Catching up with Jacob Wright

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


We caught up with Jacob Wright earlier this week to have a quick chat about his year to date.

The Queensland based rider has had a good start to the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals. Round one did not go exactly to plan but he showed he had the outright speed he needs to be a contender running 4th for all but the final lap in the final moto at Broadford.

At round two he finished the round 5th overall and things certainly looked to be on the up and up for the Suzuki mounted rider. However things quickly turned pear shaped in the week following.

In the past week Wright has parted ways with Tattoo Racing, was T-Boned in the opening race at the Queensland Motocross Championship leaving him with a damaged ankle and has been forced to purchase a new bike so he can go racing at Wonthaggi this weekend!

Read below as Wright takes us through his start to the MX Nationals season and what has played out over the past week and a bit. The good news is, we will see him on the line this weekend for round three of the series.
While Broadford did not go exactly to plan, Jacob Wright showed plenty of speed in the final moto - Credit: Aaryn minerds
Fullnoise: Lets start by going back to 2013, you had a reasonably good season in the MX1 class, what did you learn from racing the big bike class last year and what did you do to prepare yourself for this year?

Wright: I sat back and looked at what training I done last year, my bike set up and looked at what worked and ticked all the boxes that I did not tick last year. Coming into this year I was a lot more prepared and knew what to expect.

Fullnoise: The opening round of the 2014 MX Nationals was not a great day for yourself early, but you turned it on in the final moto running fourth for most of that race, how did you see the opening weekend of the 2014 season for yourself?

Wright: The first two moto's I did struggle a little bit with my starts. Then in the last moto I got away to a top five start and ran fourth for the whole moto until the last lap when I dropped it, which was unfortunate.

I was happy with the way I rode in the last moto, obviously the first two were not exactly what I wanted but things come around at the end of the day.
Jacob Wright on his way to 5th overall at Appin - Credit: Grant Reynolds (fiftySix Clix)
Fullnoise: It must have felt good to get out up front in that last moto and run with the front runners for most of the race, giving you the knowledge that you have the speed to run up front at this level.

Wright: It was good, I definitely think in any class that the starts are super important and if you stay with the front guys for the first 10-15 minutes they kind of drag you along at their speed.

Fullnoise: At round two in Appin, you finished the day 5th overall as the series moved to a 2 x 30 minute format. How did you find the longer moto's going by your results they suited you a little more?

Wright: The two 30's suit me a lot better. My on bike fitness is really good and I know that I can go the distance. I got two top ten starts that helped me then during the last ten minutes of both races was here I was at my best, so that format really suited me.

Fullnoise: Overall after two rounds of the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals are you happy with where you currently sit results and points wise?

Wright: Broadford was a bit of an average day, but I was definitely happy with my results at Appin. I want to continue on with that form and aim for top five finishes for the remainder of the year.
After riding a Honda last year and a Suzuki for the opening two rounds of the 2014 season for Tattoo Racing, Jacob Wright has parted ways with the team - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: Last weekend you headed to Coolum to race the Queensland state titles, I know you started the titles there but you have no results showing, what happend to sideline you from racing the event?

Wright: Yeah I qualified second fastest in the Pro Open class which was a good start for the day. I then got a good start in the opening moto in second place, then someone T-Boned me, I am not quite sure who it was.

I thought I broke my leg, I went and got X-rays and had it checked out and found out that I had bent a screw in my leg and fractured my ankle. There was not much they could do with it due to the swelling, so I am just playing it out this week and am going to try and tough it out on the weekend.

Fullnoise: That is a bit of a bummer. It is good that you are going to try and ride and tough it out this weekend.

Though we are hearing rumours that you have parted ways with Tattoo racing. What is the deal with that situation and what bike will you be racing on Sunday?

Wright: Yeah myself and the Tattoo racing team decided it was best to both go our separate ways. At the moment I still have a couple of personal sponsors that are helping me out.

At this point in time I am not quite sure what bike I will be racing at the moment, weather it is a practice bike or a borrowed bike, but hopefully by the end of the week we will know. At this point in time ill be on a Suzuki, but that is about all I know.

(After talking to Jacob on Tuesday, we caught up with him quickly this morning and he has confirmed that the ankle while still sore will be fine to ride on and he has been out and purchased a new Suzuki RM-Z 450 to race this weekend!)
Jacob Wright has purchased his own bike this week and will line up at Wonthaggi as a privateer with the backing from a handful of personal sponsors - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: Are you able to elaborate on the departure from Tattoo Racing?

Wright: It was just one of those things, some things went down and we just decided to end on good terms.

Fullnoise: That is fair enough, who is it that is continuing to help you out for the remainder of the season?

Wright: One Industries, Scott goggles, Al in array clothing and Ninetwo Decals.

Fullnoise: It is good to see you still have some support, you have certainly shown you have the speed early this season and deserve some support and hopefully you will pick up some more to get you through the season.

Wright: Hopefully I will be able to keep it in the top five and people will notice and help me out. The plan this weekend will be to just get through it. Wonthaggi will just be a salvage round for me. After that I will have three weeks to rest up and it should be good for Murray Bridge.

Fullnoise: Thanks for your time Jacob, best of luck for this weekend.

Wright: Cheers mate thanks very much for that.

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