Life After Motocross: Jason Reed

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Jason Reed is one of the first riders I had chance to meet when I started covering the MX Nationals for just over six years ago now.

I first really met Jason at the Western Australian round of the nationals back in 2008, at that point in time he was racing the Under 19s class and was regarded as one of the emerging talents of Australian motocross and Supercross.

I remember that weekend pretty well, I rocked up to Wanneroo and it was the first event that I had attended on my own with Gaz back in Victoria at the time. Wandering the pits on the Saturday before the event I sat down at the WEM track with a couple of other people, including Jason who was cracking jokes and generally just having fun. I spoke to him breifly then headed back to my hotel for the night.

That weekend proved to be a tough one for Jason, crashing heavily on the big down hill quarry section of the track heading towards the finish line, Lil Reed as he was known was in a pretty bad way and was carted off to the hospital.

In the years that have followed I have regularly caught up with Jason when he has been at the race track, he is always keen for a quick chat and I have watched him come and go from the race scene over the past five years, showing glimpses of the natural talent he has on a dirt bike, mixed in with some unfortunate crashes that have seen him pushed backed to the side lines.

The last time I spoke to Jason in person was at the 2013 Hattah Desert race, both before the race on Sunday morning and again on Sunday afternoon after we both finished racing. The good news was Jason had made it through the race, the bad news was his hands were destroyed and he was again being attended to by the medics!

I still catch up with Jason every now and then via facebook and after speaking to him recently decieded it was time that we let you in on what he has been up to over the past couple of years and the new adventures he is chasing.
The last time I caught up with Jason in person was at the 2013 Hattah Desert race - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: First up, it has been a little while since we have seen Jason Reed on a race track, when was the last time you lined up behind the gates at a national level and also just a fun level?

Reed: A long time that’s for sure haha but the last time I was behind a set of gates was for the first round of the 2013 MX nationals at Raymond terrace and of course Hattah desert race in 2013.

Fullnoise: The last time I think I saw you in person was at the end of 2013 Hattah Desert race and your hands looked like they had been through a meat grinder! What have you been up to since then?

Reed: Haha yeah man that day was rough! My life has taken a huge change since then. I have finish my apprenticeship, started my clothing company ( The fanom clothing co ), moved away from Newcastle to land myself in Jindabyne and also open up a clothing store for the past winter season. So my life has pretty myself turned inside out since we last met.

Fullnoise: Do you miss racing at all and will we see you back on a race track one day in the future?

Reed: For sure I miss racing. It was the biggest part of my life for a good 12 years and to suddenly not have my face at the track anymore does make me miss it. Although it’s the different things about racing in which I miss, more so the catching up with homies and people within the industry like your self is the part I wish I still had a little more of.

The thought of me racing again kind of scares the shit out of me and to be honest, I dare say my mum would kick my ass if were to do so as well, but hey you don’t know what’s around the corner do you.

Fullnoise: Do you even currently own a dirt bike?

Reed: Negative, I sold my baby at the start of this year. It was pretty rough because I have had a bike all my life but knowing the adventure I was about to embark on I knew that it was better off me not having one and the temptation to ride. Although I was on the other day having a browse haha
Jason Reed in action at the 2012 Australian Supercross Championship held at Phillip Island for the very first time - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: I know you have your own clothing company, The Fanom Clothing Co, takes up a fair bit of your time, tell us about the company, how and why you decided to go down this path and how things are going so far.

Reed: All of my time don’t you mean haha. I started the company ( The fanom clothing co. ) officially in September of 2013 and so far things have been not only an eye opening but amazing.

I started the company because it was a subject that really interested me and it really lets my creative juices flow. I wanted to start something that was going to be different, unique and hold a culture of its own, not just something that people could wear, its something that the people and athletes can be a part of.

The brand has a very unique meaning within the name “The fanomâ€
In 2009 Jason Reed finished 7th in a very competitive Under 19 MX Nationals Championship - Credit: Garry Morrow
Fullnoise: How important is it to have the right people promoting your brand.

Reed: To be honest its absolutely everything, the brand revolves itself around the people who wear it so within marketing and designing we are always considering the type of people we want wearing our product. The goal for the company isn’t to get big quick so its all about taking things step by step to make sure it creates the right image for the right individuals.

Fullnoise: Looking at your social network page you spend a fair bit of time at the Ski Fields over the winter months. Tell us a little about that and what it is you get up to. Well the parts you can tell us anyway!?

Reed: Yeah is this website regulated for this conversation? Haha.

My winter season was to say the least the best days of my life. It’s such a chill environment where everyone is here for the same reason, to snowboard, party, meet amazing individuals and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Needless to say I had a few moments over winter where things were pretty out of control, I mean motocrossers can party but holy shit snowboarders take it to a whole new level. Im pretty sure I ended up pissing myself waiting for a beer at the pub at one stage haha.
While Jason has moved away from racing for now, you will still catch him at the races catching up with old racing mates - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: What does the future hold for Jason Reed?

Reed: A whole lot of hard work and love man. I have made myself a home here in Jindabyne and I have fallen for the culture of snowboarding and all of the people here in town, so I don’t see myself leaving here anytime soon and with things going so well with my clothing company I really hope to achieve the goals I have set out for the brand and to also keep it humble and clean.

Fullnoise: Sounds like everything is heading in the right direction, best of luck with your new endevours, keep us updated!

Reed: Thank you, have a rad day

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