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Catching Up with FourOhFour’s Amanda Kirkpatrick

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Catching Up with FourOhFour’s Amanda Kirkpatrick
FourOhFour is a name that has certainly emerged big time on the Australian Off-Road scene over the past couple of years.

Amanda Kirkpatrick and her partner Ken Roache have been producing top quality films from Australia's biggest Off-Road and Enduro events including the Australian Off-Road Championships, Enduro-X events, the Australian Four Day Enduro.

In 2013 they decided to undertake a project of the likes that has really not been seen before in the Off-Road world, taking a leaf out of the Motocross worlds free ride video's and embarked on producing a feature filmed based solely on Australia's top Off-Road racers and teams.

The film that has taken over 12 months to organise, shoot and produce is set to launch this Saturday the 7th of December at the The Ritz Cinema, Randwick, Sydney

From the footage released preview released last week, this film is set to epic and for those not able to attend the premier, the DVD will go on sale at the same time as it airs on Saturday night.

We caught up with Amanda Kirkpatrick earlier this week in the lead up to the big premier for a quick chat about the project and what viewers can expect to see in R!DE.

Fullnoise: First up, RIDE the movie, how did it come about and why did you decide to go down this path?

Amanda: We have been promoting and covering the Aussie off-road racers for the last four years, travelled with them even over to the ISDE each year to Finland, Germany and this year to Italy. So at the end of 2012 we had established Fourohfour in the industry and knew the riders and had the contacts to say, 2013 was the year we would move beyond videos and create something no one else had produced in Australia.

Fullnoise: What is RIDE all about and which riders are we going to see in this film?

Amanda: RIDE The Australian Off-road Moto Film is about showcasing and promoting some of Australia's best offroad racers in the most stunning locations. The featured riders are Toby Price, Daniel Milner, Matthew Phillips, Chris Hollis, Josh Green, Glenn Kearney, Brad Williscroft, Jarrod Bewley, Jessica Gardiner, AJ Roberts, Matt Fish, Tom McCormack, Nic Tomlinson, Tayla Jones, Trent Lean, Tom Mason, Nick Lean and Brett Holl.

Fullnoise: It has turned out to be a massive project, did you think it would be this big when you started and how much time have you spent on this project?

Amanda: We knew it would be a huge undertaking, but the major challenge was working around everyone's racing and training schedules in addition to us working full-time attending every major racing event here and our annual pilgrimage to the ISDE in Italy with the Aussie team. A film of this magnitude definitely shows you what you are made of and exactly how much you can manage and organise and produce in just 12 months.

Fullnoise: I know it has been exhausting to both yourself and your partner Ken, can we see you making another feature film like this any times soon

Amanda: Definitely. I started confirming the featured international riders for our next feature film about three months ago and was great to also speak face to face to many riders when we went over to the ISDE Italy this year.

In 2014 we are producing our next big feature film. Its to be titled RIDE World Elements. I already have confirmed eight of the worlds best to feature in this production. We are in talks with Red Bull regarding this new project and its set to be even bigger.

We are speaking at present with four more world class dirt-bike riders. Now we have made our first major feature film, we are more aware of what is involved, and over the course of the year, we now are faster at knowing exactly what shots look mint, so this makes the whole process more efficient.

Allowing us more time to create some fresh creative ideas that haven't been seen before in a moto film. So we are pumped for 2014!

Fullnoise: Anyone you would like to thank for this film coming to life?

Amanda: Top of the list has to be Joel Stafford of Simfords 1800WELDIT. Joel is so passionate about dirtbike riding, he is a true blue, down to earth Aussie who will do whatever he can to help out and believed in this film from the start. Joel supports alot of offroad riders and its men like Joel that make a difference to a film like RIDE.

We cant imagine what RIDE would have been like without Joel's help. We were heading out to Hattah desert and knew we needed a helicopter to do these desert racers justice. Joel went beyond our expectations, made it possible to get that helicopter footage and we dont know what we would have done without him.

Without doubt my mother, Martha Kirkpatrick has been our tower of support. We have hardly spent a day at home this year, and mum looked after our dogs, cooked us breakfasts, lunches, dinners as we sat in front of our macs all day and night and kept our home afloat all year long. She has shared this journey with us, always keen to watch the film footage on our return.

A special mention to Geoff Ballard for being that film's narrator and opening up his lifetime of dirtbike adventures to us and allowing us to film Jess Gardiner at his amazing Hampton farm. Thanks has to go to Ray Howard and Sean Goldhawk from Yamaha Motor Australia for supporting this innovative film project.

A big thanks to Andy Wigan and Andrew Hobbs from Transmoto Magazine for coming on board and doing a great job of promoting the film. Special thanks to our sponsors,Simford 1800WELDIT, Yamaha Motor Australia, Transmoto Magazine, Ballards Offroad, Active8 Electrical, Force Accessories, MX1 Australia,, Waratah Lawncare, Sportscamera Australia and Yulbe Ariconditioning.

We need to send our a huge thank you to all the riders who allowed us to showcase their talent to the world, their amazing families, the generosity of the property owners where we filmed and anyone and everyone who believed in our vision, our creative work and more so, those of you who didn't laugh every-time Ken fell over his own feet.

Fullnoise: Where Can people purchase the Film?

Amanda: You can buy the RIDE DVD direct from the website. We offer shipping to overseas countries. Its also available for sale on the premiere night at the cinema. Very soon it will be promoted by Garage Entertainment via iTunes and Xbox. And selected distributors and dealerships. will be at the World Premier of RIDE being held in Sydney on Saturday the 7th of December and will have our thoughts on what looks to be an epic film up on the site next week.

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