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Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range

Author: Aaryn Minerds

Author: Aaryn Minerds


Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range
The 2015 Yamaha Motocross Range was introduced to the Australian motorcycle media on Wednesday September the 10th at Queensland Motopark and we were lucky enough to get an invite to see what changes had been made for 2015 and to throw a leg over both the YZ125 and YZ250.

Below we have a look at the changes made to the 2015 Yamaha YZ125, YZ250 and event the 2015 YZ85 and give a breif overview on our thoughts on both the YZ125 and YZ250.

2015 YZ Range: Minor changes across the range to maintian pole position

Yamaha continues to power ahead in the off road competition world with a line-up of revitalised YZ 2-stroke models that complement the company's strong motocross model range.

For 2015 the Yamaha YZ85/LW, YZ125 and YZ250 2-stroke models benefit from a number of significant changes that are designed to deliver increased performance on the track. In addition to the series of technical improvements, every model features dynamic new bodywork and bold new graphics that echo the modern style of the latest YZ-F models.

Yamaha and 2-stroke technology go back a very long way. The company's first ever production bike was a 2-stroke, and in 1973 Yamaha won the first of 26 FIM World MX Championships on a YZ250 2-stroke.

2015 YZ250 Overview
Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range
Every 2015 Yamaha YZ across the range come supplied with a GYTR developed race kit to increase the appeal of this winning machine. - Credit: Aaryn Minerds
For the 2015 model year the YZ250 2-stroke is completely revitalised with a range of stylistic changes that are designed to deliver a lean and modern new image - while important technical updates deliver refined handling characteristics.

The redesigned bodywork and new graphics project a sharp and lightweight appearance that complements the look of the latest generation of YZ-F 4-strokes. The new front and rear fenders, number plate, air scoops, airbox/side covers, fork protectors and seat cover give a thoroughly up to the minute 'factory-bike' feel - and the bold new 'Speed Block' graphics and big YZ logo on the tank and scoops accentuate the dynamic and aggressive design image pioneered by the recent YZs.

Significant improvements have been made to the front and rear suspension for 2015, and the new systems are the same as those used on the latest YZ-F 4-stroke models. The 48mm upside down front forks and the link-type Monocross rear suspension run with YZ125-specific settings in order to ensure optimum traction and good terrain following characteristics. Both the front and rear systems are fully adjustable to suit varied track conditions and different rider weights and riding styles.

For quick and easy adjustability the 2015 model is equipped with the latest YZ-F 4-stroke type handlebar-mounted clutch adjuster mechanism, and the YZ250 is also fitted with wider YZ-F type footrests that give improved feel and comfort - especially on jumps and whoops. Completing the 2015 package are the latest pattern Dunlop tyres, as well as a YZ-F style rear sprocket, rear disc guard and rear caliper guard.

Every YZ250 is also supplied with a GYTR developed race kit to increase the appeal of this winning machine. The race kit includes:
- GYTR oversize front brake rotor and caliper bracket
- Launch master system
- GYTR by FMF nickel exhaust system
- GYTR 51T gold aluminium sprocket
- Yamalube start up pack
- Kit RRP value $850

2015 YZ250 Ride Review: (Aaryn Miners) Clubman / Vet Rider.
Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range
After spending a little time re-adjusting to riding a 250 two stroke, the 2015 Yamaha YZ250 proved to be a very fun bike to ride - Credit: Jeff Crow
It has been a long time since I have spent some quality time riding a 250 two stroke motocross machine.

When I returned to riding back in the early 2000's in my early 20's the first bike I purchased was a 2000 YZ250. Probably not the easiest bike to learn to ride again on, but certainly a bike I enjoyed, even when it was scaring the crap out of me with the crazy power it produced!

Swinging my leg over the 2015 YZ250 two stroke I was excited to see what these bikes had to offer. While spending the majority of my time these days riding and racing four-stroke bikes, I have had the opportunity along the way to spend a little time aboard a handful of two-strokes and there is no doubt that even though the technology in the moto's have not changed a great deal they do produce power to the ground in a much different way.

Hitting the track on the Yamaha YZ250 a few things instantly became apparent, one was this bike easily had more than enough power for myself and two, just how narrow, small and light the bike felt.

I am not going to lie, I was hesitant to open up the throttle on the YZ250 when I first hit the track, which actually turned out to be not a bad thing, as it showed just how much bottom end roll on power the modern two stroke has.

I was pleasantly surprised when I would roll out of a corner in third gear and feel the power roll on and as I slowly gained confidence I was able to come out of corners with the throttle twisted further around and work my way up to quickly finding where the meat of the power would come on.

There is now doubt that the 250 two stroke takes a lot more rider effort and skill to ride at pace compared to a 250 four-storke for a rider of my level and experience, but overall I enjoyed my time with Yamaha YZ250 two stroke and could easily see myself spending a year riding and racing the bike for something a little different and I would certainly enjoy hitting up some sand tracks aboard this bike.

Overall the bike handled great, felt super light and nimble and once the confidence grew was a very fun bike to ride.

2015 YZ125 Overview
Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range
While my riding techinque at times certainly does not make me look like a pro rider, riding the 2015 Yamaha YZ125 certainly had me feeling like I was a pro ready to hit the AMA race scene!
The 2015 YZ125 2-stroke has undergone the same visual transformation and technical upgrades as the YZ250, including the fitment of the latest YZ-F 4-stroke front and rear suspension systems, as well as contemporary new bodywork and bold new graphics as mentioned above.

The new YZ125 is also equipped with a handlebar mounted clutch adjuster as well as wider footrests and the latest pattern Dunlop tyres.

Every YZ125 is supplied with a GYTR developed race kit to increase the appeal of this winning machine. The race kit includes: - GYTR oversize front brake rotor and caliper bracket
- Launch master system
- GYTR HGS muffler
- V Force 3 reed block
- GYTR 50T blue aluminium sprocket
- Yamalube start up pack
- Kit RRP value $940

2015 YZ125 Ride Review: (Aaryn Miners) Clubman / Vet Rider.

One of the things I missed during my years of riding and racing was the chance to spend any quality time riding a 125cc two-stroke.

After riding from the age of 5 until the age of 11 as a youngster then not riding again until my early 20's and jumping straight onto a YZ250 in the early 2000's before moving to four-stroke machinery, the total time spent riding a 125cc stroke before the 2015 Yamaha medial launch would have been around 30 minutes in total!

After spending a little to long getting geared up at QMP for the launch, by the time I was set to ride the only bike left was one of the 2015 Yamaha YZ125 two strokes fitted with the GYTR race kit that comes supplied with each 2014 Yamaha two stroke race bike.

Being in the mid 90kg weight bracket I was a little worried that the small bore two stroke would not have the power to pull me around the natural terrain track at QMP! I quickly found out that I need not worry and proceeded to have the most enjoyable 30 minutes of riding that I have had in a long long time!

The little 125 had a surprising amount of punch out of the corners, though it did require me to be exactly in the right gear and still with a bit of play with the clutch.

The bike is so light and feels so small you instantly gain a sense of confidence that you can put the bike anywhere you want at any time and with a power hit that you know that is not going to scare you no matter how hard you try, the YZ125 two banger has you feeling like you are a pro rider in not time flat!

The reality was more along the lines that I was actually going through corners slower than I would an just about any other bike, but the fact that I could open the throttle and flick on the clutch and flick up through the gears with the bike on the pipe made it feel like I was flying and to be honest if I was timing my laps, I don't think my lap times would have been much slower on the 125!

It was not until my second ride in the afternoon aboard the YZ125 that I really took notice of how easy this bike was to ride and it certainly was a strange feeling being at the entry to a turn coming out on to a fast straight, turning throttle all the way back on the stops clicking up a gear, only to look up and realise you still only half way through the turn!

I could have spent all day riding the YZ125, it was a very enjoyable bike to ride.

Would I purchase one for myself as a Vet rider over 35 years of age weighing in at over 90kg to use as my main bike to race on? Nope it just would not be practical.

Would I purchase a YZ125 for myself If I had the spare cash and wanted a bike to take out every now and then to have some fun on and hit up some practice tracks? For sure, after spending a good hour aboard the bike at QMP there is nothing I would like more than to have a 2015 Yamaha YZ125 with a GYTR kit sitting in my shed ready to take out at any given moment for a ride.

2015 YZ85/LW Overview
Bike Launch 2015 Yamaha Two-Stroke Motocross Range
The 2015 YZ85 gets a total body makeover and is equipped with a new front fender, air scoops, side covers and seat cover to give a lean and professional image.

The new 'Speed Block' graphics and a bold new YZ logo emphasise the contemporary lines of the latest model, and bring the 2015 YZ85’s looks in line with the rest of the YZ and YZ-F family.

In addition to the refreshed YZ-family image, the 2015 YZ85 also benefits from technical changes to the compact and lightweight liquid-cooled powerplant. The proven 85cc 2-stroke engine is already known for its strong yet unintimidating power characteristics, and for 2015 Yamaha's engineers have made detailed changes to the intake and exhaust port timing.

A modified cylinder gives increased performance together with improved usability, further reinforcing the widely acclaimed characteristics that have helped to make the YZ85 such a successful and popular race bike with new riders. The 2015 model is also equipped with an easy to use clutch adjuster mechanism, allowing riders to set the clutch lever play to suit their own requirements.

Every YZ85 is supplied with a GYTR developed race kit to increase the appeal of this winning machine. The race kit includes:
GYTR shorty aluminium muffler
V-Force 3 carbon reed valve kit
GYTR 53T aluminium sprocket
GYTR aluminium adjustable top triple clamps
GYTR alloy tapered bars
Kit RRP value: $750

YZ85 New Technical Highlights:
· Newly designed lean and contemporary bodywork
· New graphics with harmonised YZ logo and 'Speed Block'
· Revised intake and exhaust timing for greater usability and performance
· Handlebar-mounted clutch adjuster

YZ85 Existing highlights:
· 85cc liquid cooled 2-stroke engine
· 6-speed transmission
· 28mm carburettor with good throttle response
· Upside down front forks with 275mm wheel travel
· Lightweight tubular semi-double cradle frame with excellent rigidity balance
· Detachable subframe
· Long swingarm

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