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2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals Results Round 2

By: Aaryn Minerds

Posted: Sunday, 28th April, 2013 : 8:55 PM - - 38,889 Reads

2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals Results Round 2

MX1 Round Results
1.Todd Waters 66 Pts
2. Billy Mackenzie 64 Pts
3. Jake Moss 60 Pts
4. Lawson Bopping 59 Pts
5. Matt Moss 54 Pts
6. Tye Simmonds 46 Pts
7. Jacob Wright 45 Pts
8. Cody Cooper 45 Pts
9. Ford Dale 42 Pts
10. Cody Mackie 42 Pts
11. Daniel McCoy 41 Pts
12. Cheyne Boyd 40 Pts
13. Kirk Gibbs 39 Pts
14. Robbie Marshall 31 Pts
15. James Booth Elliot 30 Pts
16. Mitch Norris 26 Pts
17. Sam Martin 26 Pts
18. Riley Graham 25 Pts
19. Adam Monea 25 Pts
19. Alex Morris 24 Pts

MX1 Championship Standings after Round 2 of 10
1. Todd Waters 141 Pts
2. Billy Mackenzie 122 Pts
3. Lawson Bopping 109 Pts
4. Jake Moss 107 Pts
5. Matt Moss 107 Pts
6. Cody Cooper 105 Pts
7. Tye Simmonds 98 Pts
8. Ford Dale 85 Pts
9. Cody Mackie 83 Pts
10. Jacob Wright 80 Pts
11. Daniel McCoy 78 Pts
12. Kirk Gibbs 76 Pts
13. Jay Marmont 72 Pts
14. Adam Monea 71 Pts
15. Robbie Marshall 67 Pts
16. Sam Martin 58 Pts
17. James Booth Elliot 56 Pts
18. Cheyne Boyd 40 Pts
19. Matt Clarke 33 Pts
20. Mitch Norris 26 Pts

MX2 Round Results
1. Luke Clout 67 Pts
2. Luke Styke 65 Pts
3. Brock Winston 57 Pts
4. Kale Makeham 54 Pts
5. Ryan Marmont 50 Pts
6. Dylan Long 49 Pts
7. Geran Stapleton 47 Pts
8. Rhys Carter 45 Pts
9. Kayne Lamont 44 Pts
10. Matt Ryan 43 Pts
11. Takeshi Katsuya 38 Pts
12. Kyle Webster 36 Pts
13. Matt Van Slooten 33 Pts
14. Josh Adams 31 Pts
15. Tristen Cachia 31 Pts
16. Josh Cachia 30 Pts
17. Wade Hunter 27 Pts
18. Jedidiah Cornthwaite 23 Pts
19. Kade Mosig 20 Pts
20. Aaron Hart 20 Pts

MX2 Championship Standings after Round 2 of 10
1. Luke Styke 135 Pts
2. Luke Clout 122 Pts
3. Kale Makeham 112 Pts
4. Brock Winston 109 Pts
5. Geran Stepleton 90 Pts
6. Kayne Lamont 90 Pts
7. Matt Ryan 90 Pts
8. Josh Cachia 88 Pts
9. Takeshi Katsuya 82 Pts
10. Kade Mosig 73 Pts
11. Tristen Cachia 69 Pts
12. Dylan Long 66 Pts
13. Rhys Carter 65 Pts
14. Ryan Marmont 58 Pts
15. Wade Hunter 53 Pts
16. Kyle Webster 36 Pts
17. Jedidiah Cornthwaite 35 Pts
18. John Prutti 34 Pts
19. Matt Van Slooten 33 Pts
20. Nathan Brochtrup 32 Pts

Junior and Quad results will be posted as soon as avaliable

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