Interview: Guy Streeter

We have a chat with up and coming film maker Guy Streeter from Out of Bounds films about the future of DVD's.
Author: Garry Morrow

Author: Garry Morrow


The name Guy Streeter may not roll off everyone's lips but we are betting that one day he and his company Out of Bounds films will be regularly talked about.
Guy getting close to the action with Cam Sinclair. Photo: Garry Morrow /
Streeter started off filming and producing the MXOZ video series where he cut his teeth. In a few short years his talent has evolved and he and the company have become, in our opinion, leaders of the field in Australia. Along the lines of films such as the Great Outdoors Out of Bounds films contain a feel for the action like no others, they have moved into a more story telling / documentary genre than the plethora of jump clip to hip music films that flood the market. Although the company is young and they are just starting to evolve their current direction and creativity will certainly take them a long way as the media and medium landscape around us changes. To view a preview of the work we are talking about click the link blow:
NOTE: You will need QuickTime 7 Click here to download it. Also be patient, they are worth the wait.

VIDEO - Newcastle Teaser
VIDEO - Loam Teaser

Insider: Firstly what is your background and how long ago and how did you get into Motocross movies.

Streeter: Well, I am a private investigator by trade, I have been around bikes my whole life If I wasn't riding I was always watching on TV or reading the Moto magazines, but I started Out of Bounds Film Co. with a friend Chris Yip in 2003-2004, I came from a motocross background, where Chris came from a mountain biking background. The mountain bike industry is pretty small and well covered, but the Motocross industry we felt was fairly poorly covered, and when it was covered it seemed to come across pretty poorly even when Television covered supercross or even motocross.

Insider: I see heaps of people out there with "A Single Video Camera" but you are the first one I have seen take production to the next level by using multiple camera's, microphones on people and syncing everything up and a much stronger focus on editing. It must be hugely expensive. What is required for that type of coverage?

Streeter: Yeah over the last year or so a lot more people out there filming, but yeah, we like more of the films that actually tell a story about what's going on behind the scenes, what we are doing isn't anything new or ground breaking I guess, but we like to take a lot of inspiration from some of the American motocross films like TGO and Dust to Glory, supercross exposed etc. as well as other films outside of motor sport and try to mix them all together and try create our own style, but we are kind of stuck at the moment because we cant keep funding our own projects all the time, we aren't big enough and the industry doesn't really seem that interested in helping out or just doesn't share the same vision.

The Cost is fairly expensive but its not out of reach, especially when you see how much goes into print advertising, there is so much more you can do with film then what you can do with print. A picture tells a thousand words, film tells ten thousand!

Insider: Do you see the money/vision in the industry to support it into the future.

Streeter: I'm not sure that the vision is completely there yet, Magazine's have previously put DVD's out with their magazine's, and most of the time the quality hasn't been up to standard, race footage or highlight DVDs are alright but I don't believe that people want to see 45 minutes of race footage a few months after the season has finished, don't get me wrong, I stay up every Sunday night to watch the MotoGP and watch all the American MX races and I love every minute of it, when it is live or a week after, but a couple of minutes of race footage from each moto or round on DVD doesn't tell anything about what actually happened, there is only so many times you can see Reardon or Ando do a small 50ft table top at Raymond Terrace or Broadford or where ever.

I think the money is there but, I feel that not many people want to put money into something that is as interesting as changing tyres in the rain, most of the Motorcycle companies have spent thousands of dollars on TV commercials, I think that new Yamaha add tells more of a story and gets the whole emotional side of motocross over than most of the Australian DVD's and films have put together!

Insider: The internet has obviously been a big boost to small operations like yours in getting your work out there.

Streeter: The internet is awesome for getting our videos out there, it's a really good tool for advertising too, when we were trying to get MXOZ Videozine up and running the internet was great to get our videos out there that wouldn't make it on to the DVDs, but really with the pace of our sport you need to have a new video each week, and we didn't have the interest from the industry to help fund and get things moving forward.

Insider: Is your main direction to produce stand alone movies or get more into the commercial side, i.e. Commercials, news and event coverage.

Streeter: When we first started all we really wanted to do was make stand alone films but when your in business I guess its your main goal to progress and expand, build a bigger dream and you cant make a living out of stand alone films in Australia, the industry is just not big enough. We want to get more into race coverage of major events like the supercross, motocross and Supermoto because as I said before I feel it hasn't been done properly in the past, I don't know if this is a budget thing or the producer wasn't from within the industry or doesn't "live" the sport.

Outside of motocross we do film and edit other things, small commercials and Music video clips, even craft instructional DVDs Real Estate videos and seminars, we don't like to admit it but we get paid better to make craft instructional films then we do for motocross films! But its our goal to become involved in filming and production of Australian Motocross and Supercross in the future, mainly because we don't feel it has been given the right exposure, or when it has been done its been done poorly, Motocross is what we are about. we were lucky enough to film 3 of the rounds of the 2007 Australian Supercross Series put on by Full Throttle sports, which we are incredibly grateful to Yarrive Konsky for giving us a chance, we didn't really have much of a budget, there were a lot of things we would like to have done, if we had a bit more money to hire more equipment, but it was a great experience and we got a good look at what we need to do, to get things done properly, we are filming the remainder of the Supermoto series too this year, which we are looking forward to.

Insider: The media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 4 years. One thing I have noticed is that magazines have really become containers to deliver other mediums/add on's, as in DVD's etc. Do you see a big market in this in future?

Streeter: Yeah, I guess it has kind of killed the "stand alone films" in Australia a little, as far as Australian producers go, but only to a certain extent, I think that the industry could use DVDs and films better than what they have done in the past, testing new products, New Bike testing, all sorts of things that wouldn't fit onto Television but could work well as a complement the magazine, I still believe that if a magazine along with some industry support could fund a proper "Stand alone" film like Transworld Motocross' SIX and use the DVD's released with the magazine to actually help sell product and be more informative rather than just event coverage and rider profiling, that should still be included, but I think magazine DVDs haven't been used to their full potential yet.

Insider: What has the feedback been like from the industry on your goals and direction.

Streeter: Feed back has been great lately, with the release of our first feature film "LOAM" and the other films/video clips we have put out this year, but what we really need is support to get behind the other projects we have lined up and try take more advantage of what Video and film can do for our sport in Australia.

Insider: The growth of Digital TV would also have to be a bonus. I watch Fuel TV on Foxtel all day for the excellent surfing coverage but the "Motorcycle genre" stuff pretty much sucks. Is it hard to break into that sort of a deal.

Streeter: Fuel TV has nearly every other action sport covered except the "motorcycle genre", M80 is on there but most of the time its a couple years old and it doesnt really cover anything from Australia. we are working on a pilot for a TV show for Fuel TV, it should be finished this week, so hopefully soon we might see it on TV, hopefully they like it and put it on!

Insider: OK, thanks for your time and we hope to see a lot more of your stuff. Streeter: Thanks, Me too.

For more information on Out of Bounds Films visit their website at

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