Kade Mosig checks in with after his U.S debut

Author: Gina Cleaver


Gina Cleaver caught up with Kade Mosig directly after his first ever round of Monster Energy Supercross racing at Anaheim on Saturday night, to get his thoughts on how his night went and what he will be looking to improve on before Phoenix this weekend.

Fullnoise: Kade A1 is obviously a big step over here in the AMA amongst the big guns, how have you handled the day?

Mosig: My nerves have been pretty high (laughs) I have just been trying to control them all day. Just getting out on the track was such a good experience as you are lined up against the best riders in the world.

Obviously my pace isn't quite there yet, I was riding really really tight. I think I have a lot of things to work on, but I am here for the experience and it is a starting point for me really.

I am here to better my riding as a racer and from here on in trying to work mainly on my progress.

Fullnoise: Take us through the schedule and outcomes you contested at Anaheim today?

Mosig: The first session I rode pretty tight and made a bunch of mistakes.

Second session I went out there and started to get a bit of flow and I felt the most comfortable I had felt all day. I think I was 27th overall fastest. It was good, we improved the bike a little and got it to perform a bit better.

Fullnoise: The LCQ looked like a desperate mess, what was it like being out there within the thick of it?

Mosig: I thought the heat race was hectic!! (laughs) But the LCQ was even more hectic, it was bad.

It was such a different intensity compared to back home in Australia. The riders here are just so aggressive, you can't leave any inch of the track or it's just going to get taken from you.

It is hard to adapt to having 20 fast hungry riders around you all at once lap in lap out.

Fullnoise: After the results obtained from the Monster Energy Supercross Anaheim round, what will you be taking from this heading into round 2 Phoenix?

Mosig: Yeah there's a few things, it's good for me that I'm happy, fit and healthy. We will try to get a lot of progress done throughout this week.

I am going to try work on the mental side of things a little bit in regards to trying to relax. By doing that I will then be able to flow with the track better and find a bit more speed.

I was tight and when you ride tight you make little mistakes here and there. By making those little mistakes it ends up costing you a lot of time. Got to just build from here and keep pushing myself to get better.

Fullnoise: What avenues have you taken to prepare yourself for this cut throat AMA SX racing?

Mosig: I have been here for about 5 weeks now just trying to build up a competitive bike. My suspension was brought over from Australia but we haven't really spent any time on testing it here.

The team and I have concentrated on building the motor and trying to get a bit more power to the bike. We are on the right track and I am happy we are making good progress every week.

Fullnoise: Would you say some tweaking is in order for this coming week?

Mosig: Definitely we are going to knuckle down this week and try to get some suspension testing underway. I think I am going to have to change my set up a little bit due to seeing and riding the track here.

All the test tracks I ride in Southern California are pretty basic and easy, compared to the race tracks they are different. I will be aiming to improve on the bike a little bit and see how we go come Phoenix.

Fullnoise: Thanks Kade all the best with the improvements heading into Phoenix
Top Image: Kade Mosig
Credit: Aaryn Minerds (File)

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