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Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier

Luke Styke Wins Thrilling SX Lites Race.


Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Hart and Huntington / Insure My Ride / Suzuki rider Josh Hill won the third round of the Terex Australian Supercross Championship held at Mount Gambier's Borderline Speedway in front of a large, enthusiastic crowd on Saturday night.

Under clear calm skies, Hill moved himself up to fourth place in the championship standings and only ten points behind championship leader Matt Moss after M.Moss finished back in fifth place after a massive crash in the main event.

Hill got the day off to a good start qualifying in third place behind Motorex KTM's Daniel McCoy and with the top eight riders all separated by less than a second heading into the nights two heat races, things were looking good for some tight bar banging action as Supercross racing returned to South Australia for the first time in five years.

While heat one was a bit of a precession with M.Moss leading the way from start to finish with Carlton Dry Honda's American import, Weston Peick close in tow the whole race.

Heat two produced some great racing between Jake Moss and Hill which had the crowd on their feet by race end as the two riders played cat and mouse on the final lap and a half, with some interesting lines being used in the final few corners as the two riders spent more time watching each other than the track ahead.

J.Moss held on for the win as the crowd waited to see if there would be any more carry on after the race, much to the disappointment to the fans, both riders shook hands and preceded back to the pits.
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Jake Moss looked fast all night, winning a very exciting heat race in front of Josh Hill - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
When the gates dropped on the main event, it was CDR Yamaha's Kade Mosig who got the jump on the field, However it was M.Moss along with Motorex KTM's Kirk Gibbs who left the first corner in the best positions. Exiting the second corner and into the first triple Moss along with all but Gibbs double singled in the next turn.

Home town rider Gibbs instantly had the crowd on their feet as he launched the triple from the outside and launched into the lead. The move did not work out for him however has his line choice pushed him off track and left him in last place on track. Things would get worse for Gibbs just a few laps later with a big crash leaving him in the medics hands before heading to hospital for some precautionary scans.

With the home team hero out, the attention turn back to the front of the field where M.Moss was was leading the way from Hill and the fast closing duo of J.Moss and Peick. It looked as though the crowd where set to be entertained by a four way 20 lap fight for the main event, but that all come to a sudden end as M.Moss had a huge crash at the end of the first Rhythm lane and was lucky to be able to pick himself up and continue on, eventually finishing in a heroic fifth position.

With M.Moss down it left Hill to inherit the lead with a fast charging J.Moss on his back wheel as the two looked to reignite their heat race battle. J.Moss sat on Hill's back wheel and just in front of Peick as the trio worked their way through lapped riders until lap 12, when J.Moss while trying to negotiate a slower rider, lost his front wheel in a turn and went down, losing both ground to Hill and a place to Weston Peick.

J.Moss was able to remount in third place, but the damage was done, leaving the two Americans well out front. Peick in second position was not able to close down the gap to Hill in front of him
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
With his big whips and easy going approachable attitude towards the fans in the pits, Josh Hill was a crowd favourite in South Australia - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Hill was a very popular race winner at Mount Gambier as the crowd instantly warmed to the likeable American that has now moved to with in 10 points of the championship lead at the half way mark of the season.

‰ÛÏIt feels good to come out here and get the win,‰Û
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Weston Peick was solid all night and is now only 8 points from the championship lead. Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Jake Moss was understandably not overly happy with his third place finish after running in second position for the majority of the race and being with in striking distance of the race leader.

His results however did move him closer to his brother in the championship standings and he will head into rounds four and five at Phillip Island next week just four points down.

"To be honest I am disappointed with my third place finish tonight," admitted Moss, "I was in the perfect position to take over the points lead and I let it slip."

Fastest qualifier Daniel McCoy rode a solid race working his way into fourth place on lap eight and holding it till the flag.

‰ÛÏQualifying went real good, it‰Ûªs something I‰Ûªve been working on lately, but the heat result killed me, just not getting a good gate pick," McCoy explained.

"I was wide and I got blocked at turn one (when the main event started), and I just need a better heat to get a better start. A lot of guys were crashing and the track got quite rough with the soft dirt.

"Coming through the pack ‰ÛÒ it‰Ûªs nice to know that you‰Ûªve got good speed but it‰Ûªs tough to be the fastest qualifier and finish fourth," he added.

M.Moss rounded out the top five after being back as far as 11th place after his crash, while DPH Motorsports Suzuki mounted privateer Sam Martin continued to impress in 2013 with a fine sixth place finish.

SX Lites
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Luke Styke sits clear at the top of the Pro Lites championship standings after his race win at Mount Gambier - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
The SX Lites race at Mount Gambier will go down as one of the most thrilling and action packed races in Australian Supercross history with chaos and positions changes both early and late in the race.

Coming into the nights main event, one big name rider had already been sidelined, with KTM privateer and MX Nationals MX2 runner up Kale Makeham separating his shoulder in a crash on the start straight in his heat race.

When the gates dropped on the SX Lites main event it was Raceline Pirelli Suzuki's Ryan Marmont who made the perfect start to the race, leading at the end of lap one ahead of the Serco Yamaha pairing of Luke Styke and Luke Arbon, with defending champion, Carlton Dry Honda's Gavin Faith back in fourth place.

As the riders hit the half way point of lap two, race leader Marmont crashed and slipped all the way back to 6th place, handing the race lead over to Styke, with Faith making his way into second place and Privateer Honda rider Taylor Potter, who lead the majority of his heat race moving into third place.

With a flurry of passes and lost places the whole way through the field over the next three laps the leader board had once again changed drastically as Faith moved past Styke for the lead, while the come back king in the form of Choice Motorsports KTM rider, Brenden Harrison moved his way up to third place, Marmont had made his way back to fourth while Potter now in fifth place was being reeled in by TM Racing Australia's Nick Sutherland who was coming through after a bad start.

Things settled down during the mid part of the race and it looked as though the race would wind out with the riders remaining in their current positions. On lap 13 of 15, Marmont who had continued to charge the entire race was able to work his way back up to Harrison in third place and move back into a podium position.
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Brenden Harrison's never give up attitude certainly paid dividends at Mount Gambier with a second place finish - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
As the riders crossed the line to start the final lap the leader board read #1, #2, #3 and #12 as Faith lead the way from Styke, Marmont and Harrison.

Things looked pretty well set in place as the final lap got underway but that was all about to change. As the lead riders encounter heavy traffic as the mid point of the lap, Gavin Faith lost grip on his front wheel in the corner before the first triple causing him to go down.

Faiths' crash let Styke through for the lead, while Marmont had to take evasive action has he approached the same corner to get around Faith, costing him time and allowing Harrison to pass both Faith who was in the processes of remounting his Honda and Marmont moving him from fourth to second place.

Styke who has not missed a podium finish at any national race so far in 2013 held on for the race win and moved to first outright in the championship standings after coming into round three tied on points with Faith.

‰ÛÏIt‰Ûªs not over until it‰Ûªs over,‰Û
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Ryan Marmont looked aggressive on track all night and despite all types of bad luck still finished on the podium - Credit: Aaryn MInerds
Rounding out the podium was a some what disappointed Marmont who after struggling throughout he Motocross championship has found his form early in the Supercross championship with only some bad luck stopping him from an even better result this weekend.

"I am actually quite disappointed in myself, tonight I had the speed and I was in the right position to give myself the best chance at a race win or at least a better position than I finished.

I have put in a big effort since Darwin, the bike is great and the team's great, I felt good out there tonight and had the speed, we picked up some good points and now Ill just look forward to Phillip Island next week."

Faith was able to remount and hold on to a fourth place finish.

"I am so disappointed in myself," Faith said. "I didn't get the best start but I put the power down and moved into the lead on the opening lap. I had a comfortable lead but I hit that corner and the front just washed out.

"I got back up and finished fourth but that is cold comfort."

Rounding out the top five was Taylor Potter who put in a fantastic ride to not only finish fifth but to hold off TM's Nick Sutherland in 6th position after Sutherland was the only rider outside the top four to post a lap time under 52 seconds.

Under 19s and Juniors
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Jay Wilson continued his late season MX form, with some great form winning the opening round of the U19s SX Championship - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Yamaha's Jay Wilson won the under19s main event in the perfect fashion, grabbing the lead from the start and never looking back, going on to lead all 12 laps of the race.

While Wilson may have won the race and was never in a position to push, it was Jake Emanuelli who posted the fastest lap time of the race, some six tenths of a second faster than Wilson as he made his way from sixth position at the end of the first lap to second place by the end of lap two.

Emanuelli was able to close down on Wilson, but was never able to get with in striking distance going on to finish in second place in his first supercross race since breaking his back in 2011.

Corey James rounded out the podium aboard his Yamaha two stroke with an impressive ride and was followed home in fourth place by Joel Wightman, with South Australia's Jett Anderson in fifth.

In the Junior Lites race it was New South Wales KTM rider Brock McLeary who took the win ahead of Wilson Todd and Jordan Hill.
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Brock McLeary won the first Junior Lites race of the 2013 season - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Round 3 SX Open Results
1. Josh HILL (USA) Suzuki
2. Weston PEICK (USA) Honda
3. Jake MOSS (NSW) Suzuki
4. Daniel McCOY (NSW) KTM
5. Matt MOSS (NSW) Suzuki
6. Sam MARTIN (VIC) Suzuki
7. Kade MOSIG (VIC) Yamaha
8. Jay MARMONT (NSW) Kawasaki
9. Jacob WRIGHT (VIC) Honda
10. Hayden MELLROSS (NSW) Honda
11. Lewi WOODS (VIC) Suzuki
12. Callan DICKSON (SA) Honda
13. Brad MATHESON (VIC) Honda
14. Jack ZAHRA (WA) Honda
DNF. Lawson BOPPING (QLD) Yamaha

SX Open Championship Results After Round 3 of 6
1. Matt MOSS (NSW) 66 pts
2. Jake MOSS (NSW) 62 pts
3. Weston PEICK (USA) 58 pts
4. Josh HILL (USA) 56 pts
5. Daniel McCOY (NSW) 49 pts
6. Jay MARMONT (NSW) 48 pts
7. Kade MOSIG (VIC) 40 pts
8. Sam MARTIN (VIC) 34 pts
9. Kirk GIBBS (SA) 31 pts
10. Lawson BOPPING (QLD) 28 pts
11. Tim VARE (VIC) 20 pts
12. Mat HAWORTH (QLD) 20 pts
13. Lewi WOODS (VIC) 17 pts
14. Phillip BODEY (NT) 16 pts
15. Jacob WRIGHT (VIC) 12 pts
16. Hayden MELLROSS (NSW) 11 pts
17. Callan DICKSON (SA) 9 pts
18. Brad MATHESON (VIC) 8 pts
19. Chris CAMILLERI (VIC) 8 pts
20. Jack ZAHRA (WA) 7 pts
Josh Hill Wins Action Packed Night of Racing in Mount Gambier
Matt Moss still owns the Red Championship leaders plate after his firth place finish on the weekend - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Round 3 SX Lites Results
1. Luke STYKE (NSW) Yamaha
3. Ryan MARMONT (NSW) Suzuki
4. Gavin FAITH (USA) Honda
5. Taylor POTTER (VIC) Honda
7. Luke ARBON (SA) Yamaha
8. Dylan LONG (VIC) KTM
9. Kayne LAMONT (NZ) KTM
10. Tristen CACHIA (VIC) Honda
11. Ryhs DORREEN Kawasaki
12. Boyd HOCKING (VIC) Suzuki
13. Ryan ZIEPES TM
14. Luke WILSON (QLD) Kawasaki
DNF. Nicholas GECK (QLD) TM

SX Lites Championship Results After Round 3 of 6
1. Luke STYKE (NSW) 72 pts
2. Gavin FAITH (USA) 65 pts
3. Ryan MARMONT (NSW) 58 pts
4. Luke ARBON (SA) 48 pts
5. Dylan LONG (VIC) 48 pts
6. Nickolas SUTHERLAND (NSW) 42 pts
7. Taylor POTTER (VIC) 40 pts
8. Kayne LAMONT (NZ) 39 pts
9. Brenden HARRISON (QLD) 31 pts
10. Kale MAKEHAM (VIC) 31 pts
11. Luke WILSON (QLD) 28 pts
12. Boyd HOCKING (VIC) 25 pts
13. Tristen CACHIA (VIC) 21 pts
14. Daniel CHALLEN (NT) 14 pts
15. Daniel McINNES (NT) 11 pts
16. Ryhs DORREEN 10 pts
17. Ryan ZIEPES 8 pts
18. Nicholas GECK (QLD) 8 pts

Round 3 Under 19's Results
1. Jay WILSON (QLD) Yamaha
2. Jake EMANUELLI (VIC) Suzuki
3. Corey JAMES (NSW) Yamaha
4. Joel WIGHTMAN (NSW) Yamaha
5. Jett ANDERSON (SA) Suzuki
7. Jesse McNALLY (VIC) KTM
8. Tim O‰ÛªBRIEN (VIC) Yamaha
9. Bailey COXON (QLD) Yamaha
10. Jordan WATERS (NSW) Yamaha
11. James BROWN (VIC) KTM
12. Elijah WIESE (SA) Kawasaki
13. Izak MAULE (NSW) Yamaha

Under 19 Championship Results After Round 3 of 6
1. Jay WILSON (QLD) 25 pts
2. Jake EMANUELLI (VIC) 22 pts
3. Corey JAMES (NSW) 20 pts
4. Joel WIGHTMAN (NSW) 18 pts
5. Jett ANDERSON (SA) 16 pts
6. Jake DONAHER 15 pts
7. Jesse McNALLY (VIC) 14 pts
8. Tim O‰ÛªBRIEN (VIC) 13 pts
9. Bailey COXON (QLD) 12 pts
10. Jordan WATERS (NSW) 11 pts
11. James BROWN (VIC) 10 pts
12. Elijah WIESE (SA) 9 pts
13. Izak MAULE (NSW) 8 pts

Round 3 Junior Results
1. Brock McLEARY (NSW) KTM
2. Wilson TODD (QLD) Yamaha
3. Jordan HILL (NSW) KTM
4. Nato CRAWFORD (QLD) Yamaha

Junior Championship Results After Round 3 of 6
1. Brock McLEARY (NSW) 25 pts
2. Wilson TODD (QLD) 22 pts
3. Jordan HILL (NSW) 20 pts
4. Nato CRAWFORD (QLD) 18 pts
5. Trent WHEATLEY (NSW) 16 pts

Top Image: Josh Hill raced to Victory at Mount Gambier in South Australia
Credit: Shayne Rice

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