2018 NSW State Motocross Champions Crowned


2018 NSW State Motocross Champions Crowned
Pirelli Honda CRF Racing's Kyle Webster took the honors in the A Grade MX1 class.
With a new format, the NSW State Titles have exceeded all expectations to become not only the richest motocross meeting in Australia, but also the biggest Junior/Senior motocross event in the country, with an incredible 300% increase in entrants over the 2017 Championship.

Although many were dubious about the viability of the unique format, Motorcycling NSW forged ahead with the support of key clubs, officials and volunteers to create an event that supports racers of all ages and provides the opportunity for not only those who win, but for all who qualify, to race in the final round, with a sense of achievement at earning their place among the best riders in the state.
2018 NSW State Motocross Champions Crowned
Jy Roberts took the win in the MX2 A Grade class
Tim Sanford, President of Motorcycling NSW, saw need for improvment and happy with the end results.

"The 2018 NSW State Titles, the 'King of MX', was born out of the need to step up and provide the best racers in our state with a platform worthy of the work each racer, family and team put in each and every day to compete in the sport we all love," Sanford explained. "We couldn't be prouder to present not only the 21 State Champions listed here with their medallion, trophy and cheque, but a race meeting with over 500 entrants who qualified to be here, the best of the best in NSW."
2018 NSW State Motocross Champions Crowned
Tahlia O'Hare took the in in the MXW Womens class ahead of the Queen of MX winner Meghan Rutledge and Enduro gun Jessica Gardner.
MNSW CEO Dave Cooke was was satisifed with the end result of a lot of hard work by many.

"It was a lot of hard work to get to this event, not just for us in coordinating the event, but to those that competed too," Cooke said. "It was a true motocross event, with the weather giving us with the most challenging conditions of the year. I can't thank the team at Hastings Valley Motocross Club enough for their endless hours of hard work this weekend in ensuring the venue was prepared as best as it could be in such challenging conditions. Although perfect weather would have been ideal, our sport is tough, and the mud was another obstacle that the best racers in the state had to contend with together. Congratulations to all those that made it to the final and, of course, to our State Champions!"
2018 NSW State Motocross Champions Crowned
Multiple Australian Motocross and Supercross Champion Craig Anderson (100) won the Vets (Over 35 Years) class.
2018 NSW State MX Champions:

50cc 7/u9 Years
1. Cooper Ford
2. Phoenix Blanchette
3. Beau Price

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) 9/u12 Years
1. Tyler Collins
2. Seth Burchell
3. Cooper Dudley

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) 12/u14 Years
1. Hunter Collins
2. Brock Sleader
3. Billy Hargy

150cc (2ST)/250cc (4ST) 13/u15 Years
1. Blake Fox
2. Blake Hollis
3. Dylan Vivian

Girls Lites 13/u16
1. Taylor Thompson
2. Taylah McCutcheon
3. Madison Healey

MX2 (A Grade)
1. Jy Roberts
2. Dylan Wills
3. Aaron Tanti

MX1 (A Grade)
1. Kyle Webster
2. Aaron Tanti
3. Egan Mastin

65cc 7/u9 Years
1. Cooper Ford
2. Phoenix Blanchette
3. Sonny Bruen

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) 14/u16 Years
1. Ben Novak
2. Joe O'Donnell
3. Bailey Clancy

100-125cc (2ST) 13/u15 Years
1. Blake Hollis
2. Bayley Clancey
3. Cameron Torpy

150cc (2ST)/250cc (4ST) 15 Years
1. Korey McMahon
2. Dante Hyam
3. Oliver Marchand

MXW Womens
1. Tahlia O'Hare
2. Meghan Rutledge
3. Jessica Gardner

MX2 (B Grade)
1. Hayden Matterson
2. Joe Nikirk
3. Revonn Nieuwoudt

MX1 (B Grade)
1. Joshua Bell
2. Jackson Cunningham
3. Andrew Shearing

65cc 9/u12 Years
1. Seth Burchell
2. Jyle Campbell
3. Koby Hantis

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) - Girls
1. Taylah McCutcheon
2. Taylor Thompson
3. Kaitlyn Hall

100-125cc (2ST) 15 Years
1. Korey McMahon
2. Oliver Marchand
3. Brandon Steel

1. Hayden Matterson
2. Dylan Wood
3. Jake McGlashan

Vets (Over 35 Years)
1. Craig Anderson
2. Christopher Thomas
3. Jody Dray

Clubman Lites
1. Dylan Marchand
2. Joshua Green
3. Bradley Morrison

Clubman Open
1. Brad Mercer
2. Dale Lyons
3. Rhys Armstrong

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