyne Boyd returned to racing on the weekend and was very very solid. Murray Bridge is a track he has traditionally be quick at so it was no real surprise to see him up the pointy end, finishing with an 11th and 7th place finish in the two motos.

There is a good chance we will see even better results from Boyd again this weekend in his home state round at Wonthaggi.
Jacob Wright finished 6th overall with a 5th place finish in moto two, after working his way forward, at 18 years of age he is a rider to keep an eye on for the future - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE REST OF MX1: Matt Moss is quietly going about his business so far this year, he has been solid with out being outstanding. He is tied in 3rd in the standings on 107 points with his brother and is certainly in contention for this years title.

Tye Simmonds bike stopped early in qualifying, leaving him to watch on and also leaving him with an outside gate for the two moto's on Sunday. Tye looks good on the bike, very good in fact, his results though just have not matched just yet. He finished 8th in both motos at Murray Bridge.

Daniel McCoy looked better again this week, with his last minute switch to the Honda, he only just got to do some real testing after round one and he did look more comfortable on the weekend. He finished 5th in the opening moto at Murray Bridge which is certainly an indication of what he is capable of.

Cody Mackie had a consistent day with the results showing him with a 13th and 10th place finish in each of the motos, while Queensland privateer Robbie Marshal had another strong showing finishing the day in 15th.

Murray Bridge MX2:

CLOUT THE MAN: Luke clout was a man on a mission at Murray Bridge, he took full advantage of a clear track after moving in to the lead in the opening moto to lay down a lap that was close to four seconds quicker than anyone else on track!

In Moto two is ran down Josh Cachia and then his own team mate Luke Styke, but was unable to make the pass on Styke, finishing in second and taking his first overall win at just 18 years of age.

Luke Clout has what it takes to run up front with the Pros and at only 18 years of age - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
THE STYKENATOR: The guy is a machine on a bike, though at the end of each of the first two rounds has proven to be human. Styke was physically spent after Raymond Terrace and looked to be in the same boat at the end of the day at Murray Bridge and rightfully so.

His charge from about 28th to third in moto one was one of those rides that you had to be there in person to believe it happened. He had his bike wide open for 30 plue one and passed some very fast riders on his way to the front.

He backed that up in moto two, once again holding it wide open all moto to keep his team mate at bay. The series may have switched back to 30 minute motos but these front runners in moto two are not holding back, they are running 30 minutes flat out, which will be great for the riders if they choose to move overseas in the future.

THE FAN FAVOURITE: Brock Winston is quickly becoming the fan favourite as he quietly goes about his business of sticking his privateer KTM 250 two stroke up the front of the MX2 field.

For a rider who was seriously contemplating not making the trip down to South Australia from Queensland for round two due to funding, well lack of funding, he certainly found a way to make the trip worth while.

MAKHAMING IT HAPPEN: Kale Makeham proved his round one podium was no fluke as he continued to make the transition from MXD to MX2 with a fine fourth place finish at Murray Bridge and held on to his top three overall spot in the championship standings.

Makeham is doing everything right in 2013 continuing on from 2012, he is fast, fit and very approachable off the track and is great to inteview or just to have a chat to. He is a perfect fit for any team and I have no doubt there will be many teams looking at him for future rides.

THE UNLUCKY: Two title favourite had some shocking luck on the weekend, Josh Cachia had his rear tyre let go in a big way forcing him out of moto one and not long after Kade Mosig had a mechanical that also forced him out of the race.

While Cachia bounced back for a third place finish in moto two, Mosig had more difficulties in moto two leaving him to finish down the field, both riders will be looking for better results this weekend and there is a good chance Mosig will be back up front on his home track at Wonthaggi.
Talking to Privateer Matt Ryan on Saturday afternoon, he was planning on sitting out the rest of the MX Nationals season despite being a front runner early in the season - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
SAVING MATT RYAN: After finishing inside the top ten in every moto so far in 2013 and currently being tied in 5th place in the MX2 championship, and with the next two rounds being held in his home state, Matt Ryan is not racing the up coming rounds of the championship.

Doing it out of his own pocket, for no return for his results, he has made the decision to stop racing the national circuit for now, though may return later in the year for the Swan Hill round. It would be great to see some support come his way, for a part time racer, he has certainly taken it to a lot of full time riders in the first two rounds.

RYAN MARMONT: It was great to see Ryan Marmont back up front on the weekend. He had a shocker of a weekend at round one that left him pretty beat up.

He finished 5th overall on the weekend with a 5th and 7th place finish and will only continue to get better as the season goes on.

THE REST OF MX2: MX2 is certainly full of the next generation of riders this year, the Choice motorsports team of Kayne Lamont and Dylan Long both rode very well on the weekend, Long in particular put in great rides in both motos and showed the form he is capable of.

Geran Stapleton continues to improve on the MX Circuit, we all seen his talent on a SX track last year, but the Victorian can certainly pound out some fast laps around a MX track.

Other Australian News:
ENDURO-X IS KING: The Yamaha King of the Enduro-X was ran on Saturday night and got high praise from the top national riders that rolled up to challenge for the $4000 dollar first prize on offer.

While Chris Hollis walked away with the bulk of the cash, every rider walked away with a smile on their face after racing on a fun but technical track in front of a good sized crowd underlights.

Enduro-X is becoming increasingly popular and is really starting to bring the discipline of Off-Road racing to the masses in a condensed form, a lot like Supercross has done for Motocross.

With whispers of a championship series popping up for 2014 and one off events like the Yamaha King of Enduro-X and the InsureMyRide Melbourne Enduro-X gaining notoriety, things are looking good for the sport.

THEY WILL ALL BE BACK: It really has been a shocking run for big back injuries for some of Australia's top riders.

The good news is they are all recovering well in their own time. Toby Price posted pictures today of himself walking with a frame, it is only early days but it is great to see him already making in roads in to getting back to full health. Mitch Harper is also in full recovery mode and making good progress.

It has also come to our attention that Simon Thompson who suffered from a back injury at Raymond Terrace that was thought to be somewhat minor has spent the past two weekend in hospital after losing all feeling below his waist.

The good news is after a successful operation to lazer away close to half of his L5 and L4 and also part of his L1,L2 and L3 in his spine, he to is on the road to recovery, though will remain in hospital until at least this Friday.

We wish all three riders all the best in their continued recovery.

HILL COMING TO AUS?: Josh Hill stated he is was working on a deal to come to Australia for the Supercross Championship this year on the DMXS radio nearly two weeks ago. DMXS is a live steamed audio show from the United States, like Pulp MX, but different!

Around the same I received a message from a well known team owner who's team is not racing the MX Nationals this year, but has always had a strong presence at the Supercross Championships, saying that they he had some exciting things in progress for Supercross this year.

While still not confirmed it is very likely to happen. The team Hill is rumoured to he heading to has a lot of HART, but rest assured we will continue HUNTING around a TON until we know exactly what is going on!

Internationals News:
Villopoto claims third straight AMA SX Championship - Credit: Kawasaki Racing
VILLOPOTO CREATES HISTORY: Ryan Villopoto claimed his third straight AMA supercross championship joining Bob Hannah, Jeff Stanton, Jeremy McGrath, and Ricky Carmichael as one of only five riders to win three championships and only one of four riders to win three titles in consecutive years.

Villopoto has won 9 out of 16 races to day and will look to make it 10 from 17 at the final round this weekend at Las Vegas.

THE RACE FOR SECOND: This is were all the attention will lie at the final round in Las Vegas. Davi Millsaps opened up his one point lead over Ryan Dungey by two more points at Salt Lake City to give him a three point buffer heading in to this weekend.

With both riders having won two main events so far in 2013, Dungey could secure second place with a race win, even if Millsaps finishes directly behind him. Other than that, Dungey will need to firstly beat Millsaps and rely on a rider or two getting between them to steal second place for the championship away.

For Millsaps it is simple, just beat Dungey or finish directly behind him, unless he is leading the race.

KTM V HONDA / RED BULL V GEIKO / AMERICAN V INTERNATIONAL: Both the West and East coast 250SX Championships will come down to a battle of two teams this weekend when Red Bulls German rider Ken Roczen heads in to the final West Coast race with a five point lead over American Geiko Honda rider Eli Tomac.

In the East Coast final race it is the complete opposite with, Geiko Honda's Wil Hahn leading the American charge with a five point lead over Red Bull KTM's French rider Marvin Musquin. Unlike the West however there is a third rider who could possibly win the East coast championship, though Blake Wharton would need a miracle.

It would require a DNF from both Hahn and Musquin and for Warton to also win the race, that would leave him tied at the top of the points with Hahn with both riders locked in with two race wins, not sure how the count-back works after that, though I have a feeling it wont come down to that.


Check out below a collection of some of the best video's we have come across over the past week

R!de HQ's - Yamaha King of the Enduro-X 2013

Rev Limiter Films - Yamaha King of the Enduro-X 2013

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Josh Hill & Josh Hansen - Raw SX Practice


Well that is a wrap for Week 17 of the 2013 Race Season. It is another big weekend ahead on the Local and International scene. Make sure you catch our "DIRTY WEEKEND AHEAD" weekly feature on Friday to find out what racing is on this weekend!

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