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Fusport XP2 Review

Author: David Hogan


The XP2 boot is aimed to compete with those mid-range boots such as the TCX and the Tech 7’s

Introducing the new, Australian designed, Australian owned Füsport XP2 off-road boot.

It’s not too often you get to welcome an Australian designed Moto boot to the market. Let alone a boot that will challenge those well-established brands in both performance and price.

The XP2 is a mid-range, mid-priced offroad moto boot. It aims to provide maximum protection and performance for a very affordable price. At $299.00, it is definitely very affordable for the level of quality and in ride comfort and protection.

Some of the XP2 features include
F.E.A.S – Füsport External Articulation System
Low profile toe box
Hidden lower buckle
Hard Wearing moulded sole

The Füsport external articulation system is discreetly integrated into the rear of the boot. Aimed to help prevent hyperextension of the ankle.

So how does it feel on your foot and on track? This XP2 is a slim or athletic fit. Meaning if you have a wider foot. You might need one size larger to get into the XP2 comfortably. Personally, I’m a US10 in most footwear. Including tech 7’s. In the XP2 I was still a US10. But it does feel slimmer and more fitted than other boots. I’m also a two sock type of guy as I don’t like my foot moving in my boot.

I did start out with only one sock in the XP2’s and it did fit fine. But as the boot broke in over about 4hrs use. I ended up going back to my usual two socks set up as it helped me feel snug in the boot. I don’t like gear that moves around as it either rubs a hole (Blisters) or is not where it should be when you crash.

The four buckle closure system was easy to use. The buckles themselves are quite nice to grip and lever open or closed. Unlike some other brands where these are a bit of a dangerous lose a finger type task. These buckles worked very nicely.

The inner and outer closure of the boot is a bit of a fiddly task. But the flip side of this is the boot is extremely well closed off from the ankle up the shin. Meaning the chance of unwanted dirt or water getting inside with your foot is less likely with the design. Once you work out how to get the inner leather done up neatly and firmly. The outer, hard injection moulded components come together easily.

Like most boots. The break-in time is critical. The first hour in these boots was a bit of a struggle. Not being familiar with the boot previously. I had no feel of the shape of the boot and where my feet were from there. But after about an hour. A couple of minor adjustments tighter on the ankle strap to help hold my heel down into the boot as it freed up. Things started to come together well. By 2 hours the boot felt no different to me for ease of feel of the pegs and levers than my trusty old tech 7’s that will now be shelved. Replaced by these XP2’s.

The Füsport external articulation system is discreetly integrated into the rear of the boot. Aimed to help prevent hyperextension of the ankle. So far I’ve been lucky enough to not test this out mid-ride. For those guys and girls like me that change gears with their heels from time to time. It did not affect my feel or shift ability at all. The entire boot, but particularly this F.E.A.S is a minimalist design. Making it light and super simple to grip your bike. Or shift up gears with your heal.

For me with boots. I always focus on how well the sole holds up. I’ve been known to destroy a boot sole in one ride day. I’ve since switched pegs to Pivot Pegz to assist with Boot sole longevity. So how does the Füsport XP2 sole stand up? I’m about 10hours in on the XP2 and the sole looks pretty much the same as it did when I pulled them out of the box. Which is shocking to me. So this aspect of the boot seems to be well and truly on point.

This XP2 boot is aimed to compete with those mid-range boots such as the TCX and the Tech 7’s of the boot world. Given the price and the quality of the boot. It is well and truly on the mark. For the Aussie consumer, it is priced well below those other options and you should seriously consider purchasing this boot over the other available options.

The XP2 comes in 3 colours, Stealth (All Black), Fluro Yellow/Grey/Black, White/Black/Grey and is available in sizes: 39 Eu – 48 Eu (6 US – 15 US).

For more information on the XP2 range check out

Available for purchase through your local dealer or find them on your favourite online E-Tailer.

The XP2 is a slim or athletic fit.

The Always Moto Fusport XP2 Boot Podcast Review

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