Matt Moss secures first overall win of the season, Luke Styke stretches his lead in MX2

Joel Dinsdale on top in MXD

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Riders were greeted by a tough, deeply watered track at the home of Victorian motorcycle sport in Broadford, for round four of the 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals.

When the MX1 riders hit the track for their practice and qualifying session in cold yet clear conditions, it was Motul Pirelli Suzuki's Matt Moss who produced the fastest lap of the session, 1.5 seconds quicker than Motorex KTM's Kirk Gibbs who is quickly starting to find his feet in the big bike class.

Cody Copper set the third fastest race, to also go through to the Superpole qualifying session along with CDR Yamaha's Billy Mackenzie and Carlton Dry Honda's Ford Dale.

Dale set out first for his flying lap in the Superpole session, however he was unable to complete the lap after catching his leg, tweaking his knee in and was forced to retire from the event.

There was no change in the final qualifying position after the remaining four riders completed their flying laps, with M.Moss picking up five handy championship points over series leader Todd Waters who was riding a little under his usual blistering pace as he continues to fully recover after a crash last weekend at a Queensland motocross event.
Two solid starts by Moss thanks to the first gate picked helped him to secure the round win at Broadford - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
When the gate dropped on the opening MX1 moto it was, Campbell Mining Suzuki rider Jake Moss who lead proceedings early, with Waters, M.Moss and Mackenzie close in tow.

Waters moved in to the lead by the half way mark of the race and it looked as though the effects of his crash the weekend prior were a distant memory as he set about doing as he has and tried to run away from the field.

Behind Waters a closely fought battle erupted between M.Moss, Mackenzie, Gibbs and J.Moss, with M.Moss working his way in to second place and putting his head down in an effort to run down Waters.

M.Moss eventually caught and quickly made his way around Waters and checked out in the closing laps to take the race win and in doing so clawed a few more vital championship points back from Waters who held on for second place.

Mackenzie came in a close third, with Gibbs backing up his qualifying result finishing in fourth place and J.Moss rounding out the top five.

Cody Cooper flew out of the first corner at the start of moto two to grab the holeshot, but was quickly passed by Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Adam Monea and Mackenzie.

After stalking Monea for a couple of laps, Mackenzie made his move in to the lead and quickly set about opening up a comfortable gap over the chasing riders which included, Monea, the Moss boys, Cooper, Gibbs, Lucas Oils, Berry Sweet Yamaha rider Tye Simmonds, CDR Yamaha's Lawson Bopping and Waters.

While Mackenzie checked out, M.Moss worked his way in to second place passing Monea with Jake doing like wise in the closing stages of the race.
Matt Moss looked smooth and fast on his way to the round win - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Though M.Moss was able to close the gap to Mackenzie, time was not on his side with Mackenzie crossing the finish line aboard his Yamaha ahead of M.Moss, with a decent gap back to third placed J.Moss.

Monea held on for fourth place, followed across the line by Simmonds in fifth and Gibbs in sixth. Bopping claimed seventh position while championship points leader, Waters held on for a solid eight place finish salvaging more valuable points.

With a race win and Superpole to his name for the day along with a second place moto finish to end the day, the overall for the first time in 2013 went to Matt Moss.

"At the start of the year Jay (Foreman) said to me, lets just build, it takes a while to get over injuries and the confidence was down," Moss commented on the podium after his round win.

"Jay went out on a ledge and wanted me at the start of the year and I am glad he got me.

"I would just really like to thank Motul Pirelli Suzuki, there are so many people that get to see me out on the track, but there are so many people behind the scenes that make this possible.

"I am stoked to close the points up on Todd and we will just keep building from here," Moss added.
Billy Mackenzie looked at home on the tough and technical track - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Billy Mackenzie bounced back from a horrible round at Wonthaggi to secure his first moto win for over a year and a half and stood on the podium for the third time this season out of the four rounds currently contested.

"It is not over till its over, there is still a lot of racing left," Mackenzie stated.

"Todd's got a big lead after the first few races, but it finally feels like I have got to grips with the bike. We have been working really hard and I have found a set up that I like and today was the first time that I felt like me," he added.

"The first rounds were a struggle, I think I was lucky to get on the podium at the first couple of rounds and obviously I had a bad one at Wonthaggi.

"We worked hard this week, and the team has been working hard together and I am glad to finally get a win. It has been a year and a half or something," Mackenzie added.
Gibbs is quickly adapting to the MX1 - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Rounding out the podium by virtue of the four points he earned during Superpole was first year MX1 racer Kirk Gibbs, earning the position by a single point over J.Moss.

"You train so hard and put the time and effort in, so days like today are really good and I‰Ûªm stoked with it." Gibbs stated. "I just want to keep moving forward with it now.

"We started off great with second in SuperPole, then in that first race I got a little arm pump and got fourth.

"The gate dropped real quick in the second and I blew the start, but I had a good battle with Tye and we had a nice pace going, we were actually catching the front boys on the last few laps," Gibbs added.

"I‰Ûªve got a Sunny State race this weekend at Coolum then we‰Ûªre off to Connondale. I did well there last year; it‰Ûªs pretty different to most tracks - sort of like a big grassy paddock up on a hill with a few jumps in it. Pretty open which is good, a bit more like the tracks in New Zealand," he concluded.

Jake Moss finished the day out in fourth place, which was a big improvement on the previous round where the privateer rider suffered horrendous luck.

Waters maintained the points leaders red plate thanks to his fifth place finish for the day, dropping only 17 points to M.Moss and will head to round five in two weeks time at Conondale with a 27 point lead.

"Right now I have this real tired, slack feeling, like if you lay down and close your eyes you‰Ûªll sleep for a couple of hours." Waters stated. "I had a big crash last weekend and was out for 40 seconds and had a brain bleed.

"A couple of doctors said to sit out for two months but Race Safe said they‰Ûªd look into some specific testing. On Friday I failed on reflexes, then then they tested me on Saturday and I showed 60% which since I‰Ûªm a smooth rider and not an out-of-control rider, was a pass.

"Simon (Maas) said at some stage I‰Ûªll fall in a heap and it will either be after practice or during the day, or maybe on Monday. Unfortunately for me it was after the first race. That second moto was the toughest race I‰Ûªve ever done in my life but I just had to finish," Waters continued.

"It‰Ûªs tough, I‰Ûªm a racer and coming from winning all the time to eighth place hurts but I‰Ûªm not 100 per cent and I got around best I could to minimise the damage and I owe that to the team and everyone that‰Ûªs there backing me.

"You need good support to cope with situations like that and that‰Ûªs what I‰Ûªve got this year," he concluded.

Monea finished the day in sixth place with two solid moto results, three points ahead of both Simmonds and Bopping who finished in seventh and eight place respectively on 49 points.

Carlton Dry Honda's Daniel McCoy finished in 9th while Cooper rounded out the top ten after another tough day behind the bars.

Styke Continued his impress run of podiums early in 2013 with another round win this weekend - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Serco Yamaha's Luke Styke set out to stamp his authority on the MX2 class, firstly qualifying with the fastest lap, then grabbing the early lead in moto one and looking like he was going to check out.

Carlton Dry Honda's Josh Cachia had other ideas and quickly set about latching on to the MX2 point leader rear wheel, with Raceline Pirelli Suzuki's Ryan Marmont and Josh's younger brother, Tristan Cahia both trying to keep the top two in sight.

Styke and Cachia quickly stretched the gap of the rest of the field, with Styke maintaining a small gap back to Cachia until a mistake by Styke left him fighting to get his bike re-started.

Cachia took full advantage of Stykes mistake, taking control of the race and holding on for a big race win. Styke got going in second place and raced to comfortable second place finish.

Marmont held of a fast finishing Brock Winston for third after the KTM privateer put in a solid moto coming from deep in the field to challenge Marmont for third place on the final lap.

Styke rocket to the holeshot in the second moto and was never headed, going on to win the race from Cachia to secure the overall round win by virtue of his second moto win.

"I was after the win and the win was the only option in that last moto," Stykes commented at the end of the day. "I felt like I had a point to prove.

"I missed the jump in that last race, I am not sure what these guys are doing holding the five second board, it is more like half a second. It was definelty tough and I got filled in hard in the firs turn..

"I can't thank the Serco Yamaha team enough, they build the best bike in the class, so a big shout out to them." Styke concluded.
Josh Cachia did not give up at any stage in the second riding as hard as he could in an effort to close in on Styke after an average start - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Cachia got a shocker of a start in the second moto and worked hard to move his way in to second place early in the race. By the time he moved in to second, Styke was long gone leaving Cachia to race to a strong second place moto finish also securing second place for the round.

‰ÛÏI had a really good first race with a clean win,‰Û
Luke Clout continues to impress during his first year of racing in the MX2 class - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Clout snuck across the line by just a single point ahead of both Winston and Marmont who were awarded fourth and fifth place respectively.

"It was a pretty good round for me, I struggle in the first moto with a bit of a front wheel issue, but that is racing," Clout commented.

"I knew I had to get a solid ride in, in that last one and that is what I did. About half way through the race I settled in to third.

"It is a long championship so I just want to keep getting points, keep being consistent and continue to get this Serco yamaha up on the box," Clout added.

Joel Dinsdale put together a full solid day of racing for a convincing win in the MXD class - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
The MXD class saw both a first time race winner and a new championship points leader at the conclusion of racing at Broadford today.

Yamaha's Joel Dinsdale showed in full today the talent he has shown glimpses off at the opening two MXD rounds of the year, winning both Motos and in doing so secured his first overall round win in the development class.

Dinsale raced a smart and controlled opening race, settling in to a top five position in the first half of the race before make his move to the front in the last ten minutes, running away with a convincing win ahead of New Zealand's Hamish Harwood.

Moto two was all Dinsdale, who after claiming the lead in the second corner, raced away to a comfortable win.

"I just got in a groove and tried to stay as smooth as I could and kept the flow going today," Dinsdale said.

"It is going to be a good series, all the boys are riding awesome. It was just good to get a good start and have a good race, its good to be up the front with the boys, rather than stuffing around in the back pack," he added.
Hamish Harwood is the new points leader in the MXD class, the only class so far in 2013 to have two different points leaders! - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Finishing second on the day with two runner up moto finishes was Harwood. Along with his points haul of 64 points and a tough day for points leader heading in to the round, KTM mounted Jack Simpson who was only able to score 30 points for the Broadford round, Harwood secured the Red plate as in the MXD championship.

Rounding out the podium in the MXD class was CrazyDogs Kawasaki racer Jesse Dobson, who bounced back after weekend he would rather forget in Wonthaggi.

Round five of the ten round series Monster Energy MX Nationals Championship will be held at Conondale on the 2nd of June.

MX1 Overall - Broadford
1: Matt Moss - 72 Points
2: Billy MacKenzie - 67 Points
3: Kirk Gibbs - 57 Points
4: Jake Moss - 56 Points
5: Todd Waters - 55 Points
6: Adam Monea - 52 Points
7: Tye Simmonds - 49 Points
8: Lawson Bopping - 49 Points
9: Daniel McCoy - 42 Points
10: Cody Cooper - 42 Points
11: Jay Marmont - 39 Points
12: Sam Martin - 39 Points
13: Cody Mackie - 36 Points
14: James Booth-Elliott - 34 Points
15: Daniel Banks - 30 Points
16: Kieren Tisdale - 29 Points
17: Mitch Norris - 28 Points
18: Luke Donnelley - 25 Points
19: Jason McCarthy - 22 Points
20: Kyle Anderson - 21 Points
21: Jacob Wright - 21 Points
22: Ben Pearce - 11 Points
23: Ford Dale - 0 Points
24: Dean Porter - 0 Points

MX1 Championship after round 4
1: Todd Waters - 299 Points
2: Matt Moss - 242 Points
3: Billie Mackenzie - 226 Points
4: Lawson Bopping - 217 Points
5: Cody Cooper - 202 Points
6: Tye Simmonds - 189 Points
7: Adam Monea - 185 Points
8: Kirk Gibbs - 183 Points
9: Jake Moss - 177 Points
10: Daniel McCoy - 154 Points
11: Jay Marmont - 151 Points
12: Jacob Wright - 134 Points
13: Ford Dale - 133 Points
14: Sam MArtin - 131 Points
15: James Booth-Elliott - 125 Points

MX2 Overall - Broadford
1: Luke Styke - 67 Points
2: Josh Cachia - 67 Points
3: Luke Clout - 55 Points
4: Brock Winston - 54 Points
5: Ryan MArmont - 54 Points
6: Kayne Lamont - 49 Points
7: Rhys Carter - 48 Points
8: Dylan Peterson - 45 Points
9: Kieren Sheele - 44 Points
10: Katsuya Takeshi - 43 Points
11: Geran Stapleton - 39 Points
12: John Prutti - 35 Points
13: Dylan Long - 34 Points
14: Wade Hunter - 30 Points
15: Daniel Macintee - 30 Points
16: Kale Makeham - 29 Points
17: Luke Wilson - 25 Points
18: Joel Green - 24 Points
19: Matt Ryan - 23 Points
20: Jeddith - Cornthwaite - 23 Points
21: Twisty Cachia - 21 Points
22: Zac Newsome - 20 Points
23: Steven Bowen - 23 Points
24: Geordie McGrath - 18 Points

MX2 Championship after round 4
1: Luke Styke - 269 Points
2: Luke Clout - 239 Points
3: Brock Winston - 214 Points
4: Josh Cachia - 212 Points
5: Kale Makeham - 199 Points
6: Kayne Lamont - 183 Points
7: Geran Stapleton - 171 Points
8: Katsuya Takeshi - 164 Points
9: Matt Ryan - 160 Points
10: Rhys Carter - 159 Points
11: Ryan Marmont - 152 Points
12: Dylan Long - 143 Points
13: Twisty Cachia - 125 Points
14: Wade Hunter - 123 Points
15: John Prutti - 83 Points

MXD Championship after round 4
1: Joel Dinsdale - 70 Points
2: Hammish Harwood - 64 Points
3: Jesse Dobson - 56 Points
4: Corey James - 53 Points
5: Tomas Ravenhorst - 50 Points
6: Nick Scott - 49 Points
7: Joel Wightman - 47 Points
8: Joel Evans - 43 Points
9: Dakota Court- 43 Points
10: Logan Blackbunr - 40 Points
11: Jay Wilson - 39 Points
12: Jack Simpson - 30 Points
13: Daniel Price - 29 Points
14: Jake Donaher - 28 Points
15: Jacob Williiams - 27 Points
16: Mehgan Rutledge - 26 Points
17: Bailey Caton - 24 Points
18: Hamish McGrath - 24 Points
19: Elija Weise - 22 Points
20: Sam Davie - 21 Points
21: Todd Jarrett - 20 Points
22: Mitchell Nichols - 20 Points
23: James Alen - 20 Points
24: Nathan Denny - 19 Points
25: Izak Mule - 17 Points

MXD Championship after round 4
1: Hamish Harwood - 184 Points
2: Jesse Dobson - 165 Points
3: Jack Simpson - 152 Points
4: Joel Dinsdale - 159 Points
5: Nick Scott - 152 Points
6: Corey James - 135 Points
7: Jay Wilson - 130 Points
8: Joel Wightman - 130 Points
9: Logan Blackburn - 128 Points
10: Tomas Ravenhorst - 114 Points
11: Dakota Court - 101 Points

Top Image: Matt Moss celebrates his round win at Broadford
Credit: Aaryn Minerds

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