Ferris, Webster, Purvis and Rutledge on top at Pirelli MX Nationals round four


Dean Ferris made the perfect return to Pirelli MX Nationals racing going 1-1 in his series cameo. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Dean Ferris has made a flawless return to Pirelli MX Nationals racing taking both MX1 moto wins at round 4 of the championship at Murray Bridge, SA, while Honda's Kyle Webster was the class of the MX2 field taking the round win while Max Purvis walked away with the MXD class win.

In his return to the championship, Dean Ferris led the opening lap of the first MX1 moto ahead of Jayden Rykers and Kirk Gibbs. Leading privateer Jesse Dobson, and round two winner Luke Clout rounded the opening lap at the tale of the field after crashing while Todd Waters was also outside the top ten. Rykers and Gibbs battled for second early on while Hayden Mellross, Dylan Long and Lawson Bopping ran in the next group. By lap six Gibbs had gotten by Rykers but had a six-second deficit to Ferris.

Try as he might Gibbs couldn't reel Ferris in and the defending champion went on to a convincing thirteen-second win in his return to the series. Gibbs was second with an impressive Rykers finishing eight seconds ahead of Mellross for third. Clout and Waters mounted an impressive charge from the back of the field in the closing stages to claim fifth and sixth respectively.

Ferris made it two holeshots in a row in the second moto and let everyone know he had lost none of his championship winning form. Luke Clout followed in second ahead of Justin Rodbell, Mellross, Gibbs, Bopping and Waters. Gibbs, after moving into third, lost his front end and went into a slow motion face plant and was now set with a big task to come back to a top finish. Waters moved into fourth and set his sights Mellross while Ferris and Clout still battled for the lead within a second of each other.

Clout never looked like Ferris had his number and was persistently a second behind, in DRS zone, lap after lap. But in the end, Ferris was just to consistent, smooth and 100% mistake free. going onto make it two wins in a row for the overall win. Mellross rounded out a good day with third ahead of Waters; an impressive Jayden Rykers was fifth. Gibbs finished out of the points and down a lap.

Ferris took the round overall ahead of Clout and Mellross third.

"It was good to come out here and blow away the cobwebs," Ferris said. "I was a bit steady in practice but once the gate dropped i got going and got two holeshots, so that was awesome - it's been a long time since i did that. It was definitely key to get holeshots here today because the racing was tight. Raceline and RecoveR8 pulled this together in a few weeks so a huge thanks to them," Ferris concluded.

Penrite CFR Honda Racing's Kyle Webster lived up to his potential, qualifying fastest and taking his first round win for the year in the MX2 class. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Moto one of the MX2 doubleheader saw fastest qualifier Kyle Webster and Yamaha's Jay Wilson shoot out of the gate with Webster just snaring the holeshot ahead of Wilson. From there the two went head to head for the distance never more than a few seconds apart and dropping the race's fastest laps as the battled for the lead. By the chequered flag, Webster took the win by just under two seconds.

Kaleb Baraham and WBR Yamaha's Bailey Malkiewicz battled race long for third with Malkiewicz eventually coming up with the upper hand and taking third for his best result of the year. Baraham was fourth while Championship leader Wilson Todd worked up from an average start to round out the top five.

Serco Yamaha's Nathan Crawford was probably the moto's biggest disappointment carding a DNF.

Moto 2 saw Penrite CRF Honda Racing's Webster once again take control from the start, this time ahead of Barham and DPH Motorports' Wilson Todd. Moto one runner up Jay Wilson got away in fourth. Webster once again controlled the race from the front and crossed the line with a huge 15-second win to go back to back for the sprints.

Jay Wilson worked his way up to second to card s pair of seconds while Barham went one better to finish third. All the action was the battle for fourth with Dylan Wills, Todd, Malkiewicz and Nathan Crawford all trying to stake a claim. By the flag it as Wills fourth and Todd fifth.

Moto 3 saw Wilson Todd take the holeshot with Jay Wilson second and Webster third, Dylan Wills, who was ridining with a knee injury held down fourth. The first four laps saw the leading trio frieght train around in that order. With pressure mounting on Webster, who need to be in front of Jay Wilson for the overall. The first half of the moto provided little in the way of on track battles until Jay Wilson started to close in on leader Wilson Todd, Webster remained in the hunt with lappers helping him to close on Wilson.

Webster made a move into second with two laps to go and set his sights on leader Wilson Todd to try and make it three wins for the day. Webster threw everything into it but came up a bike length short by the chequered flag, but second place was enough for the overall win. Jay Wilson was third with Dylan Wills fourth; Riley Dukes rounded out the top five.

In the overall Webster took the top step of the podium ahead of Jay Wilson and Wilson Todd.

"It was a good day, probably one of my best days," Webster said after the race. "That last race was full on; i was really riding on the edge. I big thanks to everyone, my team and my family that came along, I haven't seen them for a long time, so it was a pretty cool day," he concluded.

After winning moto one, Max Purvis (145) made an heroic charge from outside the top ten in moto two of the MXD class to finish second and claim the round overall win. Photo: Aaryn Minerds.
Moto 1 of the MXD class saw Tasmanian Brodie Ellis get out to the lead off the start with Mackenzie O'Bree in tow; it wasn't long though before heavy hitters Rhys Budd, Max Purvis and championship leader Regan Duffy started to climb their way to the front. The batteling trio helping Ellis to control the lead out front. Ellis couldn't hold off a hard-charging Purvis though, and the Kiwi took the lead four laps from home and was never headed, going on to an easy win. Ellis, Budd and Duffy went bar to bar for the remaining laps with Ellis holding off a barrage of attacks to take second ahead of Duffy and Budd; WBR Yamaha's Jack Kukas rounded out the top five.

Championship leader Regan Duffy was back in form for moto 2 with a solid holeshot ahead of Jai Walker, Kukas and Budd. At the conclusion of the opening lap Duffy had checked out, and all but a mistake would stop him taking a win. Budd quickly moved to second where he would run alone in second. Meanwhile, moto one winner Max Purvis was battleing to get into the top ten. With the top two places seemingly setteld all attention was on Purvis, the Kiwi eventually carving his way up to third and began to pressure Budd for second with three laps to go. The Yamaha rider seemed to be getting faster with each lap, and suddenly Duffy's lead didn't look safe! While Purvis was riding at super speed, he wasn't Superman and had to settle for second, which was enough for the overall round win. Duffy's win was enough to solidify second overall for the round ahead of Rhys Budd.

Defending champion Meghan Rutledge went 1-1 in the YMF Australian MXW Championship season opening round. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Defending Australian Champion Meghan Rutledge took up where she left off last season taking a pair of wins to get her season off to the perfect start in the 2019 YMF Australian MXW Championship.

West Australian Jessica Moore took a second in the first moto but was handed a penalty in the second moto while running second again, following an unintentional altercation with Brown, which put a podium place in jeopardy. Victorian Maddy Brown who was third in the first moto was also classed as second in moto two, despite crossing the line in third.

The only other podium contender Emma Milesevic crashed in the first moto but rebounded for fourth but a bike problem in the second put an end to her podium chances, although the Penrite CRF Honda racer still finished fourth. In the end, it was all about Rutledge who was the class act for the day with Brown second and Moore third overall.

"It was definitely a really good day," Rutledge said. "I really gelled with the track straight up. It's a lot like one of my home tracks. I really enjoyed it out there." she concluded.

Round five continues tomorrow with the MX1 class this time running the back to back format.
THOR MX1 Results

MX1 - Raceline Superpole
1 Luke Clout - 1:37.358
2 Kirk Gibbs - 1:37.953
3 Dean Ferris - 1:38.072
4 Hayden Mellross - 1:38.554
5 Lawson Bopping - 1:39.614

MX1 - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Dean Ferris 18 Laps - Race Time: 29:27.360
2 Kirk Gibbs +13.226
3 Jayden Rykers +22.125
4 Hayden Mellross +41.122
5 Luke Clout +44.550
6 Todd Waters +44.805
7 Richie Evans +54.702
8 Lawson Bopping +56.770
9 Justin Rodbell +58.956
10 Dylan Long +1:00.359
Fastest Lap: Kirk Gibbs: 1:38.466

MX1 - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Dean Ferris 18 Laps - Race Time: 29:27.621
2 Luke Clout +3.573
3 Hayden Mellross +8.187
4 Todd Waters +15.901
5 Jayden Rykers +44.930
6 Justin Rodbell +47.858
7 Richie Evans +50.965
8 Erki Kahro +51.574
9 Dylan Long +1:06.083
10 Brett Metcalfe +1:21.268
Fastest Lap: Hayden Mellross: 1:39.070

MX1 - Round 4 Overall (Top 10)
1 Dean Ferris 70 Points
2 Luke Clout 58 Points
3 Hayden Mellross 58 Points
4 Jayden Rykers 56 Points
5 Todd Waters 53 Points
6 Richie Evans 48 Points
7 Justin Rodbell 47 Points
8 Dylan Long 43 Points
9 Erki Kahro 42 Points
10 Brett Metcalfe 39 Points

Pirelli MX2 Results

MX2 - Timed Qualifying (Top 10)
1 Kyle Webster - 1:41.507
2 Jay Wilson - 1:41.563
3 Wilson Todd - 1:41.699
4 Bailey Malkiewicz - 1:42.406
5 Aaron Tanti - 1:42.805
6 Jye Dickson - 1:43.357
7 Dylan Wills - 1:43.947
8 Joel Evans - 1:44.005
9 Riley Dukes - 1:44.298
10 Jai Constantinou - 1:44.575

MX2 - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Kyle Webster 8 Laps - Race Time: 12:38.018
2 Jay Wilson +1.848
3 Bailey Malkiewicz +28.008
4 Kaleb Barham +34.951
5 Wilson Todd +36.087
6 Jye Dickson +37.313
7 Riley Dukes +38.670
8 Aaron Tanti +39.174
9 Dylan Wills +39.376
10 Isaac Ferguson +39.890
Fastest Lap: Kyle Webster: 1:38.600

MX2 - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Kyle Webster 8 Laps - Race Time: 12:50.635
2 Jay Wilson +15.975
3 Kaleb Barham +21.932
4 Dylan Wills +23.633
5 Wilson Todd +23.759
6 Bailey Malkiewicz +23.912
7 Nathan Crawford +24.791
8 Riley Dukes +25.916
9 Jai Constantinou +27.188
10 Joel Evans +29.417
Fastest Lap: Kyle Webster: 1:38.313

MX2 - Moto 2 and Moto 3 points (Top 10)
1 Kyle Webster 70 Points
2 Jay Wilson 64 Points
3 Kaleb Barham 58 Points
4 Bailey Malkiewicz 55 Points
5 Wilson Todd 52 Points
6 Dylan Wills 50 Points
7 Riley Dukes 47 Points
8 Aaron Tanti 42 Points
9 Jai Constantinou 40 Points
10 Ricky Latimer 40 Points

MX2 - Moto 3 (Top 10)
1 Wilson Todd 11 Laps - Race Time: 17:52.330
2 Kyle Webster +0.324
3 Jay Wilson +5.699
4 Dylan Wills +28.302
5 Riley Dukes +30.887
6 Nathan Crawford +32.686
7 Bailey Malkiewicz +45.753
8 Kaleb Barham +49.140
9 Jai Constantinou +49.874
10 Morgan Fogarty +50.099
Fastest Lap: Jay Wilson: 1:39.671

MX2 - Round 4 Overall (Top 10)
1 Kyle Webster 67 Points
2 Jay Wilson 62 Points
3 Wilson Todd 61 Points
4 Dylan Wills 53 Points
5 Kaleb Barham 53 Points
6 Bailey Malkiewicz 52 Points
7 Riley Dukes 50 Points
8 Jai Constantinou 44 Points
9 Ricky Latimer 41 Points
10 Nathan Crawford 38 Points

Motul MXD Results

MXD - Timed Qualifying
1 Regan Duffy - 1:40.961
2 Maximus Purvis - 1:41.130
3 Rhys Budd - 1:42.380
4 Mason Semmens - 1:42.432
5 Navrin Grothues - 1:43.565
6 Brodie Ellis - 1:43.727
7 Jack Kukas - 1:43.734
8 Liam Walsh - 1:44.012
9 Noah Ferguson - 1:44.479
10 Jayce Cosford - 1:44.804

MXD - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Maximus Purvis 11 Laps - Race Time: 18:02.394
2 Brodie Ellis +6.161
3 Regan Duffy +6.769
4 Rhys Budd +7.740
5 Jack Kukas +29.674
6 Mason Rowe +33.876
7 Jayce Cosford +40.754
8 Mackenzie O'Bree +41.598
9 Tye Jones +51.430
10 Jai Walker +52.118
Fastest Lap: Regan Duffy: 1:40.164

MXD - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Regan Duffy 11 Laps - Race Time 18:08.279
2 Maximus Purvis +5.044
3 Rhys Budd +15.883
4 Mason Semmens +20.659
5 Jack Kukas +30.096
6 Brodie Ellis +30.354
7 Mason Rowe +32.172
8 Jai Walker +41.111
9 Tye Jones +44.500
10 Liam Walsh +48.186
Fastest Lap: Regan Duffy & Max Purvis: 1:40.748

MXD - Round 4 Overall (Top 10)
1 Maximus Purvis 67 Points
2 Regan Duffy 65 Points
3 Rhys Budd 58 Points
4 Brodie Ellis 57 Points
5 Jack Kukas 52 Points
6 Mason Rowe 49 Points
7 Jai Walker 44 Points
8 Tye Jones 44 Points
9 Jayce Cosford 44 Points
10 Mackenzie O'Bree 41 Points

YMF Australian MXW Championship Results

YMF Australian MXW - Timed Qualifying
1 Meghan Rutledge - 1:49.755
2 Maddy Brown - 1:49.936
3 Jessica Moore - 1:50.189
4 Emma Milesevic - 1:51.365
5 Roma Edwards - 2:00.444
6 Tanesha Harnett - 2:00.640
7 Amy Bartsch - 2:01.450
8 Kara Cats - 2:02.731
9 Steph Cutler - 2:03.206
10 Ebony Harris - 2:05.016

YMF Australian MXW - Moto 1 (Top 10)
1 Meghan Rutledge 8 Laps - Race Time: 14:15.138
2 Jessica Moore +9.023
3 Maddy Brown +22.068
4 Emma Milesevic +33.206
5 Kara Cats +1:02.309
6 Tanesha Harnett +1:08.828
7 Roma Edwards +1:13.722
8 Amy Bartsch +1:17.263
9 Steph Cutler +1:45.963
10 Britney Boyce +1:59.219
Fastest Lap: Meghan Rutledge: 1:50.448

YMF Australian MXW - Moto 2 (Top 10)
1 Meghan Rutledge - 8 Laps
2 Maddy Brown +11.431
3 Jessica Moore +19.524
4 Emma Milesevic +59.361
5 Roma Edwards +1:06.170
6 Kara Cats +1:12.714
7 Tanesha Harnett +1:24.683
8 Ebony Harris +1:34.505
9 Amy Bartsch +1:46.802
10 Britney Boyce +1:50.805
Fastest Lap: Meghan Rutledge: 1:50.522

YMF Australian MXW - Round 1 Overall (Top 10)
1 Meghan Rutledge 70 Points
2 Maddy Brown 62 Points
3 Jessica Moore 62 Points
4 Emma Milesevic 56 Points
5 Kara Cats 51 Points
6 Roma Edwards 50 Points
7 Tanesha Harnett 49 Points
8 Amy Bartsch 45 Points
9 Ebony Harris 43 Points
10 Britney Boyce 42 Points

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