KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships Finals Get Underway

Horsham Junior Aussies Day 3

Author: Todd Jarrett


Day three of the KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships being held in Horsham Victoria brought the first taste of finals racing mixed in with the continued heats.

Rain was scattered throughout the proceedings and at some stages made the track quite slick in places. All in all though, once again the Horsham Club must be commended on their efforts, with sealing the track last night to ensure quality conditions, in which we had all day!

125 13-u15 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ Josiah Natzke jumped out to the early lead with the first holeshot of the day, though Wilson Todd moved quickly into the lead by the end of the first lap. From there Todd set lap times in excess of three seconds a lap faster than anyone else in his heat, finishing with a 27 second lead.

Caleb Grothues who started in third also made his way around Natzke to come home in 2nd ahead of Natzke in 3rd. Jimmy Griffin fought hard from outside of the top 15 early on to make his way into 4th by the end of the moto ahead of Ryan Eden, Brendan Walther, Callum Norton, Luke Brandt, Morgan O‰ÛªLoughlin and Joel Adamson who rounded out the top 10. Reece Rayner and Justin Hart who both went down in the first turn made their way back to 19th and 14th respectively.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Cooper Pozniak as always flew into the first turn with the lead, though it was Jordan Hill who exited with the holeshot. By the third corner Jed Beaton had moved into the lead and at the first lap mark had already stretched out over four seconds from the next rider Hill. Beaton continued this pace throughout the moto with lap times over two seconds a lap faster than that of Todd‰Ûªs in the first heat, which led to him collecting the chequered unchallenged.

Hunter Lawrence suffered from a mediocre start and had to charge around many riders to come home in 2nd place ahead of NT rider Luke Abela, Connor Tierney, Wade Kirkland, Jordan Hill, Ben Broad from NZ, Cody Dyce, Pozniak and Jayden Kraft. Lap times from 3rd through 8th were all within one second, and 9th to 18th were only separated by 15 seconds at the stripe.

85 9-u12 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ This race was quite close between fastest qualifier John Bova and Mason Rowe. The pair finished only six seconds apart at the end of the moto with Bova prevailing over Rowe, Bailey Malkewicz, Kipp Adams, Navrin Grothues, Josh Whitehead, Dante Hyam, Brody Ogden, Cooper Sheidow and Royce Anell.

Rider 316, Dominic Walker went down in the first corner and was at least 15 seconds behind 2nd last place after the first few turns, and still managed to get back to 17th place by the flag.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Rhys Budd took his fourth heat win, from his fourth start and continues his dominance in both the 65 and 85 divisions. Caleb Clifton rode strong to finish 2nd and even logged times within half a second of Budd throughout the race! Mason Semmens rode from behind to bring home 3rd place ahead of Tassi rider Callum McGlade, Tyler Darby, Thomas Larwood, Lachlan Wells, Liam Andrews, Brodie Connolly, Brodie James and Jett Lawrence.

50 7-u9 yrs:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ The trio of QLD young guns Deegan Mancinelli, Jackson Camilleri and Zach Watson absolutely annihilated the rest of the field in a class act, ahead of fourth by more than 30 seconds! Mancinelli led from the get go, but was pressured closely by the following pair all the way to the checquers in an exciting 10 minute moto.

It will excited to see this class in action again tomorrow and see if any other riders can challenge this group! 4th went to Ty Kean, the first non QLD rider in the field, who was shadowed over the line by Liam Atkinson. Following on Jackson Lyttle, Jak Mohr, Clay Burnett, Tay Gow-Smith, Jesse Rogers, Jack Knightly and Zach Rossiter rounded out the top 12.

85 14-u16 yrs:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ Kaleb Barham stole the holeshot in his class and led from start to finish in convincing fashion. He looked at ease with the bike and was in total control throughout the entire moto, never needing to push his limits after opening a sizeable gap within the first two laps.

Runner up rider was Tyler McCoy from NT, followed by Travis Silk, Shane McDonald, Brendan Walther, Brandon Batson and Dylan Dukes. Dukes was running in a competitive 2nd place before binning it hard mid race.

Dillon Johnson, Heaton Retjano and Bailey Gudgeon rounded out the top 10. Cory Watts finished in 11th place which is definitely no illustration of his ability after going down twice throughout the moto, so look for the home town boy to charge into the top 5 in the coming days!

85 12-u14 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ Hunter Lawrence took another race win aboard his Motorex KTM after leading from start to finish, ahead of Kiwi Wyatt Chase, Victorian Cody Dyce, Riley Dukes, Hugh Mckay, Kallam Orchard, Michael Driscoll, Ryan Kenney, Cody White and Tyler Watkins. The 25 rider of Dylan Wood was running well up the pecking order until he lost the front end mid race, dropping him down to around 14th place.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Wade Kirkland pulled another holeshot, which is quite an effort for the Tassi rider as he is one of the tallest riders in the class. He then went about setting blistering laps and winning by around 25 seconds ahead of World Champion Caleb Grothues and Jy Roberts.

Cooper Pozniak ran 2nd early on, then 3rd, and dropped to 4th on the final lap to finish there. Brodie Ellis was 5th, with Justin Hart 6th, Jake Mcglashan 7th, Cody Mcmahon, Jed Polomka and Morgan Fogarty completing the top 10. Our Sri Lankan rider Jacques Gunawardena had a DNF today, though looks set to race tomorrow.

65 7-u9 yrs:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ Another QLD dominate race here, with young gun Jack Kitchen stealing the holeshot and leading for the first two laps before fellow state rider Brad West grabbed the lead and checked out to a 20 second win. West‰Ûªs fastest lap times were clocked at 2:13, whereas 2nd placed Kitchen sat at 2:19, so this demonstrates the gap between the two.

From there Senna Agius, Noah Smerdon, Jack Graham, Angus Riordan, Blake Fox, Myles Gilmore, Ryder Kingdsford and Cooper Holroyd rounded out the top ten, spaced out by 20 seconds.

125/250 13-u16 yrs Females:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ Emma Milesevic the favourite to defend her title this year obviously got off to a poor start as she spent her entire race playing catch up, passing riders through the pack. South Australian, Amy Barstch definitely has set the bar high, winning the opening moto from Milesevic, Alisha Barrett, Ashleigh McCormick, Alysha Goullet, Danielle Foot, Chelsea Carter, Lily Kent, Jordan Wickham and Cheyenne Taylor.

65 11-u13 yrs:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ Brodie Ellis from Tasmania leapt out of the gate in front of the field with Rhys Budd close behind. The two box trailered it for the entire moto, with Budd sitting on Ellis‰Ûª back wheel the entire time trying all different lines to get around the leader but Brodie rode excellently and was strong in his defensive lines.

In the end though, Budd found his spot to pass on the final lap and stuck it up the inside of the Ellis to steal the lead and the win, by a mere 0.6 seconds! Bailey Malkewicz finished in a distant 3rd, 15 seconds behind, with Tyler Darby and Mason Rowe rounding out the top 5.

John Bova our fastest qualifier flipped his bike off the start line, and so was dead last from the beginning and still managed to get back to 6th place with lap times within a second of our race leader, while going through traffic. a huge effort there by Bova!! Patrick ceh, Jake Williams, Josh Whitehead and Brady Gilmore rounded out the top 10.

125 15 yrs:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ This race was by far my favourite of the day, with great battling, action and excitement from the beginning! Brock Mcleary pulled the holeshot ahead of Wayde Carter, Dylan Heaton and Nathan Crawford. Within the first three turns though Carter relegated Mcleary back to 2nd and moved to the front of the field.

He began checking out from Mcleary immediately and looked set to put on a clinic, until the 271 of Dylan Heaton moved into 2nd and dropped the hammer. He closed in on Carter, stalked him for two laps and then made a clean pass for the lead while under pressure from a charging Crawford. In the next lap Crawford also made his move on Carter and pulled up into 2nd behind his Yamaha stablemate.

Ty Pearce who also nailed a good start battled hard with Matt Hopkins-Talty throughout the entire moto and just held onto 4th at the finish with Talty 5th, Cohen Chase from NZ in 6th and Mcleary 7th after dropping down the order. Braden Collins took home 8th ahead of Zak Small and Trent Wheatley.

Jake Pruiti who went down in the first turn only managed to get back to 11th which did surprise me, though he may have been hurt or faced bike issues. Another mention is that the flying Jonte Reynders had a bike malfunction and did score a DNF in this moto.

85 12-u16 yrs Females:
FINAL 1 ‰ÛÒ Amy Bartsch grabbed the holeshot and led for the first few laps before Chelsea Carter made the move up into the lead position and pulled away. Alisha Barrett then did the same and passed Bartsch for 2nd place mid race. As Bartsch seemed to slow up slightly Ashleigh McCormick was able to make her way around into 3rd.

Heading into the final lap McCormick posted her fastest lap time and passed Barrett for 2nd. So in the end it was Carter from McCormick, Barrett, Bartsch, Danielle Foot, Kara Cats, Tanah Airey, Lana Woodhead, Shanara Salafia and Samantha Beecroft rounding out the top 10. Elise Greysen and Chelsea Marley-Duncan finished 11th and 12th with Ebony Harris having a DNF after a big crash over the KAJX tabletop.

250 13-u15 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ Wilson Todd continued his dominance taking the win from Josiah Natzke, Jordan Hill, Brad Polsoni, Liam Whisler, Ryan Eden, Morgan O‰Ûªloughlin, Seth Muller, Lachlan Holroyd and Angus Gelly. This race was quite spread out with very few battles, the biggest event happening with Jack Mentha‰Ûªs big crash right in front of the crowd.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Jed Beaton scored the holeshot and led in the early stage before Egan mastin put on a mid race charge to steal the lead and the race win. Beaton rode strong to hold on with 2nd, followed by WA boy Connor Tierney, freshly turned 13 year old Callum Norton, Jimmy Griffin, Reece Rayner, Luke Abela, Joel Adamson, Levi McManus and Cory Rockliffe.

65 9-u11 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ Tye Jones didn‰Ûªt leave the opening turn with lead, but by the halfway mark around the first lap he was in first position and stretching away from the pack. Jesse Pearce ‰ÛÒ Smith tried to keep him honest early on, though Jones would ultimately end the race winning by almost 20 seconds from Pearce ‰ÛÒ Smith, Simon Harris, Alex Larwood, Jasyn Roney, Brodie James, Tyran Rees, Tristan Rayner, Kiwi Brodie Connolly and Riley Corrigan.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Jett Lawrence finished his first race of the week where he stayed on the bike, and in this he took the win over Caleb Clifton by nearly 20 seconds. This kid is definitely one to watch when he gets his flow going! Dominic Walker rode well to finish 3rd right behind Clifton. 4th went to Liam Andrews, followed by Kipp Adams, Billy Payne, George Knight, Talen Andrews, Will Riordan and Kyle Evans.

250 15 yrs:
Heat 1 ‰ÛÒ Wayde Carter stole the holeshot from his KTM stablemate Matt Hopkins-Talty, Andy Dincol and Braden Collins as they exited the first turn. Carter led the entire race from start to finish with Nathan Crawford coming from 4th to 2nd, then falling to 4th in a crash, then getting back to 2nd, to then be given an in race penalty, meaning he finished 4th behind Carter, Talty and Braden Collins.

Dinicol was 5th followed by Ty Pearce who stalled his bike while running 2nd, then back to Trent Wheatley, Brodie Ravenhorst, Daniel Raburski and Jake Pruiti.

Heat 2 ‰ÛÒ Dylan Heaton moved into the lead almost immediately in the final race of the day, with Brock Mcleary close in tow, followed by Anaru West and Cohen Chase. As the race wore on Heaton pulled away slightly each lap, but looked to be riding conservatively out front.

Cohen Chase finished 2nd, followed by Jonte Reynders who came from outside of the top 7 to charge almost into the runner up position. Zak Small collected 4th, in front of Brock Mcleary, Seigah Ward, Anaru West, Toby Canning, Jordan beg and Tyler Bullen.

Remember guys you can be anywhere, at work, at home, on the train, in the gym, all you have to do is get onto the internet and head to for live commentary of the entire days racing, interviews and updates.

For Full Results from this years AJMX CLICK HERE

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