Dean Ferris, Bailey Malkiewicz and Cambell Williams Top The Podium At Wodonga ProMX Round


The Wodonga track in Victoria played host to Round 3 of the Penrite ProMX Championship presented by AMX Superstores. Riders and teams were presented with a contrasting race track that as fast as it was treacherous, provided race fans with intense racing action and mistakes from many of the elite ProMX riders across the day.


Dean Ferris on his way to a perfect day at Wodonga for Honda

In THOR MX1, it was time for the challengers to assert dominance over the field. Following the unprecedented turn of events that saw both Round 1 Red Plate holder, Luke Clout and Round 2 Red Plate holder, Kyle Webster, both exit the Championship with injuries within the same week, the Championship was now thrown wide open.

Aaron Tanti would answer the call first thing, setting the fastest time in the THOR MX1 qualifying session. However, it was Kirk Gibbs that would claim the top spot and set the fastest time in the AMX Superstores Top Ten Pole Shootout.

In the opening THOR MX1 moto, Dean Ferris asserted himself early on lap 1 to the front of the field. The first lap would also see Kirk Gibbs crash out of contention with Aaron Tanti colliding with the downed rider’s bike, leaving both riders on the floor and at the back of the pack.

Todd Waters latched onto the back of Ferris and the pair ran in their all too familiar 1st and 2nd positions that we have seen so many times before. To make things even more interesting, Brett Metcalfe joined the veteran freight train out front, the trio sprinting away from the rest of the field.

Waters would pass Ferris temporarily 8 minutes in, however, Ferris then returned the favour in exactly the same spot 5 minutes later. Ferris then lead the trio of Australian Motocross legends to the chequered flag in an epic last lap battle, with Todd Waters in 2nd, Brett Metcalfe in 3rd, Hayden Mellross 4th and a hard charging Aaron Tanti in 5th. 

For the first time in the 2022 ProMX Championship, the back-to-back motos factored into race day proceedings for THOR MX1 in the afternoon. In back-to-back part 1, Ferris executed the holeshot with Metcalfe in 2nd, Tanti in 3rd and Gibbs in 4th.

Husqvarna’s Todd Waters takes control of the championship lead with a second place round finish.

The short moto format saw the riders stay in this formation until late in the moto when Metcalfe cross-rutted and crashed following the first turn area, leaving the door open for Tanti and Gibbs to move forward. At the chequered flag, it was Ferris taking the win from Tanti in 2nd and Gibbs in 3rd. Todd Waters put on an incredible charge from a first turn crash all the way back to 5th in the short back-to-back moto format. 

In the 2nd back to back moto, it was again Ferris who executed a perfect holeshot. Aaron Tanti pushed his way to the lead spot for the majority of the moto, however down the stretch Ferris was too strong, passing Tanti back with a few minutes to go. At the chequered flag, it was Ferris claiming a perfect day with another 1st, with Tanti in 2nd, Waters in 3rd, Metcalfe 4th, and Mellross 5th. 

Dean Ferris closed up a huge points margin to just 11 points out of the Championship lead with the THOR MX1 overall victory at Wodonga. New Red Plate holder Todd Waters was 2nd overall and Aaron Tanti was 3rd overall, sitting just 1 point out of the Red Plate.

THOR MX1 Overall Top Ten

  1. Dean FERRIS / 25 / 25 – 50pts
  2. Todd WATERS /22 / 20 – 42pts
  3. Aaron TANTI / 16 / 22 – 38pts
  4. Brett METCALFE / 20 / 18 – 38pts
  5. Hayden MELLROSS / 18 / 12 – 30pts
  6. Joel EVANS / 13 / 15 – 28pts
  7. Joel WIGHTMAN / 11 / 16 – 27pts
  8. Jayden RYKERS / 10 / 14 – 24pts
  9. Kirk GIBBS / 14 / 9 – 23pts
  10. Dylan WOOD / 9 / 13 – 22pts

THOR MX1 Championship Top Ten Standings

  1. Todd WATERS – 118 pts
  2. Aaron TANTI – 117 pts
  3. Dean FERRIS – 107 pts
  4. Brett METCALFE – 103 pts
  5. Kirk GIBBS – 90 pts
  6. Kyle WEBSTER – 85 pts
  7. Jayden RYKERS – 77 pts
  8. Hayden MELLROSS – 77 pts
  9. Joel EVANS – 69 pts
  10. Joben BALDWIN – 58 pts


The MX2 field thunder through the first turn at Wodonga

In Pirelli MX2, it appeared to be business as usual after Wilson Todd jumped to the front of the field early in lap 1, passing holeshot winner Dylan Wills. However, on lap 3, Todd would uncharacteristically crash out of the lead, passing the number 1 spot to Jesse Dobson.

A procession of Yamaha’s battled for the podium placings throughout the moto with Rhys Budd, Bailey Malkiewicz, and Ryder Kingsford all in tow.

At the end of moto 1, it was Malkiewicz who emerged victorious, ahead of Ryder Kingsford and Rhys Budd. Wilson Todd would charge from 14th back to 4th and Jesse Dobson would crash out sustaining a dislocated shoulder at the midpoint of the race. 

Moto 2 was more of a familiar affair, with Todd holeshotting and after a brief battle with Noah Ferguson, beginning his trademark inching away from the field of Pirelli MX2 riders.

Bailey Malkiewicz raced to his first overall round win for 2022

Malkiewicz and Larwood would battle for 2nd position, with Larwood eventually pulling away from his bLU cRU counterpart. At the chequered flag, it was Todd taking 1st with Larwood in 2nd and Malkiewicz in 3rd. Liam Andrews placed a season-best 4th with Ryder Kingsford placing 6th.

With 1-3 Moto scores, Malkiewicz claimed his first career Pirelli MX2 overall win, with Wilson Todd in 2nd and Ryder Kingsford in 3rd. 

In the Championship points, Wilson Todd maintains a healthy points lead as Red Plate holder ahead of Bailey Malkiewicz in 2nd and Alex Larwood in 3rd. 

Pirelli MX2 Overall Top Ten

  1. Bailey MALKIEWICZ / 25 /20 – 45 Pts
  2. Wilson TODD / 18 / 25 – 43 Pts
  3. Ryder KINGSFORD / 22 / 15 – 37 Pts
  4. Liam ANDREWS / 16 / 18 – 34 Pts
  5. Noah FERGUSON / 15 / 16 – 31 Pts
  6. Rhys BUDD / 20 / 11 – 31 Pts
  7. Jai CONSTANTINOU / 13 / 14 – 27 Pts
  8. Alex LARWOOD / 4 / 22 – 26 Pts
  9. Dylan WILLS / 11 / 13 – 24 Pts
  10. Jayce COSFORD / 12 / 9 – 21 Pts

Pirelli MX2 Top Ten Championship Standings

  1. Wilson TODD – 143 Pts
  2. Bailey MALKIEWICZ – 118 Pts
  3. Alex LARWOOD – 110 Pts
  4. Rhys BUDD – 89 Pts
  5. Ryder KINGSFORD – 83 Pts
  6. Dylan WILLS – 83 Pts
  7. Jesse DOBSON – 77 Pts
  8. Liam ANDREWS – 73 Pts
  9. Noah FERGUSON – 68 Pts
  10. Jai CONSTANTINOU – 68 Pts

Maxxis MX3

William increased his championship lead with victory at round 3.

In Maxxis MX3, youngster Cooper Holroyd took the holeshot and lead early in moto 1. At the halfway point, Ryan Alexanderson passed Holroyd for the lead, with round one winner Cambell Williams and Jack Mather in tow.

At the chequered flag of Maxxis MX3 Moto 1, it was Ryan Alexanderson taking the Victory, ahead of Williams in 2nd and Mather in 3rd.

Moto 2 would see youngster Connor Towill holeshot and lead early.

At the halfway mark, Campbell Williams mounted his attack to take 1st position. Ryan Alexanderson mounted a huge charge from outside the top 5 to challenge Alexanderson down the stretch of the moto, culminating in a last-lap battle for the top spot. At the finish, Williams would take the moto win ahead of Alexanderson in 2nd and Jack Mather in 3rd.

In the Championship, Williams extends his points lead with the Red plate, ahead of Alexanderson in 2nd and KTM Racing Australia’s Kayden Minear in 3rd. 

Maxxis MX3 Overall Top Ten

  1. Cambell WILLIAMS / 22 / 25 – 47 Pts
  2. Ryan ALEXANDERSON / 25 / 22 – 47 Pts
  3. Jack MATHER / 20 / 20 – 40 Pts
  4. Byron DENNIS / 18 / 16 – 34 Pts
  5. Thynan KEAN / 15 / 14 – 29 Pts
  6. Myles GILMORE / 13 / 15 – 28 Pts
  7. Kayden MINEAR / 16 / 12 – 28 Pts
  8. Connor TOWILL / 9 / 18 – 27 Pts
  9. Cooper HOLROYD / 14 / 11 – 25 Pts
  10. Liam OWENS / 8 / 13 – 21 Pts

Maxxis MX3 Top Ten Championship Standings

  1. Cambell WILLIAMS – 135 Pts
  2. Ryan ALEXANDERSON – 114 Pts
  3. Kayden MINEAR – 110 Pts
  4. Byron DENNIS – 99 Pts
  5. Jack MATHER – 95 Pts
  6. Jet ALSOP – 80 Pts
  7. Myles GILMORE – 78 Pts
  8. Thynan KEAN – 74 Pts
  9. Brock FLYNN – 60 Pts
  10. Connor TOWILL – 57 Pts

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