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Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


There are some products that you just love to get your hands on; then there are others that you don't think of too much, but then one lobs in your hands and changes your life for the better.

The DRC aluminum chain breaker certainly falls into that category!.

For the past 16.5 years, I have somewhat dreaded replacing my chain... First comes making sure you measure it out to the right link, mark that link, then for the past 16.5 years I have realied on my trusty hand grinder to grind the link off, followed by hating life as I tried to then squeeze the link clip back on along with the Xring or O-Ring or U-Ring's installed

Every one of those rubber rings looks the same to me and until the middle of last year I hated them with a passion.

That was until the good people over at Steve Cramer Products sent me over the tool of my dreams.
Wether at home with a vice, or at the track using it free hand, the DRC chain cutter could not be easier to use and we have certainly been putting it to good use.
I had always thought about getting myself a chain breaker, but did not realise how much easier it would make my life.

It took all of five seconds to work out how to use it, armed with a 14 and 17mm spanner, the pin pushed the chain link pins out in a fraction of the time it takes me to grind them away and most importantly I quickly figured out I could take out the pin and use the main screw to push my link back on the new chain with no fuss, no matter what type of chain I was running.

For a tool that cost just over $32, I would have it as one of the most valuable tools in my toolbox, I am looking forward to putting on my next fresh set of chain and sprockets!

For more infomation on the DRC Aluminum chain cutter and all DRC products head over to Steve Cramer Products, by CLICKING HERE

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