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Kirk Gibbs Wraps Up 2015 MX Nationals MX1 Title

Jay Wilson Perfect ON Way To MX2 Championship


KTM Motocross Racing Team‰Ûªs Kirk Gibbs collected his first ever Monster MX1 Championship win one race early today, wrapping up this year‰Ûªs title in spectacular celebratory fashion.

With a heavy down pour overnight, the Monster MX1 class headed out onto the black sandy Coolum Pines circuit, with Gibbs ready to race for a championship today.

Holding an extensive 61-point lead on CDR Yamaha‰Ûªs Kade Mosig, the KTM mounted ‰Û÷diesel‰Ûª engine of Gibbs headed into the warm up session, looking to loosen up before attempting to wrap up the championship in the first moto.

Despite NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki‰Ûªs Dylan Long being fastest on track during warm up, the top five players from Saturday‰Ûªs qualifying session lined up for GoPro SuperPole ready to collect further championships points ahead of moto one.

With CDR Yamaha‰Ûªs Mosig opting to put down his quick lap last, KTM‰Ûªs Luke Styke was first rider out of the GoPro arch for his hot lap. After Styke, Penrite Honda‰Ûªs Ben Townley, KTM‰Ûªs Gibbs, Kawasaki‰Ûªs Monea, and Yamaha‰Ûªs Mosig, put down their times, it was CDR‰Ûªs Mosig who took the SuperPole win with a 1:46.035 lap time, and collected five additional championship points.
Kade Mosig Secured Superpole and second overall in the championship standings - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
When the 450 machines lined up for moto one, Gibbs was armed with the knowledge that if Mosig won the first moto, that he would only need to finish 20th in order to wrap up the championship.

With that known, when the premier MX1 class rolled up to the grid, all eyes were on the number five KTM machine, and anticipation in awarding the 2015 title cranked up to a hole new level.

When bikes roared off the start line KTM‰Ûªs Styke to the holeshot and the early race lead, with Gibbs slotting behind in second, and former world champion Townley in third.

After three laps the Monster MX1 class settled into their positions, with Styke leading the way for his teammate Gibbs, followed by Townley in third and CDR Yamaha‰Ûªs Dan Reardon who settled into fourth.

At the halfway mark, the only position change was for fourth ‰ÛÒ with Mosig moving into the position, after teammate Reardon crashed, pushing him to the rear of the pack.
Ben Townley on his way to winning the first moto and the overall for the round - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
When the chequered flag flew, the top four riders switched positions, with Townley edging out Styke to take the race win, followed by KTM‰Ûªs Gibbs in third.

Despite Townley‰Ûªs win, the man of the moment was KTM‰Ûªs Gibbs - third place in moto one being more than enough for him and the KTM Motocross Racing Team to deservingly wrap up the 2015 MX1 championship title after ten rounds.

With a new MX1 National Champion on the line, the MX1 class lined up for moto two, looking to decide the final championship podium positions.

With Penrite Honda Racing Team‰Ûªs Cody Cooper taking the race two hole shot, crowds were shocked to see the New Zealander return to the front of the pack. With Cooper out in front the focus shifted to the battle for the remaining championship podium positions.

And it wasn‰Ûªt long before CDR Yamaha‰Ûªs Mosig made his presence known. As Mosig began to pressure Cooper for the lead, the Yamaha mounted rider stalled the bike, forcing him to lose vital positions and putting his second place in the MX1 championship in jeopardy.
Adam Monea recovered from a crash in race one and charged to the lead in race two to finish second for the day and steal the final spot on the championship podium - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
As the MX1 class settled in to their finishing positions, Townley and Monea separated themselves from the field, and began their individual battles for the final race win.

When the chequered flag flew it was Monea who crossed the line victorious, followed by Townley in second and NPS Monster Energy Kawaski‰Ûªs Long in third. With the championship well and truly already wrapped up, Gibbs raced to seventh place in moto two, enjoying a far more leisurely pace.

Monster Energy MX1 2015 Championship winner‰ÛÒ Kirk Gibbs ‰ÛÒ KTM Motocross Racing Team

‰ÛÏIt‰Ûªs been such a long time coming, and it‰Ûªs so hard to explain because you put so much time and effort into it, and this year has felt so long for me,‰Û
Jay Wilson was flawless on his way to a 1-1 round result to wrap up the 2015 MX2 title - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
JCR Yamaha‰Ûªs Jay Wilson has finished his 2015 MX Nationals campaign on the highest of highs, racing to 1-1 finishes and collecting the Motul MX2 Championship win at the Coolum Pines Motocross track in Queensland today.

With the MX2 class being the second group of riders out on the track this morning, the 250 machines were treated surprisingly good conditions, shaking any rumours that Coolum would be under water.

When the MX2 class commenced their opening warm up session, it was JCR Yamaha‰Ûªs Jay Wilson who was fastest on track, setting the bench mark for the day, that would lead him to a fairytale finish.

When bikes lined up for moto one, nervous energy flooded the start gate, with the Wilson and Serco Yamaha‰Ûªs Clout separated by only 21 points, and vying for the 2015 MX2 championship.

When gates dropped it was the Newcastle KTM two stroke machine of Dylan Wills who once again took the holeshot and moved in to the early race lead, ahead of Wilson in second and Yamaha‰Ûªs Kyle Webster in third.

After only one lap Wilson moved in to the race lead and began to separate himself from the rest of the MX2 field. With Wilson out in front, the battle commenced for second position, with Serco Yamaha‰Ûªs Clout and Webster going head to head.
Nathan Crawford was fast all day long finishing the day in second overall in the MX2 class - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
As moto one progressed, Wilson continued to maintain his race lead, with Clout beginning to chase down the red plate holder, ahead of GYTR Yamaha teammate Jed Beaton who made his was into third.

When the 30-minute race concluded it was JCR Yamaha‰Ûªs Jay Wilson who crossed the line victorious, ahead of former teammate Clout, followed by Coolum local Nathan Crawford (Husqvarna) who put in a solid charge to conclude moto one in third.

With the win in moto one, Wilson looked to line up in moto two to wrap up his first ever MX2 championship.

As bikes headed to the start for race two, Wilson was armed with the knowledge that a 19th place would see him awarded the 2015 Motul MX2 Champion. With Clout taking the, holeshot and moving in to the race lead, Wilson slotted in behind Crawford in third.

As race two progressed, Clout, Crawford and Wilson all began to check out on the MX2 field, with only a bike length separating the hard charging trio.
Luke Clout finished second in race one and was leading race two before a tip over put a final end to his championship defense - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
However disaster struck Clout when he made a mistake in the final straight before the finish, going down and dropping significant positions, allowing Wilson to move in to the race lead, with Crawford following closely behind.

With Clout well and truly at the rear of the pack, the coast was clear for JCR‰Ûªs Wilson to wrap up his 2015 championship campaign with another race win to his name.

When the chequered flag flew, Wilson celebrated across the line, taking the race two win ahead of Crawford and GYTR‰Ûªs Beaton, ad wrapping up his first ever Motul MX2 championship win.

"This feels unbelievable, we have worked so hard to get this win, and a lot of people didn't believe in me at the end of last year," he said. "I have had Josh Coppins, my family, Mike Ward, Ray Howard and the top guys at Yamaha in my corner this year - they believed in me when no one else did.

"It has been a tough year, with my brother having that big crash at the start of the season, and honestly I was shattered, so to get this done for him too is pretty special.

"We've worked so hard, and to see it all pay off today is an absolute dream come true."
Luke Styke finished third for the round, but finished the year tied with Monea on points for third, but relegated to fourth on count-back - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
GoPro SuperPole Results:
1) Kade Mosig 1:46.035
2) Kirk Gibbs 1:46.177
3) Adam Monea 1:46.213
4) Ben Townley 1:46.606
5) Luke Styke 1:47.939

Monster Energy MX1 round ten overall points:
1) Ben Townley 67
2) Adam Monea 61
3) Luke Styke 58
4) Kirk Gibbs 54
5) Dylan Long 53
6) Kade Mosig 53
7) Lawson Bopping 52
8) Daniel Reardon 46
9) Hamish Harwood 44
10) Ross Beaton 39
Gibbs became the first South Australian National MX Champion since 1977 and the second ever S.A premier class winner from the records we can find - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Monster Energy MX1 championship:
1) Kirk Gibbs 647
2) Kade Mosig 586
3 Adam Monea 577
4) Luke Styke 577
5) Lawson Bopping 523
6) Daniel Reardon 510
7) Dylan Long 497
8) Cody Cooper 425
9) Kale Makeham 347
10) Kale Makeham 382
JCR Yamaha's Jay Wilson and the team that helped him towards the MX2 championship win - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Motul MX2 round ten overall points
1) Jay Wilson 70
2) Nathan Crawford 62
3) Jed Beaton 56
4) Caleb Ward 56
5) Luke Clout 50
6) Dean Porter 49
7) Geran Stapleton 48
8) Alex Morris 43
9) Ricky Latimer 42
10) Takeshi Katsuya 41

Motul MX2 championship:
1) Jay Wilson 600
2) Luke Clout 559
3) Takeshi Katsuya 541
4) Jed Beaton 499
5) Caleb Ward 473
6) Nathan Crawford 456
7) Wade Hunter 447
8) Geran Stapleton 403
9) Dylan Wills 388
10) Jack Simpson 354

Top Image: Kirk Gibbs

Credit: Aaryn Minerds

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