Gibbs, Todd and Duffy on top at Pirelli MX Nationals round three


Kirk Gibbs took his first win for the year. Photo: CDR Yamaha
The sun finally came out for the 2019 Pirelli MX Nationals where Kirk Gibbs, Wilson Todd and Regan Duffy all conquered the technical hilly circuit at Broadford in Victoria to claim the wins in MX1, MX2 and MXD respectively.

With the first two round of the 2019 season run under muddy trying conditions, round three offered up one of the toughest tracks in the championship with conditions perfect for racing. With the weather doing its part a healthy crowd turned up to see Australia's best battle it out for top spot, and the racing didn't disappoint.
The MX1 podium with Todd Waters (L), Gibbs (C) and Luke Clout.
Fastest qualifier Todd Waters controlled the opening Thor MX1 moto leading all eight laps of the first back to back races. Off-Road rider Daniel Sanders ran second in the early going before Monster Energy CDR Yamaha's Kirk Gibbs got past to claim second. Sanders was solid in third while Racelines Hayden Mellross and Luke clout finished 4th and fifth. Jesse Dobson was once again fastest privateer with 6th.

Moto two saw Mellross take the holeshot with Sanders in second once again while race one winner Waters tucked into third. Lawson Bopping got a much better start and ran in fourth after a horror opening moto. Gibbs was battling back in fourth with team-mate Luke Clout.

Waters worked on Mellross hard for five laps before finally making the move at the top of the circuit. Clout and Sanders then went toe to toe before Sanders sent it big time at the triple at the top of the hill and came off second best with a huge crash. This left Clout and Gibbs to battle over the final podium spot. Clout soon dropped back as Gibbs set out after Mellross for second place with a lap to go. Waters was out to a five-second lead which left the main on-track battle between Gibbs and Mellross with Gibbs winning the battle. Luke Clout was fourth while Jesse Dobson once again impressed with fifth.

It was Richie Evans who led the MX1 class away for moto 2 with a solid holeshot over Daniel Sanders, Mellross, Waters, Gibbs and Clout. After the dust settled on lap one, it was Mellross over Bopping and Waters. It took another lap for Gibbs and Clout to join in the front runners battle. Maybe after feeling the effects of a full day Daniel Sanders dropped back to sixth.

Gibbs and Waters traded fastest lap times as they chased down Mellross. Mellross was not intimidated though and dropped the quickest lap of the race in response. By mid-race, the machine-like workmanship of Gibbs got him past Waters to move into second while Mellross was impressing with increasing speed out front. With three laps to go Gibbs needed to pass Mellross for the round win, but it was looking like it wasn't to be with Mellross in such strong form. But things are never over until they are over, and Mellross threw it away crashing on one of the down hill sections with a lap to go allowing Gibbs into the lead and on to take the race and the round overall win. Waters took second ahead of Clout while Mellross regrouped for fourth.

In the overall Gibbs took his first round win for the year over Waters. Luke Clout made it two Monster energy Yamaha's on the podium with third overall for the round.

Pirelli MX2
The opening thirty minute MX2 moto saw DPH Motorsports' Wilson Todd take up from where he left off at round two with a holeshot and gate to flag win. The championship leader controlled the race until the last lap where Penrite CRF Honda racings' Kyle Webster put in a strong challenge for the win, but a slip on the final corner allowed Todd, who qualified fastest, the opening moto win by a few bike lengths. Serco Yamaha's Aaron Tanti ran second for most of the early part of the moto before succumbing to Webster and his team-mate Nathan Crawford. In the end, it was Todd, Webster, Crawford and Tanti. Jay Wilson mounted a strong come back from thirteenth on the opening lap to round out the top five at the flag.

Moto two saw Wilson Todd pull the perfect holeshot with the two two-strokes of Isaac Ferguson and Cooper Pozniak in tow. The biggest loser was race one podium man Nathan Crawford who was way down and just inside the top twenty. Lap two saw Webster break free of the bickering for second place to focus on chasing down Todd. Isaac Ferguson, Riley Dukes, Aaron Tanti and Jay Wilson all battled within a second of each other for a top five spot. Out front, Wilson Todd was looking unstoppable with a ten second lead by lap three! In the final laps, the race was Todd's, but Jay Wilson was determined for a better result and worked his way up to the back of Webster and was looking to take second place but ultimately fell a few seconds short and had to settle for third. Tanti, Dukes and Dylan Wills followed them home.

With another double win, Wilson Todd once again scored maximum points for the round to extend his lead in the championship. Kyle Webster finally had things go his way to take second overall with a pair of second-place finishes while Jay Wilson, who was riding after a finger operation during the week, rounded out the podium for the round.

Motul MXD
Fastest qualifier Rhys Budd controlled all but the last few laps of the opening Motul MXD moto with a patient Max Purvis taking the lead and the win in the last laps. Purvis overcame some early tussles with Championship leader Regan Duffy, WRB Yamaha Team-mate Jack Kukis and Mason Semmens before he settled in behind Budd for most of the moto. Purvis overcame a stall and many lappers to pounce and take the win. Budd held onto second while Mason Semmens held of championship leader Regan Duffy for the third place.

Regan Duffy had a better start in moto 2 taking the holeshot over Rhys Budd and Mason Semmens. The trio then went back and forth for the opening lap with Duffy eventually taking up the front running while Semmens and Duffy squabbled over second. Brodie Ellis and Queenslander Mason Rowe held down the top five. Moto 1 front runners Max Purvis and Jack Kukas ran 12th and 8th respectively and had a lot of work to ahead of them to make the overall podium. Purvis was only able to make it back to sixth by race end. Semmens and Budd rode unchallenged to second and third to conclude the race.

Duffy with a 4-1 took the round overall and extended his championship lead. Semmens and Budd tied on points for second and third with Semmens getting the nod for second on account of his better second moto result.

The championship now moves to Murray Bridge in South Australia for the first of the double round weekend in two weeks.
THOR MX1 Results

MX1 - Raceline Superpole
1 Todd Waters -1:30.125
2 Hayden Mellross - 1:30.630
3 Kirk Gibbs - 1:31.643
4 Jesse Dobson - 1:31.686
5 Justin Rodbell - 1:32.106

MX1 - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Todd Waters 9 Laps - Race Time:
2 Kirk Gibbs +5.666
3 Daniel Sanders +7.340
4 Hayden Mellross +10.584
5 Luke Clout +19.921
6 Jesse Dobson +25.769
7 Justin Rodbell +30.303
8 Erki Kahro +31.448
9 Daniel Milner +45.774
10 Brett Metcalfe +46.654
Fastest Lap: Kirk Gibbs - 1:33.735

MX1 - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Todd Waters 9 Laps - Race Time: 14:40.220
2 Kirk Gibbs +2.644
3 Hayden Mellross +3.339
4 Luke Clout +13.981
5 Jesse Dobson +36.630
6 Justin Rodbell +41.573
7 Daniel Milner +43.245
8 Richie Evans +47.210
9 Ryan Shadbolt +50.310
10 Erki Kahro +51.035
11 Lawson Bopping +53.857
Fastest Lap: Hayden Mellross - 1:33.903

MX1 - Moto 1 and 2 Combined (Top 10)
1 Todd Waters 70 Points
2 Kirk Gibbs 64 Points
3 Hayden Mellross 58 Points
4 Luke Clout 54 Points
5 Jesse Dobson 51 Points
6 Justin Rodbell 49 Points
7 Daniel Milner 46 Points
8 Erki Kahro 44 Points
9 Richie Evans 40 Points
10 Jayden Rykers 39 Points

MX1 - Moto 3 (Top 10)
1 Kirk Gibbs 17 Laps - Race Time:27:33.009
2 Todd Waters +23.807
3 Luke Clout +25.492
4 Hayden Mellross +29.937
5 Jesse Dobson +43.532
6 Daniel Sanders +48.808
7 Erki Kahro +50.402
8 Jayden Rykers +1:21.986
9 Justin Rodbell +1:24.062
10 Brett Metcalfe +1:32.071
Fastest Lap: Kirk Gibbs - 1:34.033

MX1 - Round 3 Overall (Top 10)
1 Kirk Gibbs 67 Points
2 Todd Waters 67 Points
3 Luke Clout 58 Points
4 Hayden Mellross 58 Points
5 Jesse Dobson 52 Points
6 Erki Kahro 47 Points
7 Justin Rodbell 47 Points
8 Jayden Rykers 44 Points
9 Daniel Milner 43 Points
10 Daniel Sanders 40 Points

MX1 - Championship Standings After Round 3 (Top 10)
1 Hayden Mellross 152 Points
2 Luke Clout 147 Points
3 Kirk Gibbs 145 Points
4 Todd Waters 143 Points
5 Jesse Dobson 121 Points
6 Justin Rodbell 110 Points
7 Erki Kahro 107 Points
8 Jayden Rykers 102 Points
9 Brett Metcalfe 97 Points
10 Charlie Creech 94 Points
11 Tomas Ravenhorst 92 Points
Pirelli MX2 Results

MX2 - Timed Qualifying (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd - 1:31.379
2 Nathan Crawford - 1:32.807
3 Kyle Webster - 1:33.258
4 Aaron Tanti - 1:33.956
5 Kaleb Barham - 1:33.962
6 Riley Dukes - 1:34.815
7 Jay Wilson - 1:33.684
8 Ricky Latimer - 1:35.670
9 Sam Pelz - 1:35.784
10 Dylan Wills - 1:35.873

MX2 - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd - 17 Laps - Race Time: 28:11.686
2 Kyle Webster +0.951
3 Nathan Crawford +3.293
4 Aaron Tanti +6.464
5 Jay Wilson +1:00.043
6 Dylan Wills +1:06.595
7 Jye Dickson +1:08.848
8 Bailey Malkiewicz +1:11.493
9 Ricky Latimer +1:12.464
10 Joel Evans +1:18.758
Fastest Lap: Kyle Webster - 1:36.570)

MX2 - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd 11 Laps - Race Time:18:32.870
2 Kyle Webster +4.249
3 Jay Wilson +5.070
4 Aaron Tanti +9.789
5 Riley Dukes +21.187
6 Dylan Wills +34.994
7 Nathan Crawford +35.501
8 Isaac Ferguson +36.220
9 Cooper Pozniak +37.737
10 Bailey Malkiewicz +39.335
Fastest Lap: Jay Wilson - 1:37.197)

MX2 - Round 3 Overall (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd 70 Points
2 Kyle Webster 64 Points
3 Jay Wilson 56 Points
4 Aaron Tanti 56 Points
5 Nathan Crawford 54 Points
6 Dylan Wills 50 Points
7 Bailey Malkiewicz 44 Points
8 Jye Dickson 43 Points
9 Riley Dukes 42 Points
10 Ricky Latimer 42 Points

MX2 - Championship Standings After Round 3 (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd 170 Points
2 Jay Wilson 142 Points
3 Aaron Tanti 133 Points
4 Kyle Webster 126 Points
5 Nathan Crawford 122 Points
6 Cooper Pozniak 115 Points
7 Dylan Wills 113 Points
8 Jye Dickson 107 Points
9 Riley Dukes 103 Points
10 Issac Ferguson 93 Points
Motul MXD Results

MXD - Timed Qualifying
1 Rhys Budd - 1:33.171
2 Maximus Purvis - 1:33.447
3 Jack Kukas - 1:33.859
4 Jayce Cosford - 1:34.092
5 Regan Duffy - 1:34.780
6 Brodie Ellis - 1:34.849
7 Mason Semmens - 1:34.851
8 Mason Rowe - 1:34.997
9 Jai Walker - 1:35.057
10 Liam Walsh - 1:35.332

MXD - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Maximus Purvis 11 Laps - Race Time: 18:15.696
2 Rhys Budd +4.631
3 Mason Semmens +6.242
4 Regan Duffy +10.400
5 Jayce Cosford +37.539
6 Noah Ferguson +45.095
7 Brodie Ellis +47.672
8 Jack Kukas +48.448
9 Liam Walsh +49.764
10 Jai Walker +50.223
Fastest Lap: Maximus Purvis - 1:36.249)

MXD - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Regan Duffy 11 Laps - Race Time:18:39.787
2 Mason Semmens +2.366
3 Rhys Budd +13.645
4 Brodie Ellis +18.390
h 5 Jack Kukas +29.729
6 Maximus Purvis +37.720
7 Liam Walsh +43.757
8 Korey McMahon +46.947
9 Jai Walker +54.633
10 Mackenzie O'Bree +1:03.609
Fastest Lap: Regan Duffy - 1:38.082)

MXD - Round 3 Overall (Top 10)
1 Regan Duffy 63 Points
2 Mason Semmens 62 Points
3 Rhys Budd 62 Points
4 Maximus Purvis 60 Points
5 Brodie Ellis 52 Points
6 Jack Kukas 49 Points
7 Liam Walsh 46 Points
8 Jayce Cosford 45 Points
9 Jai Walker 43 Points
10 Noah Ferguson 42 Points

MXD - Championship Standings After Round 3 (Top 10)
1 Regan Duffy 157 Points
2 Rhys Budd 152 Points
3 Maximus Purvis 140 Points
4 Mason Semmens 125 Points
5 Jack Kukas 113 Points
6 Noah Ferguson 111 Points
7 Brodie Ellis 110 Points
8 Jayce Cosford 99 Points
9 Mason Rowe 98 59 Points
10 Liam Walsh 98 Points

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