Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair
The last time we caught up with Mick Sinclair was back at the start of the 2011 Motocross Season at Broadford in Victoria.

A few things have changed for the man who is in the team of people that looks after some of Monza Imports biggest brands, including taking on the role as product manager for the Oakley MX and also working alongside Scott Runciman managing the Drift Innovation POV Brand that has just hit the Australian market.

The other big change for Mick in the past 12 to 18 months has been his physical transformation, shedding more than 20Kg on his way to becoming addicted to his daily CrossFit work outs.

A lot has changed for the family orientated Sinclair since we last spoke to him in April of 2011, read below as we catch up with Mick and chat to him about his new roles both inside and outside of the moto industry, the big changes in lifestyle and what promoted them and also a fresh insight into all the roles he undertakes for Monza Imports and what they involve.
Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair
Mick Sinclair has quite a few products he looks after at Monday Imports with the latest being the new Drift Innovations HD Ghost P.O.V Camera
Fullnoise: Thanks for taking the time to chat Mick, lets start with a bit of a refresher on what it is you do at Monza Imports and the roles you currently have.

Sinclair: My Role at Monza is pretty broad I guess, which is the case for everyone at Monza. The majority of my time is spent on marketing on the four brands that I work with, Fox, Shift, Oakley and Pod and now also Drift Innovation Camera's.

I would say around 70% of my time is spent on Marketing and about 30% of my time on product management.

Scott Runciman is the brand manager for three of those brands, while I also have the role as brand manager for Oakley and I give him a hand where I can with product management, but I spent most of my time on marketing.

Fullnoise: What are the main differences between looking after the marketing for Fox, Shift and Pod compared to looking after Marketing as well as being the Product Manager for Oakley.

Sinclair: Managing Products is certainly a completely different type of work. It is something I enjoy doing, you are looking at sales figures constantly and doing what needs to be done to hit sales targets.

Marketing is fun, something that I am very passionate about and something that needs to be treated seriously, but Product Management and Sales is what keeps us all in jobs and is the most important part of business. My role as Product Manager with Oakley is something I treat very seriously and at the same time really enjoy.

I started working at Monza seven years ago and we have recently had record breaking months with the Oakley brand, it is always exciting to see sales figures like that come through and it is good to change things up a little.

We place orders quite often with Oakley, which is a plus. It is my job to keep an eye on inventory, making sure we have the right amount of inventory in our warehouse to cover a specified period of time, set sales targets with each of the reps, manage those sales targets, look after all the in store point of sale, organise promotions, it is pretty full on.
Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair
Mick Sinclair has looked after a lot of riders in his time at Monza Imports and currently has some of Australia's hottest up and coming talent by his side including Kale Makeham
Fullnoise: With the product marketing side of things, you have a lot of contact with the athletes across all the brands you look after, what is it like to deal with the athletes on such a close basis.

Sinclair: It is so much fun and something that I have always enjoyed especially this year. This year I have taken over the marketing role for Surf and BMX as well as the Moto side of things.

It has been a lot of fun for myself to learn about Surf and BMX, I have come from such a strong moto background that it is all I have ever known, so to get involved with two new sports for myself is exciting.

I get to work with some of the best athletes in the country and with moto it just happens that some of the guys that I work with are some of my best friends. I have grown up with a lot of moto athletes none more so than my brother Cam, who we got into Fox gear just on five years ago.

Myself and Cam are best mates, we are really close and it it is pretty cool that we can work together with fox.

A lot of the Motocross guys come and go, we had Jay Marmont for the past five years and they were some really great years. I had always known Jay, we had raced together for a long time, leading up to working with him I had always know who Jay was and we would always day G'day. But working with him for the last four years we became good mates and I consider him one of my best mates.

He is not wearing fox this year but I am still cheering for him on the sidelines. I am stoked that we still have him in Oakley, he is one of our main guys, so that is pretty cool.

Working with young guys like Kale Makeham who is so humble. He just makes it a pleasure to work with athletes that really appreciate what you do and see the work and effort you put in for them who don’t expect anything. It really is cool to work with a guy like Kale who I think is going to be a superstar.

Fullnoise: What about the guys outside of Moto, what is it like to work with Athletes where you are learning the sport while at the same time getting to know the athletes themselves.

Sinclair: I have been very lucky to have some very high profile athletes, especially in Surf. We have Bede Durbidge who has been a top five guy in the world, so I lean on him for a lot of advice if there is something I am stuck with.

The Surf guys have really embraced me coming onboard, in a lot of ways it is not hard to look after athletes from different sports, sure some of them have different little needs here or there, but they are quite similar at the end of the day. I work with them with what they want and offer good service.

I am lucky that I can lean on these guys, especially with Bede when it comes to recruiting some younger kids and up and coming surfers, he offers some great guidance.

It is the same with BMX, I have really started to enjoy BMX a lot more, it was something that I was never really into, but the past 12 months it is a sport that I have really gotten into and learned a lot about. I have been able to get the right people around me to help steer me in the right direction if I am getting off the beaten track. The things kids can do on a BMX is crazy, there are a lot of super talented kids out there on bikes.

Fullnoise: What is the culture like in Surf and BMX, is it a lot like Moto once you are in the inner circle or are the personalities and the culture a lot different?
Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair
With the ever changing world of action sports, Mick Sinclair has also taken on the role of looking after Fox athletes outside of MX and now looks after Both Surf and BMX athletes amongst others.
Sinclair: They are totally different. Surf is a bit funny, I certainly like it a lot it is so laid back and chilled. I guess it is like Freestyle motocross, it is not a race, you have to go out there and do the best you can and get the highest score that you can get, not who can get to the finish line first.

The size of surf has made me realise, that the size of moto, well not so much the size of moto but just how tight the moto community is. Moto is a little bubble, we are all inside it and very close, but it is also very small.

Fullnoise: Back to the moto side of things, Motocross and Supercross have always been big, at the moment the Off-Road / Enduro world is getting more attention.

Sinclair: With CDR Yamaha joining the Off-Road championship this year, you have continued your relationship with them into their new venture. Is the Off-Road scene something you are starting to take more notice of.

Absolutely, in the past Scotty has dealt with a lot of the Off-Road guys, he has always had that connection with the off-road boys. Over the past two or three years I have worked more closely with our Off-Road guys and this year I have certainly taken on a bigger role working with that scene.

Having CDR on board I feel their presence has stepped up the interest in that category, having Milner who is such a great kid and so much different to the Motocross guys.

The Off-Road guys don't seem to get caught up in the hype, they are just so humble at times I don't think they realise just how good they are on a motorcycle, the really are unbelievable and so talented. They are also very laid back, there is no carry on and they are always happy and appreciative with the product they receive, they really are a pleasure to work with.
Checking in with Monza Imports Mick Sinclair
Mick Sinclair in his formative years at Monza Imports, working hard at the 2007 Avalon Supercross
Fullnoise: Tell us a little about Mick Sinclair out side of work, seeing your posts on Facebook it is obvious you have been right in to training in the past year and a half, how has that worked out for your.

Sinclair: It is going good, I had to do something about my weight (laughs) I was getting pretty heavy there for a bit. The last 12 months, I have dropped 20kg, which is great.

It is pretty cliché to say, but the inspiration for that comes from my son. My son is two and a half now, when he was born I was getting pretty heavy and I thought to myself, by the time he is three will I be able to keep up with him. I guess a lot of people do it and as I said it is very cliche, but I got it done.

I am addicted to CrossFit, I go to a box in Narre Warren called CrossFit Casey, it’s the same place where Cam and Kade train as well as a lot of my other mate. It makes it really fun to train with your mates. I am not good at it by any means, I am still not strong enough, I am still not as lean as I’d like to be, but I am getting there.

Outside of work I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I am very family orientated, I love my family, I have such a supporting wife who is pretty cool with 95% of what I do and I have a son that means the world to me like any parent.

Anything I do, I do with those two in mind, to please them and to be able to provide for them the best I can. That pretty much sums me, up Family, Work and a really good group of mates in the deep South of Melbourne, Southside.

We have all grown up racing together and we are a tight group of mates.

Fullnoise: To finish up with, what does the future hold for Mick Sinclair?

Sinclair: I don't know to be honest, right now I am very happy with were I am at. I am one of those lucky people who can wake up in the morning and be stoked about going to work.

I am not looking to go anywhere any time soon, I really love my job, I have been there for seven years now. Monza is such a great company to work for. I work with some of the most passionate, intelligent and switched on people in the motorcycle industry.

Our boss, John Chiodo, he is an unreal guy to work for. He embraces a lot of stuff we put to him, I would say about 99% of our ideas, he puts a lot of trust in to us and we get the job done for him. Everyone who works at Monza, we are all very lucky, but at the same time we work hard.

So really nothing different in the future at the moment, the foreseeable future for myself is to just to keep doing what I am doing.

Fullnoise: Cheers for your time Mick and good luck with your continued role with Monza Imports.

Sinclair: No worries at all, thanks

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