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Get on the level with The Slant Board Guy

Author: David Hogan


The OG board from The Slant Board Guy

Moto and training are becoming if not already become the hand-in-hand, bike for bike, row for row in heart rate zone, or lift in the gym daily link for anyone from weekend warriors to professionals under the lights of Supercross.

More than ever training is being linked to and understood to impact performance and health making the gains you can achieve even more important.

The equipment you utilise can assist your progress or waste your time. Not every piece of equipment in a gym or even every aftermarket part you can buy for your bike is worth having or using. So what does a Moto enthusiast with a degree in exercise and sports science, and one in Physiotherapy think of a small angled wooden board to do squats on? That’s the basis of this AlwaysMoto Inspection on

The Slant Board Guy Slant board is a simple idea. I mean it’s just a few bits of timber on an angle right? Yeah. You’re right. But it’s what it does during your movement on the board. Compared to completing the same movement flat on the ground that really makes this board come to life and justifies the need for this piece of equipment to be in your gym. 

The movement options on this board are only limited by your own exercise imagination. How is that possible? Well, it’s beautifully built. Stable like no other slant board. And not just stable if you are centred on it. But it is stable right to the edges with only one foot or both feet. The feel and grip add to the stability. The full surface area is covered in a skateboard-style grip tape that not even a monkey with a banana peel could slip off. Its design inspires confidence in it that allows you to not only do the standard bodyweight squat on top of the board. But also lunges, dumbbell deadlifts, and combined overhead pressing actions with squat movements. As I said above the options are limited only by your exercise imagination. Let’s not go all gym fails type exercise imagination though. 

Always monitor your exercise via a heart rate device such as the Polar Verity and consult a health professional with any changes to your program or heart tracking.

The board is designed for anyone from elite athletes to the everyday person who is looking to build stronger legs to help with flexibility, mobility and athletic power.  The slant board is constructed with structural wood with our own centre support system so it is durable and can withstand large weights and pressure.  The Board is covered the surface with high-quality anti-slip tape to allow for any size and stance. The benefits of using the slant board include the ability to isolate the VMO muscle which supports the knee and other muscles during this exercise which in turn creates stronger knees and quads.  It is useful for all levels of fitness and mobility and is practical and convenient to have at home or in any gym setting. It is great to help build superior knee health. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

AlwaysMoto’s experience with the board was not traditional timing for a fitness-based product inspection. As many of you would know I’ve been in a long recovery period post my crash at the Hattah Desert race where I broke my hip. Amongst a few other bones and one organ lost. But I came across this company out of a need to progress my rehab. I was stuck. Limited with my squatting ability and continuing to fight knee pain due to the plates and screws in my hip. I had 3months or so to build myself up until I was to get the plates and screws removed and I was not satisfied with my leg strength, mobility or my unpleasant knee pain. 

In normal circumstances, I would have taken to the tools and knocked something up myself. But with my other issues, power tools were not a great idea. Honestly, once I found Slant Board Guy online and I received the product. I would have been wasting my time building my own. This product is high quality and works exactly as intended. No wobbly platform. Plenty of room to put big feet. Extremely grippy surface to ensure no unwanted incidents mid-session. Sturdy enough to hold large weights and you as you exercise to make its use in the gym extremely versatile.

Now I was struggling with flat squatting. Unable to go beyond horizontal thighs. Knee pain and my limited strength in my hip range/position just stopping me dead. With Seemingly no progress with my current abilities and home gym limitations. Enter the Slant Board Guy. The first time I put the Slant Board down and utilised the 30-degree angle to squat. I was able to go full depth. I was shocked. The change in angle provided the adjustment I needed to work on my strength through the movement range. Within 2wks of daily leg activities on the board, I was able to do a flat squat to full depth. Yes, I still had knee pain whilst doing it. But that is something I have since learnt was caused by the metal in my hip as it has now completely resolved. Almost instantly when I woke up from the removal surgery a few weeks back.

In the lead-up to my removal surgery. I was growing in strength. Not purely using the board for all leg exercises. But as an adjunct and a tool to progress strength through different ranges. Not only can you squat on the board. But Lunges are nicely altered when on the board. Front foot or back foot on the board and you can instantly increase your exercise range which will allow improvements in your standing and transition to sitting when attacking a corner on the moto. But during the rehab phase, I was in. It became a must-have to help progress an exercise to its full range potential.

In Moto Terms, From seated to Standing position, requires almost a full-depth squat. Not only once. But upward of 20 times per lap on a regular-length MX track. If you cant full depth squat on the flat. How do you expect to be able to do it on the Moto mid-corner entry or exit? This is where the Slant Board would be beneficial for your off-bike training to improve your on-bike performance.

If you are going to do lunges. Pro Tip- if your front foot is on the board. Watch your back knee position as you lunge. A big enough step back is required to not hit your knee on the back top edge of the board as you get the full depth of the lunge. 

Not just for squats. Lunges, calf raises, stretches and more can be done on The Slant Board

One of the nicest aspects of this board is its simplicity. I’ve used many different homemade and physio supply-type boards in clinics. I’ve missed having access to one for a few years now as I loved being able to simply stand on it to stretch my calf muscles. For someone who is reasonably flexible (in normal times, working on it again post injuries), I find it difficult to get a satisfying stretch of my calves after some of my cycles or even the longer rowing efforts. But being able to walk straight to the Slant Board and quickly stretch is a nice luxury in my gym now.

This equipment piece shouldn’t be the only way you train legs. It should be an alternate, an adjunct, a technique improver, a pain management piece, or a rehab piece. But simply you should have one in your gym equipment arsenal.

The standard board retails from $129.00. You can also get a custom board with your own logo on it from $169.95. Not to mention the other variations of the Slant board available via the website also.

For AlwaysMoto podcast listeners, there is a further discount available. But you will have to check out the podcast in the link below to find out how to save more.

Get yours at

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