Dunlop Wins 2012 / 2013 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Control Tyre Tender


Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions (ARTRP) have announced after a very close fought out tender process the winning tender for the 2012 / 2013 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series (AFX-SBK) is Dunlop.

Dunlop will return for the next two years as the successful supplier of control tyres for the premier FX-Superbike, FX600 and the F1 and F2 Pro-Twins and F1 Nakedbike classes.

As part of the winning tender Dunlop will be supplying the new spec control slick tyres at a lower cost to the competitors then in the previous two years. For competitors in the FX-Superbike, FX600 and F1 Pro-Twins/Nakedbike classes in 2012 a set of Dunlop control slicks will now be $525.00, some $70 per set cheaper than in 2011.

The best news for competitors is the new control slicks will be available from early January 2012 for testing, which will mean everyone should have a great set up by the first round of the Championship in mid March at Eastern Creek Raceway.

On top of that ARTRP also announce over $33,000 in contingency tyre prizes for privateers.

The FX-Superbike class will receive six sets of tyres per each of the six (6) events in 2012 and 2013. The top placed privateer overall in the premier FX-Superbike class will win two sets of control tyres at each round. Second and third overall will each get one set each as a prize and the top B grader will also get another set of tyres. Last but not least in the FX-Superbike class the top overall placed C&D grader at each round will also get a set of control tyres.

In the FX600 class at each event the first placed privateer rider per round will receive a set of control tyres, so will the top placed B grader and the top placed C&D grader as well. These great tyre prizes give plenty of incentive for competitors in all grades to win their grade overall at each of the rounds.

In the Pro-Twins / Nakedbike class the combined outright winner of the round will also win a set of control slicks at each round as an incentive prize.

There will also be a wider choice of sizes in control tyres for riders in the Pro-Twins F2 class with both 190 and 180/55 slicks now available.

Dunlop will also be introducing a completely new front and rear slick in 2012 with a return in size and profile to that much lauded 2008 N-Tec treaded tyre size that saw many lap records set in that year and which has not been duplicated since.

For the first time in 2012 there will also be a control 'WET' weather tyre in the FX-Superbike and FX600 classes. This will mean that the two premier classes will be on a level playing field when it comes to tyres for the first time even when the conditions turn wet.

The managing manager of Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions Terry O'Neill said, "It is great to be working with Dunlop again for another two years, Dunlop has a proven track records in supplying great products and service to Australian racers and series. It will be excellent to see the FX600's on slicks for the first time for any 600's in Australia at this level. Chances there will be many new lap records set in the FX600's in 2012." O'Neill added, "The new slicks should really improve the quality of racing while further reducing tyre costs for our control slick class competitors, which is pretty much a first in this day and age."

Ken Wieden of Dunlop Motorsport Tyres Australia said, "We are excited about being involved in the FX-Superbike Championship Series again for 2012 -2013. Even more so, we are pleased to introduce the series the new US made slicks to all control tyre classes in this series. These new KR series slicks have been extensively tested both in the US and Australia and display excellent performance in all areas, particularly with fast lap times and durability. In fact the new tyres have already made their successful introduction to racing in the US where they have proven their worth in open tyre rule racing with a number of wins in the WERA National Endurance Series Championship"

Information Regarding The New FX-Superbike & FX600 & FX Pro-Twins / Nakedbike Control Dry Weather Treaded Tyre:

New Dunlop Slick Information

The new KR series slicks are dimensionally identical to the KR106 / KR108 UK Tyres

Dimensional Data
Rim Size " Width mm Diameter mm Class
125/80R17 Med KR448F 3.5 Tba tba FX-Superbike, FX-600, Naked Bike, Pro-Twins F1
200/55R17 Med KR449 5.5 - 6.0 190 656 FX-Superbike, FX-600, Naked Bike, Pro-Twins F1
190/55R17 Med KR449 5.5 Tba tba Pro-Twins F1 & F2
120/70R17 Med D211 Slick 3.5 122 604 Pro-Twins F2
180/55R17 Med D211 Slick 5.0 - 5.5 185 640 Pro-Twins F2
125/80R17 414 KR191 3.5 121 603 All
190/55R17 414 KR393 5.0 - 6.0 119 605 All

Control Treaded Tyre's and Prices for 2012

FX-Superbike & FX600 & F1 Pro-Twins / NakedBike
125/80R17 KR448F $225.00 inc gst
200/55R17 KR449 $300.00 inc gst
$525.00 per set inc gst

The one control slick class at next years race meetings that has a control tyre with different compounds is the Pro-Twins F2 class.

Information Regarding the F2 Pro-Twins Control Dry Weather Slick Tyre:

Control Slick Sizes and Prices for 2012

Pro Twins F2
120/70R17 D211 Slick (F2) $225.00 in gst (use with 180/55)
125/80R17 KR448F Slick $225.00 inc gst
180/55R17 D211 Slick (F2) $295.00 inc gst (5 inch rim)
190/55R17 KR449 Slick $295.00 inc gst (5.5 inch rim)
$520.00 per set inc gst

Control Wet Tyres for FX-Superbike, FX600

125/80R17 KR191 WET $265.00 inc gst
190/55R17 KR393 WET $330.00 inc gst
$595.00 inc gst per set

The above prices for both dry and wet weather tyres includes freight, fitting & balancing. The tyre service will be once again provided at the track by the Monza Dunlop Tyre Team which has provided excellent service previously and will again throughout 2012 /2013.

The control dry slick tyres in Pro-Twins/Nakedbike is a maximum of two sets for each round of the combined FX-Nationals and Australian FX-Superbike Championship rounds per weekend.

For the FX-Superbike and FX600 classes two sets, plus either a front or rear extra for both days qualifying sessions, is the maximum number of tyres per weekend.

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