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Round 2 Monster Energy MX Nationals Qualifying


Posted: Saturday, 14th April, 2012 : 4:47 PM

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1st Lawson Bopping 2:34.4
2nd Jake Moss 2:36.1
3rd Todd Waters 2:36.4
4th Tye Simmonds 2:36.6
5th Cody Cooper 2:36.8
6th Josh Coppins 2:37.0
7th Jay Marmont 2:37.4
8th Daniel McCoy 2:37.6
9th Brad Anderson 2:38.4
10th Billy Mackenzie 2:38.7
11th Craig Anderson 2:38.8
12th Daniel Reardon 2:38.8
13th Darryll King 2:39.0
14th Aden De Jager 2:41.7
15th Calle Aspegren 2:41.7
16th Dylan Peterson 2:41.8
17th Dean Porter 2:42.9
18th Beau Ralston 2:43.2
19th Kyle McKeddie 2:43.4
20th Tim Vare 2:44.3

1st Ford Dale 2:36.2
2nd Luke Styke 2:37.1
3rd Cheyne Boyd 2:38.0
4th Kirk Gibbs 2:38.1
5th Kade Mosig 2:38.6
6th Scott Columb 2:39.4
7th Josh Cachia 2:39.5
8th Justin McDonald 2:40.8
9th Adam Monea 2:41.1
10th Errol Willis 2:41.6
11th Lewis Woods 2:41.7
12th Ryan Marmont 2:41.9
13th Nick Murray 2:42.0
14th Matthew Phillips 2:42.6
15th Luke Arbon 2:42.2
16th Brock Winston 2:43.3
17th Kody Wheeler 2:43.5
18th Geran Stapleton 2:45.1
19th Dan McEntee 2:45.4
20th James Booth Elliot 2:45.9

MXD (Short Track)
1st Kale Makeham 2:01.6
2nd Joel Milesevic 2:01.8
3rd Jay Wilson 2:01.9
4th Mitch Norris 2:01.9
5th Dylan Long 2:02.4
6th Samual Martin 2:02.6
7th Daniel Banks 2:03.1
8th Kayne Lamont 2:03.5
9th Jarrad Davis 2:03.7
10th Josh Melis 2:05.0
11th John Phillips 2:05.3
12th Scott Manm 2:05.3
13th Wade Hunter 2:05.4
14th Dylan Wills 2:05.6
15th Joel Evans 2:05.9
16th Dylan Leary 2:06.6
17th Mitch Budd 2:06.8
18th Dion Picard 2:07.1
19th Joe Gillespie 2:07.1
20th: Tristen Cachia 2:07.6

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