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Jonte Reynders Headlines The Winners List At AORC Round Eight


Photo of Australian Off Road rider Jonte Reynders
Motul Pirelli Sherco team rider and current A4DE champion Jonte Reynders topped E2. Photo: Troy Pears

After the clouds dispersed, the riders basked in sunshine and warmth during Round 8 of the 2023 Australian Off-Road Championship held in Keyneton, South Australia.

This round featured a few new victors compared to the seventh round held yesterday.

Similar to the previous day, all three Sprint tracks remained arid and dusty, demanding heightened focus and determination from every rider.

In the WR450F test for Round 8 Sprints, Kyron Bacon secured the lead in E1, while Sherco’s Jonte Reynders claimed the top spot in E2. Riley McGillivray dominated E3, Will Dennett triumphed in EJ, and Riley Crimmins conquered J4.

Over on the Offroad Advantage test, Jess Gardiner emerged victorious in EW, while Leigh Bentley stood tall in EM. Rowan Pumpa topped the EV class, and Michael Widdison was EL winner.

In the Juniors, Danielle McDonald backed up yesterday’s win in JG. Marcus Nowland dominated in J3, Mitch Ford led the pack in J2, Chase Weston won in J1, and Ryder Burchell topped the JJ class.

The day’s fastest overall time was achieved by Kyron Bacon, with a total time of 1:06:42.180.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Kyron Bacon
Kyron Bacon topped E1.Photo: Troy Pears

Kyron Bacon made the most of the weekend to solidify his comeback to AORC and regain his position at the forefront of the E1 class. Throughout the day, he engaged in a spirited competition with Korey McMahon for the win, and after a series of four Sprints, Bacon emerged as the victor.

McMahon concluded the day just shy of a minute behind Bacon, securing second place, while South Australian Cooper Sheidow secured the third and final spot on the podium. Sheidow concluded Round 8 with an overall time of 1:09:31.413.

It’s evident that we’re in for an exciting culmination with the final four Rounds of the 2023 season. The upcoming races will reveal whether Bacon can ascend to the top of the leaderboard once more or if McMahon will defend his cherished position at the helm.

Tefol E2
Following the unfortunate incident he encountered during yesterday’s Cross Country event, Sherco’s Jonte Reynders entered today’s competition with a fierce determination to reclaim the top position. Holding a commanding lead of more than two minutes, Reynders secured the first-place finish in the Tefol E2 category, outpacing Yamaha’s Josh Green.

After completing four laps, Green managed to secure the second spot, achieving an overall time of 1:08:37.585. Completing the Tefol E2 podium for Round 8 was Jye Dickson, who completed the race with a total time of 1:10:37.384.

Regrettably, yesterday’s winner, Andy Wilksch, was forced to retire early due to an injury.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Riley McGillivray
Riley McGillivray won E3. Photo: Troy Pears

In E3 Riley McGillivray secured consecutive wins, adding more Championship points to bolster his position in the championship standings. Holding a total time of 1:09:44.402, McGillivray maintained a significant lead over the E3 competition throughout the day, even amidst the challenging slippery conditions.

Sam Pretscherer surged into the second position, edging out his rival Stefan Granquist. Pretscherer skillfully fended off Granquist, maintaining a gap of almost 30 seconds between them. At the conclusion of four Sprints, Pretscherer and Granquist concluded with respective total times of 1:10:51.223 and 1:11:19.894.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Jess Gardiner
Jess Gardiner took the EW class wins on both days. Photo: Troy Pears

On the Offroad Advantage test segment, Jess Gardiner exhibited remarkable ease, unfazed by the challenging and slippery terrain. Successfully maintaining her lead against Motocross expert Taylor Thompson, Gardiner secured yet another first-place finish, completing the race with a total time of 1:00:25.412.

Thompson secured the second spot, recording a combined time of 1:01:56.557. Emelie Karlsson wrapped up the competition third with an impressive performance, tallying a total time of 1:02:03.848 across five Sprints.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Will Dennett
Will Dennett won the EJ class.Photo: Troy Pears

While Round 7 may not have been in Will Dennett’s favor, he certainly ensured a triumphant return to the spotlight in Round 8. Demonstrating an impressive performance in the EJ category he collected consistent test times throughout the day to finish on top of the premier junior class.

Jett Yarnold ascended through the ranks, securing the second position with a combined time of 1:11:23.375. Following closely in third place was Billy Hargy who finishied with an overall time of 1:11:25.032.

EM (Masters)
It was like Groundhog Day in EM, as Leigh Bentley landed back on top of the podium again, followed by Anthony Greene and Loui Stylianou. Competition was consistently fierce all day, with the EM pack tackling the Offroad Advantage test.

After five Sprints, Bentley clocked in a total time of 1:02:44.916, followed by Green with 1:03:43.952 and Stylianou with 1:04:22.829.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Rowan Pumpa
Rowan Pumpa was the Veterans winner. Photo: Troy Pears

EV (Veterans)
Keyneton has become the backdrop of an exceptionally triumphant weekend for Rowan Pumpa, who departs with back-to-back victories in the EV class! Pumpa blazed through the Offroad Advantage test, securing the coveted win in Round 8, registering an overall time of 59:35.906.

Josh Murphy and Matt Harkness followed Pumpa onto the podium, seizing the second and third spots, respectively. They concluded the day with combined times of 1:10:02.447 and 1:10:48.664.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Shaylynne Kuhnke
Shaylynne Kuhnke. Photo: Troy Pears

EL (Enduro Legends)
Michael Widdison pushed hell for leather to claim the step today in EL. With a lead of nearly two minutes, Widdison comfortably took out gold ahead of yesterday’s victor, Stephen Matheson. Securing silver with a total time of 1:06:24.570, we’re sure Matheson departs Keyneton tonight with a smile on his face.

Rounding out the EL podium was Craig Treasure, with a total time of 1:07:51.039.

EWD (Enduro Women’s Development)
Shaylynne Kuhnke completed a challenging five Sprints across the Offroad Advantage test track today, clocking off with a total time of 1:25:09.257.


Jackson Vertseegen’s reign at the top was disrupted today, courtesy of none other than Riley Crimmins! Crimmins blazed through the WR450F test, establishing race winning pace in the J4 class. He concluded four tests with an overall time of 1:13:53.090.

Securing the second position behind Crimmins was the current leaderboard leader, Davey Gear. With a combined time of 1:14:29.268, Gear held onto the silver position, successfully fending off competitors like Vertseegen and Ryan Jordan.

Following yesterday’s win, Vertseegen concluded Round 8 in the third spot, finishing with a total time of 1:14:45.718.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald made it two wins for the weekend in JG’s class. Photo: Troy Pears

The JG class battled it out for glory across the MXstore test today for Sprints. After five laps, Danielle McDonald once again claimed the top step, crossing the finish line with a red-hot time of 32:03.028. With a formidable lead of more than two minutes, McDonald was followed onto the podium by Madi Simpson in second place.

Jade Chellas claimed third, earning bronze thanks to a total time of 36:54.954.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Marcus Nowland
Marcus Nowland topped J3. Photo: Troy Pears

The J3 category delivered an enthralling spectacle that you needed to witness to truly grasp! Following five intense laps of the MXstore test the first and second place riders were separated by mere milliseconds.

In a heart-pounding finish, Marcus Nowland secured a thoroughly deserved victory, narrowly edging out Dylan McDonald. Both riders concluded with closely matched total times of 31:42.276 and 31:42.542, respectively.

Bradley Rayner earned third spot on the podium, completing the competition with an overall time of 31:43.371.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Mitch Ford
Mitch Ford won the J2 class. Photo: Troy Pears

Mitch Ford just couldn’t be beat this weekend, claiming a back-to-back J2 win thanks to his total time of 33:16.076. Trailing Ford to claim second for Round 8 as Kye Little. Little clocked off today with a total time of 33:26.666.

Rounding out the J2 podium was Harry Gilbertson, with a total time of 33:39.316.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Chase Weston
Chase Weston was the J2 winner. Photo: Troy Pears

Chase Weston continued to shine as he secured back-to-back victories, effortlessly following up on yesterday’s win to achieve another consecutive triumph in the J1 category. Recording a total time of 35:03.405, Weston outpaced Levi Rossi by an approximate lead of 12 seconds to claim the win.

Rossi conceded gracefully for the second spot, completing the race with a combined time of 35:15.611. Lastly, Darcy Huston secured the final spot on the podium, seizing the bronze position with a total time of 36:29.260.

A thrilling showdown for supremacy unfolded in the JJ category today, featuring an intense competition between Ryder Lambing and Ryder Burchell as they vied for the top position. However, after completing five laps, Burchell managed to outpace Lambing and secure the top spot with an overall time of 40:48.384. Burchell graciously settled for the second position, achieving a total time of 41:53.828.

Completing the JJ podium for the day was once again Austin Schulz who concluded Round 8 with a total time of 43:23.110.

The 2023 Australian Off-Road Championship’s next destination is Kyogle, New South Wales, where Rounds 9 & 10 will take place from September 16th to 17th. This upcoming event promises an entire weekend of action packed Sprints.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Ryder Burchell
Ryder Burchell was the JJ clas winner. Photo: Troy Pears


2023 AORC Round 8 E1 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 1:06:42.180
2 Korey McMahon (GASGAS Australia, Motorex) 1:07:49.302
3 Cooper Sheidow (Yamaha) 1:09:31.413
4 Will Price (Empire Kawasaki Off Road Team) 1:10:35.169
5 Brock Nichols (Husqvarna) 1:12:49.990
6 Miller Mendham (Yamaha) 1:24:41.141

2023 AORC Round 8 E2 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Jonte Reynders (Motul Pirelli Sherco) 1:06:46.937
2 Joshua Green (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 1:08:37.585
3 Jye Dickson (GASGAS) 1:10:37.384
4 Fraser Higlett (Beta) 1:10:38.485
5 Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 1:10:54.026

2023 AORC Round 8 E3 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) 1:09:44.402
2 Sam Pretscherer (Simford Motorsport Group) 1:10:51.223
3 Stefan Granquist (Husqvarna) 1:11:19.894
4 Luke Bunnik 1:15:48.440
5 Jayden Rudd (Kessner Motorcycles, Husqvarna) 1:18:39.916

2023 AORC Round 8 EW Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 1:00:25.412
2 Taylor Thompson (GASGAS Australia, Motorex) 1:01:56.557
3 Emelie Karlsson (Husqvarna) 1:02:03.848
4 Ariana Collins (Husqvarna) 1:07:30.241
5 Monique Simioni (Husqvarna) 1:08:07.977
6 Chloe Barton (Fly Racing Australia, BMS Racing) 1:13:39.085

2023 AORC Round 8 EJ Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Will Dennett (Yamaha Australia) 1:10:01.864
2 Jett Yarnold (Yamaha Australia, Yamalube) 1:11:23.375
3 Billy Hargy (Husqvarna Offroad Racing Team) 1:11:25.032
4 Luke Chellas 1:13:25.279
5 Max Midwinter (Ridetune Suspension, Blue City Motorcycles) 1:15:23.153

2023 AORC Round 8 EM Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Leigh Bentley (Yamaha) 1:02:44.916
2 Anthony Greene (Ride Tune Suspension, KTM) 1:03:43.952
3 Loui Stylianou (GASGAS) 1:04:22.829
4 Owen Richards (Husqvarna) 1:06:06.665
5 Jason Pearce (Newcastle KTM, WEARELUSTY) 1:06:12.560

2023 AORC Round 8 EV Top 5 Provisional Result:
1 Rowan Pumpa (Kessner Motorcycles, Motorex) 59:35.906
2 Josh Murphy (KTM) 1:10:02.447
3 Matt Harkness (GASGAS) 1:10:48.664
4 Matthew Boyle (Husqvarna) 1:11:20.657
5 Alex McGorman (Thornby, KTM) 1:21:32.336

2023 AORC Round 8 EL Top 4 Provisional Result:
1 Michael Widdison (Heavy mechanical services, KTM) 1:04:42.412
2 Stephen Matheson (Bite Me Bakehouse, SMW Hornsby) 1:06:24.570
3 Craig Treasure (Husqvarna) 1:07:51.039
4 Jason Pearce (Wearelusty, Newcastle KTM) 1:10:47.735

2023 AORC Round 8 EWD Provisional Result:
1 Shaylynne Kuhnke (Yamaha) 1:25:09.257


2023 AORC Round 8 J4 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Riley Crimmins (KTM) 1:13:53.090
2 Davey Gear (Sinclair Electrical Naracoorte, Limestone Coast Motorcycles Naracoorte) 1:14:29.268
3 Jackson Versteegen (Savage Motorcycles, Michelin) 1:14:45.718
4Ryan Jordan (NW Motorcycles, D Signs) 1:17:17.982
5 Tomas Porto (Empire Kawasaki) 1:18:02.664

2023 AORC Round 8 JG Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 32:03.028
2 Madi Simpson (Honda Ride Red, Fly Racing) 34:20.727
3 Jade Chellas (KTM) 36:54.954
4 Sinead Maher (Simford Group Motorsport) 38:06.287
5 Audrey Moller (Alltac) 38:38.710

2023 AORC Round 8 J3 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Marcus Nowland (Yamaha Australia Junior Racing) 31:42.276
2 Dylan McDonald (McDonald Racing) 31:42.542
3 Bradley Rayner (KTM Newcastle, Dungog MCC) 31:43.371
4 Charlie Connolly (KTM) 31:43.792
5 Oscar Harris (Simford Group Motorsport) 31:51.485

2023 AORC Round 8 J2 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Mitch Ford (Thrila Furnikation Rynopower Rivalnink) 33:16.076
2 Kye Little (Intent, Scotcher Race Fuels) 33:26.666
3 Harry Gilbertson (Brandt John Deere, Sears Electrical) 33:39.316
4 Kai Austin (GASGAS) 34:01.783
5 Nate Munro (Husqvarna) 34:15.898

2023 AORC Round 8 J1 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Chase Weston (Tdub, ProCoat Aus) 35:03.405
2 Levi Rossi (Paint Tech SA, Nicolai Farms) 35:15.611
3 Darcy Huston (Citycoast Motorcycles, Holeshot graphics) 36:29.260
4 Phoenix O’Brien (Inix Group, Montdami Bongiorno) 37:51.306
5 Kye Kinsella (McDonald Racing) 38:39.293

2023 AORC Round 8 JJ Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Ryder Burchell (McDonald’s Racing Team) 40:48.384
2 Ryder Lambing (GasMoto, Monza Imports) 41:53.828
3 Austin Schulz (Nutrien Keith, Keith IGA) 43:23.110
4 Tao Letton (Cummins Bearings & Engineering) 43:55.203
5 Zain Lennon (GASGAS) 48:32.073

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