Checking In With Supercross Contender Geran Stapleton

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Geran Stapleton had a great finish to the 2016 racing season finishing 4th in the 2015 Australian Supercross Championship for the Wilson Racings Honda team.

Following that success the Victorian had domestically he headed oversees and wound up in the United States with plans on racing A1 and a handful of the West Coast races in the 250SX American Supercross Championship.

Unfortunately for the 24 year old an injury suffered in the lead up to A1 was compounded when he crashed in his heat racing suffering a broken hand.

To make matters worse when returning home to Australia to have his hand fixed, the doctors uncovered another injury suffered during the Aussie SX series that needed some medical attention, leaving him sidelined for most of this year.

Stapleton returned to racing at the final round of this years motocross championship at Coolum and showed some great speed and certainly caught out attention.

We caught up with Geran to get the low down on how things are going and what he has in store for this years Supercross season and beyond.
Geran showed some great speed and consistency during the 2015 ASX Championship, finishing 4th overall including a podium result in Sydney.
Fullnoise: First of all Geran where have you been this year, why did we not see you racing until the final round of the MX Nationals?

Stapleton: I think a lot of people thought I just quit, but when I crashed at the Melbourne sx last year I fractured my coccyx.

Because I had already booked and planned to race in America I still went and kept riding even though to ride it hurt quite a bit as the bone didn't end up healing.

Then the Monday before Anaheim, I crashed in the whoops out at Elsinore and dislocated my knuckle, which didn't bother me too much but when I cased the triple in the heat race that weekend it dislocated again and broke my hand in two spots.

When I came home to get my hand fixed I saw the doctors about my coccyx again and they tried everything they could but eventually the only option was to remove the last two little vertebrae!

It wasn't that much fun (Laughs) and I didn't lay on my back for over a month! I got back on the bike at the end of July and thought I'd race Coolum for a bit of fun. So that's why I haven't been racing all year I've had 7 months off with a couple of surgeries!
Stapleton showed plenty of speed at Coolum and once we realised who it was on the all white CRF, it made sense why the #14 was running near the front of the field early.
Fullnoise: Dam I had no idea it was that bad and explains where you have been. You are back racing now, what are you plans for the upcoming Australian Supercross championship?

Stapleton: Ill be back racing 250s in the SX2 class and am set to go racing for the whole series with help from Levi Barnett a tattooist based in Melbourne. Levi's brother Reg has been a massive help getting everything together and is the main reason the whole deal came about.

Like always the guys at Krooztune are helping me out with suspension and Tim from eight11 is doing my motors.

When we realised we weren't going to get any help we thought it would be best to buy Honda's because we already know what to do with the motors and I had my A kit suspension for them.

First thing I ordered when we had to buy them was white plastics, I figured if I have to pay for them they aren't going to be red haha!

Fullnoise: Was it a little disappointing to finish 4th in last years Supercross Championship in the SX2 class and have no offers for a team ride or at least some more support for this years series?

Stapleton: In all honesty we were already planning to go privateer, after riding the bikes I bought in America I knew that we could build really fast bikes back here,

I raced my practice bike at Coolum and either the class has gotten slower this year or my bike made it a lot easier hahah. The front four guys were on another level, they were flying but the depth wasn't the same... Last year I rode my ass off just to get into the top ten most motos and I know I'm not as fast as I was last year with all the time off.

At Coolum I was sitting comfortable in fifth for the first half of both motos. I was good until I got tired and couldn't hang on!

But Yeah it was surprising to not get messages back from anyone when looking for support this year, even just for some gear, or oil!
The Levi Barnett Tattoo race bike that Stapleton will race during the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship.
Fullnoise: Well it is good to see you are coming back to race the entire SX season in Australian, what are your goals for the series?

Stapleton: Realistically I've only been back on the bike for just over a month so if we can get through this first round with a solid result I can't see why I shouldn't be top 5 like last year.

Fullnoise: What are your plans for 2017 and what would it take to see you back racing full time in Australia?

Stapleton: Actually just trying to work that out at the moment, it's looking like I'll be in Canada at the end of November and hopefully South America in December and maybe even Europe in January, whenever I'm not travelling for races I'll be in California.

I told my mate Daniel to take me wherever I can make some money haha. We have an awesome series here but there isn't too many paying rides which makes it hard to call yourself a professional, I find it funny when guys say they are professional when ya know they are just living off daddy's credit card like me haha.

The main thing that stops me from staying here and racing is money.

I contributed to my ride last year which worked out well and the Wilson family is one of the best in the pits and we had such an awesome time last year but when Honda can't even pay a bonus for a podium at the AUS-X open which had TV coverage then I'd rather spend my money overseas where i may see a return or at least get to live and ride in California.
Apart from the final round, Stapleton never finished worse than 6th in 2016, with a handful of 4th place finishes to go along with his podium result.
Fullnoise: You said you are planning on being in the U.S at the end of this year and the start of 2017, does that mean we will see you lining up for A1 again next year?

Stapleton: The plan at the moment is looking like i won't be racing Anaheim, but we will see how I'm riding and how prepared I am. Hopefully I'll get to do a couple rounds but we will just see how everything plans out.

Fullnoise: Hopefully something will work out and we will see you on the line at A1, thanks for taking the time to let us know where you have been and what you are up to for the upcoming SX season

Stapleton: Thanks catch you at Jimboomba

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