Cooper Webb sweeps Texas and stretches 450SX class points lead


Cooper Webb fought early to hold second then pushed his way into the lead late in the race for a thriller of a win. The current points leader swept all three 2021 Arlington Supercross events. Photo Credit: Align Media
The final Texas race and Round 12 of the 2021 Monster Energy AMA Supercross was once again Cooper Webb's night making it three in a row while Justin Cooper rebounded to win the 250SX West Class.

Webb took a well-earned and dramatic 450SX class win in front of the enthusiastic limited capacity, pod-seated crowd inside AT&T Stadium. Ken Roczen led most of the event and held on for a close second place finish, and Eli Tomac was a threat until the end but finished the night in third. In Round Five of the Western Regional 250SX Class, Round-One winner Justin Cooper grabbed his second win of the season and recaptured the championship points lead.

When the riders cleared the first corner in the 450SX class Ken Roczen jumped into the lead with Webb on his rear tire, Justin Barcia close and Tomac right behind ‰ÛÒ all four 2021 race winners were up front with only each other and a very technical Texas track to deal with. Roczen looked composed and smooth as he kept a small lead over Webb, who had Barcia close behind for the first three minutes of the 20-minute plus one lap race. Just over three minutes in, Tomac got around Barcia and chased after the front two riders, but Barcia did not let the group break away from him.

The gap between the top four racers grew and shrank but rarely got to more than a second between any of them; on the longest rhythm lane the lead four were on the same straightaway even at the race's midpoint. Tomac looked bound to pass Webb five minutes in, but the KTM rider hung tough and held off the Kawasaki rider's charge. With just over five minutes left on the race clock Tomac ran into a Tuff Block, allowing Barcia to get past. The two traded positioning several times until Tomac finally re-establishing himself in third.

Less than a minute after the scrap behind them for third, Webb made his move for the lead. Roczen fought back, and the riders went side by side through several sections before Webb finally made the pass stick exiting the whoops. Roczen mounted a late charge and closed on Webb, but it was not enough to prevent the red plate holder from sweeping the three Arlington races, giving Webb five wins in the past six races and a 15-point lead in the title chase.

‰ÛÏI was just focusing on being consistent," Webb said. "I rode terrible in that heat race and didn‰Ûªt like being put on the ground ‰ÛÒ that fired me up and got me going for the Main Event. To ride with Kenny that whole race and make a late charge was awesome, I felt really good out there. It‰Ûªs incredible to get three here in Dallas, it‰Ûªs unheard of for me. I‰Ûªm pumped!‰Û
Justin Cooper (39) got the holeshot and was unchallenged at the final Arlington Supercross. He heads to Atlanta with a two-point lead. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.
In the Western Regional 250SX Class, Justin Cooper broke his three-race podium-less streak with a confidence-inspiring win from the holeshot stripe to the checkered flag. Second place went to Cameron McAdoo who crossed the holeshot stripe in about fifth position but was into second place two corners later. McAdoo remained close for the first ten minutes of the fifteen-minute plus one lap race but slowly lost touch as Cooper pulled a comfortable gap over the final laps.

Previous round winner and holder of the red plate going into the event, Australian Hunter Lawrence hung strong in third for most of the race, but with just a couple minutes on the race clock overjumped a triple and the mistake sent him off a 180-degree berm. He remounted in fifth and held the position until the finish. Grabbing third place was rookie Seth Hammaker who fought up to fourth then benefitted from Lawrence's late-race mistake. Fourth place on the night went to Jalek Swoll with a steady ride after earning his first podium at the previous round.

The series now takes a 20-day break in the schedule before resuming with a rapid-fire five-race finish with the triple-header in Atlanta kicking off on April 10th and the final two rounds in Salt Lake City beginning on April 24th.
450SX Main Event Results - Round 12
1. Cooper Webb - KTM
2. Ken Roczen - Honda
3. Eli Tomac - Kawasaki
4. Justin Barcia - GasGas
5. Jason Anderson - Husqvarna
6. Malcolm Stewart - Yamaha
7. Dylan Ferrandis - Yamaha
8. Joey Savatgy - KTM
9. Aaron Plessinger - Yamaha
10. Dean Wilson - Husqvarna
11. Broc Tickle - Honda
12. Vince Friese - Honda
13. Max Anstie - Suzuki
14. Mitchell Oldenburg - Honda
15. Kyle Chisholm - Yamaha
16. Martin Davalos - KTM
17. Justin Starling - KTM
18. Brandon Hartranft - Suzuki
19. Alex Ray - Kawasaki
20. Tyler Bowers - Kawasaki
21. Chase Sexton - Honda
22. Marvin Musquin - KTM

450SX Class Points after Round 12
1. Cooper Webb 275 Points
2. Ken Roczen 260 Points
3. Eli Tomac 234 Points
4. Justin Barcia 214 Points
5. Aaron Plessinger 183 Points
6. Malcolm Stewart 179 Points
7. Jason Anderson 171 Points
8. Dylan Ferrandis 153 Points
9. Joey Savatgy 138 Points
10. Marvin Musquin 136 Points
11. Zach Osborne 123 Points
12. Adam Cianciarulo 120 Points
13. Dean Wilson 110 Points
14. Justin Barcia 96 Points
15. Vince Friese 92 Points
16. Martin Davalos 91 Points
17. Broc Tickle 81 Points
18. Justin Bogle 78 Points
19. Kyle Chisholm 72 Points
20. Chase Sexton 64 Points

250SX Main Event Results - Round 4
1. Justin Cooper - Yamaha
2. Cameron McAdoo - Kawasaki
3. Seth Hammaker - Kawasaki
4. Jalek Swoll - Husqvarna
5. Hunter Lawrence - Honda
6. Garrett Marchbanks - Yamaha
7. Chris Blose - GasGas
8. Kyle Peters - Honda
9. Nate Thrasher - Yamaha
10. Jarrett Frye - Yamaha
11. Jace Owen - Yamaha
12. Carson Mumford - Honda
13. Dominique Thury - Yamaha
14. Coty Schock - Honda
15. Cedric Soubeyras - GasGas
16. Robbie Wageman - Yamaha
17. Enzo Lopes - Honda
18. Cheyenne Harmon - Yamaha
19. Calvin Fonvieille - KTM
20. Hardy Munoz - Yamaha
21. Michael Hicks - KTM
22. Derek Kelley - GasGas

250SX West Class Points after Round 5
1. Justin Cooper 108 Points
2. Cameron McAdoo 106 Points
3. Hunter Lawrence 102 Points
4. Jalek Swoll 93 Points
5. Garrett Marchbanks 93 Points
6. Seth Hammaker 88 Points
7. Chris Blose 68 Points
8. Kyle Peters 63 Points
9. Coty Schock 57 Points
10. Nate Thrasher 56 Points
11. Stilez Robertson 45 Points
12. Mitchell Harrison 41 Points
13. Robbie Wageman 37 Points
14. Jace Owen 37 Points
15. Jordon Smith 33 Points
16. Cedric Soubeyras 33 Points
17. Jarrett Frye 30 Points
18. Alex Martin 26 Points
19. Ramyller Alves 22 Points
20. Pierce Brown 21 Points

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