Matt Moss Fires To Second Straight ASX Round Win In Darwin.

Styke Races To His Maiden Supercross Main Event Victory.

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Matt Moss has fired his way to a second straight round win at round two of the 2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship held at the Hidden Valley Motorsport complex in Darwin.

Under the blazing hot sun in front of a vocal Northern Territory crowd, Matt Moss came out of the first turn in third position behind holeshot winner Kirk Gibbs and Carlton Dry Honda's Weston Peick after some heaving bar banging down the start straight.

Motorex KTM mounted Gibbs was looking good out front for the first couple of laps, but with pressure mounting from Peick the South Australian hit a wet patch on the track while trying to cover an inside line and went down, letting both Peick and Moss by and also Campbell Mining Suzuki's Jake Moss who was in fourth.

Peick took over the race lead but was not able to shake of M.Moss who was patiently waiting for the American rider to make a mistake on the hard to pass track. With the laps winding down and Peick showing no sign of weaknesses, Moss made a strong move underneath the race leader in a 180 degree turn, with the two riders rubbing plastics in a move that had the crowd cheering.

Moss exited the corner with the race lead, while Peick who had his momentum slowed was forced to double / single the triple out of the corner, immediately giving Moss some breathing space.
Matt Moss celebrates his win on Sunday evening - Credit:
For the remainder of the race, Moss put in consistent laps, going on to take the race win and in the process left the Darwin event with the maximum fifty points on offer.

"Today went really well," Moss said with a smile on his face after the race. "I did not get off to the best of starts, I was rubbing with Gibbsy and dropped back to third, through the first turn, but knew it was going to be tough for those guys being out front for the first time.

"Peick with-stood the pressure for a long time and I was waiting for a mistake." Moss continued. "I sort of forced the issue, it felt like a good pass. It was really hard to pass on that track, it was really one lined and you had to force a pass if you wanted to move forward.

"The whole weekend really went well for our Motul Pirelli Suzuki team, we won both heat races and both finals and we only prepared for a week leading into the weekend. We have four weeks off now, so I am really looking forward to preparing for the next round and putting 100% in the whole way.

Moss was not only impressed with his double win for the weekend but also the trophy's that were on offer, with the event organisers offering up something a little different for the Pro Open podium finishers.

"It was great to get something a little different in regards to the trophy's, you see it in America sometimes, we come over to Darwin and won a didgeridoo which is something special to me, when I am older I can look back and be very happy with it." Moss concluded.
Weston Peick who finished in seventh place on Saturday was much happier with his performance today as he comes to grips with his new bike after only getting in a couple of day's practice before the first round.

"I felt a lot better out there today, the bike set up is getting better after making a few changes to make the bike a little more progressive in the front," Peick commented after the race. "We had a better night tonight and finished up second and on the podium which we will needed to be to stay in the championship standings.

"I head back to America tonight and will get as much testing in as I can with the bike and get everything sorted out. I only had two days on the bike before the first round so I will just head home and get everything ready to go."
Jake Moss left the opening weekend of the 2013 ASX championship with two podium finishes Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Jake Moss rounded out the podium in third position. Unlike Saturday's main event where he started in second place and held the position to the end, J.Moss was forced to make some early passes on the first lap on his way to making it another double Moss podium for the second straight day.

Though finishing one position further back compared to round one, J.Moss was happier with his ride, though admitted that the two straight days of racing in the high temperatures took its toll two thirds of the way through today's main event.

"Today was awesome, I felt a little bit better today, though I still struggled with a little bit of arm pump," Jake explained. "I pushed through but at about ten laps in I was done.

"If it was not so hot I would have been able to race hard to the end. Racing as well yesterday it takes it out of you, but you don't really know until it hits you around that 10 lap mark.

"The bike was going unreal again today, I have to give it up to the whole Campbell mining team, Motul, Pirelli and Alpinestars. We really are a privateer team, no matter what anyone says. I find my own sponsors and we put in 110% like everyone else and the results are starting to come." Jake added.
Kirk Gibbs grabbed the holeshot in the 450 main event - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Finishing in fourth place was Kirk Gibbs after his early race front running experience. The day proved to be another step forward for the first year 450 rider who has more than impressed with his results over the past six months.

"The start was awesome, I actually just watched a video of it and I did not get the best jump," Gibbs admitted. "The Motorex KTM 450 just hooked up and I ripped a good start.

"I did a bit of bar banging along the way in to the first turn, but we got there and then lead some laps which was really good for me," he added.

"I felt like I had pretty good pace tonight. We made some big changes after yesterday and a lot of improvements and we will take the positives out of the day.

"Things were looking good but I went to protect my line as Peick come up the inside of me the lap before but it was a little bit to wet and I tucked the front which was a bit disappointing," he continued. "I should have been on the box tonight but we will take the positives and build on it.

With the first two rounds out of the day, Gibbs will spend the next couple of days recovering in Darwin before heading home to South Australia to prepare for round three of the series which will head to his home town of Mount Gambier where he will be sure to have more than a little support.

"I am looking forward to the next one, it is the first national supercross race in Mt Gambier ever. It should be good, I will have a lot of people there supporting me and I am looking forward to it.

"I am going to hang out here for the next couple of days then head home and put a lot of effort in to it and try to get on that box." Gibbs concluded.
Daniel McCoy finished just behind his team mate, Kirk Gibbs in 5th - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Motorex KTM racer Daniel McCoy finished in fifth place after making his way through the field early. He was able to latch on to the back wheel of his team mate Gibbs, but was never able to make a pass stick before dropping back a few bikes lengths in the final stages of the race.

Monster Energy Kawasaki's Jay Marmont had to settle for a sixth place finish after standing on the box the day prior. The two time reigning champ did not get the best of starts and was left to battle his way passed riders for the majority of the race.

CDR Yamaha's Kade Mosig put in a great ride to finish in seventh place after coming from the back of the field after an early race incident.

Behind Mosig was Hart and Huntington / InsureMyRide's Josh Hill in eight, with CDR Yamaha's Lawson Bopping and Honda privateer Tim Vare rounding out the top ten in ninth and tenth respectively.

Pro Lites
Luke Styke showed he can win both MX and SX races in Australia with his first Supercross win o the weekend - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
In the Pro Lites main event it was once again Luke Styke who scored the holeshot, something the Serco Yamaha rider managed to pull off in both his head and main event races over the weekend.

Unlike Saturday's event where he was eventually tracked down and passed by 2012 SX champion Gavin Faith, Styke was able to run clean consistent laps today, racing to his maiden supercross round win and in the process moved to equal first in the championship standings.

"It is the first supercross I have ever one and it gave me the confidence I need, I should be all good from here." Styke stated. "We have a four week break from here so I will put my head down and aim to replicate the result and be at the pointy end at the end of the series.

"It was good to get out front and put in some consistent laps, I did not miss a holeshot this weekend, I got everyone of them and it definitely feels good.

"It really does show how hard the team works and how strong the engine in our Serco Yamaha is," he added.

Styke once again paid tribute to his team who have already helped him secure one national title in 2013 and are on the hunt for their second come the end of the supercross series.

"I work at 100% they work at 100% and it is a team effort every weekend, we are going to get a bit more work in for the next round and hopefully be even more prepared." Styke concluded.
Gavin Faith caught and passed Luke Styke in his heat race to take the win, but could not repeat the performance in the main event, finishing in second position - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Gavin Faith had his work cut out for him tonight, with the American getting off to a good but not great start aboard his Carlton Dry Honda MX CRF250R when the gates dropped on the weekend's Pro Lites final race.

Faith made quick work of the riders in front of him, moving his way into second position, but was unable to repeat his Saturday performance, finishing in second position.

"Tonight was a bit of a struggle, I started off in second and tried going after Styke for a little bit," Faith explained. "I just struggled a little bit this weekend with getting used to the bike and got some arm pump.

"The other guys rode really well, but I am happy to leave here tied for the points lead.

"I am going to head back home to Georgia and will work on a few things before coming back for the next round."
Ryan Marmont lifted himself on to the podium on Sunday after missing by just a single position the day prior - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Finishing on the third step of the podium was Raceline Pirelli Suzuki's Ryan Marmont who for the second straight round put in a consistent race that keeps him well in contention for the 2013 title.

Marmont's 4-3 results for the weekend see him leave Darwin in third place in the standings, with the rider from ? in New South Wales confident that the series will only continue to get better for him from here.

"All in all we had a great weekend, every time we went out on track we were consistent be it the heats, mains and qualifying. We came in hear knowing we had to be consistent and come away with some really good points, we knew it was going to be a tough one in this heat.

"We tried to be smart and I thing we done a great job." the former Australian supercross champions added.

"My bike set up is great at the moment, there is probably just a couple of little things to try. Basically I will keep training hard, we have set ourselves some goals, now we have to achieve it and come out in front.

Finishing in fourth position was Serco Yamaha's Luke Arbon who returned to the national circuit in Darwin after a twelve month absence. Tt was a solid opening to the 2013 series for the South Aussie, with a pair of top five finishes at the opening two rounds.

Tune Tech supported KTM racer Kale Makeham finished the day in 5th position after another uncustomary bad start. Makeham was able to easily close down each rider in front of him over the duration of the 12 lap race, but the time needed to set up a pass on each rider meant a fifth place finish was the best he could muster after a start outside of the top ten.

Round three of the 2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship will be held on October the ? at Mount Gambier in South Australia.
Pro Open Podium - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship Round 2 Pro Open Results: 1. Matt MOSS (NSW) / Team Motul Suzuki
2. Weston PEICK (USA) / Carlton Dry Honda Racing Team
3. Jake MOSS (NSW) / Campbell Mining Racing Suzuki
4. Kirk GIBBS (SA) / KTM Racing Team
5. Daniel McCOY (NSW) / KTM Racing Team
6. Jay MARMONT (NSW) / Monster Kawasaki Racing
7. Kade MOSIG (VIC) / Craig Dack Racing
8. Josh HILL (USA) / Hart And Huntington / Insure My Ride / Suzuki
9. Lawson BOPPING (QLD) / Craig Dack Racing
10. Tim VARE (VIC) / BCP Honda
11. Mat HAWORTH (QLD) / Back Flips Clothing / Lusty Industries
12. Phillip BODEY (NT) / Darwin Aircraft Cleaner / JML Holeshot Kawasaki
13. Sam MARTIN (VIC) / DPH Racing Team Suzuki
14. Lewi WOODS (VIC) Suzuki

2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship Pro Open Standings After Round 2 of 6: 1. Matt MOSS (NSW) Suzuki 50 Pts
2. Jake MOSS (NSW) Suzuki 42 Pts
3. Weston PEICK (USA) Honda 36 Pts
4. Jay MARMONT (NSW) Kawasaki 35 Pts
5. Kirk GIBBS (SA) KTM 31 Pts
6. Daniel McCOY (NSW) KTM 31 Pts
7. Josh HILL (USA) Suzuki 31 Pts
8. Lawson BOPPING (QLD) Yamaha 28 Pts
9. Kade MOSIG (VIC) Yamaha 26 Pts
10. Tim VARE (VIC) Honda 20 Pts
11. Mat HAWORTH (QLD) Kawasaki 20 Pts
12. Sam MARTIN (VIC) Suzuki 19 Pts
13. Phillip BODEY (NT) Honda 16 Pts
14. Chris CAMILLERI (VIC) Suzuki 8 Pts
15. Lewi WOODS (VIC) Suzuki 7 Pts

2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship Round 2 Pro Lites Results: 1. Luke STYKE (NSW) / Serco Yamaha Racing Team
2. Gavin FAITH (USA) / Carlton Dry Honda Racing Team
3. Ryan MARMONT (NSW) / Raceline Suzuki Racing
4. Luke ARBON (SA) / Serco Yamaha Racing Team
6. Dylan LONG (VIC) / BBF / Fox / Shift / KTM / BTV / Ockoil
7. Kayne LAMONT (NZ) / Choice Motorsport KTM
8. Nickolas SUTHERLAND (NSW) / TM Racing Australia / Westend LPG Cyclinder Testing
9. Taylor POTTER (VIC) Honda
10. Daniel McINNES (NT) / NT M-cycles / S & S Machinery and Labour Hire
11. Luke WILSON (QLD) / WilsonS / Jet Piolet / Belray / QB4 / Mydrade / Belray Kawasaki
12. Boyd HOCKING (VIC) / DPH Racing team Suzuki
13. Daniel CHALLEN (NT) Yamaha
DNF. Brenden HARRISON (QLD) / Choice Motorsport KTM
DNF. Nicholas GECK (QLD) / TM Racing Australia / HA Manufacturing / Heit Buld Haulage

2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship Pro Lite Standings After Round 2 of 6: 1. Luke Styke (NSW) Yamaha 47 Pts
2. Gavin Faith (USA) Honda 47 Pts
3. Ryan Marmont (NSW) Suzuki 38 Pts
4. Dylan Long (Vic) KTM 35 Pts
5. Luke Arbon (SA) Yamaha 34 Pts
6. Kale Makeham (Vic) KTM 31 Pts
7. Kayne Lamont (NZ) KTM 27 Pts
8. Nick Sutherland (NSW) TM 27 Pts
9. Taylor Potter (Vic) Honda 24 Pts
10. Luke Wilson (Qld) Kawasaki 21 Pts
11. Boyd Hocking (Vic) Suzuki 16 Pts
12. Daniel Challen (NT) Yamaha 14 Pts
13. Daniel McInnes (NT) Yamaha 11 Pts
14. Tristian Cachia (Vic) Honda 10 Pts
15. Brenden Harrison (Qld) KTM 9 Pts
16. Nyk Geck (Qld) TM 8 Pts

Top Image: Matt Moss heads into the Darwin sunset after a perfect weekend of racing
Credit: Aaryn Minerds

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