Clout, Todd and Duffy top the podiums at Pirelli MX Nationals round two


Lawson Bopping (70) took the holeshot in the opening MX1 moto but Luke Clout went on to cross the line first. He was given a race penalty which dropped him to second and promoted Erki Kahro to the win. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
CDR Monster Energy Yamaha's Luke Clout has taken victory at round two of the Pirelli MX Nationals at Wonthaggi in Victoria despite two in race penalties while DPH Motorsports Wilson Todd dominated the MX2 class.

With round one of the 2019 championship being a washout at Appin two weeks ago, round two didn't look like it would fair much better as the rain had saturated the Wonthaggi circuit, but with Wonthaggi having a sand base it held up much better than Appin and allowed for a full day of racing.

Thor MX1

The opening Thor MX1 moto of the day got underway with heavy rain and wind hitting the Wonthaggi circuit just after qualifying. It was Empire Kawasaki fill-in rider Lawson Bopping who stunned many leading by the field around for the first lap as foreign imports Erki Kahro and KSF Suzuki's Justin Rodbell tucked in behind him.

If Bopping wasn't the main story, the failure of some of the big names to put themselves in winning positions was! Hayden Mellross ran eighth Brett Metcalfe twelfth, Kirk Gibbs fourteenth and championship leader Todd Waters way down in twenty-eighth after the opening lap crash that ended up resulting in a DNF. With the black sandy track forming one line and visibility hard to find it was going to be a long race for the leading championship contenders.
CDR Monster Energy Yamaha's Luke Clout took the round win despite coping 30 seconds in penalties over the two races. Photo: Aaryn Minerds.
With a quarter of the race down CDR Monster Energy Yamaha's Luke CLout began a steady charge to the front from a mid-pack start and moved into third as American Rodbell started to drop off the pace. Bopping still held sway out front with the Estonian Karo keeping a close eye on him around eight seconds back. Queenslander Jesse Dobson was continuing his good form from round one and held down fourth place.

With visibility, a huge issue as riders ejected their googles all around the track, passing proved to be tricky with any rider veering off the racing line slowed in the trackside bog. Five laps from home things at the front started to heat up when Karo made his move on a tiring Bopping. Bopping was impressive to hold the lead for so long considering he has not raced a 30-minute moto at National level for four years. Clout had a solid hold on third.

It took fourteen laps for any real on track battle to break out but with two laps to go Clout started to put pressure on Karo and with five corners left made his move when Karo was baulked by a lapper and crossed the line a few bike lengths ahead of the reigning Finnish Champion. Clouts celebrations where cut short though as after the race he was given an 10 second in race penalty exceeding track boundaries which dropped him back to second.

"I don't know what happened," Clout said of the penalty straight after the race. "If I end up getting the win, or I end up getting second I don't really care, it's a good ride for me. I was really mature in my riding."

For the privateer, local rider backed, Karo he was more than happy with his result. "It was just a really tough moto," Karo said. Refereeing to the conditions, he added, "It was a really good track, a really hard track. A proper motocross track."
Estonian Erki Kahro was a revelation, winning the first MX1 moto and eventually walking away with third overall. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Moto 2 saw Rodbell pull another holeshot as all hell broke out behind him as a massive pileup consumed a good part of the field. Waters and Karo made it through but Richie Evans went down hard taking out Kirk Gibbs who intern took out Brett Metcalfe.

With two laps in the book 18-year-old Rodbell impressed out front until Waters pulled the trigger and shot into the lead. Clout, Karo and Mellross where the leading contenders fighting out the top five until Karo took a heavy fall and dropped out of contention.
DPH Motorsports' Todd Water had a DNF in the first moto after suffering bike damage in a first turn crash but went on to win the second. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Word came through that Clout had received a 20 second in race penalty for exceeding track limits, again!. In the actual race he was closing in on Waters but on adjusted time was fourth and needed a big win over Waters to take the win, which looked unlikely. In the washup from the first turn pile up Metcalfe was out and Gibbs had fought his way back to 16th by mid-race.

The revelation of the moto and maybe round was local Charlie Creech who held down fifth with a Jayden Rykers applying all sorts of pressure. Jesse Dobson was another impressing once again as he charged from well outside the top ten up to seventh. With 20 minutes down the top three, Waters, Mellross and Clout where all within a couple of bike lengths of each other While the KSF Suzuki duo of Rodbell and Rykers where over 20 seconds back battling for fourth and fifth as Karo was charging back into the top ten in seventh.

While all seemed to be running to a predictable conclusion, Mellross threw it away in a spectacular high-side. He remounted but looked stunned. Peculiarly after remounting he remained in second due to Clouts penalty although Clout was second on the track.

While it was a horror weekend for Gibbs, he did log the fastest lap on his way back to ninth.
Hayden Mellross proved he is adept at motocross as he is at supercross finishing the day in second overall in the MX1 class. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
By the checkered flag it was Waters who took the win and showed he might just very well be the fastest man this season. Clout crossed the line in second with Mellross third. After adjusted time Clout, who had a 20-second penalty still had enough time to be classed second. Rodbell and Rykers finished fourth, and fifth Karo clawed his way back to sixth.

When the mud settled, it was Clout's 2-2 that earned him the overall win ahead of Mellross and Karo's sixth in the final proving beneficial by giving him the final spot on the podium overall.

Pirelli MX2
Defending MX2 champion Wilson Todd dominated the class at round two taking the three wins on offer. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
The Pirelli MX2 class ran back to back moto format at the second round with two eight-lap motos to be run with a short break in between followed by a traditional fifteen minute moto to concluded the round.

Moto one saw Serco Yamaha's Aaron Tanti and DPH Motorsports Wilson Todd hold court at the front for the duration while Cooper Pozniak and Joel Evans battled for the podium position almost a quarter of a lap back with only three laps in the books. Tanti made a small mistake at the halfway point allowing Todd to assume the lead. CRF Penrite Honda's Kyle Webster and Jay Wilson meanwhile where making their way back through the field and moved into fifth and sixth respectively. Evans soon disappeared from the front runners as Webster . moved into fourth, albeit with a badly steaming bike.
Serco Yamaha's Aaron Tanti had another good weekend in Victoria finish second overall in MX2. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
With not a lot of on-track action happening due to persistent rain Wilson Todd took the win ahead of Tanti while Cooper Pozniak held on for third. Yamalube Yamaha Racing's Jay Wilson was fourth while an unluck Kyle Webster was left to walk back to the start gate and get a new bike after he failed to do the final lap.

Moto 2 saw West Australian Jy Roberts holeshot with Wilson Todd in second and Evans in third. Webster got a good start on a fresh bike as he tucked in behind local Sam Pelz, Evans and Cooper Pozniak. It only took two laps before Todd, who was on his A Game, assumed the lead from Roberts as the duo had already gapped the field by almost 10 seconds. After the eight laps it was an easy 22-second win to Todd with Roberts in second and Joel Evans, who got by Posniack for 3rd. Webster had a bit of luck with his, once again steaming bike, this time holding out and crossing the line 5th. Junior World Champion Bailey Malkiewicz had a better second race finishing sixth. Pelz had his best Nationals finish with seventh.

Runner-up from moto 1 Aaron Tanti was buried off the start and could only make his way back to ninth while another high finisher from moto one Jay Wilson could only muster 12th.

Moto 3 saw the return of the 15 minutes plus two laps format and it Jye Dickson, Wilson Todd and Kyle Webster that came through a vastly drier first corner before Todd powered to the front with only half a lap in the books. The early laps saw Dickson having to defend persistent challenges from Webster, Jay Wilson and Jy Roberts while Aaron Tanti sat a further five seconds back. Meanwhile, Todd was setting hot laps out front as he began to stretch his lead and a much drier track with lap times nearing ten seconds a lap faster.
Round one MX2 winner Jy Roberts had another good weekend rounding out the podium with third. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
With two laps to go, Webster, Wilson and Tanti had gotten by Roberts and ran second, third and fourth all the way to the line. Dylan Wills demoted Dickson one more spot taking sixth, Dickson seventh. Serco Yamaha's Nathan Crawford finished eighth ahead of Sam Pelz.

For defending champion Wilson Todd, it was a stellar day and proved to truly be the class rider of the day taking three from three to take the round overall ahead of Aaron Tanti and Jye Roberts.

Motul MXD
Regan Duffy didn't have it all his own way but still finished the day with a pair of wins to claim the MXD class overall. Photo: Aaryn Minerds
Regan Duffy controlled the Motul MXD class with a pair of wins to take the round overall in comfortable fashion. Moto one saw Duffy have little trouble in taking the win after overcoming holeshot winner Mason Rowe, Rhys Budd and Ethan Ashmore. Moto 2 was a bit more challenging as the Australian Junior Champion had to fend off the persistent threat of round one winner Max Purvis. The duo went toe to toe for the final moto win in the closing laps until Purvis fell foul of the lappers.

With a 2-3 result, Mason Rowe finished second for the round in a strong performance that saw him battling it out for the top three on both occasions, leading a good portion of the opening moto.

Budd took the final podium spot for the round proving he is a serious contender after stepping out of the junior ranks. The CRF Penrite Honda racer showed plenty of speed and racecraft, but a few small errors proved costly.

Championship leader going into the round Max Purvis finished the round seventh overall after stopping mid-race in the opening moto to change goggles.

Round three of the championship now moves to Broadford, Vic, on April 14th.
Thor MX1 Results:

Thor MX1 - Timed Qualfying
1 Luke Clout - 1:42.964
2 Kirk Gibbs - 1:43.499
3 Todd Waters - 1:43.633
4 Brett Metcalfe - 1:44.923
5 Jesse Dobson - 1:45.016
6 Hayden Mellross - 1:45.283
7 Richie Evans - 1:45.295
8 Justin Rodbell - 1:45.449
9 Joben Baldwin - 1:45.942
10 Erki Kahro - 1:46.258

Thor MX1 - Raceline Superpole
1 Todd Waters - 1:42.662
2 Luke Clout - 1:43.111
3 Brett Metcalfe - 1:43.200
4 Kirk Gibbs - 1:43.551
5 Jesse Dobson - 1:45.519

Thor MX1 - Moto 1 Top 20
1 Erki Kahro 17 Laps - Race Time 32:51.019
2 Luke Clout
3 Hayden Mellross
4 Jayden Rykers
5 Brett Metcalfe
6 Lawson Bopping
7 Richie Evans
8 Zak Small
9 Kirk Gibbs
10 Charlie Creech
11 Lachlan Davis
12 Jesse Dobson
13 Levi McManus
14 Tomas Ravenhorst
15 Joel Wightman
16 Dylan Wood
17 John Prutti
18 Joben Baldwin
19 Izak Maule
20 Caleb Ward
Fastest Lap - Lawson Bopping: 1:50.972

Thor MX1 - Moto 1 Top 20
1 Todd Waters 17 Laps - Race Time: 31:06.183
2 Luke Clout
3 Hayden Mellross
4 Justin Rodbell
5 Jayden Rykers
6 Erki Kahro
7 Kirk Gibbs
8 Jesse Dobson
9 Charlie Creech
10 Lawson Bopping
11 Zak Small
12 Tomas Ravenhorst
13 Cody Dyce
14 Joben Baldwin
15 Levi McManus
16 Joel Wightman
17 Caleb Ward
18 Lachlan Davis
19 Izak Maule
20 Ryan Gaylor
Fastest Lap - Kirk Gibbs: 1:48.074

Thor MX1 - Top Ten Overall
1 Luke Clout 64 Points
2 Hayden Mellross 60 Points
3 Erki Kahro 60 Points
4 Kirk Gibbs 47 Points
5 Lawson Bopping 47 Points
6 Charlie Creech 44 Points
7 Zak Small 44 Points
8 Jayden Rykers 43 Points
9 Jesse Dobson 43 Points
10 Justin Rodbell 38 Points
11 Tomas Ravenhorst 37 Points
12 Todd Waters 35 Points
13 Levi McManus 35 Points
14 Lachlan Davis 34 Points
15 Joel Wightman 31 Points
16 Joben Baldwin 30 Points
17 Brett Metcalfe 28 Points
18 Caleb Ward 25 Points
19 Richie Evans 25 Points
20 Izak Maule 24 Points

Pirelli MX2 Results:

Pirelli MX2 - Timed Qualfying - Top 10
1 Wilson Todd - 1:42.370
2 Aaron Tanti - 1:46.246
3 Kyle Webster - 1:46.406
4 Jay Wilson - 1:46.671
5 Nathan Crawford - 1:46.952
6 Bailey Malkiewicz - 1:47.306
7 Jy Roberts - 1:47.920
8 Jye Dickson - 1:48.024
9 Dylan Wills - 1:48.533
10 Joel Evans - 1:48.621

Pirelli MX2 - Moto 1 Top 20
1 Wilson Todd 8 Laps - Race Time: 15:12.009
2 Aaron Tanti
3 Cooper Pozniak
4 Jay Wilson
5 Jye Dickson
6 Nathan Crawford
7 Jy Roberts
8 Sam Pelz
9 Issac Ferguson
10 Dylan Wills
11 Joel Green
12 Ricky Latimer
13 Bailey Malkiewicz
14 Riley Dukes
15 Jesse Bishop
16 Joel Evans
17 Morgan Fogarty
18 Dylan Marchand
19 Bailey Koolen
20 Jai Constantinou
Fastest Lap - Aaron Tanti: 1:52.065

Pirelli MX2 - Moto 2 Top 20
1 Wilson Todd 8 Laps - Race Time: 15:38.490
2 Jy Roberts
3 Joel Evans
4 Cooper Pozniak
5 Kyle Webster
6 Bailey Malkiewicz
7 Sam Pelz
8 Riley Dukes
9 Aaron Tanti
10 Jye Dickson
11 Issac Ferguson
12 Jay Wilson
13 Jesse Bishop
14 Joel Green
15 Nathan Crawford
16 Ricky Latimer
17 Kaleb Barham
18 Dylan Wills
19 Royce Anell
20 Josh Brewster
Fastest Lap - Wilson Todd: 1:56.331

Pirelli MX2 - Moto 1 Top 20
1 Wilson Todd 11 Laps - Race Time: 19:59.021
2 Kyle Webster
3 Jay Wilson
4 Aaron Tanti
5 Jy Roberts
6 Dylan Wills
7 Jye Dickson
8 Nathan Crawford
9 Sam Pelz
10 Issac Ferguson
11 Joel Evans
12 Bailey Malkiewicz
13 Cooper Pozniak
14 Kaleb Barham
15 Riley Dukes
16 Ricky Latimer
17 Morgan Fogarty
18 Lochie Latimer
19 Jai Constantinou
20 Joel Green
Fastest Lap - Wilson Todd: 1:46.706

Pirelli MX2 - Top Ten Overall
1 Wilson Todd 70 Points
2 Aaron Tanti 56 Points
3 Jy Roberts 56 Points
4 Jay Wilson 54 Points
5 Cooper Pozniak 52 Points
6 Jye Dickson 49 Points
7 Sam Pelz 48 Points
8 Kyle Webster 46 Points
9 Nathan Crawford 43 Points
10 Issac Ferguson 42 Points
11 Joel Evans 42 Points
12 Dylan Wills 40 Points
13 Bailey Malkiewicz 40 Points
14 Riley Dukes 35 Points
15 Ricky Latimer 31 Points
16 Kaleb Barham 30 Points
17 Joel Green 29 Points
18 Jesse Bishop 27 Points
19 Morgan Fogarty 24 Points
20 Dylan Marchand 20 Points

Pirelli MX2 Results:

Motul MXD - Timed Qualfying - Top 10
1 Regan Duffy
2 Maximus Purvis
3 Liam Walsh
4 Rhys Budd
5 Noah Ferguson
6 Mason Semmens
7 Liam Andrews
8 Jayce Cosford
9 Mason Rowe
10 Brodie Ellis

Motul MXD - Moto 1 Top 20
1 Regan Duffy 11 1:59.961 21:18.377 1:54.768 2 Mason Rowe
3 Rhys Budd
4 Noah Ferguson
5 Mason Semmens
6 Brodie Ellis
7 Jai Walker
8 Tye Jones
9 Jack Kukas
10 Mackenzie O'Bree
11 Jayce Cosford
12 Riley Fucsko
13 Liam Walsh
14 Wilson Greiner-Daish
15 Hugh Roache
16 Ethan Ashmore
17 Riley Findlay
18 Maximus Purvis
19 Korey McMahon
20 Billy Bray
Fastest Lap - Regan Duffy: 1:54.768

Motul MXD - Moto 2 Top 20
1 Regan Duffy 11 Laps - Race Time: 20:22.013
2 Maximus Purvis
3 Mason Rowe
4 Rhys Budd
5 Noah Ferguson
6 Mason Semmens
7 Brodie Ellis
8 Liam Andrews
9 Jack Kukas
10 Micheal Murphy
11 Navrin Grothues
12 Korey McMahon
13 Riley Findlay
14 Jake Cobbin
15 Mackenzie O'Bree
16 Jai Walker
17 Tye Jones
18 Deakin Hellier
19 Ethan Ashmore
20 Jayce Cosford
Fastest Lap - Regan Duffy: 1:49.188

Motul MXD - Top Ten Overall
1 Regan Duffy 70 Point
2 Mason Rowe 62 Point
3 Rhys Budd 58 Point
4 Noah Ferguson 54 Point
5 Mason Semmens 51 Point
6 Brodie Ellis 49 Point
7 Maximus Purvis 45 Point
8 Jack Kukas 44 Point
9 Jai Walker 39 Point
10 Mackenzie O'Bree 37 Point
11 Tye Jones 37 Point
12 Riley Findlay 32 Point
13 Korey McMahon 31 Point
14 Jayce Cosford 31 Point
15 Navrin Grothues 28 Point
16 Ethan Ashmore 27 Point
17 Liam Walsh 27 Point
18 Micheal Murphy 25 Point
19 Riley Fucsko 25 Point
20 Liam Andrews 23 Point

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