Brock Winston Speaks Out

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


At round eight of the MX Nationals Brock Winston was on his way to another solid result.

Fresh off the back of his best result in the MX1 class the round before at Conondale where he scored a 5th place overall, the rider who finished third in the 2013 MX2 championship opened up his account for the day with a holeshot and a seventh place finish in the opening moto at Ryamond Terrace.

Lining up on the gate for race two, Winston was told some information that through a big spanner in the works for his day and that was then compounded when he suffered a mechanical DNF.

The news Winston was told also quickly spread through the pits, with reports coming through that his team manager Craig Anderson offered money to a fellow competitor to run him off the track again in return for cash.

Anderson himself has publicly admitted to making a tongue in cheek comment along those lines elsewhere in the media but also added that he would never actually pay anyone to ever take anyone else out and it was just a passing comment to a long time friend that got blow out of proportion.

The end result was Winston confronting Anderson regarding the comments and Winston parting ways with the team Craig Anderson Racing effective immediately.

I first spoke to Winston regarding the incident on Sunday at the track and at that point in time he decided it was best to let things settle before making any comment regarding the situation.

With Winston now able to confirm that he has parted ways with Craig Anderson Racing we spoke to the Queensland Tuesday evening about his day in general, what transpired in the lead up to him leaving the team and his plans to continue racing for the remainder of 2014.
Brock Winston started the day in fine form at Raymond Tce, grabbing the holeshot and racing to a 7th place finish - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: Lets throw it back to the opening race of the day on Sunday at round 8 of the MX Nationals. You pulled the holeshot and finished with a very solid 7th place finish in what is a deep and tough MX1 class.

Talk us through your first moto?

Winston: The first race was really good, I pulled the holeshot which felt great. I few of the quicker boys got around me and I was sitting in around fourth for awhile.

I had settled into a good pace in fourth and was still dicing a bit with the boys when me and Mosig (Kade Mosig) came together, which was all good.

He made an aggressive pass and I went off the track and to be honest I would have done the same thing. It was hard to pass on that track so I am certainly not angry about that in any way at all.

The move dropped me back a couple of spots but I still came through to finish 7th and I was pretty happy with that result. Sure it was a shame that I went off the track, but I was happy to pull the holeshot and run up there a bit, get a feel for the pace up front and see where I was at.
Winston has been constantly improving during the 2014 season, with his best effort coming at round seven where he finished 5th overall - Credit: Aaryn MInerds
Fullnoise: Finishing 7th in the MX1 class is nothing to sneeze at this year, you only have to look at the riders finishing in and around the top ten in some moto's and you are certainly mixed in with some good company running up there.

What was the feeling like back in the pits when you got back, was the team happy with your ride? Did the pit have a positive vibe?

Winston: Nah not really at all, it has not been for most of the year.

I know it is my rookie year in the 450 class and you need to try and get some sort of confidence. This year has been hard for me and I feel as though I have had some alright races and I just came off a fifth overall at Conondale, that I was pretty happy about, especially in such a tough class.

It just gets hard when those type of results don't get appreciated, after putting in an effort like that. It is tough and it makes it hard for me to believe and be confident about moving forward and becoming a better rider when their is no positive feed back.

Fullnoise: You then lined up for moto two, how were you feeling heading into the second race after your first race performance?

Winston: I actually raced the second moto. I was told just before the second race what had been said inside one of the team trucks, I was actually on the start gate when I was told what had been said!

To be honest I was very close to just pulling out of that race, because of what I was thinking at the time, but I pulled myself together and I raced the race and blanked it out.

I actually had a mechanical failure and DNF'd while sitting in a good position.

After being forced out of the race and what I had been told before the race I went back to the pits and had just had enough. This type of stuff has gone on for the whole year pretty much and there has been a lot of stuff said.

There have been other things that people have told me and this just topped it off for me.

I am just not interested in riding for someone who is not interested in making me a better person and a better rider. It was a waste of my time.

I am 27 years old, I don't have a lot of time to waste. That is the way I look at it and me doing even one more race for him, (Craig Anderson) is a waste of time in my eyes.
Brock Winston has come a long way from a rider who used to get lapped at a national level to finishing third in last years MX2 championship - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
Fullnoise: That is fair enough, it does not sound like things were working out for you there. What was it you were actually told on the line and who told you?

Winston: I don't want to say who actually told me, he is a great mate and it is good to know there is someone out there that has my back and I could rely on for telling me the truth.

I was told that Craig has said to another rider that if he put me on the ground in the next couple of races there would be some money in it.

Whether the comment was tongue in cheek or not, does not matter at the end of the day. I am one of his team riders those sort of things should not be said about one of your own riders whether you mean it or not.

The person who heard it was not the only one to hear it, there were others around at the time that heard exactly what was said. I am really good friends with the person who told me and he was not sure what to do but about the situation. I am glad I have someone who I can trust enough, who was a good mate and told me what went on.

I then checked with some of the other people that had heard the conversation and to make sure it was 100% true, which it obviously was. I then confronted Ando and he admitted to saying what he had said, and his reason for saying it was because I was being a Dick!

I the decision there and then to not ride for him anymore.
Despite the set back, Brock Winston is not planning on giving up on his 2014 season and still has plans to finish his first year in the MX1 class and hold his position inside the top ten in the standings
Fullnoise: It is a pretty big decision to make for yourself, opportunities to race on a factory team don't come along very often. What happened after you made that decision? And how hard was it for you to make that decision?

Winston: To be honest I have not been happy there for awhile and I have been trying to do my best to deal with it. But this type of stuff has been going on for way to long.

I have not been having fun with my racing this year. Last year I was having a ball, having fun, had a team that was behind me 100% and was getting the results and I know that works for me.

It has building to this point for awhile. The only reason I have been trying to stick it out for the season is due to the fact that I have been loyal to KTM / Husqvarna for so many years and I have a really good, strong relationship with them and I did not want to jeopardise that over someone coming between us.

I have always dealt directly with them and there has never been a problem and I can't thank everyone at KTM and Husqvarna enough for all their help over the years and their continued support. They are great people to ride for. It is a relationship that I definitely want to continue and I certainly don't want to be switching seats or anything like that.

It was just me and Craig that don't see eye to eye and that is where the issue was in this situation.

At the end of the day all I want to do is race, I want to be the best rider I can be and that is all I am trying to do.

If there is someone who is obviously not in my corner helping me, even though they are supposed to be and seem to not want me to do well, I just don't have time for people like that.

Fullnoise: At the end of the day you have to do the right thing for yourself, that is for sure.

You still have two rounds of the MX Nationals left, are you planning on racing the final two rounds? You have still had a pretty good year for your first year in the class with some good results along the way, it would be a shame to see the season end early for you.

Winston: I want to race, there is no doubt about that. I am motivated and I always have been, I work hard and I want to do well.

I want to be at Gladstone, obviously stuff is still up in the air a bit right at the moment. I will 100% be at Coolum, no matter what, even if I have to borrow a bike ill be at Coolum!

I am pretty sure Ill be at both rounds though, there are some things to work though, but ill be up there on my own and doing it the way I wont to do it.

Fullnoise: Hopefully we will see you out there, you have had a good rookie season and have shown some great results lately. A top five overall followed up with a holeshot and 7th at the next round shows you are heading in the right direction.

Winston: Thanks mate I am looking forward to finishing this season off with some strong results and getting the right people around me to help with that.

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