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Drink Wirelessly with SoleStream

Author: David Hogan


The SoleStream Kit includes everything you need to get set up for push-button water delivery without taking your hand off the handlebar!

Moto is hard, right? At no point in your ride do you really have any spare time? This is great because if you are like me, it helps you clear your head of any troubles and work stress.

You don’t have time to think about anything else but where that front tyre is going, what rut you need in the next corner, throttle application, clutch modulation, and front brake squeezed just right to slow but not lock the front wheel. There are a thousand things going through your head all whilst trying to go as fast as you can. In this crazy addictive sport of ours, there isn’t really time to take a hand off the bar and reach for that drinking straw and find your mouth with it. But Hydration is key to optimal body performance, and you need to be hydrated in our sport because you tend to sweat a lot in all that gear on top of that hot engine. It should be safer to get a drink right without the need to slow down or stop mid-race or even just mid-ride when you are trying to not lose the dust of your mates and end up lost in that unfamiliar forest.

Well, that’s pretty much the driving force behind the little family-owned Australian business that s Sole Stream. They want you to stay hydrated but also stay safe whilst hydrating. No More crazy one-handed straw searches thanks to these guys.

The Sole Stream system utilises some everyday technology to pump the water from the hydration reservoir via their pumping system known as “The Quencher”. It’s triggered by the button that is placed on your handles that is connected to “The Quencher Unit via a transmitter. So no more removing your hand off your bar unless you are throwing some no-hander landers or something. Not really into freestyle myself. 

Yes, the system unfortunately needs batteries and charging of the transmitter but the fact you don’t have to remove your hand to drink is the feature you should not mistake here and a few batteries every once in a while is a small negative that is almost nullified by the inherited positive.

Now the whole sole stream system on the surface looks similar to other hydration backpack options out there. It has a very handy backpack with several storage compartments. Each utilising the space well without causing excessive loading ability to weigh you down and is evenly distributed on both sides of the pack to keep things, well, even der. But the backpack itself has some extra comfort built into it. The inner side (the side that sits against your back) has very nice padding that will sit on either side of your improving the comfort and pressure of the pack on your back. It also had thick straps with chest and waist restraints to again evenly distribute the pack’s load on you. Something that assists with your posture on longer rides.

Think of those heavy backpacks at school that use to sag down and you would lean forward to compensate because there was no way to secure them properly. With the adjustment in the arm straps along with the two horizontal link straps over the chest and waist, you can basically strap this to you Not have you on it or it control you. With all the movement you do on the bike to have the best body position as well as the intentional movement from the bike occasionally working against you. Having this strapped on securely makes it so you don’t even notice it’s there.

The drinking straw that comes standard is quite long allowing for you to make the correct adjustment and routing you choose from the pack to the mouthpiece on your helmet. Now when we set this up you have to be really careful to not go too short on the straw as you won’t be able to turn your head as far as you need. But too long creates other issues where it can hang out from your body or back of the helmet and for the off-road riders potentially be snagged by a stray branch. So from me to you. Pay attention to this when you are setting it up.

Getting your hose placement on your helmet correct is key to having a normal range of motion once all are connected.

Now at the mouthpiece, you have a squirt nozzle. There are two versions. One, “The Injector Nozzle” that you mount through your mouthpiece on your helmet, or two, The Swift Nozzle” that you mount inside the mouthpiece of the helmet. It’s a personal preference. I went with the Swift inside mount for what I felt was a cleaner routing of the drinking straw on the helmet. But also, the Thor Reflex Helmet I fitted this to when using the swift nozzle didn’t need any drilling of the mouthpiece to put the nozzle in securely. I could just tie it in with cable ties. Making for easy removal if needed when cleaning the helmet in the event of a full mudder one day.

So let’s get into the inspection. The Sole Stream we tested was the Hands-Free push button hydration kit and Ezifill in the 2-litre option.

These are listed on the SoleStream site for $374.00 which is currently on sale. So good timing if you are looking for one after you are done reading this inspection.

Things we liked

  • The backpack. Comfortable from the padding, great fitment adjustment and plenty of storage compartments for things like spare gloves, a few snacks and a couple of minor tools to get you out of a bind.
  • The 2-litre capacity. It’s a pretty standard size for this sort of product but it works well for a variety of reasons. There is a 3-litre version available for those who like to drink more or do longer adventure-type rides. 
  • You can actually get more water in. Because of the ease of the button system. Along with the fact you don’t have to suck. Yes, I said suck the water out of the straw. Something that can be tiring and cause you to increase your respiration rate as you are effectively holding your breath whilst doing it. You are able to hold the button down as long as you want and get continuous delivery. Meaning more water in for less effort.
  • The safety aspect. No more risky one-handers looking for a straw at high speed. That’s always a plus, right?
  • The Sole Stream Case. It’s like something out of James Bond that Q has been working on. Very cool case and a high-class finished product.
The carry case for the SoleStream gizmo’s is something straight out of James Bond and Q’s Lab! Very high-end quality here from this family-owned Aussie Company!

Things we would recommend

  • As much as we like the 2-Litre option. Really consider your ride type and duration. Because as I said above you can get more water delivery for less effort. You can go through the 2-Litre reservoir a lot more easily than for other brands. Maybe go the 3-Litre just to be safe
  • The set-up is a bit of work but it’s a necessary evil with just about anything so just read the instructions and power through it. It’s easier than an Ikea flat pack!
  • The batteries and in turn the filling of the reservoir. Because this is a pump system there are batteries that go flat. So there is more to this than the old brand option that you just fill up the reservoir. Because of the pump, the filling of this unit isn’t straightforward. But that’s where the Ezifill option from Solestream comes into play. If you think you didn’t need it when you go to purchase it. Think again. It will make your life a lot easier. Don’t half job this purchase. If you want the benefits of this product you need to go the whole hog!

Check out the full range of Sole Stream Products at

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