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Jonte Reynders Fights Back To Claim The Overall At AORC Round Ten


Photo of Australian Off Road rider Jonte Reynders
Sherco mounted Jonte Reynders took the fastest time overall as well as the E2 class win at round 10. Photo: Troy Pears

The second last weekend of the 2023 Australian Off-Road Championship has concluded at Kyogle, NSW, with hot weather, blue skies and super technical tracks once again greeting riders for the tenth round.

After another tough day of high-intensity Sprints, the winners included Kyron Bacon in E1, Jonte Reynders in Tefol E2, Riley McGillivray in E3, Jess Gardiner in EW, Will Dennett in EJ and Davey Gear in J4.

For the remaining Seniors, Damian Smith came out on top in EM, Darren Lloyd in EV, Michael Byrnes in EL and Ben Bertinazzi in 2T. Lastly for the Juniors Danielle McDonald claimed another win in JG, Bradley Rayner in J3, Harry Gilbertson in J2, Levi Rossiin J1 and Ryder Burchell in JJ.

The fastest overall time was won by Reynders, who clocked off with a blistering time of 47:37.219.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Kyron Bacon
Kyron Bacon was once again the man in E1 making it two class wins for the weekend, Photo: Troy Pears

It was another close day of racing in the E1 category, with a podium lineup mirroring that of Round 9. Kyron Bacon stood atop the podium with an impressive total time of 47:49.052.

Securing the second position once again was Korey McMahon, who put on a stellar performance across all four tests. However, McMahon couldn’t quite match Bacon’s pace and concluded Round 10 with a total time of 48:28.902.

Rounding out the podium, but certainly not to be overlooked, is Cooper Sheidow. The Yamaha-backed racer successfully defended his coveted spot on the E1 podium, outpacing competitors Will Price and Brock Nichols to claim the glory. Sheidow completed the four tests with a total time of 49:27.838.

Tefol E2
Sherco’s Jonte Reynders has every reason to bask in the glory as he heads back home after a triumphant weekend. With consecutive victories in the Tefol E2 category, Reynders is steadily reinforcing his presence in the Championship and making a bid to dethrone Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team’s Josh Green from the top spot in Championship points.

At Round 10, Green once again settled for the second position. The Yamaha rider didn’t have the smoothest start, and this was reflected in today’s results. Green completed the four test with a total time of 48:15.001.

Completing the Tefol E2 Round 10 podium today was Andy Wilksch. Seemingly back at peak form, the Victorian rider put immense pressure on Green as he vied for the second spot. However, after four tests, Wilksch secured a commendable third place finish with a total time of 48:23.865.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Riley McGillivray
Riley McGillivray engaged in a fierce battle throughout the day with Stefan Granquist to claim E3 honours. Photo: Troy Pears.

Riley McGillivray blazed through the tests to secure a well-earned E3 victory, amassing valuable Championship points in the process. With a total time of 49:29.840, McGillivray engaged in a fierce battle throughout the day with Stefan Granquist and Sam Pretscherer for the coveted top step.

Granquist, finishing less than 10 seconds behind McGillivray, clinched the second position in Round 10. With only a few points separating these Husqvarna and KTM contenders from the Championship title, the ultimate showdown will take place in Dungog. Meanwhile, Pretscherer claimed third place today with a total time of 50:20.791.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Jess Gardiner
Jess Gardiner went back-to-back in EW with wins in round nine and ten. Photo: Troy Pears

Jess Gardiner exudes confidence as she departs from Kyogle, adding more valuable Championship points to her 2023 EW title campaign. After conquering four grueling tests, Gardiner concluded her day with a total time of 55:41.185. Despite the challenging conditions and scorching heat, Gardiner’s unwavering patience and determination kept her at the pinnacle.

Emelie Karlsson surged into second place in Round 10, trailing Gardiner closely. Karlsson’s total time of 55:56.487 forced her EW rival to put in a formidable effort to secure first place. Simultaneously, Karlsson engaged in a fierce battle with Ebony Nielsen, narrowly surpassing the Queensland rider by less than eight seconds. Nielsen settled for third place today, boasting a total time of 56:04.368.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Will Dennett
Will Dennett took consecutive EJ victories. Photo: Troy Pears

Kyogle has been a gracious host to Will Dennett, as he returns home with consecutive EJ victories to his name. Dennett displayed exceptional speed throughout the day, clocking in extremely fast test times and securing a total time of 48:06.427. With only two rounds left in October, Dennett seems poised to comfortably claim the EJ Championship title.

In second place was Billy Hargy. Hargy achieved a total time of 49:11.429, although he couldn’t quite match Dennett’s pace. Nevertheless, he maintained a comfortable hold on the silver position, outperforming the rest of the EJ pack.

Jett Yarnold, on the other hand, clinched third place once again, securing back-to-back bronze medals. Yarnold completed four tests with a total time of 50:25.686.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Damien Smith
Damian Smith was another who claimed back-to-back wins taking out the EM class. Photo: Troy Pears.

EM (Masters)
Nothing could stop Damian Smith as he claimed back-to-back EM wins. The NSW local was seemingly at home on the challenging test track, clocking off after 4 tests with a total time of 53:48.988. Leigh Bentley once again claimed second place, earnt thanks to a total time of 57:57.833. Rounding out the EM podium for Round 10 was Loui Stylianou. After four tests, Stylianou clocked off with a total time of 1:01:52.884.

EV (Veterans)
It was another fantastic win for Darren Lloyd, as he screamed across the test track. After four tests, Lloyd absolutely dominated the EV competition to finish with a total time of 55:32.895. Behind Lloyd in second place, after jumping up from third yesterday, was Rowan Pumpa. Pumpa battled with Terry Hopmans for the silver but after four laps, it was Pumpa who claimed the position, thanks to a total time of 57:05.231. Hopmans claimed the third and final podium spot, with a total time of 57:39.726.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Michael Byrnes
Michael Byrnes was the one to beat all weekend in the Legends class. Photo: Troy Pears.

EL (Enduro Legends)
The tests might have been tough but that didn’t stop Michael Byrnes from claiming consecutive class wins. With a total time of 1:00:52.541, Byrnes finished just ahead of Grant O’Brien in second place. In third for EL was Zac Williams, who clocked off after four tests with a total time of 1:02:27.420.

Over in 2T, Ben Bertinazzi once again truly decimated the competition. Screaming across the tests, Bertinazzi clocked off with a total time of 55:19.652. In second place today was Tim Newman, who finished four tests with a total time of 1:06:48.768. Close behind Newman in third place for Round 10 was Blake Scott. Scott clocked off today with a total time of 1:07:23.845.

EWD (Enduro Women’s Development)
The EWD class tackled another day of tricky and super technical tests for Round 10. After four tests, Gemma Rankine clocked off with a total time of 1:19:59.903.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Davey Gear
Davey Gear was the J4 class winner. Photo: Troy Pears

Jumping up from fifth to first today was none other than Davey Gear. What he struggled with yesterday clearly did not faze the South Australian for Round 10. Gear clocked off four tests with a total time of 52:19.189.

Breathing down Gear’s neck all day was Jackson Versteegen. Roughly 15 seconds separated him from the top step. Versteegen had to concede for silver with a total time of 52:34.445. Rounding out the J4 podium today was Zane Burchell, thanks to a total time of 52:59.130. With such a tightly packed field in the top five and seconds separating a winner from a runner up, J4 is definitely a class to watch if you want to enjoy the action.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Danielle McDonald
The unstoppable Danielle McDonald went back-to-back in JG. Photo: Troy Pears.

Danielle McDonald’s stellar season continues as she secures yet another victory in the JG class. With back-to-back class wins, McDonald is positioning herself strongly for the Championship title. The Yamaha rider completed the day with a total time of 28:23.190.

Claiming the second spot was Jade Chellas, who engaged in a spirited battle with Tia Bowers for the silver position. Chellas emerged victorious with a total time of 33:30.758, leaving Bowers to secure the final spot on the podium with a total time of 34:08.447.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Bradley Rayner
Bradley Rayner took out J3. Photo: Troy Pears

Only 0.581 seconds separated first and second in J3 today! Coming out on the top step for Round 10 was Bradley Rayner, who leaves Kyogle with back-to-back J3 wins. Right behind Rayner in second place was Dylan McDonald. Rayner and McDonald finished Round 10 with respective total times of 27:52.070 and 27:52.651. Finally, Ollie Gear (Limestone Coast Motorcycles, Yamaha Australia) claimed the last remaining podium spot. In third, Gear clocked off todays racing with a total time of 28:10.622.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Harry Gilbertson
Harry Gilbertson turned the tables on Harley Hutton to claim J2 honours. Photo: Troy Pears.

Harley Hutton was knocked off the top step today by Harry Gilbertson! With a total time of 29:31.004, Gilbertson had his work cut out for him as he pushed his bike to the nth degree for the win. Hutton conceded for second place, right behind Gilbertson thanks to a total time of 29:47.394.

Rounding out the podium in J2 was Mitch Ford. After four goes around the Offroad Advantage, Ford clocked off with a total time of 29:50.858.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Levi Rossi
Levi Rossi took out consecutive J1 class wins. Photo: Troy Pears

It was action central in J1 as mere seconds separated the top five from the top step! After four laps of the Offroad Advantage test, Levi Rossi took out his consecutive J1 class win thanks to a total time of 31:08.436. Right behind Rossi in second was once again, Chase Weston. Weston fended off Phoenix O’Brien for the silver, with each rider clocking off with consecutive total times of 31:16.235 and 31:46.116.

The glory carried on into Round 10 for Ryder Burchell! Thanks to a total time of 34:39.076, the little speedster was comfortably ahead of his competition all day as he rode the Offroad Advantage test.

Finishing in second for Round 10 was Ryder Lambing, who jumped up from his third place finish yesterday. Lambing clocked off todays with a total time of 35:17.341. Hot on Lambing’s heels with nearly five seconds between them was Maxi Harris. Harris earnt third place thanks o a total time of 35:22.082.

The 2023 AORC Chmpionhip now head south to Dungog, NSW for the series finale featuring an Enduro format from 14-15 October.

Photo of Australian Off Road rider Ryder Burchell
Ryder Burchell took a comfortable win in JJ. Photo: Troy Pears

2023 AORC Round 10 E1 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 47:49.052
2 Korey McMahon (GASGAS Australia, Motorex) 48:28.902
3 Cooper Sheidow (Yamaha) 49:27.838
4 Will Price (Empire Kawasaki Off Road Team) 50:14.658
5 Brock Nichols (Husqvarna) 50:46.992

2023 AORC Round 10 E2 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Jonte Reynders (Motul Pirelli Sherco) 47:37.21
2 Joshua Green (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 48:15.001
3 Andy Wilksch (KTM Australia, Alpinestars) 48:23.865
4 Jye Dickson (GASGAS) 48:54.094
5 Travis Silk (Pro-Moto Suspension, KTM) 49:32.962

2023 AORC Round 10 E3 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) 49:29.840
2 Stefan Granquist (Husqvarna) 49:38.613
3 Sam Pretscherer (Simford Motorsport Group) 50:20.791
4 Patrick McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, Tunetech Suspension) 51:10.637
5 Thomas Henry (Beta) 52:05.419

2023 AORC Round 10 EW Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 55:41.185
2 Emelie Karlsson (Husqvarna) 55:56.487
3 Ebony Nielsen (Beta) 56:04.368
4 Taylor Thompson (GASGAS Australia, Motorex) 42:15.657
5 Ariana Collins (Husqvarna) 43:29.494

2023 AORC Round 10 EJ Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Will Dennett (Yamaha Australia) 48:06.427
2 Billy Hargy (Husqvarna Offroad Racing Team) 49:11.429
3 Jett Yarnold (Yamaha Australia, Yamalube) 50:25.686
4 Jackson Horley (MPE, GASGAS) 50:57.862
5 Max Midwinter (Ridetune Suspension, Banks Race Development) 51:21.375

2023 AORC Round 10 EM Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Damian Smith (Husqvarna) 53:48.988
2 Leigh Bentley (Yamaha) 57:57.833
3 Loui Stylianou (GASGAS) 1:01:52.884
4 Jamie Armstrong (Alpine Motorcycles, Yamaha) 1:02:25.094
5 Vito Porto (GASGAS) 1:02:58.438

2023 AORC Round 10 EV Top 5 Provisional Result:
1 Darren Lloyd (Husqvarna) 55:32.895
2 Rowan Pumpa (Kessner Motorcycles, Motorex) 57:05.231
3 Terry Hopmans (Yamaha) 57:39.726
4 Josh Wilson (KTM) 59:28.059
5 Josh Murphy (Driftcon, KTM) 1:00:31.763

2023 AORC Round 10 EL Top 5 Provisional Result:
1 Michael Byrnes (All Parts & Accessories, GASGAS) 1:00:52.541
2 Grant O’Brien (Beta) 1:01:18.112
3 Zac Williams (Husqvarna) 1:02:27.420
4 Craig Treasure (Husqvarna) 1:02:31.941
5 Nathan Cover (KTM) 1:05:09.420

2023 AORC Round 10 2T Top 5 Provisional Result:
1 Ben Bertinazzi (KTM) 55:19.652
2 Tim Newman (Clearview Innovations, GASGAS) 1:06:48.768
3 Blake Scott (KTM) 1:07:23.845
4 Mahdi Green (Clearview Innovations, KTM) 1:09:15.360
5 Anthony Wakeham 1:32:23.522

2023 AORC Round 10 EWD Provisional Result:
1 Gemma Rankine (KTM) 1:19:59.903

2023 AORC Round 10 J4 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Davey Gear (Sinclair Electrical Naracoorte, Limestone Coast Motorcycles Naracoorte) 52:19.189
2 Jackson Versteegen (Savage Motorcycles, Michelin) 52:34.445
3 Zane Burchell (McDonald’s Racing Team) 52:59.130
4 Riley Crimmins (KTM) 53:02.099
5 Ryan Jordan (NW Motorcycles D Signs) 53:11.909

2023 AORC Round 10 JG Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 28:23.190
2 Jade Chellas (KTM) 33:30.758
3 Tia Bowers (Two Wheel Obsession, Yamaha) 34:08.447
4 Sinead Maher (Simford Group Motorsport) 34:34.979
5 Amity Cork (Corkys Electrical, Beta) 34:59.103

2023 AORC Round 10 J3 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Bradley Rayner (KTM Newcastle, Dungog MCC) 27:52.070
2 Dylan McDonald (McDonald Racing) 27:52.651
3 Ollie Gear (Limestone Coast Motorcycles, Yamaha Australia) 28:10.622
4 Cooper Boyd (Port Macquarie Motorcycles, Mid Coast Bearings Taree) 28:48.695
5 Drew Kremer (GASGAS Newcastle, Promine Racing) 28:52.958

2023 AORC Round 10 J2 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Harry Gilbertson (Brandt John Deere, Sears Electrical) 29:31.004
2 Harley Hutton (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing) 29:47.394
3 Mitch Ford (Thrila Furnikation Rynopower Rivalnink) 29:50.858
4 Nate Munro (Powerhouse Motorcycles, 501 Motorsports) 30:04.974
5 Ritchie Lawler (KTM) 30:10.637

2023 AORC Round 10 J1 Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Levi Rossi (Paint Tech SA, Kessner Motorcycles) 31:08.436
2 Chase Weston (Tdub, ProCoat Aus) 31:16.235
3 Phoenix O’Brien (Inix Group, Montdami Bongiorno) 31:46.116
4 Darcy Huston (Citycoast Motorcycles, Holeshot graphics) 31:57.608
5 Cooper Clarke (Maiden Homes, KTM) 32:17.496

2023 AORC Round 10 JJ Top 5 Provisional Results:
1 Ryder Burchell (McDonald’s Racing Team) 34:39.076
2 Ryder Lambing (GasMoto, Monza Imports) 35:17.341
3 Maxi Harris (Morgans Financial Port Macquarie, KTM) 35:22.082
4 Thomas Hathway (Get Switched On) 38:28.924
5 Sonny Lister (Husqvarna) 39:19.067

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